2021 Outlook: Holes, Locks and Borderline Routines for Top Teams

As a precursor to our potential lineups series, which we’ll likely be starting in late August, we wanted to give a brief look at what teams, specifically those that finished last season in the top 36 plus those on the bubble, are losing and gaining for the 2021 season, we well as an overview of how those returners contributed on each event in 2020 and a short analysis about notable holes. 

No. 1 Oklahoma

Losses: Jade Degouveia (VT, UB, FX), Maggie Nichols (AA), Bre Showers

Gains: Audrey Davis, Julianne Fehring, Bell Johnson, Cassidy Knight, Katherine LeVasseur, Audrey Lynn, Sheridan Ramsey, Quinn Smith, Meilin Sullivan

Returning Lineups

Vault: Allie Stern (11 appearances/11 opportunities), Anastasia Webb (11/11), Evy Schoepfer (9/11), Brooke Weins (6/11), Olivia Trautman (5/11), Ragan Smith (4/11) 

Bars: Ragan Smith (11/11), Anastasia Webb (11/11), Olivia Trautman (9/11), Karrie Thomas (7/11), Vanessa Deniz (5/11), Jordan Draper (1/11) 

Beam: Jenna Dunn (11/11), Ragan Smith (11/11), Anastasia Webb (11/11), Carly Woodard (11/11), Olivia Trautman (6/11), Karrie Thomas (4/11), Evy Schoepfer (2/11), Vanessa Deniz (1/11)

Floor: Jordan Draper (11/11), Ragan Smith (11/11), Anastasia Webb (11/11), Emma LaPinta (10/11), Vanessa Deniz (5/11), Allie Stern (1/11)

Maggie Nichols’ and Jade Degouveia’s routines won’t be easy. A healthy Olivia Trautman will benefit the Sooners, especially on floor where she wasn’t able to compete in 2020 due to her December injury. Vault and bars could benefit from more depth (it’s unlike Oklahoma to be vaulting lackluster fulls). Luckily for the Sooners there’s a plethora of bodies coming in with a variety of strengths, including multiple 10.0 SV vaults. Couple that with returning at least six routines on every event and Oklahoma should be in a good place come 2021. 

No. 2 Florida

Losses: Sierra Alexander (VT), Maegan Chant, Rachel Gowey (UB, BB, FX), Amelia Hundley (UB, BB, FX)

Gains: Chloi Clark, Gabrielle Gallentine, Shilese Jones, Eliana Lazzari, Alex Magee

Returning Lineups

Vault: Savannah Schoenherr (9 appearances/9 opportunities), Trinity Thomas (9/9), Payton Richards (8/9), Megan Skaggs (7/9), Alyssa Baumann (6/9), Nya Reed (4/9), Jazmyn Foberg (3/9)

Bars: Payton Richards (9/9), Savannah Schoenherr (9/9), Megan Skaggs (9/9), Trinity Thomas (9/9)

Beam: Alyssa Baumann (9/9), Payton Richards (9/9), Trinity Thomas (9/9), Leah Clapper (6/9), Sydney Johnson-Scharpf (5/9)

Floor: Alyssa Baumann (9/9), Trinity Thomas (9/9), Sydney Johnson-Scharpf (7/9), Nya Reed (5/9), Payton Richards (5/9), Savannah Schoenherr (1/9), Halley Taylor (1/9)

The Gators could use depth on bars and beam. Former elites Gallentine and Lazzari can do much of the legwork to replace Gowey and Hundley’s routines, as can Jones if she does join the Gators in the fall (but note that she still hasn’t signed or indicated she still plans to attend Florida). Floor can utilize some of the lesser seen gymnasts from 2020, but the freshmen bring options there, too. 

No. 3 UCLA

Losses: Anna Glenn, Grace Glenn (BB), Felicia Hano (AA), Madison Kocian (UB, FX), Gracie Kramer (VT, FX), Kyla Ross (AA), Mercedez Sanchez, Nicki Shapiro (UB, BB), Macy Toronjo

Gains: Chae Campbell, Frida Esparza, Emma Malabuyo, Brooklyn Moors, Ana Padurariu, Sara Ulias

Returning Lineups

Vault: Nia Dennis (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Kendal Poston (9/10), Pauline Tratz (4/10), Margzetta Frazier (3/10), Chloe Lashbrooke (2/10), Sekai Wright (2/10), Emma Andres (1/10)

Bars: Savannah Kooyman (10/10), Norah Flatley (9/10), Margzetta Frazier (7/10), Kalyany Steele (6/10)

Beam: Norah Flatley (9/10), Samantha Sakti (8/10), Kendal Poston (6/10), Margzetta Frazier (3/10), Nia Dennis (2/10)

Floor: Nia Dennis (10/10), Norah Flatley (6/10), Chloe Lashbrooke (6/10), Pauline Tratz (4/10), Emma Andres (3/10), Margzetta Frazier (3/10)

Although the Bruins are losing a lot of key routines, they had a good rotation of gymnasts in their 2020 lineups and know they have a solid group of replacements among its returning gymnasts. That will be very beneficial heading into 2021 with the status of a few of the incoming freshmen still unknown due to postponing the Olympics. Canadian elite Ana Padurariu has committed to joining the team for 2021, but the status of Emma Malabuyo and Brooklyn Moors are still unknown. There have also been rumors of Nicki Shapiro coming back for another season, which could help add more depth to beam and potentially bars.

No. 4 Utah

Losses: Hunter Dula (UB), Missy Reinstadtler (VT, UB, FX), Kim Tessen (VT, UB, FX)

Gains: Jaylene Gilstrap, Alani Sabado, Deanne Soza, Lucy Stanhope

Returning Lineups

Vault: Alexia Burch (9 appearances/9 opportunities), Cammy Hall (9/9), Sydney Soloski (9/9), Maile O’Keefe (5/9), Cristal Isa (4/9)

Bars: Cristal Isa (9/9), Emilie LeBlanc (9/9), Maile O’Keefe (9/9), Abby Paulson (4/9)

Beam: Alexia Burch (9/9), Cristal Isa (9/9), Emilie LeBlanc (9/9), Maile O’Keefe (9/9), Abby Paulson (9/9), Adrienne Randall (9/9)

Floor: Abby Paulson (9/9), Adrienne Randall (8/9), Sydney Soloski (8/9), Cristal Isa (7/9), Maile O’Keefe (7/9), Jillian Hoffman (4/9)

Bars looks to be the big hole right now for the Utes, but each of the incoming freshmen have shown the ability to put up a lineup-worthy set in their pre-collegiate careers. Utah didn’t play around with lineups much last season, so we don’t have a super clear picture of its depth on each event yet.

No. 5 Michigan

Losses: Lexi Funk (VT, BB, FX), Samantha Javanbakht, Maggie O’Hara (UB, BB), Madison Osman (VT, BB, FX)

Gains: Carly Bauman, Reyna Guggino, Naomi Morrison, Jenna Mulligan

Returning Lineups

Vault: Abby Brenner (9 appearances/9 opportunities), Sierra Brooks (9/9), Gabby Wilson (9/9), Natalie Wojcik (9/9), Nicoletta Koulois (8/9), Abby Heiskell (5/9), Maddie Mariani (5/9)

Bars: Sierra Brooks (9/9), Gabby Wilson (9/9), Natalie Wojcik (9/9), Abby Heiskell (8/9), Abby Brenner (7/9), Maddie Mariani (7/9), Lauren Farley (1/9)

Beam: Sierra Brooks (9/9), Lauren Farley (9/9), Natalie Wojcik (9/9), Maddie Mariani (6/9), Abby Heiskell (5/9), 

Floor: Abby Brenner (9/9), Sierra Brooks (9/9), Gabby Wilson (9/9), Natalie Wojcik (9/9), Nicoletta Koulois (8/9), Lauren Farley (1/9), Abby Heiskell (1/9), 

Thankfully for the Wolverines, star all arounders Sierra Brooks and Natalie Wojcik will be back, supported by a number of three event standouts and gymnasts capable of stepping in to hit solid scores across several events. With no real holes, Michigan stands to have a strong 2021. Carly Bauman and Naomi Morrison are both top recruits and are likely to make immediate appearances; Bauman on vault, bars and beam, and Morrison on vault and floor. The 2021 Wolverine vault squad could be the best in the nation.   

No. 6 LSU

Losses: Kennedi Edney (VT, UB, BB, FX), Bailey Ferrer, Ruby Harrold (VT, UB, FX)

Gains: Elena Arenas, Sierra Ballard, Chase Brock, Haleigh Bryant, Olivia Dunne 

Returning Lineups

Vault: Kiya Johnson (11 appearances/11 opportunities), Maddie Rau (10/11), Kai Rivers (10/11), Sami Durante (5/11), Sarah Edwards (4/11), Lexie Nibbs (4/11), Rebecca D’Antonio (2/11)

Bars: Sami Durante (11/11), Kiya Johnson (11/11), Kai Rivers (10/11), Bridget Dean (9/11), Alyona Shchennikova (8/11)

Beam: Reagan Campbell (11/11), Bridget Dean (11/11), Sami Durante (11/11), Kiya Johnson (10/11), Christina Desiderio (8/11), Kai Rivers (3/11), Alyona Shchennikova (2/11)

Floor: Reagan Campbell (11/11), Kiya Johnson (9/11), Bridget Dean (7/11), Olivia Gunter (6/11), Christina Desiderio (5/11), Sarah Edwards (4/11), Courtney Goodrich (2/11)

In Baton Rouge, vault and floor will need a bit of an overhaul after a year of scrambling to fill lineups. Edwards’s return should help with that, as should Bryant’s impressive routines on both events. Among the freshmen, Bryant and Dunne especially could contribute anywhere—and they’ll be needed to do so. 

No. 7 Denver

Losses: Maddie Karr (AA)

Gains: Rose Casali, Jessica Hutchinson, Isabel Mabanta, Rylie Mundell, Abbie Thompson

Returning Lineups

Vault: Emily Glynn (10 appearances/10 opportunities), AK Subject (10/10), Alexandria Ruiz (9/10), Lynnzee Brown (7/10), Mia Sundstrom (5/10), Victoria Fitts (2/10), Amoree Lockhart (1/10), Alexis Vasquez (1/10) 

Bars: Emily Glynn (10/10), Alexandria Ruiz (10/10), AK Subject (10/10), Lynnzee Brown (7/10), Mia Sundstrom (5/10), Amoree Lockhart (4/10), Natalie Morton (4/10) 

Beam: Amoree Lockhart (10/10), Alexis Vasquez (10/10), Alexandria Ruiz (9/10), Lynnzee Brown (7/10), Emma Brown (7/10), Mia Sundstrom (4/10), Callie Schlottman (3/10) 

Floor: Emily Glynn (10/10), Amoree Lockhart (10/10), Alexandria Ruiz (9/10), AK Subject (8/10), Lynnzee Brown (7/10), Emma Brown (6/10) 

Maddie Karr graduating leaves an obvious hole in every Denver lineup. She’s replaced by the largest class in recent years, which should give needed depth to this Denver team. Expect Rylie Mundell and Abbie Thompson to see a lot of time, but don’t be surprised if any of the five make lineups come 2021. Returners Mia Sundstrom and Lynnzee Brown from injury will greatly benefit the Pioneers, who had to throw most of their inexperienced underclassmen into the fire to replace those routines.

No. 8 Alabama

Losses: Wynter Childers (UB), Maddie Desch (VT, BB, FX), Shea Mahoney (VT, UB, FX)

Gains: Shania Adams, Sarah Duhe, Cameron Machado, Isabella Martin, Kaylee Quinn (transfer from Nebraska)

Returning Lineups

Vault: Luisa Blanco (9 appearances/9 opportunities), Ella Burgess (9/9), Lexi Graber (9/9), Shallon Olsen (9/9), Kylie Dickson (2/9), Makarri Doggette (1/9)

Bars:  Makarri Doggette (9/9), Lexi Graber (9/9), Kylie Dickson (8/9), Jensie Givens (8/9), Emily Gaskins (4/9), Luisa Blanco (1/9)

Beam: Luisa Blanco (9/9), Alonza Klopfer (9/9), Ella Burgess (7/9), Makarri Doggette (7/9), Emily Gaskins (7/9), Lexi Graber (7/9), Shallon Olsen (6/9)

Floor: Shallon Olsen (9/9), Lexi Graber (8/9), Makarri Doggette (7/9), Griffin James (6/9), Luisa Blanco (4/9), Alonza Klopfer (4/9)

Though Alabama’s returning vaults are strong, it could use a few more. A healthy Doggette will help with that situation, as will transfer Quinn’s upgradable Yurchenko full. Freshmen Machado and Martin will help to pad those bars and beam lineups, as could sophomore Mati Waligora, who didn’t compete last year. 

No. 9 California

Losses: Cassidy Keelen, Rachael Mastrangelo (VT, FX)

Gains: Elise Byun, Cosette Carranza, Blake Gozashti, Andrea Li, Gabby Perea, Kennedy Quay

Returning Lineups

Vault: Milan Clausi (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Nevaeh DeSouza (10/10), Maya Bordas (9/10), Kyana George (9/10), Nina Schank (6/10), Grace Quinn (4/10), Talitha Jones (3/10), Natalie Sadighi (1/10)

Bars: Maya Bordas (10/10), Nevaeh DeSouza (10/10), Emi Watterson (10/10), Kyana George (9/10), Nina Schank (7/10), Maya Green (5/10), Talitha Jones (4/10), Alma Kuc (4/10), Grace Quinn (1/10)

Beam: Maya Bordas (10/10), Milan Clausi (10/10), Nevaeh DeSouza (10/10), Kyana George (9/10), Emi Watterson (9/10), Talitha Jones (8/10). Grace Quinn (2/10), Nina Schank (2/10)

Floor: Maya Bordas (10/10), Milan Clausi (10/10), Nevaeh DeSouza (10/10), Grace Quinn (10/10), Kyana George (8/10), Nina Schank (2/10), Ashton Woodbury (1/10)

Even if the Golden Bears weren’t bringing in any freshmen, they would be nearly good to go for 2021. However, California has a great slate of newcomers that will make it a challenge for everyone to make lineups next season.

No. 10 Minnesota

Losses: Casey Betts (UB, FX), Mary Korlin-Downs (BB), Ivy Lu (UB, BB), Kristen Quaglia (VT, UB, FX), Paige Williams (VT, FX)

Gains: Erin Fortman, Gianna Gerdes, Mya Hooten, Katie Horak, Emily Koch, Ella Sirjord

Returning Lineups

Vault: Ona Loper (9 appearances/9 opportunities), Maddie Quarles (9/9), Lexy Ramler (9/9), Tiarre Sales (5/9), Ali Sonier (5/9), Halle Remlinger (4/9)  

Bars: Lexy Ramler (9/9), Tiarre Sales (9/9), Hannah Willmarth (9/9), Ona Loper (8/9) 

Beam: Ona Loper (9/9), Lexy Ramler (9/9), Tiarre Sales (9/9), Ali Sonier (8/9), Lexi Montgomery (1/9)

Floor: Ona Loper (9/9), Lexy Ramler (9/9), Halle Remlinger (9/9), Ali Sonier (8/9), Tiarre Sales (6/9), Kaitlyn Higgins (3/9)

With all around greats Lexy Ramler and Ona Loper returning, as well as a solid pair in Tiarre Sales and Ali Sonier, the Gophers aren’t desperately hurting on any one event. Bars is where they will be thinnest, especially without late-lineup stalwart Ivy Lu. While the incoming class is large and solid (Mya Hooten will make an immediate impact on floor), Minnesota will likely need to look to returning gymnasts to complete the bars six.   

No. 11 Washington

Losses: Madison Copiak (VT, UB, BB), Kristyn Hoffa (VT, FX), Michaela Nelson (UB, BB, FX), Evanni Roberson (AA), Maya Washington (VT, UB, BB, FX)

Gains: Cathy Eksteen, Skylar Killough-Wilhelm, Katie McNamara, Taylor Russon, Lauren Thomas, Gabi Wickman

Returning Lineups

Vault: Amara Cunningham (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Geneva Thompson (9/10), Allie Smith (4/10), Brenna Brooks (3/10)

Bars: Geneva Thompson (10/10), Brenna Brooks (9/10), Talia Brovedani (1/10)

Beam: Hannah Vandenkolk (10/10), Brenna Brooks (8/10), Meaghan Ruttan (7/10)

Floor: Amara Cunningham (10/10), Meaghan Ruttan (9/10), Brenna Brooks (7/10), Geneva Thompson (1/10)

Even with Allie Smith coming back for a fifth year, Washington is not in a great spot when it comes to returning routines. The incoming freshmen are going to need to be relied upon heavily this season, especially on bars and beam.

No. 12 Georgia

Losses: Rachel Dickson, Sabrina Vega (VT, UB, BB, FX)

Gains: Jah’Liyah Bedminster, Nhyla Bryant, Katie Finnegan, Victoria Nguyen

Returning Lineups

Vault: Soraya Hawthorne (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Rachael Lukacs (10/10), Abbey Ward (10/10), Mikayla Magee (9/10), Rachel Baumann (5/10), Amanda Cashman (5/10), Megan Roberts (3/10)

Bars: Haley De Jong (10/10), Rachael Lukacs (10/10),  Megan Roberts (10/10), Loulie Hattaway (9/10), Marissa Oakley (8/10), Amanda Cashman (6/10), Emily Schild (1/10)

Beam: Rachel Baumann (10/10), Haley De Jong (10/10), Mikayla Magee (10/10), Rachael Lukacs (8/10), Marissa Oakley (8/10), Soraya Hawthorne (4/10)

Floor: Rachael Lukacs (10/10), Alyssa Perez-Lugones (10/10), Rachel Baumann (9/10), Soraya Hawthorne (9/10), Amanda Cashman (5/10), Mikayla Magee (5/10), Megan Roberts (4/10), Sterlyn Austin (2/10)

With Cashman, Oakley and Schild working back from injuries and a small but impressive freshman class arriving, Georgia looks great on paper for 2021. Beam could be deeper, but Finnegan and Nguyen bring strong routines there. Bryant will easily challenge for Vega’s spots in the other three lineups.  

No. 13 Kentucky

Losses: Mollie Korth (VT, UB, BB, FX), Alaina Kwan (VT, UB), Katherine Marianos, Hailey Poland (BB, FX)

Gains: Bailey Bunn, Carissa Clay, Hailey Davis, Isabella Magnelli, Gianna Ortiz, Krista Zultevicz

Returning Lineups

Vault: Arianna Patterson (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Ella Warren (10/10), Josie Angeny (9/10), Raena Worley (8/10), Cally Nixon (7/10)

Bars: Josie Angeny (10/10), Cally Nixon (10/10), Ella Warren (10/10), Raena Worley (8/10), Shealyn Luksik (7/10), Arianna Patterson (6/10), Raina Albores (1/10)

Beam: Josie Angeny (10/10), Ella Warren (10/10), Raena Worley (10/10), Mackenzie Harman (3/10), Anna Haigis (2/10)

Floor: Megan Monfredi (10/10), Ella Warren (10/10), Raena Worley (8/10), Raina Albores (6/10), Arianna Patterson (2/10), Kaitlin DeGuzman (1/10)

Kentucky will be in better shape than it was last season in terms of replacing routines, but it still has to absorb Korth’s graduation. That loss will be felt most on vault, but also on beam and floor since Poland’s routines will be missing, too. Luckily there’s vast potential among both the incoming freshmen and the sophomores, most of whom were barely used in 2020. Look for Albores and DeGuzman, as well as Arkansas transfer Makenna Clarke, to have bigger roles in 2021. 

No. 14 Missouri

Losses: Mary Nicholson, Anna McGee, Morgan Porter (VT, UB, BB, FX), Aspen Tucker (VT, UB, FX)

Gains: Kyra Burns, Amaya Marshall, Kalise Newson, Sydney Schaffer, Jena Swanson

Returning Lineups

Vault: Kambrie Brandt (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Gabrielle Gottula (10/10), Sienna Schreiber (10/10), Hannah McCrary (8/10), Helen Hu (8/10), Chelsey Christensen (1/10)

Bars: Chelsey Christensen (10/10), Helen Hu (10/10), Sienna Schreiber (10/10), Alisa Sheremeta (10/10), Kambrie Brandt (2/10), Hollyn Patrick (2/10)

Beam: Gabrielle Gottula (10/10), Helen Hu (10/10), Sienna Schreiber (10/10), Alisa Sheremeta (10/10), Hannah McCrary (9/10), 

Floor: Gabrielle Gottula (10/10), Hannah McCrary (10/10), Alisa Sheremeta (10/10), Sienna Schreiber (8/10), Helen Hu (6/10), Kambrie Brandt (3/10) 

Porter’s loss will hurt, but for the most part Missouri retains most of its routines. Adding Hu more consistently on vault and floor would be great for depth, as would using Brandt more on bars. Among the freshmen, local product Burns looks poised to replace Porter in the all around, but Marshall is also strong on all four events. 

No. 15 Oregon State

Losses: Hallie Briscoe (UB), Lacy Dagen (VT, BB), Destinee Davis (BB, FX), Sabrina Gill (VT, UB, BB, FX), Maela Lazaro (BB), Isis Lowery (UB, BB, FX), Alyssa Minyard (UB)

Gains: Sydney Gonzales, Kaitlyn Hoiland, Grace Johnson, Julia Melchert, Anna Yeates, Ariana Young

Returning Lineups

Vault: Kayla Bird (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Madi Dagen (10/10), Kristina Peterson (10/10), Kaitlyn Yanish (10/10), Niya Mack (2/10), Lexie Gonzales (2/10)

Bars: Kayla Bird (10/10), Colette Yamaoka (10/10)

Beam: Madi Dagen (10/10), Jenna Domingo (8/10), Kayla Bird (2/10), Kristina Peterson (1/10)

Floor: Madi Dagen (10/10), Savannah Force (10/10), Kaitlyn Yanish (10/10), Kristina Peterson (9/10), Kayla Bird (7/10), Niya Mack (2/10)

While the leg events look solid for Oregon State heading into 2021, bars is a pretty glaring hole. As of now, all the incoming freshmen must have competitive routines on bars to not only help fill the lineup but give it some backup options as well.

No. 16 BYU 

Losses: Shannon Evans (AA), Briana Pearson (BB, FX), Angel Zhong

Gains: Sydney Benson, Anna Bramblett, Sophia Dudley, Sophia McClelland, Lauren Ono

Returning Lineups

Vault: Avery Bennett (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Jordan Matthews (10/10), Abbey Miner (10/10), Sadie Miner (10/10), Haley Pitou (8/10), Adeline Rieder (3/10), Abby Stainton (3/10)

Bars: Helody Cyrenne (10/10), Haley Pitou (10/10), Abby Stainton (10/10), Anyssa Alvarado (7/10), Gabrielle Hubbard (6/10), Abbey Miner (6/10), Abby Beeston (5/10), Lindsey Hunter (1/10)

Beam: Lexi Mather (10/10), Abbey Miner (10/10), Sadie Miner (10/10), Abby Stainton (9/10), Helody Cyrenne (8/10), Elease Rollins (4/10), Rachel Bain (1/10) 

Floor: Abbey Miner (10/10), Sadie Miner (10/10), Abby Stainton (10/10), Brittney Vitkauskas (10/10), Rachel Bain (6/10) 

With its perennial large rosters, BYU is never short on depth; 2021 should be no different for the Cougars. Between its relatively few losses—since Shannon Evans was limited for most of the year—and five freshmen, BYU should have no problem finding routines. Vault has the biggest need for depth, but even that shouldn’t be hard for the Cougars to come by. 

No. 17 Auburn

Losses: Katie Becker (VT), Gracie Day (VT, UB, FX), Kendal Moss, Skyler Sheppard (VT, BB, FX), Emma Slappey (BB, FX)

Gains: Brooke Butler, Bailey Ferrer (transfer from LSU), Olivia Hollingsworth, Gabrielle McLaughlin, Payton Smith, Tara Walsh, Kate Wolbart

Returning Lineups

Vault: Derrian Gobourne (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Cassie Stevens (10/10), Drew Watson (10/10), Jada Glenn (7/10), Elise Panzner (1/10)

Bars: Aria Brusch (10/10), Derrian Gobourne (10/10), Adeline Sabados (10/10), Cassie Stevens (9/10), Drew Watson (9/10)

Beam: Aria Brusch (10/10), Meredith Sylvia (10/10), Drew Watson (10/10), Cassie Stevens (9/10), Derrian Gobourne (1/10)

Floor: Aria Brusch (10/10), Derrian Gobourne (9/10), Cassie Stevens (10/10), Drew Watson (8/10), Sabrina Cheney (3/10), Morgan Leigh Oldham (1/10)

Auburn’s biggest job is padding the floor lineup, which freshmen like Hollingsworth and Smith are poised to do. Vault looks troubling at first glance, but Sheppard’s score didn’t often count and Auburn can certainly pull viable vaults from the freshmen and its big roster. Otherwise, the Tigers’ strong core of all arounders and three event stars should alleviate most depth issues.

No. 18 Arkansas

Losses: Hailey Garner (UB/BB), Kailey Gillings, Sydney Laird (UB), Jessica Yamzon (VT, UB, BB, FX)

Gains: Abby Johnston (transfer from Nebraska), Emma Kelley, Jordan Olszewski, Gillian Rutz, Jensen Scalzo

Returning Lineups

Vault: Kiara Gianfagna (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Kennedy Hambrick (10/10), Madison Hickey (10/10), Sarah Shaffer (10/10), Claire Rogers (8/10), Amanda Elswick (5/10)

Bars: Kiara Gianfagna (9/10), Kennedy Hambrick (10/10), Bailey Lovett (10/10), Sarah Shaffer (3/10), Sophia Carter (2/10)

Beam: Sophia Carter (10/10), Kiara Gianfagna (10/10), Kennedy Hambrick (10/10), Bailey Lovett (10/10), Amanda Elswick (5/10), Sarah Shaffer (5/10), Katarina Derrick (4/10)

Floor: Sophia Carter (10/10), Kiara Gianfagna (10/10), Kennedy Hambrick (10/10), Bailey Lovett (10/10), Sarah Shaffer (8/10), Madison Hickey (2/10)

Arkansas has some work to do on vault and bars depth. Among the freshmen, Kelley should bring the vault and floor prowess of her sister McKenna, and Rutz and Scalzo are especially strong on bars. Transfer Johnston brings a competitive bars routine, too. The Razorbacks will also hope to see Elswick and Shaffer back in those lineups and potentially in the all around more consistently as they return from injuries. 

No. 19 Nebraska

Losses: Sierra Hassel (VT, BB, FX), Adnerys De Jesus (VT, UB, BB, FX), Taylor Houchin (VT, UB, BB, FX), Abby Johnston (VT, UB, FX), Kaylee Quinn (VT, UB, BB, FX) 

Gains: Ella Castellanos, Kinsey Davis, Joanne De Jesus-Cortes, Chloe Lorange, Danielle Press, Caroline Williams

Returning Lineups

Vault: Megan Verceles Carr (8 appearances/9 opportunities), Kylie Piringer (7/9), Makayla Curtis (6/9), Anika Dujakovich (6/9), Kynsee Roby (3/9)  

Bars: Clara Colombo (9/9), Kylie Piringer (9/9), Kathryn Thaler (9/9), Megan Verceles Carr (9/9)

Beam: Makayla Curtis (9/9), Megan Verceles Carr (9/9), Kynsee Roby (5/9), Kathryn Thaler (4/9) 

Floor: Makayla Curtis (9/9), Kylie Piringer (9/9), Anika Dujakovich (5/9) 

The Huskers are in a pickle, and it’s a big juicy one. There aren’t so much holes anywhere as a darth of routines full stop. Bars is the most secure event, with four returners who competed in every meet; plus, incoming freshman Kinsey Davis can be excellent there. Calling floor a clusterf*** would be generous. Nebraska will regain Sarah Hargrove from shoulder surgery and will hope Kynsee Roby continues to recover from her knee injury, but the situation is bleak. Expect Heather Brink to ask a lot of Davis, Chloe Lorange and Caroline Williams.  

No. 20 Iowa State

Losses: Laura Burns (UB, BB, FX), Sydney Converse (VT, BB, FX), Casandra Diaz (UB, FX), Molly Russ (BB)

Gains: Emilie Hong, Kaia Parker

Returning Lineups

Vault: Kelsey Boychuk (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Makayla Maxwell (10/10), Sophia Steinmeyer (10/10), Phoebe Turner (10/10), Andrea Maldonado (5/10), Ana Palacios (5/10) 

Bars: Madelyn Langkamp (10/10), Jade Vella-Wright (10/10), Natalia Ros Vaquer (9/10), Ana Palacios (5/10), Laura Cooke (4/10), Natalie Horowitz (2/10) 

Beam: Ana Palacios (10/10), Meixi Semple (10/10), Sophia Steinmeyer (10/10), Phoebe Turner (10/10),  Jade Vella-Wright (1/10)

Floor: Maddie Diab (10/10), Madelyn Langkamp (10/10), Andrea Maldonado (10/10), Ana Palacios (5/10), Laura Cooke (2/10), Sophia Steinmeyer (1/10) 

To say the departing senior class had big contributors would be an understatement. Molly Russ is eligible for a fifth year should she choose to take it, but we haven’t heard anything about a return. Ariana Orrego deferred 2020 to pursue the Olympics. Having her back would be beneficial for Iowa State, but with the Olympics postponed we’ll have to wait and see if she comes back. The biggest hole for the Cyclones is beam. Despite retaining a core four, not many others have lineup experience. The two freshmen are fine but not spectacular; regardless, they’ll have to step up if no one else does. 

No. 21 Arizona State

Losses: Jessica Ginn (VT, UB, FX), Morgan Hart (UB), Ashley Szafranski, Morgan Wilson (AA), Graycee Zaugg

Gains: Cassi Barbanente, Sarah Clark, Skye Harper, Jada Mangahas, Cienna Samiley, Anaya Smith, Emily White

Returning Lineups

Vault: Gracie Reeves (11 appearances/11 opportunities), Hannah Scharf (11/11), Juliette Boyer (8/11), Cairo Leonard-Baker (8/11), Isabel Redmond (5/11), Alina Miller (2/11)

Bars: Juliette Boyer (11/11), Gracie Reeves (11/11), Cairo Leonard-Baker (10/11), Isabel Redmond (6/11), Hannah Schard (6/11)

Beam: Gracie Reeves (11/11), Hannah Scharf (11/11), Megan Thompson (11/11), Juliette Boyer (10/11), Isabel Redmond (8/11), Jasmine Gutierrez (2/11), Cairo Leonard-Baker (1/11), Maya Williams (1/11)

Floor: Juliette Boyer (10/11), Hannah Scharf (10/11), Megan Thompson (9/11), Gracie Reeves (7/11), Cairo Leonard-Baker (6/11), Alina Miller (4/11), Maya Williams (2/11)

With a majority of the lineup stalwarts returning, Arizona State is in a good spot for next season. Cairo Leonard-Baker will also likely be back to full health in 2021, giving the Sun Devils their star back.

No. 22 Southern Utah

Losses: Autumn Jorgensen (UB, BB, FX), Madison Loomis (FX), Madison McBride (VT, UB, FX), Megan McBride (FX), Becky Rosza-Thompson (UB)

Gains: Brianna Alcantar, Alyssa Coutu, Anna Hartley, Emma Ingrassia, Aubri Schwartze, Hailey Vultaggio

Returning Lineups

Vault: Morgan Alfaro (11 appearances/11 opportunities), Caitlin Kho (11/11), Rachel Smith (11/11), Karley McClain (10/11), Stephanie Tervort (11/11), Molly Jozwiakowski (1/11)

Bars: Karley McClain (11/11), Shylen Murakami (11/11), Hannah Nipp (11/11), Stephanie Tervort (10/11), Caitlin Kho (8/11)

Beam: Shylen Murakami (11/11), Hannah Nipp (11/11), Rachel Smith (11/11), Karley McClain (10/11), Ruby Hernandez (8/11), Mikaela DeFilippo (5/11)

Floor: Karley McClain (10/11), Hannah Nipp (10/11), Caitlin Kho (8/11), Molly Jozwiakowski (7/11), Mikaela DeFilippo (3/11), Stephanie Tervort (1/11)

The majority of lineup contributors remain, but bars appears to be the event in most need of depth. Only five contributors return, so someone will need to step up to fill the last spot. Beam could use some padding as well, but the Thunderbirds return a core five and a gymnast that can contribute if need be in Mikaela DeFilippo. Aubri Schwartze is the most promising of the freshmen to contribute on any event while Alyssa LaDieu should be returning from injury.

No. 23 N.C. State

Losses: Drew Grantham (AA), Melissa Brooker (VT, UB, FX), Alexis Beucler (VT, BB, FX), Hailey Mesmer

Gains: Madison Benson, Brooke Conley, Gabrielle Diaz, Carina Jordan

Returning from Injury: Nicole Webb

Returning Lineups

Vault: Lauren Kent (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Chloe Negrete (10/10), Emily Shepard (10/10), Katelyn Cox (7/10), Alexis Ortega (2/10), Haley Zarett (1/10)

Bars: Katelyn Cox (10/10), Lauren Kent (10/10), Meredith Robinson (10/10), Emily Shepard (10/10), Alexis Ortega (2/10), Alexis Sheppard (1/10) 

Beam: Lauren Kent (10/10), Chloe Negrete (10/10), Kasey Nelson (9/10), Kailin Foland (9/10), Nicole Webb (2/10), Emily Shepard (1/10)

Floor: Lauren Kent (10/10), Emily Shepard (10/10), Chloe Negrete (9/10), Kasey Nelson (8/10), Nicole Webb (2/10)

Grantham’s and Beucler’s graduation is a huge loss for the Wolfpack, but fortunately they bring in a strong freshman class who should be able to step right in to fill the shoes. Madison Benson brings big gymnastics on vault, beam and floor. Brooke Conley has clean gymnastics on all four events. Gabrielle Diaz has potential on at least vault and floor and former elite Carina Jordan is a strong contender on vault, bars and floor. Also, Nicole Webb should be back after missing most of 2020 with injury. 

No. 24 Illinois

Losses: Rae Balthazor (VT, UB, BB, FX), Morgan Bixler (VT, UB), Karen Howell (VT, UB, BB, FX), Brittany Jones (VT)

Gains: Kaitlyn Ewald, Amelia Knight, Allie Morgan, Abby Mueller, Ashley Resch

Returning Lineups

Vault: Shaylah Scott (11 appearances/11 opportunities), Mia Townes (11/11), Arayah Simons (8/11), Nicole Biondi (6/11), Mia Takekawa (6/11), Julia Waight (5/11), Kasey Meeks (3/11) 

Bars: Nicole Biondi (11/11), Olivia O’Donnell (11/11), Mia Takekawa (11/11), Lexi Powe (9/11), Rachel Borden (6/11), Jaylen Spence (2/11) 

Beam: Kylie Noonan (11/11), Shaylah Scott (11/11), Nicole Biondi (10/11), Rachel Borden (10/11), Mia Takekawa (8/11), Arayah Simons (4/11)  

Floor: Kylie Noonan (11/11), Shaylah Scott (11/11), Nicole Biondi (10/11), Arayah Simons (8/11), Mia Townes (8/11), Julia Waight (4/11), Mia Takekawa (3/11) 

There are so many capable gymnasts on this truly immense roster that Illinois could field six on every event without putting up a single gymnast who has never competed before. Vault remains a bugaboo, but British elite Amelia Knight, who has been training a Yurchenko double, will be a boost there, as well as on bars and floor. Abby Mueller is a top recruit on beam and floor in her own right.

No. 25 Iowa

Losses: Gina Leal

Gains: Giovanna Deo, Adeline Kenlin, Caelen Lansing, Kareena McSweeny, Aubrey Nick

Returning Lineups

Vault: Ariana Agrapides (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Lauren Guerin (10/10), Bridget Killian (10/10), Alexandra Greenwald (9/10), Allyson Steffensmeier (8/10), Dani Castillo (6/10), Madelyn Solomon (6/10), Erin Castle (1/10)

Bars: Clair Kaji (10/10), Allyson Steffensmeier (10/10), Carina Tolan (10/10), Alexandra Greenwald (8/10), Erin Castle (7/10), Ellie Rogers (6/10), Mackenzie Vance (4/10)Madison Kampschroeder (2/10), Bridget Killian (1/10)

Beam: Dani Castillo (10/10), Allie Gilchrist (10/10), Clair Kaji (10/10), Bridget Killian (10/10), Mackenzie Vance (10/10), Erin Castle (6/10), Lauren Guerin (4/10) 

Floor: Erin Castle (10/10), Allie Gilchrist (10/10), Alexandra Greenwald (10/10), Bridget Killian (10/10), Lauren Guerin (9/10), Ariana Agrapides (7/10), Clair Kaji (4/10)

With Clair Kaji opting to return for her fifth year, the Hawkeyes are losing zero routines. JerQuavia Henderson will also, hopefully, be returning from her Achilles injury to make her collegiate debut. That, plus the long awaited addition of former elite Adeline Kenlin, should carry Iowa seamlessly into 2021. Granted, we’ve seen little of Kenlin in 2020, though she has shown glimpses of greatness on beam.

No. 26 Stanford

Losses: Kaylee Cole (VT, BB, FX), Ashley Tai (VT, BB), Aleeza Yu

Gains: Irina Alexeeva, Sandra Jessen, Isabela Onyshko, Sze En Tan, Amanda Zeng

Returning Lineups

Vault: Kyla Bryant (11 appearances/11 opportunities), Madison Brunette (10/11), Chloe Widner (10/11),  Lauren Navarro (9/11), Morgan Hoang (7/11), Rachael Flam (2/11)

Bars: Madison Brunette (11/11), Kyla Bryant (11/11), Taylor Lawson (11/11), Grace Waguespack (11/11), Grace Garcia (10/11), Evelyn Micco (7/11), Chloe Widner (5/11)

Beam: Taylor Lawson (11/11), Wesley Stephenson (11/11), Kyla Bryant (10/11), Chloe Widner (10/11), Morgan Hoang (8/11), Lauren Navarro (7/11)

Floor: Taylor Lawson (11/11), Kyla Bryant (10/11), Morgan Hoang (10/11), Chloe Widner (10/11), Madison Brunette (8/11), Rachael Flam (2/11), Lauren Navarro (1/11)

The Cardinal was a sophomore and junior heavy team last season, which means it gets to enter 2021 with a majority of its lineups returning. With some strong incoming freshmen and Rachael Flam hopefully healthy, filling lineups should not be a problem for Stanford.

No. 27 Arizona

Losses: Christina Berg (UB, BB), Courtney Cowles (BB, FX), Haylie Hendrickson (UB, BB), Jenny Leung (VT, BB), Maddi Leydin (VT, UB, BB, FX), Heather Swanson (VT, UB, BB)

Gains: Jessica Castles, Madison Courney, Elena Deets, Caroline Herry, Halli Mayberry, Bailey McCabe, Courtney Tsunoda

Returning Lineups

Vault: Malia Hargrove (11 appearances/11 opportunities), Payton Bellows (8/11), Kennedi Davis (8/11), Danielle Nosek (7/11)

Bars: Mackinzie Kane (11/11), Zaza Brovedani (7/11), Sirena Linton (5/11)

Beam: Kennedi Davis (10/11), Zaza Brovedani (8/11), Malia Hargrove (7/11), Avery Stauffacher (5/11), Sirena Linton (4/11)

Floor: Libby Orman (10/11), Kennedi Davis (9/11), Malia Hargrove (8/11), Laura Leigh Horton (2/11), Danielle Nosek (1/11)

The Wildcats are bringing back a bulk of each event’s lineup from last season, but we should expect to see some new faces as well. Bars looks like the biggest hole for Arizona right now, but it has a large incoming class with the potential to fill it.

No. 28 Maryland

Losses: Alecia Farina (VT, UB, BB, FX), Emma Jonson, Kirsten Peterman (VT, UB, BB, FX), Tiara Wright (UB, BB, FX) 

Gains: Elizabeth DeBarberie, Samantha Gilbert, Tayler Osterhout, Kristen Quick, Alexa Rothenbuescher, Annie Slatoff, Olivia Weir

Returning Lineups

Vault: Reese McClure (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Emma Silberman (10/10), Alexsis Rubio (9/10), Sanya Glauber (6/10), Aleka Tsiknias (5/10), Randi Morris (4/10), Audrey Barber (3/10), Collea Burgess (3/10)

Bars: Emma Silberman (10/10), Aleka Tsiknias (10/10), Sanya Glauber (7/10), Sophia Leblanc (4/10), Audrey Barber (3/10), Austynn Lacasse (1/10)

Beam: Reese McClure (10/10), Sabriyya Rouse (10/10), Emma Silberman (7/10), Sophia Leblanc (4/10), Leksana Andrews (3/10), Audrey Barber (3/10), Collea Burgess (3/10) 

Floor: Reese McClure (10/10), Sabriyya Rouse (10/10), Aleka Tsiknias (10/10), Emma Silberman (8/10), Randi Morris (5/10), Alexsis Rubio (4/10), Audrey Barber (3/10), Collea Burgess (2/10)

The Terps had a weird year for lineups due to injuries, team rule violations and figuring out where the talented freshmen best fit in the mix. We never saw promising freshman Julianna Weil (even in team photos), and her status is unknown. Maryland has strong returning routines across all four events. Look for Tayler Osterhout (vault) and Alexa Rothenbuescher (floor) to add standout routines. 

No. 29 Utah State

Losses: Elle Golison (VT, FX), Brittany Jeppesen (UB)

Gains: MiKelle Ballard, Olivia Blakely, Brianna Brooks, Lara Burhans, Eve Jackson

Returning Lineups

Vault: Autumn DeHarde (9 appearances/9 opportunities), Mikaela Meyer (9/9), Grace Rojas (9/9), Rebecca Wells (9/9), Leighton Varnadore (8/9), Sofi Sullivan (7/9), Maia Fishwick (1/9)

Bars: Maia Fishwick (9/9), Grace Rojas (9/9), Sofi Sullivan (9/9), Leighton Varnadore (8/9), Jessica Gutierrez (6/9), Annie Beck (2/9), Lexi Aragon (1/9), Tori Loomis (1/9) 

Beam: Autumn DeHarde (9/9), Taylor Dittmar (9/9), Sofi Sullivan (9/9), Leighton Varnadore (8/9), Carley Bayles (7/9), Tori Loomis (4/9), Maia Fishwick (3/9), Grace Rojas (3/9), Rebecca Wells (2/9) 

Floor: Autumn DeHarde (9/9), Sofi Sullivan (9/9), Ariel Toomey (9/9), Mikaela Meyer (7/9), Leighton Varnadore (7/9), Rebecca Wells (6/9), Hadley Hamar (3/9) 

As an underclassman-heavy team in 2020, Utah State isn’t losing many routines and should be in good shape in 2021. If there’s an event that needs more depth, it’s bars, but even that situation isn’t dire. Brianna Brooks is the most likely freshman to step up and contribute. 

No. 30 Penn State

Losses: Tess McCracken (UB, BB, FX), Kristen Politz (UB, BB, FX)

Gains: Maggie Ayers, Natalie Cross, Maddie Johnston, Jenaviese Gore, Maggie Mace, Abi Walker

Returning Lineups

Vault: Alyssa Bonsall (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Lauren Bridgens (10/10), Kourtney Chinnery (10/10), Cassidy Rushlow (10/10), Erynne Allen (9/10), Amy Bladon (8/10), Jessie Bastardi (2/10)

Bars: Alyssa Bonsall (10/10), Lauren Bridgens (10/10), Kourtney Chinnery (10/10), Cassidy Rushlow (10/10), Ava Verdeflor (10/10)   

Beam: Jessie Bastardi (10/10), Lauren Bridgens (10/10), Bella Romagnano (10/10), Cassidy Rushlow (10/10), Ava Verdeflor (10/10) 

Floor: Melissa Astarita (10/10), Alyssa Bonsall (10/10), Lauren Bridgens (10/10), Cassidy Rushlow (8/10), Erynne Allen (5/10)

Penn State’s lineups were consistent meet to meet, and a large number of those routines return. While Abi Walker is the big name of the incoming class, we haven’t seen her do much gymnastics since her elite days. J.O. standout and former junior elite Maddie Johnston brings important routines, especially on bars, where Hill’s teammate Natalie Cross also shines.

No. 31 West Virginia

Losses: Chloe Cluchey (VT, UB, FX), Erica Fontaine (BB, FX), Abby Kaufman (AA), Julia Merwin (VT)

Gains: Chloe Asper, Gillian Fletcher, Agatha Handono, Kiana Lewis

Returning Lineups

Vault: Kianna Yancey (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Abbie Pierson (8/10), Kayla Yancey (7/10), Michelle Waldron (6/10), Maya Kraus (4/10), McKenna Linnen (2/10)

Bars: Esperanza Abarca (10/10), Kendra Combs (10/10), Kayla Yancey (10/10), Kayla Yancey (10/10), Sydney Marler (5/10), Rachel Hornung (2/10)

Beam: Esperanza Abarca (10/10), McKenna Linnen (10/10), Abbie Pierson (10/10), Kendra Combs (8/10), Rachel Hornung (5/10), Taylor Sell (2/10), Kianna Yancey (2/10), Emily Holmes-Hackerd (1/10) 

Floor: McKenna Linnen (10/10), Kendra Combs (9/10), Abbie Pierson (9/10), Kianna Yancey (4/10), Emily Holmes-Hackerd (2/10) 

The Mountaineers are losing their fair share of routines that will need to be replaced. Floor has the biggest hole, as it only returns five lineup contributors. Vault and bars depth wouldn’t hurt, but the Mountaineers could make do without it. West Virginia will likely rely on Kiana Lewis and Agatha Handono to fill those holes. 

No. 32 Michigan State

Losses: Gabriella Douglas (VT, BB, FX)

Gains: Izzy Barbacci, Baleigh Garcia, Naomi German, Delanie Harkness, Sydney Hayashi, Giana Kalefe

Returning Lineups

Vault: Chloe Bellmore (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Lea Mitchell (10/10), Nyah Smith (10/10), Ashley Hofelich (9/10), Alyssa Wiedeman7/10), Ryanna Head (1/10), Jenna Wicker (1/10) 

Bars: Tristan Brown (10/10), Jori Jackard (10/10), Madison McHale (10/10), Lea Mitchell (10/10), Nyah Smith (9/10), Alaina Raybon (8/10), Sydney Ewing (3/10)   

Beam: Lea Mitchell (10/10), Nyah Smith (10/10), Alyssa Wiedeman (8/10), Chloe Bellmore (7/10), Alaina Raybon (6/10), Madison McHale (5/10), Ashley Hofelich (2/10), Ryanna Head (1/10) 

Floor: Chloe Bellmore (10/10), Ashley Hofelich (10/10), Lea Mitchell (10/10), Nyah Smith (10/10), Tristan Brown (9/10), Alaina Raybon (2/10)    

While “losing” Ella Douglas is significant, the rest of the roster had a strong year. We never saw star freshman Linda Zivat compete due to injury, and should she be healthy in 2021 she will be a key contributor. Look for Delanie Harkness to be an immediate bars contributor, and Baleigh Garcia to be a factor on all four.

No. 33 Boise State

Losses: Isabella Amado (VT, BB, FX), Courtney McGregor

Gains: Courtney Blackson, Danielle Nakayama, Talia Little, Emily Lopez

Returning Lineups

Vault: Gabriela Bouza (9 appearances/9 opportunities), Tatum Bruden (9/9), Maddi Nilson (9/9), Samantha Smith (9/9), Hope Masiado (8/9), Tessa Otuafi (5/9)

Bars: Gabriela Bouza (9/9), Tatum Bruden (9/9), Emily Muhlenhaupt (9/9), Maddi Nilson (9/9), Hope Masiado (8/9), Alexis Stokes (3/9)

Beam: Gabriela Bouza (9/9), Erin Elkabchi (9/9), Hope Masiado (9/9), Adriana Popp (9/9), Emily Muhlenhaupt (7/9), Alexis Stokes (2/9)

Floor: Tatum Bruden (9/9), Maddi Nilson (9/9), Adriana Popp (9/9), Samantha Smith (9/9), Hope Masiado (5/9), Erin Elkabchi (4/9)

No. 33 doesn’t tell the whole story for Boise State, who got off to a rough start before finding its ground in the last few meets. The graduating senior class is small but important. With Courtney McGregor going down with a torn Achilles, the Broncos were able to see what lineups without her could be. A healthy Alexis Stokes and the addition of a strong freshman class should lead to improved results and increased depth next season.

No. 34 Ohio State

Losses: Nevin Adamski (UB, FX), Olivia Aepli (VT, UB, BB, FX), Peyton Hinterberger (UB)

Gains: Savannah Gonzalez, Hannah Oliveros, Emma Pritchard, Nicole Riccardi, Joselyn Warga

Returning Lineups

Vault: Sydney Jennings (9 appearances/9 opportunities), Raina Malas (9/9), Morgan Lowe (8/9), Jenna Swartzentruber (6/9), Danica Abanto (5/9), Sarah Rowland (4/9), Elexis Edwards (2/9), Colby Miller (1/9) 

Bars: Colby Miller (9/9), Zoe Schweitzer (9/9), Jenna Swartzentruber (9/9)

Beam: Alexis Hankins (9/9), Morgan Lowe (9/9), Zoe Schweitzer (9/9), Jenna Swartzentruber (9/9), Ella Hodges (7/9), Danica Abanto (6/9), Sarah Rowland (4/9), Colby Miller (1/9), Miriam Perez (1/9)   

Floor: Danica Abanto (9/9), Claire Gagliardi (9/9), Alexis Hankins (9/9), Ella Hodges (9/9), Brooke Chesney (3/9),   

Ohio State is losing strong routines and leadership from its senior class. Bars is the only lineup where the Buckeyes didn’t play with their depth, and half of the lineup is gone, meaning exactly three routines return. While a number of beamers are back, that lineup was never solidified in 2020 and is another place where freshmen may need to step in immediately. Hannah Oliveros should be able to slot right into both of those lineups.

No. 35 Pittsburgh

Losses: Michaela Burton (UB, BB, FX), Deven Herbine (VT, BB, FX), Alecia Petrikis (VT, FX), Rachel Dugan (UB), Haley Brechwald (retirement; VT, UB, BB)

Gains: Macy Ferrara, Faith Lerro, Trinity Macy

Returning From Injury: Katie Chamberlain, Katrina Coca

Returning Lineups

Vault: Ciara Ward (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Emily Liszewski (9/10), Olivia Miller (7/10), Jordan Ceccarini (6/10) 

Bars: Ciara Ward (10/10), Christina Weiss (9/10), Reaia Floyd (9/10), Sophie Bochenek (1/10), Caitlyn Kline (1/10) 

Beam: Jordan Ceccarini (10/10), Kiley Robatin (10/10), Lauren Beckwith (6/10), Olivia Miller (5/10), Emily Liszewski (3/10) 

Floor: Olivia Miller (10/10), Ciara Ward (7/10), Jordan Ceccarini (6/10), Kiley Robatin (5/10), Sophie Bochenek (4/10) 

Pittsburgh is losing half of its routines from the 2020 season, so it will need to do some work to get back up to the level it was performing at in 2020. Luckily filling those gaps shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Katrina Coca is returning for a sixth year and will definitely contribute on bars, and is a possibility on vault and beam as well. Trinity Macy is a strong all arounder with potential on all four events. Faith Lerro has strong potential to make the bars lineup, and Macy Ferrara should contend on beam and floor. Also, expect to see more events from the rising sophomores, as well as Katie Chamberlain, who is returning from an ACL injury.

No. 36 George Washington

Losses: Paige Apperson, Nicole Rogalski

Gains: Payton Lynch, Anneliese Silverman, Kendall Whitman

Returning from Injury: Chloe Vitoff, Hannah Munnelly

Returning Lineups

Vault: Deja Chambliss (11 lineup appearances/11 opportunities), Cydney Crasa (11/11), Olivia Norman (11/11), Anna Warhol (9/11), Hannah Munnelly (8/11), Katherine Shek (7/11), Chloe Vitoff (5/11), Nora Houseman (3/11)

Bars: Simone Banen (11/11), Deja Chambliss (11/11), Olivia Raymond (11/11), Anna Warhol (11/11), Katya Karpova (8/11), Hannah Munnelly (7/11), Olivia Zona (4/11), Rachel Kaplan (3/11)

Beam: Simone Banen (11/11), Olivia Raymond (11/11), Olivia Zona (11/11), Cydney Crasa (10/11), Deja Chambliss (9/11), Hannah Cohen (8/11), Katya Karpova (6/11), 

Floor: Cydney Crasa (11/11), Rachel Kaplan (11/11), Olivia Raymond (9/11), Anna Warhol (9/11), Olivia Zona (8/11), Simone Banen (6/11), Deja Chambliss (5/11), Katya Karpova (5/11), Hannah Munnelly (2/11)

George Washington is in the fortunate position where it loses zero routines from the entire season, so 2021 will be all about improving the lineups it already has. All three freshmen bring options on multiple events, so the Colonials should not be short on depth. Kendall Whitman is strong on vault, beam and floor while Anneliese Silverman should challenge on all four events. Payton Lynch also brings options on beam and floor.

No. 37 North Carolina

Losses: Alexis Allen (VT, BB), Jaime Antinori (VT, FX), Grace Donaghy (UB, BB), Khazia Hislop (VT, BB, FX), Mikayla Robinson (VT, FX), Emily White, Mekyllah Williams (UB)

Gains: Kate Greene, Allison LaNasa, Tienna Nguyen, Jamie Shearer, Cory Shinohara

Returning from Injury: Hallie Thompson, McKenna Appleton, Tina Ghashghaei

Returning Lineups

Vault: Elizabeth Culton (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Drew Aldridge (9/10), Emery Summey (5/10), Shailyn St. Brice (2/10), Sophie Silverstein (1/10)

Bars: Elizabeth Culton (10/10), Emery Summey (10/10), Sophie Silverstein (9/10), Hannah Nam (6/10), Drew Aldridge (4/10), Leah Gneco (1/10)

Beam: Elizabeth Culton (10/10), Emery Summey (10/10), Hannah Nam (9/10), Leah Gneco (1/10)

Floor: Elizabeth Culton (10/10), Lily Dean (10/10), Hannah Nam (9/10)

North Carolina graduates 11 of its 2020 routines, including many of the team’s best, so there are some big shoes to fill. The freshmen, as well as a couple of key injury returns, bring a bunch of options, but it remains to be seen if that will be enough to fill the holes vacated by the departing seniors. Kate Greene headlines the class as a strong contender on all four events, and Vietnamese elite Tienna Nguyen could also be an option anywhere. Jamie Shearer looks to be a contender on vault, bars and beam, and Cory Shinohara stays true to her Brestyan’s background with her potential on vault, beam and floor. 

No. 38 Central Michigan

Losses: Mackenzie Parker, Denelle Pedrick, Hayley Porter, Charlie Wright

Gains: Adriana Bustelo, Elizabeth Buttle, Elizabeth Cesarone, Hallie Hornbacher, Katie Kowalski, Amber Mueller

Returning Lineups

Vault: Sierra Demarinis (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Sydney Williams (10/10), Kennedy Rae Johnson (9/10), Morgan Tong (9/10) Hannah DeMers (8/10), Nora Fettinger (2/10)

Bars: Savana Kotas (10/10), Sierra Demarinis (3/10), Hannah DeMers (9/10), Kennedy Rae Johnson (8/10), Audriana Hammond (6/10), Brenna Hauser (7/10), Sydney Williams (6/10), Ashley Veglucci (1/10)

Beam: Morgan Tong (10/10), Sierra Demarinis (9/10), Hannah DeMers (7/10), Savana Kotas (7/10), Mayleigh Vanderbeek (6/10), Christie Tini (5/10), 

Floor: Sierra Demarinis (10/10), Hannah DeMers (7/10), Nora Fettinger (5/10), Kennedy Rae Johnson (5/10), Taylor Pitchell (7/10), Morgan Tong (7/10), Sydney Williams (7/10), Ashley Veglucci (1/10)

Overall Central Michigan is returning most of its routines from 2020. The biggest holes to fill will be the ones left behind by Denelle Pedrick, who was strong on every event but especially vault and floor, and Mackenzie Parker, who was a regular beam contributer. Sophomore Hannah Demers is well poised to step into the gap left behind by Pedrick; she demonstrated a high scoring all around potential during her successful freshman campaign. That being said, the Chippewas are able to fill every line-up spot just with the returning athletes—although they will want to utilize some of the incoming freshmen routines anyway to boost scoring potential. The announcement that Sydney Williams, who regularly contributes big scores on vault and bars, is taking a fifth year is great news for the Chippewas as well.

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Article by the editors of College Gym News

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