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LIVE BLOG: EAGL Championship Session Two

Closing out the EAGL Championship, we have No. 30 N.C. State, No. 31 Towson, No. 36 North Carolina and No. 48 New Hampshire vying for the EAGL title.

Host New Hampshire will be in the evening session despite a few afternoon teams being a little higher in the rankings. The favorite today is N.C. State, however, this will be the final appearance for the Wolfpack before moving to the ACC. That being said, the Wolfpack didn’t clinch the past few titles despite strong seasons. The Towson Tigers are hot on the heels of the Wolfpack. Although N.C. State has nearly half point over Towson’s best score of the season, their NQS is just 0.055 apart.

The Tar Heels? Oh they sure aren’t far behind either. In fact, the difference between them and the Wolfpack in NQS is only 0.021. What does all that mean? It is going to be close until that very last score is flashed. And I mean close.

On a final note, a fun piece of trivia is New Hampshire has won the EAGL title each time the Wildcats have hosted. A not so fun piece of trivia is that my first UNH meet in person, in January of 2018, was the first time the Wildcats lost at Lundholm after a consecutive 28 wins. A streak that had been standing since March of 2014. Just to add to the superstition, I got to watch New Hampshire win the quad meet against Pittsburgh, Illinois State and Southern Connecticut that was hosted in the Whittemore a few weeks ago. And I will be in the Whittemore center today.

Enough superstition. Let’s get this started.

You can stream along here and grab your live scores here. Don’t forget to take a peak at the first session today.

Important scores from the first session as we head into this second session:

Temple put up a 194.925

Vault: Chambliss, Zois 9.900

Bars: Pawlak 9.900

Beam: Morris 9.900

Floor: Chambliss 9.900

AA: Morris 39.225

Rotation 1: UNH Vault, UNC Bars, NC State Beam, Towson Floor

Moreno (UNH): Y full, big hop back. 9.725

Bauman (UNH): Y tuck full, soft feet in the air, hops. 9.725

Kelley (UNH): Y full, hops, had some nice height. 9.800

Beaulieu (UNH): Y full more controlled than others. 9.775

Mowers (UNH): Y half, fine in the air, step. 9.775

Gorgenyi (UNH): Y 1.5, small step! 9.800

Shearer (UNC): Good first hs. Blind to straddle jaeger. Bail to low, leg sep. Shy last hs. Stuck double lay! 9.775

Knower (UNC): Bail, min leg sep. FTDB, sky high, small step. 9.650

Fink (UNC): Good height on her release. Shy on that last hs. Double lay, stuck! 9.825

Culton (UNC): Good tkatchev, bail to low was nice.

Schaefer (UNC): Good hs. Blind to straddle jaeger, good turnover. Bail to low. Drops her FTDB out of the rafters and sticks it. 9.900

Dekanoidze (UNC): Toe on shaposh. Bail to hs. Good handstands throughout. Double lay, stuck! Not much to take there.

Diaz (NC State): Front aerial bhs, tiny tiny rhythm break there. Switch leap split jump, nice extension. Good leaps. Bhs tuck 1.5, small step.

Jennings (NC State): Bhs bhs loso, hits! Switch leap tuck 3/4. RO 1.5, steps forward.

Zultevicz (NC State): Bhs loso no issue. Switch leap split jump. Some flexy feet. Sticks RO 1.5.

Ortega (NC State): Bhs onodi, love it. Switch leap to piked gainer off end, hop.

Shepard (NC State): Switch leap to straddle quarter. Small check on the bhs loso series. Check on the side aerial. Flutter to straddle half, excellent extension on that jump. Side aerial to lay 1.5, hop.

Negrete (NC State): Cat leap to switch half, good. Based on the crowd reaction she hit her series earlier. Ro double, clean, just a hop.

Belanovski (Towson): FHS front double full. Love the floaty ro loso down the side front through to rudi, nice. 9.825

Calafati (Towson): Fhs series, good. Rudi to layout, love it. Good routine. 9.850

Vaillancourt (Towson): Rudi to straddle jump as last pass, the HEIGHT on not just that but all her passes. Love it. 9.875

Casper (Towson): Double pike to open, good chest position. Front lay front full, lots of power. High double tuck.

Minervini (Towson): Front lay rudi, chest just a touch down. Double pike.

Stewart (Towson): Front lay to rudi, good. Tiny lunge in the double tuck to keep it in, great work.

After 1: North Carolina 49.300, Towson 49.250, NC State 49.075, UNH 48.875

UNH gave away a lotttt of tenths with those vault landings. UNH hit bars and hit bars well. NC State only had one wobbly routine on beam and now they can put that event behind them. Towson delivered some BIG floor routines.

Rotation 2: Towson Vault, UNH Bars, UNC Beam, NC State Floor

Weitz (Towson): Y full, leg sep in the air, small hop. 9.825

Poblete (Towson): Full on, tuck off, good distance.

Hoffman (Towson): Y full, pikes it down, hop back. 9.750

Bolen (Towson): Y full, good control, small hop. 9.800

Vitoff (Towson): Y full with HEIGHT. Good. 9.825

Belanovski (Towson): Pikes down, small hop. 9.825

Simpkins (UNH): Grabbed that toe on shaposh with her fingers. Bail looked good. FTDB, hops forward. 9.650

Moreno (UNH): Toe on shaposh bail good form. Sticks the double tuck with her toes. 9.750

Brown (UNH): Bail to hs, good. Shy on that last hs. Blind to khorkina. Full to double tuck, STUCK. 9.800

Beaulieu (UNH): Misses the jaeger. Bail to low. Full to double tuck, stuck! 9.000

Whitehead (UNH): Piked gienger, good handstands. Bail hs to low. Shy on that last hs. FTDB, stuck! 9.875

Gorgenyi (UNH): Toe on shaposh. Bail to hs. Toe to high. Shy on that last hs. FTDB, allllmost stuck, steps into the salute. Not much to deduct there. 9.900

Nam (UNC): Bhs loso, has to take a step but manages the check. Leaps looked good. RO 1.5, hop. 9.800

Fink (UNC): Good leaps. Floaty series. Wobble on the front aerial. RO 1.5, stuck. 9.825

Thompson (UNC): Nails her triple series. Sticks her ro 1.5. 9.875

Culton (UNC): Bhs loso. Lovely switch side. Front aerial to split jump, good extension. Gainer full off side, stuck! 9.900

Knower (UNC): Bhs loso, tiny check. Lands her front toss nearly fully standing. So nice. Flutter split 3/4, excellent. RO 1.5, stuck! 9.775

Schulze (UNC): Bhs loso, good. Side aerial lay 1.5, small hop. 9.800

Diaz (NC State): High double pike to open. Good leaps. Double tuck last pass, great chest position. 9.850

Ortega (NC State): Gorgeous rudi. Front lay to front full, no issue. She has great twisting form. 9.800

Zultevicz (NC State): That double full to punch front is immaculate. Cowboys the double tuck but good height. 9.850

Rutherford (NC State): 2.5 to punch front. Good leaps. Lands that double tuck nicely. 9.875

Shepard (NC State): Her set on her double pike is out of this world. Front lay to front full, doesn’t move. 9.775

Negrete (NC State): Double pike. Beautiful leaps. Front full front lay, the lunge is just for flair. Her extension in her splits is stunning. Double tuck.9.900

After 2: North Carolina 98.475, NC State 98.350, Towson 98.200, UNH 97.850

Towson kept things close on vault. UNH’s bar landings made up for the landings the Wild Cats couldn’t find on vault. NC State was a powerhouse on floor. Beam proved to be no issue for UNC.

Rotation 3: NC State Vault, Towson Bars, UNH Beam, UNC Floor

Diaz (NC State): Y full, tiny hop in place. 9.800

Zultevicz (NC State): Y full, pikes down a tiny bit, but holds onto the stick with her toes. 9.650

Ortega (NC State): Y full, hop. 9.775

Rutherford (NC State): Y full, stuck! Lovely. 9.800

Shepard (NC State): Y full, good distance, hop. 9.850

Negrete (NC State): Y full, hops back, good control. 9.800

Keener (Towson): Good hs. Blind to straddle jaeger to bail. Shy last hs. Small hop on the dismount. 9.775

Greene (Towson): Blind to stalder to straddle jaeger to bail. Sticks the double tuck with a good fight. 9.800

Hong (Towson): Lovely jaeger, big step forward on the dismount. 9.750

Vaillancourt (Towson): Straddle jaeger. Shy on that last hs. Sticks her double lay! 9.850

Macasu (Towson): The height on that release, love it. Good hs. Full to double tuck, big step back. Good! 9.775

Minervini (Towson): Tkatchev to pak, nice. Shy last hs. Double lay, small hop. 9.875

Bauman (UNH): Hits her series. Cat leap to front toss and comes off.

No pressure but the Wild Cats need to hit the rest of this lineup.

Mullin (UNH): Hits the series, small check. Cat leap to front toss to beat. 1.5, small hop.

Simpkins (UNH): Bhs loso, wobbles, comes off. UNH will be counting a fall on beam today. Cat leap to side aerial. Good shape on her ring. Gainer full off side, hop.

Beaulieu (UNH): Front toss to bhs, good. Cat leap to switch side, tiny check. RO 1.5, good.

Worthington (UNH): Side aerial to bhs, square. Y scale to toe, yess. Cat leap to switch, nice. Sticks her piked gainer off the end.

Kelley (UNH): Hits her series. Switch leap to flutter. Front toss, tiny wiggle. Bhs gainer full off side, stuck! 9.950

Nam (UNC): Chest down on her double pike. Good leaps. Solid routine to kick things off on floor.

Fink (UNC): Sits down her first pass. Solid leaps.

Greenlow (UNC): Front through to 2.5? Saw that out of the corner of my eye. I love this medley of music. RO 1.5 to front lay.

Forbes (UNC): FTDB, yes! Front lay front full. Excellent amplitude on her leaps. Double tuck, doesn’t move her feet.

Culton (UNC): Hells bells intro. Heck yeah. Front lay to front full. Switch ring to switch side. Lovely extension. Front lay to rudi. Great routine.

Knower (UNC): Huge double pike, keeps her heel up. Sky high on her leaps. Lunge in her double tuck is just for show.

After 3: NC State 147.375, North Carolina 147.275, Towson 147.275, UNH 146.475

NC State needs a 47.55 to overtake Temple. UNH being forced to count a fall on beam doesn’t bode well for the Wild Cats EAGL streak when winning at home. North Carolina and Towson are going to put the pressure on NC State, who is ending on bars.

Rotation 4: UNC Vault, NC State Bars, Towson Beam, UNH Floor

Schaefer (UNC): Y tuck full, small hop, good height. 9.750

Fink (UNC): Y full, big hop back, clean. 9.675

Prejean (UNC): Stuck y full! 9.850

Knower (UNC): Y full, small hop, good control. 9.800

Forbes (UNC): Y 1.5, step forward, but excellent distance. 9.825

Dekanoidze (UNC): Y full, stuck! 9.850

North Carolina with a 196.350.

Adomaites (NC State): Toe on shaposh to pak. Doesn’t make the pirouette, repeats. Shy last hs. Free hip to double tuck, small hop! 9.650

Childs (NC State): Straddle jaeger. Bail, a bit archy. Good last hs. Full to double tuck, small hop. 9.750

Robinson (NC State): Blind to straddle jaeger. Floaty pak. Small hop on the double tuck. 9.700

Ortega (NC State): Hindorff. Shy last hs. Double lay, small hop. 9.875

Shepard (NC State): Blind to straddle jaeger. Pak. GREAT last hs. FTDB, stuck!! 9.875

Rutherford (NC State): Toe on tkatchev was huuuge. Bail to hs. Stuck double lay! That’ll be a biiiig score. 9.850 – feels low.

NC State with a tentative 196.425 to edge out North Carolina by 0.075. But Towson putting up big beam scores still.

Bolen (Towson): Cat leap to front toss, small adjustment. Switch leap to straddle quarter, toes are a touch soft. Bhs gainer full off side, stuck! Holds onto it with her toes. 9.825

Vaillancourt (Towson): Cat leap to switch side, small check. RO 1.5, sticks it. 9.950

Stuart (Towson): Standing front to flutter jump. Bhs loso. Switch switch. Gainer full off side, stuck. 9.800

Hong (Towson): Wobbles on her aerial series, repeats aerial round off, no problem. Beautiful split jump full out of the corner of my eye. Sticks her dismount! 9.750

Girot (Towson): BHS BHS layout but doesn’t get her feet on. First fall for Towson this rotation. 8.800

Keener (Towson): Bhs loso, no issue. Swithc leap to tuck 3/4. Cat leap to front toss to flutter. Towson crowd is LOSING it. Gainer full, stuck!! 9.900

This gives Towson the lead! 196.500 unofficially so far. Just 0.075 ahead of NC State.

Himes (UNH): Front lay to rudi. Cat leap to half to popa. Dobule tuck, small hop forward. 9.750

Mowers (UNH): Double pike, big lunge, keeps it in. Double tuck, chest down. RO 1.5 to front lay. 9.800

Kelley (UNH): Double tuck, good. Great routine overall. Great momentum going for UNH after beam. 9.825

Brown (UNH): 1.5 to front full, good. Excellent turn to wolf full series. Good height on her leaps. Great routine. Judges are having a chat. 9.725

Judges are still chatting.

Gorgenyi (UNH): Double pike, yes! I love this super hero jump so much. FHS front full, front pike. Switch side to wolf full. FHS rudi, great chest position! 9.825

Beaulieu (UNH): Clean and very high double tuck. Front lay to front full. Good leaps. Rudi, doesn’t need to move her feet, good chest position.

FINAL: Towson 196.500, NC State 196.425, North Carolina 196.350, UNH 195.500

Administrator of the Year: UNH Carrie Kimball

Assistant Coach of the Year: LIU Olivia Courtney

Head Coach of the Year: LIU Randy Lane

Rookie of the Year: LIU Syd Morris

Scholar Athlete of the Year: Towson Lauren Bolen

Co-Specialists of the Year: LIU Mara Titarsolej and UNC Lali Dekanoidze

Senior Gymnast of the Year: George Washington Deja Chambliss

Gymnast of the Year: NC State Emily Shepard

VT: Chambliss, Zois 9.900
UB: Dekanoidze 9.950
BB: Kelley, Vaillancourt 9.950
FX: Chambliss, Knower, Negrete 9.900
AA: Ortega 39.250

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Live blog by Allison Freeman

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