Code of Points

The Code of Points is a confusing mess. We wanted to break it down and make it more digestible. This hub includes all of the information from the Code pertinent to the NCAA, from routine requirements to common skill values.

General Rules & Meet Day Info

General Deductions

  • 0.10 from team score for competing out of order
  • 0.20 deduction from a gymnast’s routine for technical verbal cues from a coach
  • Celebrating on the mat prior to presenting can incur landing deductions; this includes arm movements

Uniform Rules

  • No rules about logos/patches (ex. on wristbands, grips, slogans/names etc. on leo—think the “#RaiseHigh” hashtag on George Washington’s leo or “YES” on Oklahoma’s)
  • Names (first initial and last) are allowed on leo if the whole team is same size and font
  • Gymnast out of uniform will incur a 0.10-0.30 deduction on the event.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

  • Gymnast: first time earns a warning, second time earns a 0.10 deduction on the event
  • Coach: first time earns a warning and yellow card, second time earns a 0.10 deduction from team score

National Anthem

Gymnasts are allowed to express their opinions, such as kneeling during the anthem, as long as the demonstration doesn’t delay or disrupt the competition.

All college events start out of a 9.40 start value—except vault, which has different start values based on the difficulty of the vault performed—and build to a 10.0 with special requirements, connection bonus and difficulty bonus. Each event is slightly different, so we created a page for each, including requirements, skill values and common deductions.