LIVE BLOG: MAC Championship

Happy last day of MAC-tion! This is going to be a jam-packed event with maybe a few surprises in store for us all!

No. 26 Western Michigan and No. 32 Ball State are separated by almost 0.250 points in NQS. Ball State came out of nowhere this year and is hunting for its first team title since 2002, while Western Michigan is hoping to get out of the play-in round for regionals and advance to Day 2. No. 37 Central Michigan is coming off of some uncharacteristic mistakes at its last meet and hopes to use today to solidify some positions for individual qualifiers. No. 41 Kent State has had a rough go on beam and uses a solid floor rotation to balance it out, so if the Golden Flashes can hit both events, watch out.

No. 47 Northern Illinois hasn’t hit 196 all season and will want to hit that number today to close out the season on a high note. No. 50 Bowling Green has had multiple all-arounders throughout the season and relied on those routines to hit big scores when it counts, while No. 55 Eastern Michigan is the other MAC team to not hit 196 this year, but are coming into today with an “anything can happen” mentality that could work in their favor.

As far as individuals go, Cassie St. Clair has a beautiful tucked Tsuk 1.5 vault that can score big if she sticks. Suki Pfister of Ball State will challenge her with a FHS front pike half that rivals anyone in the NCAA. Taylor Pitchell of CMU will battle it out on floor exercise with the entire Kent State lineup, specifically Rachel Decavitch. Natalie Hamp and Alyssa Al-Ashari of NIU and Isabella Rivelli of BGSU will be ones to watch on bars especially, and if you need a beam specialist to watch, Ella Chemotti of EMU has a beautiful routine. 

While we wait, MAC announced the All-MAC selections earlier this morning. Of note, Pfister, Chemotti, Hamp, and Murphy were named First Team. Second team selections include Victoria Henry (BSU), Hannah Demers (CMU), Karlie Franz, Alyssa Guns, Rachel Decavitch (KSU), Al-Ashari (NIU), and Amanda Gruber (WMU)

I thoroughly appreciate Kent State giving me all of their lineups at once.

Rotation 1: WMU vault, CMU bars, EMU beam, BGSU floor (BSU, NIU, KSU on bye)

Binstock: Y full, hop on the landing, some form in the air. 9.725.

Bergin BB:  cat leap to front toss to beat jump, BEAUTIFUL connection. Gainer full off the end, little off balance on the landing.

Hammond UB: hop back on the dismount, some issues with handstands.

Bannister FX: Front layout to front full step forward. Double tuck, some leg form in the double tuck. RO 1.5 to punch front layout, off to the side, had to fight to keep it on her feet.

Petrousek VT: Y full, great distance, hop back on the landing.

Macy BB: BHS LOSO, some form in the air. Cut away for a second and….that was the weirdest fall I’ve ever seen, but gets the dismount.

Murphy VT: Y full, hop back on the landing, tons of height! 9.800.

Veglucci UB: beautiful height on the Geinger, some form in the air. Short on the handstands, half in half out landed off balance, had to lean back.

St. Clair VT: Tucked Tsuk 1.5, hop forward on the landing.

Kotas UB: smooth connection, beautiful toe point on those handstands! Unique dismount but gets the landing!

Moravansky VT: Y full, beautiful form in the air, hop back on the landing.

Abolnik FX: 2.5 twist opening pass, legs came apart on that twist in the air. RO 1.5 to punch front final pass, much cleaner on the twist in the air.

Crossen BB: BHS LOSO little wobbly but gets the landing. Side aerial to split leap, angle looked a little low on the split. Gets the dismount and she is THRILLED!

Demers UB: mount on high bar, beautiful first handstand, Tkatchev beautiful height! Perfect handstand on the bail. Half in half out dismount, STUCK. 9.950.

BGSU FX: double pike to open, hop back. Second pass was a little off balance. Final pass is double tuck, cleanest landing of the three.

EMU BB: BHS LOSO clean, little off balance on that full turn. Front toss to beat jump, little wobbly. 

Boris BB: BHS BHS LOSO spot on. Got the full turn, beat jump to split half, bent over at the waist, RO 1.5 dismount, stuck but off balance.

Weilbacher FX: Leap series is WAY over 180 and beautiful. Double tuck, leg separation in the air and on the landing.

I’m going to go ahead and apologize now for these misidentifications because these commentators aren’t helping much.

Chemotti (for real this time) BB: Full turn spot on. Front aerial to BHS LOSO, got the landing. Loving the confidence. Split leap to split leap right at 180. BHS 1.5 twist dismount, no movement on the landing.

Jensen FX: FHS front double twist, deep landing (not sure if she hit the ground or not), back 1.5 to front layout, better control on the landing.

After 1: CMU 49.325, WMU 48.925, EMU 48.750, BGSU 48.600, NIU 0.000, BSU 0.000, KSU 0.000

Well, that was a fun way to open. Apologizing for any names I get wrong! Demers set the bar (no pun intended) high for anyone else competing on bars today with one judge giving her a 10!

Rotation 2: BSU vault, NIU bars, CMU beam, KSU floor (BGSU, WMU, EMU on bye)

Skrupa BB: BHS LOSO, beautiful in the air.  Front aerial to split jump, some bent knees in the air. BHS tucked 1.5, step to side on the landing. 9.725.

Drielick had a fall for NIU on the opening routine, but got the dismount. 8.775.

Amodei FX: Beautiful height on the leap series, double pike final pass, slide back on the landing. Good opener for KSU! 9.750.

Teter VT: FHS front pike, beautiful in the air! 9.700.

Ryan UB: some leg separation on the Pak salto, loose arms on the half pirouette, DLO dismount, step forward with a knee bend.

Alvarado-Reid BB: BHS LOSO, lots of confidence. Switch leap to switch half right at 180. Gainer pike off the end, beautiful landing!

Weinpert FX: double pike to open, good control on the landing. Front full to front layout second pass, good control. Double tuck, best control on the landing of the three passes. 9.850.

Pfister VT: FHS pike half, BEAUTIFUL height, college stick with a step back on the salute.

Kolyvanova BB: little off balance on the BHS LOSO, but keeps it on the beam. Little wobbles throughout, RO 1.5 dismount, good landing. 9.800.

Wehry FX: big bounce back on the double tuck, out of control but stayed in bounds. 9.700.

NIU UB: short on the handstands throughout, half in half out, coach was in the way so couldn’t see if it was stuck, but good form in the air.

Henry VT: Y 1.5, stuck! 9.950, holy cow!

Demers BB: fun mount! Good 180 on the leap series, BHS LOSO, little wobble but she stays on. Front aerial is cleaner. and we just went to the weirdest tri-screen I’ve ever seen so I didn’t get to see the ending. 9.750.

Decavitch FX: Double arabian to stag, barely stays in. Front tuck through to double tuck, clean on that landing. 9.875.

Veglucci BB: BHS LOSO, clean. Side somi, bent at the waist but held on! RO double twist, bent over on the waist. 9.600.

Hamp UB: Tkatchev, could’ve used more height. Short on the handstands throughout, hop back on the landing. 9.875.

Guns FX: Punch front to Rudi opening pass. Switch ring to switch half, good head release in the air. Beautiful 180 on the second leap. Double pike, beautiful form in the air with a solid landing. 9.900.

Pitchell BB: BHS LOSO off on the layout and falls. Cat leap to switch side, stays on. Beautiful full turn. Standing front tuck to beat jump, super difficult but does it well. Gainer full off the side, good landing. 9.200.

Franz FX: Rudi to LOSO, super floaty in the connection. Switch half to wolf full leap series, beautiful toe point. Double tuck final pass, tons of height in the air. Good ending for Kent State! 9.900.

After 2: CMU 98.025, KSU 49.275, BSU 49.050, WMU 48.925, EMU 48.750, BGSU 48.600, NIU 48.400

Kent State came in and did what it knows how to do on floor exercise! NIU had a rough go on bars and will want to come back stronger on beam. CMU lost a little momentum on the balance beam, but can come back after their bye on floor exercise.

Rotation 3: BGSU vault, WMU bars, NIU beam, EMU floor (KSU, BSU, CMU on bye)

Chemotti FX: Double pike, slide back of the foot. Leap passes well over 180. Final pass is RO 1.5 to front layout, beautiful control on the front layout.

Petrousek UB: Beautiful handstands through, blind change to double pike dismount, stuck!

George BB: Front toss was beautiful in the air. Lost her split position on the leaps in the air. RO 1.5 twist dismount, some leg form in the air.

Macy FX: Rudi to LOSO, really low landing after the layout, better control on the second pass.

Harsch VT: Y full, good height and distance, hop back on the landing. 9.700.

Lynd BB: Fall on the triple series, lacked 180 position in the air on the leap series, RO 1.5 dismount stuck. 

Weilbacher VT: Y full, hop back on the landing.

Murphy UB: mount on high bar, Deltchev, some leg form in the air. Short on the handstands throughout, toe on tuck half dismount, stuck!

Sears BB: BHS LOSO, arm wave after the series. Switch leap to straddle half, good position in the air. Small step on the dismount.

Abolnik VT: Y 1.5, good form in the air, hop on the landing.

Stuckey FX: Back 1.5 to front layout., almost stepped out of bounds but managed to keep it in. Double pike to close, clean in the air.

Moravansky UB: Lacked momentum after the first release move and had to take an extra swing. Good landing on the dismount.

Quoss UB: Tkatchev between the bars was beautiful, bail to handstand is right on top of the bar. Blind change to double tuck with a step backwards on the landing.

Sears BB: BHS LOSO was clean. Side aerial and has a fall. NIU just not having the best day. Split leap to straddle half, lacked 180. RO 1.5 dismount, step forward on the landing.

McCullough FX: Front layout to front full, danced out of it. Beautiful position on the leaps. Front layout to 1.5 twist, beautiful twist position in the air.

Werner BB: BHS LOSO and another fall for NIU. Split leap to split ring, BHS gainer full off the side with a tiny step on the landing.

Boris FX: Double pike to open, switched her feet on the landing. Back 1.5 to front layout, beautiful connection between those two elements. Double tuck to close, leg separations on the BHS. 9.800.

Al-Ashari BB: WOW, I love that mount. BHS LOSO, lots of height. Good control on the full turn. Split jump to split ring connection, RO 1.5 dismount, hop back and deep knee bend.

After 3: CMU 98.025, EMU 97.725, BGSU 97.450, WMU 97.425, NIU 95.825, KSU 49.275, BSU 49.050

They weren’t lying when they said this would be the MAC Marathon! Highlights would be McCullough’s 9.900 on floor for EMU, putting her into a tie for first on floor with Guns and Franz for KSU. NIU’s struggles continued into beam, likely taking it out of contention, but hopefully it can use the bye period to regroup.

Rotation 4: KSU vault, BSU bars, WMU beam, CMU floor (EMU, BGSU, NIU on bye)

Amodei VT: Y full, small hop back, beautiful height!

Hornbacher FX: Good opening pass, double tuck to close, good height and solid landing!

Sumner UB: leg separation on the blind change, good dismount.

Binstock BB: lost the toe point in the leap series, but got it around.  RO 1.5 dismount, solid landing, leg separation.

Tsipis VT: Y full, good distance, hop on the landing. 

Middleton UB: Maloney to Bail to handstand, some leg separation on the bail, double tuck dismount, slight slide back.

Alvarado-Reid FX: SAVED that wolf turn on the floor somehow! Back 1.5 to front layout, good control on the landing.

Petrousek BB: Wolf turn to open. BHS LOSO, knee form in the air. Some balance checks throughout, Punch front full twist dismount.

Evans UB: Bent arms on the release catch. Blind full to double tuck, another hit landing for the Cardinals!

Gilbert VT: Y full, lots of distance, step back on the landing.

Kolyvanova FX: Beautiful landing on the first pass! RO double tuck second pass, lots of height!

Decavitch VT: Y full, step back on the landing.

G Singh BB: Triple series, small balance check afterwards but kept it on. Switch side, maybe just under 180? Gainer pike off the end of the beam, stuck landing!

Veglucci FX: Double tuck, high chest and solid on the landing. Beautiful toe point on the leap series! 2.5 twist to punch front, super difficult and she nails it!

Moravansky BB: BHA LOSO LOSO, knee form in the air and loses control on the landing and falls. A second fall for Moravansky, she looks a little rattled. RO 1.5 twist, hop back on the landing.

Teter UB: Beautiful position on the overshoot, double front with a half dismount STUCK. 9.950.

Demers FX: FHS double twist to open, good control on the step forward. Double pike, lots of height, small slide back of the foot. Lacked a little split position in the second leap, Front layout to Rudi, no foot movement at all! Little emotional after that one. 9.950.

Gruber BB: Need a hit here after Moravansky’s fall. BHS LOSO, tiniest wobble. Cat leap to switch half, good position on the switch half. Split jump to straddle quarter, good height.  RO 1.5 dismount, good landing.

Pitchell FX: Double pike to open, good chest position on the landing. Front layout to front full, slightly out of control on the landing. Double tuck, nice control on that landing! The Chippewas came to play! 9.900.

Murphy BB: Front toss, off to the side with a wobble. Good control on the full turn. BHS LOSO, tiniest wobble after the layout. Good position on the leap series. Gainer full off the side dismount.

After 4: CMU 147.475, WMU 146.400, KSU 98.250, BSU 98.250, EMU 97.725, BGSU 97.450, NIU 95.825

Central Michigan is taking no prisoners! Demers takes the lead on floor exercise with a 9.950 and she also has the lead for the bars title. Western Michigan dropped Moravansky’s fall, but had to count two 9.700s in their team total, so the pressure is on heading to their next two events.

Current event leaders; Henry VT (9.950), Demers UB (9.950), Gruber BB (9.875), Demers FX (9.950)

Rotation 5: EMU vault, BGSU bars, BSU beam, NIU floor (CMU, KSU, WMU on bye)

Rios VT: Tucked Y full, lots of steps backwards.

Anderson FX: FHS double twist, little out of control. Better control on the final tumbling pass.

Bornhorn UB: Straddled Jaeger, lost the toe point in the air. Blind change to double tuck, step forward on the landing.

Lewis VT: Y full, landed off the mat and to the side.

Henry BB: BHS LOSO, bent over at the waist. Wobble after the full turn, BHS 1.5 dismount small step. 9.550.

Harsch UB: Some leg form on the release move, beautiful handstand on the low bar. And that’s all I got to see.

Parris VT: Y full, lots of height, hop back on the landing.

Evans BB: Reset routine for the Cardinals. BHS LOSO, good position in the air. Good position on the leap series. 1.5 twist dismount, hit.

Chemotti VT: Y full, hop back on the landing.

Ryan FX: Good control on the first pass. Switch side to Popa, good position on the leaps in the air. Front layout to Rudi, clean form in the air.

Bingham UB: Beautiful handstands throughout, lost some form in the air on release moves, hop back on the dismount.

Ruthberg BB: BHS LO BHS series clean, Switch + switch + pike jump, wobble after the pike. Cartwheel to gainer full, good landing.

Dolitsky FX: Choreography looked good throughtou, Front full to front layout final pass, lots of control on that landing.

Sumner BB: Three more hits needed to drop Henry’s score. Side aerial to BHS series, difficult connection and she nails it. Slight wobble on the full turn. BHS 1.5 dismount, good landing!

Sissi FX: RO double pike to open, solid landing. Good position in the air on those leaps. RO 1.5 twist to punch front pike, love that combination! Double tuck final pass, good control on that landing.

Volpe BB: Beautiful full turn to open. Side aerial and she falls. Henry’s score will count. BHS BHS LOSO triple series right in the center of the beam. Gainer full off the side, stick.

Nock FX: Full in back out, beautiful landing! Beautiful position in the air on those leaps! Front layout to Rudi, good connection between those skills. That was a fun routine!

Waldo BB: Small wobble after the full turn. Front aerial to FHS series, that’s a connection I haven’t seen before, but I love it. Switch leap to straddle quarter, low landing on the side somi. Punch tucked front off the end of the beam. Drops Volpe’s fall.

After 5: CMU 147.475, BSU 146.925, WMU 146.400, BGSU 146.300, EMU 146.150, NIU 145.050, KSU 98.250

Ball State let a little go with a fall on beam, but still has one more event to make a push. Kent State also hasn’t done three events and had a solid showing on its first two, so once it finishes bars and Central Michigan finishes vault, we’ll know what everyone else has to beat. It’s getting interesting!

Rotation 6: CMU vault, KSU bars, BGSU beam, WMU floor (NIU, EMU, BSU on bye)

Skrupa VT: Y full, good height in the air, hop in place.

Moravansky FX: Double pike to open, solid landing! Front layout to front full, good control between those elements! Good comeback after her fall on beam!

Tsoltis UB: Good catch on the single bar release, beautiful handstands throughout, giant full to double tuck, good landing!

Alvarado-Reid VT: Y full, step back on the landing.

Rudnitskaya UB: blind change to piked Jaeger, lacked some toe point. Pak salto is beautiful in the air, Double layout stuck!

Cesarone VT: Y full, beautiful form in the air, but stream missed the landing. Sigh.

Kmieciak VT: Y full, hop back on the landing. 9.775.

Gilbert UB: Giant full to Tkatchev to immediate overshoot to low bar, beautiful connection! Giant full to double tuck dismount.

Demers VT: Y full, lots of amplitude, hop back on the landing. 9.825.

Binstock FX: That opening pass was a lot of fun and landed cleanly! Double pike was slightly underrotated so she took a step forward.

Ross BB: BHS LOSO, deep waist bend with a fall. Good connection to follow up. BHS 1.5 dismount, underrotated with a step back.

Haxton UB: Blind change to Jaeger, with bent arms, to immediate transition to low bar.  Lots of cheering so sounds like she got the landing.

Bingham BB: Beautiful full turn to open. Tinest wobble on the series, but keeps it on. RO 1.5 dismount with a stick.

Decavitch UB: Beautiful position on the Pak salto in the air! Double layout STUCK! One judge gave her a 10!

St. Clair FX: Fun opening tumbling pass to start! 180 positions on the leap series. Punch front double twist to close, TONS of height on that!

Franz UB: Beautiful opening handstand, Geinger caught with straight arms to immediate shootover, double layout with a hop back.

Jensen BB: BHS LOSO, solid on the landing. Good position on the leap series in the air. Cat leap to side aerial, good chest position. BHS 1.5 twist with a stick!

Murphy FX: Front tuck through to double tuck to open, high chest on the landing. Beautiful head release on the switch ring. Rudi to straddle jump over 180 degrees. RO double pike to close, good height in the air.

Weilbacher BB: BHS LOSO clean. Beautiful position in the air on the leap series. Gainer pike off the end, stuck. WOW, Bowling Green just killed it on the beam!

After 6: CMU 196.525, WMU 195.675, BGSU 195.500, KSU 147.700, BSU 149.925, EMU 146.150, NIU 145.050

Kent State and Bowling Green just had insane rotations on bars and beam. Kent State had three scores 9.900 or better on bars and only needs higher than 48.825 to pass CMU…depending on how balance beam goes.  Ball State is also heading to floor and can definitely make a push here at the end.

Rotation 7: NIU vault, EMU bars, KSU beam, BSU floor (WMU, CMU, BGSU on bye)

Parris UB: Geinger caught very close to the bar, Bail to handstand, little short on the final handstand, Double layout with a small step forward on the landing.

Ruthberg FX: Front tuck through to double tuck, solid chest position. Double pike second pass, lots of amplitude. Good

Ryan for NIU just had a fall on vault.

Haxton BB: Front toss, clean landing. Small wobble after the leap series. Hop forward on the landing.

Hartung UB: Beautiful handstands throughout, double layout with a small hop back on the landing.


Waldo FX: Double twist to open, step off to the side and knees buckled ever so slightly. Fell on the punch front of her second pass.

Wehry BB: Lacked a little 180 on the split positions. BHS LOSO and comes off the beam. Pressure set is on for KSU. RO 1.5 twist with a hop forward.

O’Shea VT: Y full, hop back on the landing.

Macy UB: Following a fall from McCullough. Blind change to piked Jaeger, bail to handstand little short, double layout with a hop forward.

Sissi VT: Y full, hop back on the landing, lacked a little height in the air.

Middleton FX: good position in the air on the leaps. Double pike pass extremely controlled landing.

Rankin BB: beautiful full turn to open. BHS LOSO with another fall. Ugh, this is breaking my heart for the Golden Flashes. Cat leap to side aerial is clean. RO double twist, small step back on the landing.

Henry FX: front tuck through to double tuck…I think she stayed in bounds? It was close. Front layout to front full, good connection. Switch side to Popa, right at 180. Super fun choreography!

Boris UB: Following Hadyn Crossen’s 9.900. beautiful handstands throughout, lacked a little momentum after the overshoot, but got it back. Step on the landing.

Guns BB: BHS LOSO, little balance check after the layout. Good leap position in the air, gainer full off the side with a stuck landing.

Pfister FX: Double tuck to open, high chest on the landing. Switch side straddle full wolf full leap series, great toe point throughout. FHS punch front full to front pike, great landing on the front pike. Double pike to close, great landing! 9.925.

Decavitch BB: Beautiful control on the leap series. BHS LOSO spot on. Front toss to beat jump, slight pause after the front toss so I’m not sure if she’ll get the connection. BHS gainer full stuck with some lean back to keep the landing. 9.875.

Teter FX: Front layout to Rudi opening pass, solid landing. Comes right back with a double tuck, also solid. Beautiful split in the leap. Solid landing on the final pass. Ball State put up a fight for sure!

Klein BB: Wobble on her first skill. BHS LOSO solid. Switch leap to straddle three quarter. Beat jump to side aerial is solid. Gainer full off the side is stuck. Not sure if it’ll be enough to pass the Chippewas, but great fight after two falls!

FINAL: CMU 196.525, BSU 196.325, KSU 196.175, WMU 195.800, BGSU 195.500, EMU 195.175, NIU 193.925

The Chippewas are your 2023 MAC champions! Ball State pushed ahead at the very end to take second while Kent State couldn’t quite make up the difference on beam after two falls. Western Michigan will want to clean up some things before Regionals, while Ball State needs to keep the momentum going.

VT: Victoria Henry (BSU) – 9.950
UB: Hannah Demers (CMU) – 9.950
BB: Taylor Jensen (BGSU) – 9.900
FX: Hannah Demers (CMU) & Payton Murphy (WMU) – 9.950
AA: Hannah Demers (CMU) – 39.475

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Live blog by Savanna Whitten

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