Olympic and NCAA Stars Headline Core Hydration Classic 

The 2024 Core Hydration Classic will take place May 17-18 at the XL Centre in Hartford, Conn. Alongside Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, and Shilese Jones, 47 former, current, and future NCAA standouts will take to the floor. Find out more about them in our in-depth preview!

Former NCAA Standouts

Sunisa Lee

College: Auburn

The reigning Olympic champion has been dealing with some serious health issues since leaving Auburn last spring, but has teased fans with some phenomenal training videos. Upgrades include a double-twisting Yurchenko on vault, a double pike dismount on beam, and some difficult skills and combinations on bars, including a full-twisting laid-out Jaeger. Her latest appearance was at the American Classic, where she showed off a strong beam routine (albeit with no dismount) and a Yurchenko full on vault. Once she unveils her bar set at the U.S. Classic, it will be clearer whether or not she has a shot at making her second Olympic team.

Trinity Thomas

College: Florida

After five exceptional years at Florida, Thomas decided to give her Olympic dream another shot. Among the upgrades she’s shown off in training are a full-twisting double layout and a full twist to double layout on floor, as well as a Yurchenko double full on vault. She had a strong showing at the Winter Cup in February, but with little recent elite and international competition experience, her Olympic bid is a bit of an uphill climb.

Current NCAA Standouts 

Jade Carey

College: Oregon State

The Oregon State junior dedicated much of this NCAA season to her Olympic preparation but still managed to play a pivotal role for her team and to bring home more individual accolades: she finished her season at nationals, tying for second in the all around and on floor, as well as third on beam. She then went on to win gold in the all around at the American Classic with a commanding performance, which included a double-twisting Yurchenko on vault and a full-twisting double layout on floor. Strong vault and floor sets will be crucial for her Olympic campaign.

Konnor McClain

College: LSU

Let’s be honest, when McClain first announced she would return to elite after her freshman season at LSU, most of us took the announcement with a grain of salt. And yet. The Tiger superstar looked amazing all season, showing off big difficulty and great execution on bars, beam, and floor. With a few more upgrades (she teased a standing full on beam) and a return to the vault runway, can she make it to Paris? This weekend will offer the first clue.

Leanne Wong

College: Florida

The Florida junior didn’t hold back this collegiate season. She competed in the all around in most meets and helped her team finish fourth at nationals last month. She also tied for first place on bars and for second place in the all around. She will add more difficulty to her routines as she starts her elite campaign, but it’s likely that her mantra will be the same as last year: consistency and reliability over difficulty. Only time will tell if it will be enough for a spot on the Olympic team.

Current NCAA Standouts (On Leave)

Jordan Chiles

College: UCLA

The Olympic medalist decided to take a break from college this year to focus on training for her second Olympics. It seemed like a wise move, as last year she struggled to regain her elite polish after the NCAA season. However, Chiles is yet to compete this season and since training videos have been sporadic, it’s difficult to assess her level of preparation. She will need her best gymnastics and her strongest mental game to contend for another Olympic team.

Kayla DiCello

College: Florida

The Florida standout also decided to forgo her sophomore year of college and to return to her club gym, Hill’s, to train for the Olympics. So far the decision has paid off. DiCello looked stunning at the Winter Cup in February, where she won four gold medals, including in the all around. Team USA will likely need one reliable gymnast who can be trusted on any event at any given time. DiCello could be the one.

Class of 2024

Skye Blakely

College: Florida

Current Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Once known as Sloane Blakely’s little sister, Skye has made a real name for herself over the last few seasons. At the Winter Classic in February, she won silver in the all around despite a fall on bars and recurrent landing issues on floor. Her bar and beam work are among the best in the world, but fixing her floor problems will be instrumental in turning Blakely into an all-around contender.

Chloe Cho

College: Illinois

Current Rating: Not Rated

You could be looking at a future Illinois star in Cho! She is especially impressive on bars, where her lines are gorgeous, as well as on floor, where she opens with a big full-in. Plus, her Yurchenko full on vault has the kind of form and amplitude that college judges still reward. Keep an eye on her bar routine—she has the skills and polish to step into the hole left by Mia Takekawa’s graduation.

Addison Fatta

College: Oklahoma

Current Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Fatta is an exciting all arounder, capable of a Yurchenko double twist on vault, intricate combinations and difficult release moves on bars, and a big double layout on floor. She’s also a very expressive floor worker. You don’t want to miss her, especially on bars and floor—a watered-down version of those routines could have an immediate impact on OU’s lineups next season.

Katelyn Jong

College: Auburn

Current Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

For the 2021 junior U.S. national all-around champion, the transition from junior to senior never quite took off in big fashion. However, Jong’s been a staple in international competitions during her senior career, including this year at the Jesolo Trophy and at the Baku World Cup, where she won bronze on bars. She’s a strong all arounder, but Auburn fans should watch her especially on bars, her pet event.

Kaliya Lincoln

College: LSU

Current Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

LSU’s made a name for itself for its difficult floor routines and Lincoln is the perfect gymnast to continue this tradition. Her routine includes a sky-high full-twisting double layout and a double layout, as well as plenty of amplitude on her leaps. Difficulties on bars have so far prevented her from being a serious all-around contender, but will three events be enough to contend for an Olympic spot?

Marissa Neal

College: Auburn

Current Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Neal finished third in the all around at the American Classic with four solid routines. If she keeps the same level of consistency throughout the rest of the elite season, she could go all the way to the Olympic Trials. Auburn fans should be very excited about her. She has a Yurchenko one and a half on vault, two E-level tumbling passes on floor, straight lines on bars, and solid skills on beam. An all-around star in the making?

Joscelyn Roberson

College: Arkansas

Current Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Originally known for her intricate beam work, Roberson has recently become a vault and floor standout. Since injuring her ankle on vault in warmups during the team final in Antwerp last fall, though, she has yet to compete on either event. She performed on bars and beam at the American Classic, impressing on the latter event, but only an all-around comeback at the U.S. Classic will tell us if she looks as good as she did last year.

Lexi Zeiss

College: LSU

Current Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The 2023 Winter Cup all-around champion was limited to vault and bars much of last season and only competed on bars at this year’s Winter Cup. Her routine as we last saw it won’t make her an Olympic contender, but will make LSU fans very excited. Hopefully at the U.S. Classic she’ll be healthy enough to compete in the all around and to show off what she’s capable of on all four events.

Class of 2025

Ly Bui

College: Uncommitted

Current Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Bui is a joy to watch. She has exquisite lines, beautiful body extension, great posture, and difficult skills. The last time she competed, at the Winter Classic in February, she had some trouble on bars and beam, but even then her execution scores remained pretty high. Only time will tell how far she can go in elite, but she could easily turn into an NCAA star. Whoever recruits her will be very lucky!

Norah Christian

College: Utah

Current Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Christian is a talented all arounder, both powerful and elegant on all events. Utah fans should get especially excited about her bar and floor work. On bars, she competes difficult combinations that, once polished and watered down, could score very high in college. On floor, she will be able to choose between three E-level skills: a double-double, a full-in, and a double Arabian.

Amelia Disidore

College: Florida

Current Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The younger sister of current Florida gymnast Gabby Disidore, Amelia hasn’t competed since the U.S. championships last summer, but historically she has impressed on vault, beam, and floor. On vault, she can get exceptional height on her Yurchenko double twist. On floor, she competes both a double double and a full-in. And on beam, she competes a variety of rare elements, including a roundoff to layout to two feet and a layout stepout from handstand position. She’ll be exciting to watch, regardless of her final placement.

Myli Lew

College: Michigan

Current Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It took Lew some time to find her stride in elite, but after a strong performance at the American Classic, she now seems to have found her way. She won gold on bars, silver in the all around and on floor, and bronze on beam. She has beautiful lines that will score very well in college. Michigan fans should keep an eye on her bar and beam work in particular. On beam she performs intricate and unusual combinations, including a front walkover to front somersault series.

Nola Matthews 

College: UCLA

Current Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

In classic UCLA fashion, Matthews is arguably the best floor performer to be competing at the U.S. Classic. Although she’s doesn’t have the highest difficulty, her routines can score quite well and her international experience will help her keep her nerves at bay. In terms of impact on her future NCAA team, her transition to college could mirror that of the UCLA freshman standout Katelyn Rosen.

Taylor McMahon

College: Oregon State

Current Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

At the American Classic, McMahon competed for the first time since the junior U.S. championships in 2022. She has especially good lines on bars and beam, where she could contribute to the Beavers’ lineups from the start.

Brooke Pierson

College: Clemson

Current Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Pierson, who finished ninth in the all around at the recent American Classic, could help Clemson from the start on bars, beam, and floor. She’s a master of full pirouettes on bars and fans will love her full-in on floor.

Ashlee Sullivan

College: Michigan

Current Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sullivan, who narrowly missed out on a medal in the all around and on beam at the American Classic, is an exciting all arounder. She’s capable of a standing Arabian on beam and of a full-twisting double layout on floor. Plus, she can stick her Yurchenko full cold. Michigan fans, get ready!

Tiana Sumanasekera

College: UCLA

Current Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Sumanasekera is such a beautiful gymnast to watch on vault, beam, and floor. She has power, elegance, polish, poise, and grace. Unfortunately, her bars still prevent her from being fully competitive in the all around. Do her three best events put her in contention for an Olympic spot? Absolutely. Are they enough for her to make the team? Only time will tell. UCLA fans should enjoy her upgraded Chusovitina on floor, which she debuted at the Jesolo Trophy in April. 

Brynn Torry

College: Auburn

Current Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Torry still struggles with the most difficult elements of her elite routines, but she should have no trouble selecting her best skills to construct solid college sets. Her Yurchenko full on vault is one of those that can still score high in the NCAA; it was good enough to earn her a bronze medal at the American Classic, not a small feat.

Kelise Woolford

College: Clemson

Current Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Woolford is one vault away from being a strong all arounder. She still lacks some polish on bars and beam, as well as some difficulty on floor, but time is not an issue. She’s already announced that she hopes to continue competing elite while at Clemson. Her ultimate goal? Los Angeles 2028.

Class of 2026

Dulcy Caylor

Caylor is one of the top gymnasts in the class of 2026 competing at this U.S. Classic. She has exquisite form on all events, long lines, straight legs, and pointed toes. Her double layout on both bars and floor is as good as it gets. She’s one of those gymnasts who could easily score perfect 10.0s on all events in college.

Nicole Desmond

Desmond is a solid all arounder who really shines on floor, where she competes three sky-high tumbling passes: a double layout, a one and a half twist to double tuck, and a double pike. The sky’s the limit for her on this event, quite literally.

Kieryn Finnell

The 2024 Pacific Rim beam champion is a natural beam worker—capable of breaking into the 14s— though she’s strong on the other events, too. She may struggle a bit with her most difficult elements on bars, but a watered-down version of her routine will be a great addition to any college lineup. Her Yurchenko full on vault is clean and her full-twisting double pike on floor is exciting and relatively unusual.

Jayla Hang

If you’re not obsessed with Hang’s gymnastics yet, this is the time to join the club. She shines on bars and beam, where she has great difficulty (a 6.0 D routine on bars!) and amazing execution. Her handstands and Pak salto on bars are exceptional. Her back handspring to tucked full on beam is difficult and well executed. You also don’t want to miss her unusual tucked one-and-a-half twist to double tuck on floor. With a gold in the all around and more medals on bars, beam, and floor at Pacific Rim, is her prime time coming soon?

Jazmyn Jimenez

Jimenez’s scores may not stand out in the elite field because of her lack of difficulty, but she’s the type of gymnast who will score well in college. Her beam is especially clean, with beautiful extension on her leaps and straight knees. Her Yurchenko full on vault could easily score in the 9.8s or higher in the NCAA and her full-in on floor is revealing of her potential on this event.

Madray Johnson

The 2024 Pacific Rim all-around runner-up may still lack some difficulty to be a top Olympic contender, but her gymnastics is gorgeous and will score very well in college. On vault, her Yurchenko one and a half is 10.0 material; on beam, her legs are so straight and her Onodi is so beautiful; on floor, her double layout is as straight as a pencil; and on bars, her straight lines and beautiful handstands are what judges are looking for. There will be some serious competition among college coaches to sign this athlete!

Evey Lowe

Lowe, who competed at the Jesolo Trophy earlier this year, is an exciting all arounder, who will score well in college. Her Yurchenko 1.5 on vault and her double Arabian on floor especially stand out, but she also presents pretty lines on bars and beam.

Annalisa Milton

Milton is one of those gymnasts who gets a bit lost in the depths of the elite field, but is an excellent all arounder with the potential to score very high in college. She’s capable of both a Yurchenko one and a half and a Yurchenko double twist on vault, as well as a sky-high full-twisting double layout on floor. Equally impressive is her bar routine, where she shows off beautifully straight handstands. She finished 15th in the all around at the American Classic, but her potential is much higher than that.

Malea Milton

Milton recently finished sixth in the all around and second on floor at the American Classic. Like her twin sister Annalisa, she has plenty of potential on all events, but she stands out especially on floor, where her twisting passes are especially beautiful. Watch out for her second pass, a front layout to front double twist. The elevation she gets on the second salto is unreal.

Zoey Molomo

Molomo is the whole package: she’s powerful, flexible, expressive, and arguably the most elegant gymnast competing at this U.S. Classic. She’s a calm and patient bar and beam worker, performs a big Yurchenko full on vault, and a strong double layout on floor. She finished fifth in the all around at the American Classic.

Jazlene Pickens

Pickens might not yet have the difficulty or the execution to see big scores, but she’s certainly one to keep an eye on as her senior career progresses. Her tumbling on floor is quick and powerful and her Yurchenko full on vault could certainly find its way into a college lineup.

Hezly Rivera

Fresh off an international assignment in Jesolo, Rivera is one to watch. In Italy, she narrowly missed the beam podium but qualified (with a huge 6.0 D routine) in third behind Brazilian’s Flavia Saraiva and Rebecca Andrade. Her bronze in the all around at Winter Cup and her very solid Yurchenko double full on vault will be turning the heads of college coaches.

Simone Rose

Rose may still need some time to truly shine in elite but the potential is there. She’s especially exciting on bars, where she competes a rare Ezhova, and her Yurchenko one and a half will make her all the more recruitable in college. Her gold medals on bars and floor, and unofficial third place in the all around at Pacific Rim, are indicative of how good she can be.

Lacie Saltzmann

Saltzmann is still building her difficulty—she competed a layout as her first floor pass at Winter Cup this year and a Yurchenko layout on vault—but keep an eye out for possible upgrades in this competition. She competed a handspring tuck and a Tsukahara layout at junior level so there are plenty of options for her entry choice for a college vault.

Audrey Snyder

While she might need a bit more competition experience to truly hit her best gymnastics in senior elite competition, Snyder has made an impressive debut this season. Keep an eye out for her on beam: her split positions are beautiful and on vault she’s got a very consistent Yurchenko full.

Izzy Stassi

Stassi competed at junior worlds in 2023 but had then a season plagued by a back and ankle injury. She has the potential to compete a lot of difficulty on all four events and has a Pak full on bars that she debuted at Classics last year. Her Yurchenko one and a half is clean in the air with minimal built-in deductions, so college coaches would be wise to have her on their radars.

Sabrina Visconti

Visconti competed as a level 10 this season, while also training elite. She’s not a natural bar worker, but her beam and floor work are strong and competitive. When a gymnast can score over 13 points on beam, you know she’s good.

CaMarah Williams

Williams is one of the most exciting gymnasts in this field. She’s powerful, dynamic, stylish, and elegant. Her power stands out especially on beam and floor. On beam, she performs a back handspring, back handspring, layout to two feet and on floor a full-twisting double layout, which she debuted at the American Classic. She still has some issues on bars, but what an amazing first elite season she’s having!

Class of 2027

Tatum Drusch

Drusch is a good all arounder, who shines on vault and bars. It’s too early to make college predictions, but her Yurchenko one and a half is one to remember, as are her lines on bars. She tied for sixth place in the all around at the American Classic.

Reese Esponda

Esponda caught fans’ attention earlier this year by posting videos of herself training a triple back somersault, a skill no female gymnast has ever competed. We won’t see it at the U.S. Classic, but it tells you all you need to know about her—she has power. She competes both a double-double and a double layout on floor, as well as a standing full on beam. Plus, she already has a big Yurchenko double full. Keep her name in mind!

Cambry Haynes

Haynes is a beautiful gymnast, with gorgeous form on all events and an uncanny ability to find landings. With relatively little elite experience under her belt, it’s hard to predict how far she’ll go. However, it’s safe to predict that her gymnastics will appeal to the best college teams in the country. And you know someone who loves her style of gymnastics? KJ Kindler…


In the class of 2027: Harlow Buddendeck, Ally Damelio, Claire Pease, Tyler Turner

In the class of 2028: Charleigh Bullock, Celia Frith-Carvalho, Sadie Goldberg, Greta Krob, Caroline Moreau, Lila Richardson, Alessia Rosa, Maliha Tressel, Trinity Wood

In the class of 2029: Lavi Crain, Jaysha McClendon, Kylie Smith

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Article by Talitha Ilacqua and Katie Couldrey

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