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The NCGA Dismount: Week 10

This week’s NCGA action featured only one competition, but this one solidified the entire roster for nationals. It was a fierce competition in the east, each team needing to capitalize and go routine for routine. Brockport stormed into first with a season high, Springfield followed close behind, notching its own season high for the year. NCGA nationals host, Ithaca College, punched its own ticket, sliding into third place with its second-highest score of the year. Rhode Island took home Coach of the Year in addition to sending individuals to nationals alongside Ursinus, and Cortland finished the season on a high note with a new season high on vault. 

Full Circle

Lexi Castellaneta, Brockport

Way back in the spring of 2019, Lexi Castellaneta was awarded the NCGA-East Rookie of the Year. Well, way leads on to way and the world did some spinning. And this year, the senior was awarded NCGA-East Gymnast of the Year. A perfect set. 

Springfield Showdown

For the first time since 2000, Springfield took second in a regional qualifier. Not satisfied there, this is only the third time since the NCGA-East regionals started in 2015 that a college has had three champions, and the first time for a school other than Brockport. 

NCGA-East Coach of the Year

Monica Mesalles Nassi

While this may not have been the way the Anchorwomen wanted to see their season end, it was one heck of a ride. The team smashed an incredible amount of records, blazing a trail for following teams to expand while dreaming of their own place in the history books. Head coach Monica Mesalles Nassi has magic in that gym that won’t soon fade. 

Overall Standings

4La Crosse*190.2063
9Rhode Island185.2313
12Eau Claire184.8188
13Gustavus Adolphus182.9875
*Nationals qualifiers

Top Scores

Sydney SchumakerBrockportVault9.850
MacKenzie MacLeodSpringfieldFloor9.800
Lexi CastellanetaBrockportFloor9.775
MacKenzie MacLeodSpringfieldBeam9.775
Emma Grace SargentBrockportVault9.775
Kelsey GatesRhode IslandFloor9.750
Olivia KeyesRhode IslandFloor9.750
Kirsten PaultreBrockportFloor9.725
Naimah MuhammadBrockportFloor9.725
Amelia BaileyIthacaBeam9.700
Natalie GaliotoBrockportBeam9.700
Natalie GaliotoBrockportFloor9.700
Nya PauldonIthacaVault9.700
Zoe PotamianosCortlandFloor9.700
Devon RosierSpringfieldBeam9.700
Tori SipesSpringfieldBars9.700
Tori SipesSpringfieldBeam9.700
Emma TuckerRhode IslandVault9.700
Anne KileySpringfieldVault9.700

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Article by Allison Freeman and Tavia Smith

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