The USAG Dismount: Week 10

Teams prepared for their respective conference championships by facing off in one last dual. Cornell put the heat on West Chester while the Golden Rams rose to the challenge with a season high. Bridgeport continued to claw its way through the season, returning to its beginning-of-the-season form, before several injuries and illness reared their heads. Air Force took a commanding victory at UAA. This last regular season weekend prepped gymnastics fans for the excitement of postseason.

Brown Taking a Pen to the History Books

Brown, 194.675

Brown went out of the regular season on a big note. Its 194.675 is the second best in program history, and its 48.925 is the new program record on vault. 

If You Can’t Make Serotonin, the Kat Doran Pirouette Will Provide Some

Kat Doran, bars, 9.925

It’s Daylight Saving, and we’re supposed to thrive with that extra sunlight. Well, you also lose an hour of sleep, so that’s a drag. Don’t worry, though. Watch Kat Doran’s pirouette on repeat to get some much needed serotonin. 

Meet Intermission of the Week

Lindenwood, Group Cycling Class

What better way to buy time between rotations than to build your own human bicycle and have a spin class? Lindenwood could put on a clinic on how to keep things light mid meet, but this session really took the cake. 

Overall Standings

1Texas Woman’s194.995
2Air Force194.670
7West Chester193.105
9Southern Connecticut190.985

Top Scores

Mei Li CostaBrownBars9.925
Kathryn DoranBridgeportBars9.925
Gayla GriswoldLindenwoodVault9.925
Jessica Meakim West ChesterFloor9.925
McKenna KissingerWest ChesterFloor9.875
Hannah MoonLindenwoodBeam9.875
Lindsay OcklerSEMOBars9.875
Genevieve SabadoAir ForceFloor9.875
Cameo StapletonAir ForceFloor9.875
Nicole WojcikLindenwoodBeam9.875
Carolanne Van ZandtBrownFloor9.875
Julia BedellBrownFloor9.850
Jordan ColemanWest ChesterBars9.850
Abby ContelloBrownBars9.850
Mei Li CostaBrownBars9.850
Madeline GoseTWUBeam9.850
Madeline GoseTWUFloor9.850
Madison GreeneSEMOFloor9.850
Steelie KingTWUBeam9.850
Miranda LundCornellFloor9.850
Taylor Ann WilsonCentenaryBars9.850
Caroline CascaddenWest ChesterFloor9.825
Kathryn DoranBridgeportBars9.825
Isabel GoycoTWUFloor9.825
Nicole JavinettBridgeportBeam9.825
Ayla McKeanAir ForceBars 9.825
Kate Michelini Cornell Bars9.825
Lindsay OcklerSEMOVault9.825
Hadley Roberts LindenwoodBeam 9.825
Hadley RobertsLindenwoodFloor9.825
Taylor SchulzeBrownBars9.825
Taylor SchulzeBrownBeam9.825
Daisy WoodringTWUVault9.825
Julia BedellBrownVault9.800
Calista BradyCornellFloor9.800
Mei Li CostaBrownVault9.800
Victoria DeMeoCornellFloor9.800
Alyssa GardnerBrownVault9.800
Steelie KingTWUBars9.800
Miranda LundCornellBeam9.800
Hannah Moon LindenwoodBars9.800
Hadley RobertsLindenwoodBeam9.800
Genevieve SabadoAir ForceBars9.800
Taylor SchulzeBrownBeam9.800
Hanna ZebdiSCSUFloor9.800
Hanna ZebdiSCSUVault9.800
Hanna ZebdiSCSUFloor9.800

*Several teams competed twice this weekend.

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Article by Allison Freeman, Katie Walsh, Rebecca Scally and Tavia Smith

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