Code of Points – Bars

Routine Requirements

Every college bar routine begins from a 9.40 base start value. Special Requirements and Difficulty Bonus are routine elements added to that base value. The Up to the Level requirements are deductions taken and do not affect the start value. Note that there are a variety of ways to avoid the UTL deduction.

Special Requirements
Minimum two bar changesNo difficulty restriction0.2
Minimum two flight elementsTwo Cs; a D or E and a B; cannot include dismount0.2
One turning elementMinimum C; cannot include dismount0.2
DismountMinimum C; if preceded by same two As or Bs, -0.1 (ex. two giants)0.2
Up to the Level
Must include one of the below-0.1
Single bar release minimum D
Any E release (ex. Bhardwaj)
Minimum two D releases (ex. Shaposhnikova and Pak)
Minimum any two E skills
DismountMinimum D, or C in connection (ex. blind full to double tuck)-0.1
Difficulty Bonus
Single bar releaseMinimum D0.1
Any releaseE0.1

Common Skills

Toe shootC
Stalder shoot (Ray)C
Bail to below verticalC
Bail to verticalD
Shaposhnikova (clear hip entry)D
Toe-on Shaposhnikova (Maloney)D
Toe-on Shaposhnikova half (Van Leeuwen)E
Pak saltoD
Straddle back to handstandD
Single bar releases
Piked TkatchevE
Toe-on Tkatchev (Ray)E
Clear hip Tkatchev (Hindorff)E
Straddled JaegerD
Piked JaegerE
Hop fullE
Turning and circling elements
Hop changeC
Giant fullD
Healey entry to front giantD
Stalder D
Double tuckC
Double layoutE
Double layout (second flip w/ closed/piked hips)D
Any full-twisting double tuck variation E
Double frontE
Arabian double frontE

Unique Skills

BhardwajJade Carey (OSU), Amelie Morgan (UU)E
EzhovaClaire Gagliardi (tOSU), Phoebe Jakubczyk (OSU), Jolie Miller (SEMO), Abbie Pierson (WVU)D
ShushunovaBre Showers (OU alumna)E
Deltchev (from any grip)Natalie Wojcik (UM), Madison Brunette (Stan.), Morgan Bowles (UW), Aleah Finnegan (LSU), Athlyn Drage (UMD), Sophia Restaino (UPenn)D
Full-twisting double layoutSierra Brooks (UM), Mati Waligora (UA), Gabrielle Gallentine (UF)E
Double front half-outAudrey Davis (OU), Savannah Schoenherr (UF), Haleigh Bryant (LSU), Anapaula Gutierrez (Stan.) E
Front 1.5-twisting flyaway Alisa Sheremeta (Miz)D
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Common Deductions

Compositional Deductions
Lack of variety in elements0.05
Insufficient distribution of elements0.05
More than one squat on without sole circle0.10 each time
Uncharacteristic elements*0.10 each time
Three quarter empty swing (breaks a connection)0.10 each time
Execution Deductions
Regrasp to avoid a fall0.30
Extra swing0.30
Insufficient amplitude0.20
Flexed feet0.05
Touch/brush bar with feet≤0.10
Hit bar with feet0.20
Hit mat with foot/feet≤0.30
Under-rotation of release/flight element≤0.10
Knee or leg separation≤0.20
Bent arms or legs≤0.30
Handstands, incl. pirouettes
Vertical to 10 degrees belowNo deduction
11-20 degrees below0.05
21-30 degrees below0.10
31-45 degrees below0.15-0.20
46 and greater degrees below0.25-0.30
Flight to handstand on low bar
Vertical to 10 degrees belowNo deduction
11-20 degrees below0.05
21 and greater degrees belowDowngraded**
Dismount/landing Deductions
Small hop/foot adjustment≤0.10
Small step≤0.10
Large step or jump≤0.20
Extra arm swing≤0.10
Landing too close to the bar0.10
Pike down on dismount≤0.20
Incorrect body posture on landing (ex. low chest)≤0.20
Squatted landing (hips below knees)≤0.30
Brush mat with hands***≤0.30
Chief Judge Deductions
Coach between bars throughout0.10
Failure to remove springboard0.30
Gymnast exceeds 45-second fall timeRoutine ends
*Uncharacteristic elements are those not defined in the table of elements. Ex. standing on the high bar.
**Ex. Bail to handstand downgraded to bail.
***If the gymnast puts weight on her hands, it is a fall and 0.50 deduction.