LIVE BLOG: NCGA-East Regional

Welcome to the NCGA-East Regionals! We haven’t seen regionals in the east since spring of 2019. How long ago was that? Everyone was talking about Midsommar and we were still waiting for season three of Stranger Things to grace our television screens.

In 2019, we saw Brockport claim the regional title with the highest team score in program history. Contributing then and this weekend include Nicole Jackson and Lexi Castellaneta who have remained key members of this team. The last year Castellaneta competed in a regional, she was awarded NCGA East Region Rookie of the Year. Although with how Brockport has been conducting itself this season, you wouldn’t know that any time has passed or how little experience was shared within the team. The Golden Eagles should easily clinch a title here today, the biggest threat is themselves and bars, which has proven to be a shaky event on and off during this season. 

Ithaca is your second most likely candidate to qualify for a spot to nationals, giving the team the opportunity to not just host the NCGA Nationals but compete as well. The Bombers have steadily held off both Springfield, Ursinus, and Rhode Island throughout the season. While Ithaca hasn’t quite matched the other teams in record-breaking, its consistency is second only to Brockport. Rhode Island will be bringing the heat, riding the high of a new team program record in addition to new team records on bars, beam, and in the all around just last week.

In its last meet of the regular season, Cortland piled an extra three and a half points to its previous season high, just to make things more interesting in this race. Springfield will put the pressure on the other teams to bring sticky feet to vault landings, as the Pride is only behind Brockport and Ithaca. MacKenzie MacLeod’s booming scores could lead Springfield to a much wanted top-three finish to light the way to nationals. As for Ursinus, the Bears have found the rhythm on bars, an event that has haunted the NCGA-East. After mid-February, Ursinus has barely flinched on bars, improving week after week, dropping only slightly last week. 

The all around will be a tight race between Rhode Island’s Olivia Keyes, Kelsey Gates, and Emma Tucker, Ursinus’ Alyssa DeLorme and Ithaca’s Skye Cohen. DeLorme currently holds the season high, just a quarter of a tenth over Keyes. The title will come down to a matter of shuffles and toe points. 

As you get settled in, here are a few links for you to check out.

For rotation and general info, you’ll head here.

Springfield indicates that this page will have commentary and this page will have an aerial camera. I am a messenger, I know nothing more about what we will or won’t see.

The website also indicates that we’ll have live stats over on RTN.

Many teams post routines as they move through rotations so you can pop over to their Instagrams to take a peek.

Announcing teams now!

Rotation 1: Brockport VT, Cortland UB, Rhode Island BB, Ursinus FX

Ricci (Ursinus): FHS rudi to straddle jump, good. Leap series, clean. Some form on the second pass. Ends with a 1.5 to front pike, keeps it in.

Sargent (Brockport): Great tucked fty, looked stuck.

Gallagher (Cortland): Leg separation and form on the bail to hs. Just a step on the double tuck.

Jackson (Brockport): FHS front tuck, great height. Just a step forward.

Scarpetti (Ursinus): Opens with a big double tuck, can’t tell if she stepped out from this angle. Nice second pass. Just a little shy on the leap series. Closes with a clean front full.

Nothnagel (Cortland): Fell on the giant full. Repeats, comes off again. Shy on the last hs, ends with the layout full.

Blair (Brockport): FHS front tuck, shuffles it a little forward.

Working off of only RIC with lineups so I’ll make adjustments and corrections as needed.

Schumaker (Brockport): Tucked 1.5, great landing.

Cusick (Ursinus): Opens with a big double pike, bounces forward. Front full to front lay, keeps it in by a toe. Switch side popa, good. Her amplitude on everything is lovely.

Caught the end of a solid Cortland bar routine.

I’ll throw in some scores when we get those.

Curcione (Cortland): Comes off on the toe shaposh. Saves the handstand but struggles through the pirouette and comes off.

DeLorme (Ursinus): Opens with a clean 1.5 to front lay. Little soft on the form in the leap series. Rudi, good.

Rhode Island having a solid beam rotation, it seems. I saw just one fall.

Tucker (RIC): Standing tuck, good. Beautiful switch leap switch leap. Beat to straddle 3/4, good. RO 1.5 to end, looked stuck from here.

After 1: —

Rough rotation for Cortland on bars, having to count a fall. Brockport brought it on vault and set itself up well. Rhode Island, from what I saw, only had a single fall on beam but looked otherwise. Ursinus had a strong showing on floor, putting the pressure on.

Rotation 2: Ursinus VT, Springfield UB, Cortland BB, Ithaca FX

Jewett (Springfield): Giant full to tkatchev, nice. Ends with a double tuck, a little shuffling.

Gallivan (Ithaca): FHS rudi to stag, good height.

Ursinus with two back to back layout yurchenkos, a big step back on both but clean otherwise.

Morris (Springfield): Bail to hs, slightly archy. Double tuck dismount, takes a step back.

Calabrese (Springfield): Nice pak, just some arched feet. Ends with a huge stuck double tuck.

Pellegrino (Ithaca): Switch ring series, good. FHS rudi to stag, great height. FHS front full front lay, leg separation.

Ursinus bouncy on vault, just the landings really today.

Cortland comes off on beam.

Osborne (Springfield): Straddle jaeger, good. Bail to low, nice. Stuck toe front dismount!

Ionski (Ithaca): RO 1.5 to front lay, good. Chest a little low on the rudi.

Springfield off on bars.

A. Bailey (Ithaca): Front full barani to back tuck, great height. Beautiful leap series.

Sipes (Springfield): Great routine so far, hits her last hs. Ends with a double lay, just a step.

Freyman (Ithaca): Opens with a beautiful double pike. Front double full, bounces forward. Wolf hop full, good. Ends with a 1.5 to front pike.

Cortland with a hit beam routine.

After 2: —

Cortland shook off the bar rotation with a solid beam set from the team. Ithaca threw up good scores on floor. Springfield had a few hiccups on bars but nothing detrimental. Ursinus had some pretty bouncy vaults, but for the most part, looked clean.

We have zero scores so far so this definitely doesn’t add to the tension.

Rotation 3: Ithaca VT, Brockport UB, Springfield BB, Rhode Island FX

Goodwin (Ithaca): Layout yurchenko just a step.

Brockport: Beautiful stuck double lay to end.

Ferri (RIC): FHS front full front lay, clean. Chest a bit low on the double pike.

Cohen (Ithaca): Stuck layout yurchenko!

Gallivan (Ithaca): Just a hop in place with a layout yurchenko.

Bushey (Brockport): Piked ginger, good. Giant full to double tuck, hops it forward.

Ithaca sits down a layout half on vault.

Jackson (Brockport): Little short on the first handstand, good shaposh. A little archy in the bail to hs. A little shy on the last hs, takes several steps back on the double tuck.

Kleinebreil (RIC): Music difficulty on floor. FHS front lay front half, a little low on the half. Not a ton of amplitude on the second pass. FHS front full, good.

Gare (Brockport): Gaint full to piked gienger good. Bounces on the double tuck.

Parquet (Springfield): Great jump series, bhs loso, small wobble. Front aerial, leg comes up. Takes a couple steps back on the dismount.

Brockport with a FTDB, just a step back.

Yitts (RIC): Front lay front full, good. Sits down her second pass and bounces out of her leap series a little bit.

Sipes (Springfield): Delay on beam. BHS LOSO, great. Split jump series has beautiful form. Side aerial to full, looks like just a small hop.

Swick (Brockport): Straddle jaeger, nice. Bail, a little loose. Solid routine overall.

Tucker (RIC): Sits down the whip 1.5 to front lay pass. Great switch side to popa. Rudi to stag with great height. Leap series, nice.

Rosier (Springfield): Front aerial to bhs, so beautiful. Her side aerial is so effortless. Looks like a stuck dismount, maybe just a step.

Keyes (RIC): Front tuck through to double back, great height. Nice leap series. Double pike with great amplitude. Switch side popa, good.

MacLeod (Springfield): Switch leap wolf 3/4, just some form. BHS to front toss, good. Love a fun connection. Side somi to tuck full, stuck!

Gates (RIC): Great opening pass. FHS double full, just a step forward but keeps it in. Really solid routine and much needed.

After 3: 94.275 for Springfield, puts them in fourth.

Rhode Island struggled on floor, which is very unlike Rhode Island. Ithaca kept its momentum going on vault. Springfield delivered on beam, with MacLeod solidly in the anchor position. Brockport had minor issues on bars but nothing to throw the team off track. No scores to be found anywhere.

Rotation 4: Rhode Island VT, Ursinus UB, Brockport BB, Cortland FX

Gates (RIC): Stumbles back taking a few steps.

White (Brockport): BHS LOSO, good.

Potamianos (Cortland): Opens with a double pike, bounces back. Solid routine overall.

Tanguay (Ursinus): Bail to low, good. Great last hs. Just some shuffling.

King (RIC): Looks like she sat it down, as she went off-camera.

Ferri (RIC): Chest a bit down on the layout yurchenko.

Ursinus: Bail to low a little wiggly. Just a step on the double tuck.

Carr (Cortland): Rudi to big split jump, nice height. Just keeps her front pike in bounds. Great leap series. 1.5 to front tuck goes out of bounds.

Kleinebreil (RIC): Yurchenko but lands with chest down and steps forward.

Keyes (RIC): Just a step on the tsuk, pretty clean otherwise.

Castellaneta (Brockport): BHS LOSO, clean. Switch leap to straddle 1/4, good. Front toss, good. Solid routine.

Cortland: Stumbles forward on the whip to 1.5. Sits down the fhs front full.

Matteucci (Ursinus): Fights through the handstand to straddle jaeger. Small hop on the double tuck.

Tucker (RIC): FTY, some body shape but good.

Nadler (Cortland): Front lay to rudi, nice. Front lay to front full, good height. Great routine.

Panetta (Ursinus): Great pak, giant full to double tuck, sticks it cold.

Schumaker (Brockport): BHS LOSO, soft knees. Switch leap to split 3/4, a little shy. Looked away and I think she may have some off.

Rodriguez (Cortland): Judges meeting on floor. Rudi to back tuck, absolutely stunning. Good leaps. Switch side to popa, this is how it should look, take notes. RO 1.5 to front lay, good.

DeLorme (Ursinus): Just misses the tkatchev. Restarts, catches it this time. Bail to hs, clean. Just a hop-step on the double tuck.

Cortland: Great amplitude on the double tuck. Sky-high on the leap series, too.

After 4: —

Brockport continued its momentum on beam, not leaving anything on the table. Ursinus had a few struggles on bars but made it through. Ithaca didn’t falter on vault at all. Although Cortland had a few challenges on floor. If I had to guess on rankings, I’d say Brockport is sitting in first. But after that, I have an ulcer just thinking about it.

Rotation 5: Cortland VT, Ithaca UB, Ursinus BB, Springfield FX

I believe the stream has lost sound…

Ithaca: Solid release. A little loose on the bail. Great last hs. Just a small step on the double tuck.

Schulz (Springfield): RO double full, good. RO 1.5 to front lay but steps out of bounds.

Ursinus: Switch LOSO, love it. BHS LOSO, comes off.

Robinson (Springfield): RO 1.5 to front lay but trips on the mat. Great leaps. FHS front full front, okay.

Lonski (Ithaca): Free hip to piked gienger, nice. Bail to hs clean. Double tuck takes a few steps back.

Cortland with solid vaults, so far.

Ursinus off again on beam.

Moore (Ithaca): Leg separation on the bail. Little shy on the hs, solid straddle jaeger.

LaViolette (Springfield): Opens with a big double pike, takes a few steps and goes out of bounds it looked like. Good switch half to popa. Ends with a 1.5 to front lay, leg separation in the front lay.

Ithaca: Little shy on the hs, nice straddle tkatchev. Bail to hs, nice. Giant full to double tuck, takes a few steps.

Gorgeous pike jump from Knapsack on beam and a beautiful gainer front full.

Parquet (Springfield): Front lay to front full, takes a few steps. Solid routine overall.

M. Bailey (Ithaca): Free hip to piked gienger, good. Slow giant full to double tuck, looks like just a hop.

DeLorme (Ursinus): Front toss, small arm wave. BHS LOSO, solid. Switch leap pike jump, small wobble. BHS to 1.5, takes a step.

Rosier (Springfield): Rudi to open, good. Switch leap was solid. Crowd loves this routine. Everyone’s into it. Just keeps the last pass inbounds.

MacLeod (Springfield): RO 1.5 to front full, so bouncy. Switch side popa had great shapes, just a little soft in the feet. FHS rudi, good. Really nice routine.

Zimmerman (Ursinus): Great acro series, super clean. Switch leap to split 3/4 a liiittle shy. Front aerial to scale, so nice. Big step on the gainer full dismount.

After 5:

That’s all for Ursinus and Cortland, they’ll have a bye next rotation. Springfield had some highs and lows on floor, as did Ursinus on beam. Ithaca put it together on bars, hitting a majority of the routines. Cortland brought its usual vault game. “Springfield is only 5 tenths behind the team in front of them,” don’t be shy. Give us all the scores.

Rotation 6: Springfield VT, Rhode Island UB, Ithaca BB, Brockport FX

Cohen (Ithaca): BHS LOSO, solid.

Deecher (Springfield): Piked tsuk, some form but clean landing.

Tucker (RIC): Bail to hs a little wiggly. Solid dismount.

White (Brockport): Falls on opening pass on floor. Hits the remainder of the routine.

McGuinness (Springfield): Solid layout yurchenko.

Ferri (RIC): Bail to hs a little loose, free hip to toe to high, nice. Puts her hands down on her dismount.

O’Sullivan (Ithaca): Switch side, nice. Solid overall.

Schulz (Springfield): Layout yurchenko, some form, takes a step.

Galioto (Brockport): Solid opening double tuck. 1.5 to front lay, some form on the front lay.

LaViolette (Springfield): Nice height, just a step back on the lay yurchenko.

Schwaliedt (RIC): Bail to hs, good.

Love when the stream freezes.

Kiley (Springfield): FTY tucked, some form but solid landing.

Muhammad (Brockport): Stuck opening pass, sky high. Solid leap series, slightly shy on the full split. Front full to front lay, keeps it in. Strong routine.

MacLeod (Springfield): Just missed the vault, but the height was stunning. Solid.

Lowe (RIC): Touches feet on mat on low bar. Toe front, several steps forward.

Paultre (Brockport): Big double tuck to open, very controlled. Great leaps. Love this floor music. Front full to front lay very clean.

Gates (RIC): Catcges tie to high a little close, just a small step on the double tuck.

Pauldron (Ithaca): Good jump series. Front tuck, balance check, to back tuck.

Figurelli (Brockport): RO 1.5 to front lay, good. Double tuck to end, big bounce but doesn’t put her hands down.

Keyes (RIC): Missed the dismount but looked clean otherwise.

A. Bailey (Ithaca): Beautiful front aeral to back tuck.

Castellaneta (Brockport): Judges having a meeting. FTDB, great as always. Switch side to popa, good. Front full front lay, good. Ends with a nice double tuck.

After 6: 

This is going to be close. I think Brockport should be good to go. Ithaca didn’t have the meet of its life, but the team had a solid meet. Everyone had a few hiccups and for the most part, several teams counted falls.

Waiting on scores.

Final: 192.800 Brockport, 190.300 Springfield, 189.800 Ithaca, 187.775 Ursinus, 185.300 Cortland, 183.250 RIC

I’ll confirm team scores since a few were difficult to hear, but Brockport, Springfield and Ithaca are your NCGA-East teams heading to nationals. Brockport and Springfield leave today with new season highs.

2022 NCGA-East Rookie of the Year: Olivia Keyes

NCGA-East Gymnast of the Year: Lexi Castellaneta

NCGA-East Coach of the Year: Monica Mesalles Nassi

VT: Schumaker 9.850

UB: Sipes 9.700

BB: MacLeod 9.775

FX: MacLeod 9.800

AA: Keyes 38.250

Live Blog by Allison Freeman

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