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LIVE BLOG: EAGL Championship Session One

Kicking off the EAGL Championship in this afternoon session is No. 39 George Washington, No. 44 Pittsburgh, No. 46 Long Island and No. 49 Temple. Nothing matters except what these teams leave on the floor today. They’ll all be going up against the second session teams, as well, for a coveted EAGL title. The team most likely to grab a title today from this session would be George Washington, although its season high isn’t enough to eclipse N.C. State or Towson’s own top mark in 2023.

George Washington, Pittsburgh, and Temple all have a share of titles between them, but Long Island hasn’t yet brought home the hardware. Make no mistake, it’s not because LIU can’t compete against these teams, the EAGL is a wicked tough conference. (Wicked for emphasis as we aren’t too far from Boston today.)

LIU has one of the most talked about freshmen: Syd Morris. Sweeping through their season, Morris is already setting records for the program week after week. And, as a treat, we may just get to see their standing full during competition again on beam today. I’ve crossed all of my fingers and toes. But, honestly, that pike jump also takes me out.

You can stream along here and grab your live scores here. You can find lineups here.

Looks like Hallie Copperwheat will not be competing today, she didn’t warm up beam.

We have some new leos today from George Washington, Long Island and Temple.

Rotation 1: Temple Vault, LIU Bars, George Washington Beam, Pitt Floor

Brooks (Temple): Y full, good landing. 9.800

Schugman (Temple): Y half with some form in the air, hops forward on the landing. 9.750

Aresta (Temple): Y full, good height, hips slightly piked just before landing. 9.700

Hill (Temple): Y full, great landing, flairs it out a hair, and gets a BIG reaction from the Temple crowd. 9.625

Behner (Temple): Y full, good distance, hops back. 9.850

Glynn (Temple): STICK the Y 1.5. That was absolutely gorgeous. Temple section is on their feet. 9.875

Bedminster (LIU): Toe on shaposh, good. Double lay, looked stuck! 9.700

Sanchez (LIU): Some leg sep on the pak, straddle jaeger looked good. Step on the dismount. 9.650

Miller (LIU): Comes off on her shaposh. Double lay, small hop. 9.000

Juk (LIU): Toe on shaposh, pak, some leg sep to an wonderful half. Full to double tuck, tiny hop, she finished everything in handstand beautifully. 9.700

Morris (LIU): Lovely piked jaeger. Pak, minimal leg sep, judges may not get it from this angle. Double lay, small step forward. Good, clean routine. 9.750

Titarsolej (LIU): Toe on shaposh, pak is perfect. Her pirouettes make my heart swoon. Full to double tuck, college stick. 9.875

Zois (GW): Hits her series, no issue. Back leg a little low on the switch leap series. Good routine, great start for George Washington on beam. 9.700

Whitman (GW): Just missed her series but no wobbles. Leaps were lovely. I LOVE this GW leo. Looks like she stuck her dismount. 9.775

Silverman (GW): Front aerial to bhs bhs, tiiiiiiny tiny rhythm pause on that front to back connection. Small hop on the dismount, good routine overall. 9.775

Chambliss (GW): Switch to straddle quarter is so beautifully extended. BHS BHS double full dismount, tiny hop. Loved it. 9.850

York (GW): Leg comes up on triple series but saves it. Wobble on the full turn. Leap, leap series. 9.550

Katz (GW): Switch to switch jump to flutter, I adore it. Ah, comes off on her side aerial. Hits her series. 9.050

Winder (Pitt): Double pike to open. Love the front lay to front full to punch combo. Good height on the leaps. Chest a liiiiitlle low on the double tuck. 9.775

Hutchinson (Pitt): FLOATS that front double full. RO 1.5 to front lay, good. 9.825

Ewing (Pitt): Sky high double pike, great form on that. Keeps her 1.5 to punch in bounds, doesn’t move her feet. Big double tuck to end. 9.850

Garvey (Pitt): Front lay front full. Double pike with lovely form. 9.650

Washington (Pitt): Pitt has some of the floatiest double pikes. Loving this music. Front lay front full, keeeeeps it in by a toe. Love the choreo with the teammate. Controlled lunge double tuck to end. That should do well. 9.850

Ward (Pitt): Front full to front lay, no problems. Good ring, wolf jump could have a touch more sharper position but great height on those leaps. FHS rudi, lands with her chest up. Good! 9.850

After 1: Pitt 49.150, Temple 48.975, LIU 48.675, George Washington 48.650

George Washington survived beam, although having to count a wobble in this field isn’t ideal. Temple closed out that vault rotation with an exclamation mark with a stuck Yurchenko 1.5. LIU looked good on bars, although the scores certainly don’t seem to reflect that. The Pitt Pikes floor squad shined.

Rotation 2: Pitt Vault, Temple Bars, LIU Beam, George Washington Floor

Zitcovich (Pitt): Y full, pikes it down, hops. 9.700

Weiss (Pitt): Y full, small hop. 9.725

Ward (Pitt): Y 1.5, opens up a touch early and puts her hands down. 9.125

Duke (Pitt): 1.5, some form, takes a step back. 9.750

Washington (Pitt): Good distance, big hop. 9.775

Brooks (Temple): Flexed feet in the tkatchev but nice height. Shy on that last hs. Double tuck, stuck! 9.775

Dorunda (Temple): Great height on the release. Pak was wonky, gets control back with a switch kip. Double tuck, stuck! 9.600

Whalen (Temple): Goes over the pirouette and comes off. Bail to hs, good. Just stops on the high bar after a small casts and jumps off. Good tkatchev. Just does a single tuck fly away. 8.000

S. Stallings (Temple): Blind to jaeger, good. Bail to hs. Double tuck, hop. 9.775

Glynn (Temple): Toe on shaposh, good. Shy on that last hs. Step on the double tuck. 9.775

H. Stallings (Temple): Toe on tktchev, catches it but hits her heels on the bar. Bail to hs, legs glued together. Good last hs. FTDB, hops back. 9.300

Bixler (LIU): Check on the series. Hits the cat leap combo. Flutter split 3/4, good. RO 1.5, small hop back. 9.800

Ricketts (LIU): Such a floaty front aerial. Comes off on her bhs loso. No issue on the leap series. Sticks the bhs tuck 1.5. 9.075

Doten (LIU): BHS loso, no issues. RO 1.5, hop forward. 9.775

Morris (LIU): Switch leap to pike jump, absolute perfection. Bhs loso. Side somi not a problem. Pike half, swoooon. RO lay double full. You’d be hard to find a deduction there. 9.900

Titarsolej (LIU): Handstand to bhs loso, tiny adjustment. Leg up full turn, lovely, tiny check. Switch leap to leap, good. Small hop on the dismount. 9.825

Juk (LIU): The only routine left this rotation, all eyes on her. RO bhs mount. Comes off h er on BHS bhs loso, just ran out of beam. Switch to flutter. Full turn in attitude, love that. BHs full, no issue. Cartwheel gainer full off side, hops forward. 9.075

Silverman (GW): High double tuck, lands with chest a touch down. Nice height on leaps. 9.700

Lynch (GW): 1.5 to front lay. Great leaps, excellent extension on her split jump full. Nice routine. 9.700

Whitman (GW): Huuuge front opening pass but goes oob. Front double full to end. Looooved that routine. 9.350

Sheremeta (GW): FHS rudi to open, floaty. Oh love this cool aerial to forearms choreo. RO 1.5 to front lay, good. Excellent position in the wolf full. Great routine! 9.800

Chambliss (GW): Clean and high double pike. RO 1.5 to front lay. Beautiful leaps, good height. Phenomenal routine. 9.900

York (GW): Doesn’t quite get that twist all the way around, maybe a quarter short but smooths it over. RO 1.5 to front full. Nice! 9.750

After 2: George Washington 97.500, Pitt 97.200, Temple 97.200, LIU 97.050

Long Island had some hiccups and uncharacteristic falls on beam. Temple fought through a tough bar rotation, forced to count a few low scores. George Washington shined on floor, with Chambliss throwing a 9.900 into the mix. Pitt can add some pressure to George Washington.

Rotation 3: George Washington Vault, Pitt Bars, Temple Beam, LIU Floor

York (GW): Y full, chest down, step forward. 9.625

Zois (GW): Y full, good height, hops in place. 9.900

Katz (GW): Y half, smell step back. Clean in the air. 9.750

Chambliss (GW): Y full, flairs it, beautiful! 9.900

Munnelly (GW): Tucked y full, hops in place. 9.700

Whitman (GW): FHS fhs half off, great! 9.775

Garvey (Pitt): Good straddle jaeger. Toe on pike half off, steps forward. Cool dismount. 9.600

Lerro (Pitt): Toe on shaposh, front double tuck, steps. 9.625

Ewing (Pitt): Blind to piked jaeger, good height. Free hip to bail, tiny leg sep there. Shy on that last hs. Full to double tuck, hop. 9.700

Pawlak (Pitt): Toe on shaposh, good. Bail to hs is perfect. Shy on that last hs. Dobule lay, STUCK! Fabulous! 9.900

Washington (Pitt): Toe on shaposh, good. Form on the pak. Hops on the double tuck. 9.800

Schugman (Temple): Hits her leap series. Good routine. 9.725

Roland (Temple): Tiny check on the full turn. Hits her series. Hitch kick to side aerial to flutter, good. RO 1.5 lay, hop forward. 9.725

Glynn (Temple): Check in her series, but keeps it on the beam. BHS gainer full off side, stuck. 9.625

Dorunda (Temple): BHS loso loso, no problems. Tiny check on the full turn. 9.850

Donabedian (Temple): Her toe point is so nice. Front aerial to bhs. Cat leap to side somi, tiny tiny check. RO 1.5, college stick, bringing her heels together. 9.875

S. Stallings (Temple): Bhs bhs loso, adjustment but keeps it on. Switch leap to straddle quarter, good extension, small check. RO 1.5 lay, tiny shuffle. 9.675

Koopman (LIU): Excellent punch front series, floats in her twisting. Good start. 9.675

Bedminster (LIU): Her front lay FLOATS. Gorgeous switch side to popa. 9.800

Miller (LIU): Bounces her back foot out of bounds in her double pike. Big lunge in that last double tuck, but keeps it in. 9.600

Morris (LIU): Front lay to rudi, good. Slight shuffle on that double tuck to end but excellent routine. 9.800

Loo (LIU): Good height on the double lay, chest tiny bit down. Front through to double tuck, scramble steps back but keeps it in. 9.725

Foster (LIU): Double tuck to start. Good head release in the ring from this vantage point. Nice leaps. Clean fhs front lay. RO 1.5 to front lay, some form in the air but good overall! 9.700

After 3: George Washington 146.525, Temple 146.050, Pitt 145.825, LIU 145.650

George Washington is pulling ahead, and Temple holds onto second despite having counted a fall today.

Rotation 4: LIU Vault, George Washington Bars, Pitt Beam, Temple Floor

Morris (LIU): Y full, tiny hop, clean in the air. 9.775

Miller (LIU): Y full, chest down, awkward hop. Block didn’t look 100%. 9.650

Loo (LIU): Tucked full, college stick, and steps into the salute. 9.625

Bedminster (LIU): Y lay, hop back, nice height. 9.775

Koopman (LIU): Tuck 1.5, stps forward and to the side. 9.700

Foster (LIU): Half on front tuck off, big hop but that vault has some AMPLITUDE. Love it. 9.625

Silverman (GW): Blind to jaeger to bail but catches the bar SO CLOSE. Full to double tuck, small step. 9.275

Katz (GW): Arches over on the hs, but doesn’t come off. Bail to hs a little wiggly. Double tuck, nice. 9.225

Munnellly (GW): Toe on shaposh. Bail to hs with some leg sep. Full to double tuck, steps into the salute. 9.725

Garfoot (GW): Bail looked good. Winds up for dismount, and sticks her FTDB. 9.825

Chambliss (GW): Biiig tkatchev. Awkward arch and bent legs on the bail. Full to double tuck, stuck! 9.525

Houseman (GW): Tkatchev looked good. Double lay, steps forward. 9.650

Weiss (Pitt): Switch leap to straddle 1/4. Toes could be a little pointier. Bhs loso, small correction but good. 9.725

Duke (Pitt): Tiny check on the leap series. Routine has looked good. Hop on the dismount. 9.700

Ewing (Pitt): Side aerial. Front aerial check, steps back to repeat. Front aerial bhs, good. Sticks her gainer full off the side! 9.850

Garvey (Pitt): Switch leap switch leap pike jump, good. Punch front looked good. Sticks her piked gainer off the end. 9.875

Foy (Pitt): Cat leap to side aerial, nice. Comes off on her bhs loso series. Flutter to straddle half. Small step on the gainer full off the side. 9.250

Cleveland (Pitt): Bhs loso, leg comes up and she comes off. Switch leap to straddle quarter is beautiful. 9.200

Ruskey (Temple): Front through to double tuck, small shuffle forward. Switch side to popa with some great height. 9.825

Dorunda (Temple): Front lay to rudi, good. Clean routine. 9.800

Hill (Temple): Chest down a bit on that opening double tuck. Chest down on that double pike, she has great height on those though. 9.775

Glynn (Temple): Big 2.5 to open. Fhs front lay front full, has to take a few steps back. Clean routine otherwise. 9.625

Schugman (Temple): RO 1.5 to floaty front full. Good chest position on the double pike. 9.850

Donabedian (Temple): Love the loso to control that opening pass. Good leaps, hits her split position in the split full. Her toe point, so good. Fhs double full to end, her feet slip a bit but she keeps it up! 9.625

FINAL: Temple 194.925, George Washington 194.525, LIU 194.275, Pitt 194.225

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Live blog by Allison Freeman

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