Internationals in the NCAA

We compiled a list of international gymnasts in the NCAA. Note that due to the availability of rosters (or lack thereof), the list largely goes back to 1998, which is the earliest year included for most teams on Road to Nationals. Where older rosters are available, earlier gymnasts are included.

Gymnasts are listed under the nation that appears on team rosters and not necessarily the federation for which they competed. For example, Danusia Francis is listed under England, the nation UCLA listed on its roster, rather than Jamaica, the federation for which she recently competed.

We did not include Americans who had no ties to an international federation (such as Kylie Dickson and Belarus), but did include international gymnasts who compete for an international federation but have trained in the United States if the team roster lists their international hometown. Gymnasts who transferred are listed under the school they attended first, and the transfer school is indicated second. Teams that no longer exist are indicated in grey.

We consider Puerto Rico, technically a U.S. territory, to be an international nation for the purpose of this exercise.

Lists are alphabetical by country and then by last name. Hit Ctrl + F (or Cmd + F) to search within the sheet. Scroll to the bottom of the sheet to toggle between the all-time list and the currently rostered internationals list.

See a mistake? Email us and let us know! Note that we update this list as rosters are released each fall.

List current as of 11/21/2022.