Code of Points – Beam

Routine Requirements

Every college beam routine begins from a 9.40 base start value. Special Requirements and Difficulty Bonus are routine elements added to that base value. The Up to the Level requirements are deductions taken and do not affect the start value. Note that there are a variety of ways to avoid the UTL deduction.

Special Requirements
Minimum two flight element seriesOne minimum C, may include mount0.2
OR: A non-flight walkover connect to E acro
Dance or dance/acro series, minimum two elementsDance minimum C, cannot connect to dismount0.2
Leap or jumpRequires 180 degree split0.2
TurnMinimum 360 degrees0.2
DismountMinimum C; or, B connected out of any D acro0.2
Up to the Level
If flight series lacks connectionAdditional D/E acro or E dance required;-0.1
Cannot include D/E acro connected to dismount
Difficulty Bonus
DismountMinimum B acro connected to minimum C dismount0.1
OR: Minimum C dance connected to minimum C dismount

Common Skills

Candlestick mountD
Front aerialD
Side aerialD
Back handspringB
Layout stepoutD
Layout to two feet (stretched throughout)E
Layout to two feet (piked-down after vertical)D
Layout to two feet (piked-down before vertical)C
Back tuckC
Side somiD
Front tuckE
Leaps and Jumps
Split leapA
Split jumpB
Switch leapC
Ring leapD
Switch side leapD
Switch ring leapE
Switch leap 1/2E
Straddle jumpB
Straddle jump 1/4C
Straddle jump 3/4D
Pike jumpB
Wolf jumpA
Sheep jumpD
Beat jumpA
Cat leapA
Hitch kickA
Back 1/1B
Back 3/2C
Back 2/1D
Back 5/2E
Front 1/1C
Front gainer 1/1 (off the side or end of the beam)C
Gainer 1/1 (side)C
Gainer 1/1 tucked (end)D
Gainer 1/1 (end)E
Gainer pike (end)C
Gainer layout (end)D

Connection Values

Bonus will not be awarded to B dismounts performed in connection. B+C salto acro series with only two elements do not receive bonus. Note that a backhandspring layout to two feet with a pike down (B+D) acro is awarded bonus as a backhandspring layout stepout.

Layout stepouts and front aerials performed in connection with a backhandspring specifically maintain the D bonus value but are considered a C for the purposes of CV.
Ex. Bhs loso (B+D)+0.1 D bonus, No CV
Ex. Roundoff loso (B+D, not a bhs series)+0.1 D bonus, +0.1 CV bonus
Three acro series including a minimium of one C element+0.1 CV bonus
Ex. Bhs bhs loso (B+B+D)+0.1 D bonus, +0.1 CV, +0.1 additional bonus
Minimum B element + minimum C dismount+0.1 CV bonus
Ex. Bhs layout 3/2 dismount (B+C)+0.1 CV bonus
Minimum C dance element + minimum C dismount+0.1 CV bonus
Ex. Switch leap to gainer full off the end (C+D)+0.1 CV bonus, +0.1 D bonus

Unique Skills

PopaLexi Funk (UM alumna)E
LiukinLexi Graber (UA), Kiley Robatin (Pitt), Helen Hu (Miz.)E
KotchetkovaBrenna Dowell (OU alumna)E
Back handspring swing down/KorbutRagan Smith (OU), Trinity Thomas (UF), Brianna Brooks (USU)B
Rulfova Jasmine Gutierrez (ASU), Adrienne Randall (UU)D
One-arm back handspringTrinity Thomas (UF)C
2/1 turnElla Douglas (MSU alumna)E
Wolf turn 1/1Marissa Oakley (UGA), Emma Malabuyo (UCLA), Suni Lee (Aub.)B
Wolf turn 2/1Shania Adams (UA), Jessica Castles (Ariz.)D
Gainer layout stepoutAlyssa Vulaj (BSU), Ella Hodges (tOSU), Lauren MacPherson (SJSU)D
Double tuck dismountSierra Brooks (UM), Nyah Smith (MSU), Gabby Wilson (UM), Kyla Bryant (Stan.)E
Double pike dismountJordan Chiles (UCLA)E
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Common Deductions

Compositional Deductions
No backward acro element, minimum A*0.10
No forward/sideward acro element, minimum A*0.10
Insufficient distribution of elements0.05
Insufficient level changes0.05
Insufficient use of length of the beam0.05
Failure to show choreography in multiple directions0.05
Execution Deductions
Flexed feet0.05 each time
Knee or leg separation≤0.20
Insufficient dynamics**≤0.20
Insufficient sureness of performance≤0.20
Bent arms or knees≤0.30
Additional movements to maintain balance≤0.30
Brush beam with hand≤0.30
Split positions
180 degreesNo deduction
160-179 degrees0.05-0.10
135-159 degrees0.15-0.20
134 degrees or belowSkill devalued
Dismount/landing deductions
Small hop or foot adjustment≤0.10
Small step≤0.10
Large step or jump≤0.20
Extra arm swing≤0.10
Dismount lands too close to the beam0.10
Incomplete twist≤0.20
Incorrect body posture on landing≤0.20
Squatted landing***≤0.30
*May include roll, mount, walkover/cartwheel or salto; round-off considered sideward, tic-toc considered forward or backward to the benefit of the gymnast
**”Makes the difficult look effortless”
***Deduction still taken if a fall occurs after the landing (0.50 + ≤0.30)