Injury Updates

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Recent Updates

Changes within the last week

  • Added: Ella Power (San Jose State) 04/29/24
  • Added: Makenzie Wilson (Kentucky) 04/25/24

Current Injuries

Air ForceKate Cooper Mendes de OliveiraLeft teamUnexpected roster removal02/29/24
Elizabeth ShearnsLong termRight shoulder surgery03/03/24
Rosa Juarez BaezUnknownLeft foot boot03/03/24
AlabamaJordyn ParadiseLong termUnknown season ending injury01/21/24
Makarri DoggetteLong termTorn left Achilles02/28/24
AlaskaTalia FolinoLong termTorn left ACL/meniscus11/12/23
Alyssa ManleyLong termTorn left ACL01/11/24
Shannon FarrellLeft teamRetirement
ArizonaElizabeth LaRussoLong termLeft Tommy John surgery11/21/23
Sophia MaiselLong termTorn left Achilles01/30/24
Arizona StateChavala ShepardUnknownLeft foot boot10/28/23
Alex TheodorouUnknownInjured in warmups03/16/24
ArkansasMakenzie SedlacekLeft teamMedical retirement03/05/24
AuburnMadelynn CrowLong termSeason ending lower body injury (side unknown)02/15/24
Caroline LeonardLong termTorn Achilles (side unknown)01/21/24
Bryn BartmanLong termUnknown season ending injury01/24/24
Boise StateSydney LeitchUnknownBoot and crutches (side unknown)03/11/24
Bowling GreenFaye DubinLong termLeft ACL surgery11/7/23
Katrina Mendez AbolnikLong termHip surgery01/05/24
BridgeportKieran RossUnknownBoot (side unknown)03/23/24
BrockportCasey Melanophy Left teamUnexpected roster removal12/06/23
Rachel SwickLong termTorn left and right Achilles03/23/24
BrownLara SwordsUnknownLeft foot boot11/23/23
Umi El MammannLong termTorn achilles12/01/23
BYURebecca LeachUnknownLeft foot boot03/03/24
Mya KirkhamUnknownLeft foot boot03/03/24
Karsyn FosterUnknownRight knee brace03/03/24
CentenaryOlivia StratmannLong termTorn right ACL02/15/24
Central MichiganLia KmieciakLong termTorn ACL and Meniscus (side unknown)02/03/24
CornellVictoria McMillanLong termSeason ending lower body injury (crutches)01/19/24
Macy ArmstrongLong termUnknown season ending injury02/04/24
CortlandVictoria JustincicLeft teamUnexpected roster removal12/21/23
DenverCecilia CooleyLong termLeft knee injury, out for season11/27/23
Ava MabantaUnknownLeft arm sling12/07/23
Eastern MichiganGwendelyn CantuLong termRight Tommy John surgery02/16/24
FloridaChloi ClarkLong termTorn ACL (side unknown)03/16/24
FiskAlyssa WigginsUnknownStretchered off after bars fall02/02/24
Kiana SessionLeft teamRetirement03/23/24
George WashingtonKylie KazmierskiUnknownCrutches12/10/23
GeorgiaVanessa DenizLong termLeft knee surgery, out for season12/22/23
Haley De JongLong termLeft knee brace and crutches, out for season01/10/24
Kelsey LeeLong termLeft arm/wrist injury, out for season01/08/24
GreenvilleMolly FromanLeft teamTransferring to Belmont Abbey for A&T04/17/24
Audra KaiserLeft teamRetirement04/19/24
HamlineOlivia TobinUnknownLower leg surgery08/01/23
Riley GianottiUnknownLeft arm sling12/13/23
IllinoisMakayla GreenUnknownLeft foot boot01/05/24
Maddie VitoloUnknownNeck brace01/14/24
Ruthuja NatarajLong termTorn Achilles (side unknown)03/05/24
Arielle WardUnknownLeft finger splint03/23/24
Illinois StateIsabella DeCrooUnknownRight foot boot and crutches01/07/24
Jazmine NeelyLong termTorn right Achilles01/28/24
IowaAllison ZuhlkeLong termLeft shoulder surgery11/02/23
JerQuavia HendersonLeft teamStepping away from gymnastics and school01/10/24
Adeline KenlinLong termTorn ACL (side unknown)01/26/24
Iowa StateEmilie HongUnknownLeft foot boot03/26/24
Kent StateDakota LeeLeft teamUnexpected roster removal01/30/24
Grace WehryLeft teamUnexpected roster removal01/30/24
KentuckyMegan SappLeft teamUnexpected roster removal12/30/23
Cadence GormleyUnknownTorn ACL and meniscus (side unknown)01/30/24
Bridget BourqueLong termStress fracture (side unknown)02/01/24
Makenzie WilsonUnknownRight foot boot04/25/24
LindenwoodElli BrownfieldLong termTorn ACL (side unknown)10/11/23
Reagan JonesLong termRight lower leg surgery12/15/23
LIUBrooke BurkhartLong termRight UCL surgery09/22/23
Juliette RiderLeft teamLeft team12/30/23
Isabella CraneLeft teamUnexpected roster removal01/11/24
Isabella SavinoLong termTorn right Achilles in January 202402/26/24
Kayla TonioloLong termTorn right ACL in December 202303/15/24
LSUKai RiversLong termRight Achilles tear03/03/23
Elena ArenasLong termLikely career ending injury02/21/24
Alyona ShchennikovaLong termTorn left Achilles01/08/24
Bryce WilsonUnknownRight foot boot01/18/24
Kylie CoenUnknownRight foot boot03/15/24
Jillian HoffmanLong termShoulder surgery (side unknown)04/23/24
MarylandAthlyn DrageLeft teamUnexpected roster removal01/22/24
MichiganKaylen MorganLong termRight foot boot and scooter02/13/24
Lily ClapperLong termTorn ACL (side unknown)02/15/23
Michigan StateIsabella TrostelUnknownKnee brace (side unknown)01/17/24
MinnesotaMegan SteenslandUnknownRight foot boot12/09/23
Brooklyn RowrayUnknownRight foot boot and crutches1/13/24
Sophie SwartzmillerUnknownBars fall, unknown injury03/18/24
MissouriAddi LawrenceUnknownHip (labrum) surgery11/07/23
Alonna KratzerLeft teamEarly graduation/retirement04/15/24
N.C. StateElle HadrickUnknownRight foot cast03/12/24
NebraskaSavanah WarrenUnknownLeft arm sling06/07/23
Lucy StanhopeUnknownLeft lower leg injury, boot and scooter01/27/24
Katie KuenemannUnknownUnknown injury on floor fall02/10/24
New HampshireMaya MacDonaldUnknownLower leg injury (side unknown)03/17/24
North CarolinaNeve KingUnknownCrutches12/14/23
Kate GreeneUnknownCrutches01/22/24
Ohio StateJojo WargaLong termLeft foot boot and crutches02/23/24
Kaylyn MintzLong termLeft knee injury02/23/24
OklahomaCaitin KirkpatrickUnknownRight foot boot09/09/23
Caitlin SmithUnknownRight foot boot12/04/23
Danae FletcherLong termTorn left ACL02/05/24
Oregon StateMia HeatherUnknownKnee brace (side unknown)12/16/23
Ellie WeaverLong termLeft ACL tear01/31/24
Sydney GonzalesLong termTorn right Achilles02/15/24
PennKristen KuhnLong termTorn ACL (side unknown), medical retirement01/03/24
Penn StateKatie LearyLong termRight knee surgery11/08/23
Rhode IslandKailey FerriLong termTorn ACL (side unknown)12/13/23
Ilana ChaseLeft teamUnexpected roster removal01/08/24
RutgersInnocent MensahLeft teamUnexpected roster removal01/11/24
Emily LeeseUnknownTorn left Achilles03/24/24
Sacramento StateTorri TavennerLong termUnknown season ending right knee injury01/18/23
Rylin ZimmermanUnknownShin injury (side unknown)03/11/24
San Jose StateChloe FrankLong termTorn ACL (side unknown)12/30/23
Ella PowerUnknownRight foot boot04/29/24
SEMOSavannah PoulosLong termLeft knee injury11/14/23
Nyah ReaderUnknownRight foot boot and scooter01/26/24
Courtney HenryLong termLeft knee brace and crutches01/26/24
Chaniya MillerUnknownLeft foot scooter03/23/24
Lindsay OcklerUnknownRight foot boot and scooter02/11/24
SimpsonAvril CrespinLong termLeft arm surgery01/26/24
Sydney NaletteLong termRight elbow surgery03/02/24
Southern ConnecticutEmma ShahLeft teamUnexpected roster removal01/23/24
SpringfieldCaitlyn SchreiberLeft teamUnexpected roster removal03/05/24
StanfordSandra JessenLong termRight knee surgery02/16/24
Taralyn NguyenUnknownLeft foot boot04/08/24
TalladegaAnastasia CardinoLeft teamUnexpected roster removal01/08/24
Nishayla RileyUnknownLeft foot boot and crutches01/26/24
TempleCloe MartineauLeft teamUnexpected roster removal01/29/24
Maya KellerLong termRight arm sling02/17/24
Texas Woman’sRuby GoadLong termTorn ACL (side unknown)12/27/23
TowsonEmily GittemeierLeft teamUnexpected roster removal04/09/24
Paige KaminskiLeft teamUnexpected roster removal04/09/24
UC DavisKaitlyn LyleLeft teamMedical retirement12/08/23
Bella TrejoUnknownBoot (side unknown)01/07/24
Alana KimLong termTorn right ACL01/23/24
Ayumi OshiroLong termTorn left Achilles03/15/24
Anna HoltanUnknownTorn Achilles (side unknown)03/19/24
UCLASara UliasUnknownLeft knee injury01/13/24
UW-La CrosseSara BeckLeft teamUnexpected roster removal01/13/24
Lucy WarrenLeft teamUnexpected roster removal01/13/24
UW-OshkoshNina LattucaLeft teamUnexpected roster removal12/06/23
Mae O’ConnorLeft teamUnexpected roster removal12/06/23
Mady BellmoreLeft teamUnexpected roster removal01/02/24
UW-WhitewaterAlayna FernLeft teamUnexpected roster removal01/04/24
Zoe Jenks-ReckerLeft teamUnexpected roster removal01/04/24
Brookelyn Klepfer Left teamUnexpected roster removal01/04/24
Richella Velarmino Left teamUnexpected roster removal01/04/24
Elaine CopelandLong termTorn Achilles (side unknown)01/30/24
Mia Rose ThackstonLong termTibial stress fracture (side unknown)02/21/24
WashingtonKira BoldenLong termTorn ACL, May 202306/22/23
Ashley BlumUnknownUnknown leg injury during floor exhibition01/27/24
West ChesterKorryn WingertsahnLeft teamUnexpected roster removal01/08/24
Western MichiganJosephine ThomasLong termTorn Achilles (side unknown)01/21/24
West VirginiaKaylei AdamsLong termTorn left ACL, May 202306/24/23
Ashton MeuretUnknownRight knee brace10/22/23
Kaia BochowLeft teamUnexpected roster removal12/21/23
Carlee NelsonUnknownLeft Achilles tear01/13/24
Winona StateReagan KelleyUnknownRight foot boot08/19/23
Kennedy O’ConnorLong termBack surgery01/26/24
YaleOren AviadUnknownRight foot boot and crutches01/14/24
Claire QuUnknownLeft knee brace and crutches03/03/24
  • Long-term injuries: Suffered season-ending injury, injury that requires major surgery or other debilitating injury that will take gymnast out of competition or training for a long period of time.
  • Short-term injuries: Minor injury that should only keep gymnast out of competition or training for a few weeks.
  • Unknown injuries: Gymnast seen with unknown, unconfirmed injury and/or is out for an unknown period of time.
  • Retirement/left team: Gymnast, who was on the roster the previous or current season, has announced retirement or has been removed from the roster.