Code of Points – Floor

Routine Requirements

Every college floor routine begins from a 9.40 base start value. Special Requirements and Bonus are routine elements added to that base value. The Up to the Level requirements are deductions taken and do not affect the start value.

Special Requirements
One tumbling pass with two saltosSaltos may be the same or different
Three different saltos in routineNo minimum value requirements
Final saltoMinimum C value
Dance passage with two leaps/jumpsOne must be a leap with 180 degree split
May be connected indirectly via running, small leaps, hops, dance steps or turns
Up to the Level
One E element OR two different D elements, where one is acro-0.10 if missing
One acro series with minimum C salto-0.10 if missing
Acro dismount (standalone or in pass) with minimum C salto in bonus combination or minimum D salto-0.10 if missing
Connection bonus
B+B in combination; must include two different skills0.10
C+C indirectly connected tumbling pass*0.20
C+C directly connected acro0.30
Turns connected directly to jumps0.10
Mixed series (acro/dance/acro)**0.10
Must include at least two acro, one minimum C
Dance element minimum A followed by acro minimum A
Difficulty Bonus
Satisfied by one of the below0.10
Double flipping salto in last pass
E acro in last pass
* Ex. Roundoff backhandspring back layout 3/2 stepout roundoff backhandspring 2/1 twist.
**Ex. Katelyn Ohashi’s floor pass ending (acro min. C) split jump (A) to front tuck (A).

Common Skills

Switch leapB
Switch leap 1/2C
Switch leap 1/1D
Tour jeteB
Tour jete 1/1D
Switch sideC
Straddle jumpB
Straddle 1/1 (Popa)C
Ring leapB
Sheep jumpB
Switch ringC
Wolf 3/2D
Triple turnD
Back 2/1C
Back 5/2D
Front tuckA
Front 1/1C
Front 2/1E
Double tuckD
Double pikeD
Double layoutE
Any full-twisting double tuck variationE

Unique Skills

Double ArabianAbby Heiskell (UM), Drew Watson (Aub.), Sloane Blakely (UF), Aleah Finnegan (LSU)E
Back 3/1Haley de Jong (UGA), Leanne Wong (UF), Emma LaPinta (OU), Bridget Killian (Iowa), Norah Flatley (UCLA), Katy Koopman (LIU), Kara Eaker (UU)E
RandiAndrea Maldonado (ISU)E
Ring jump 1/1Lexy Ramler (Minn)D
Double doubleShallon Olsen (UA), Jade Carey (OSU)E
Biles IBrie Clark (USU)E
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Common Deductions

Compositional Deductions
Insufficient use of floor (spatiality)0.05
For two tumbling pass routines
No D element in one pass and minimum D or 0.20 connection bonus in other pass0.10
Lack of variety
Missing dance bonus (connection value or one D/E skill)0.10
Missing backward salto minimum A0.10
Missing forward/sideward salto minimum A0.10
Out of Bounds
Any part of the body out of bounds*0.10 each time
Execution Deductions
Incorrect rhythm in direct connections0.10 each time
Lack of precision in dance parts≤0.10 each time
Poor relationship of music and movement throughout≤0.20
Relaxed/incorrect footwork on non-value parts throughout**≤0.20
Relaxed/incorrect leg/body position or lack of flexibility in non-value parts≤0.30
Flexed feet0.05 each time
Extra steps0.10 each time
Small hop on landing≤0.10 each time
Large step or jump on landing≤0.20 each time
Knee or leg separation≤0.20
Insufficient height in leaps/jumps≤0.20
Incorrect body posture on landing≤0.20
Squatted landing (hips below knees)≤0.30
Insufficient rotation in twisting acro elements≤0.20
Bent arms or knees≤0.30
Additional movement to maintain balance≤0.30
Insufficient height in acro elements≤0.30
Brush or touch the floor with a hand on landing≤0.30
180 degreesNo deduction
160-179 degrees0.05-0.10
135-159 degrees0.15-0.20
134 degrees or belowSkill devalued
*The line itself is considered in bounds. A fall while out of bounds still incurs the fall deduction (0.50 + 0.10)
**Think of Kathy Johnson Clarke’s commentary during Sarah Finnegan floor routines on this point. We don’t see the deduction often, but perhaps should.