Recruit Files: Alex Skocic, LIU

Name: Alex Skocic
Club: Gymnastics World Inc.
High School Graduation Year: 2020

Commitment Announcement: Instagram
Social Handles: Twitter | Instagram

Personal Bests

Vault Uneven Bars Balance Beam Floor Exercise
9.450 9.225 9.550 9.500


Vault Uneven Bars Balance Beam Floor Exercise
2020 Presidential Classic  2019 Ohio State Championships  2020 Elevate the Stage 2020 Arnold Classic 

About Alex

Skocic is a strong beam and floor worker who finished fourth on floor at the 2019 Region 5 regionals. Outside gymnastics she has precise scholarly interests—anatomy and physiology, and she is majoring in diagnostic medical sonography. Her brother David is also a gymnast.

What She Brings to LIU


  • Skill: Yurchenko layout
  • Results: sixth place at the 2019 Ohio state championships
  • Margin of Improvement: Skocic is training both a Yurchenko half and a Yurchenko full. Perfecting one of the two vaults would make her more competitive on this event.
  • Impact on the Team: Head coach Randy Lane will hope to avoid using a Yurchenko layout in the lineup. If Skocic improves her difficulty here, she could make the lineup in the future.

Uneven Bars

  • Skills: piked Jaeger, bail to handstand, full pirouette, toe-on front tuck dismount
  • Results: seventh place at the 2019 Ohio state championships
  • Margin of Improvement: Skocic has potential on bars and her routine has some interesting skills, but her form and consistency will need to improve if she wants to crack into the lineup.
  • Impact on the Team: Skocic was not recruited for her bars and it is thus unlikely that she will compete on this apparatus next season. Having little pressure could be an advantage though: She could train stress-free and may be a bars worker in the future for LIU.

Balance Beam

  • Skills: BHS + layout to two feet, front toss, Gainer dismount
  • Results: second place at the 2020 Arnold Gymnastics Challenge
  • Margin of Improvement: She may want to work on consistency, but her routine is ready for college.
  • Impact on the Team: Skocic will be expected to contribute to the beam lineup from the beginning. She has the skills, the numbers and the “beamer look.” In a couple words, she’s the whole package.

Floor Exercise

  • Skills: double pike, double tuck, switch ring
  • Results: fourth place at the 2019 Region 5 regionals
  • Margin of Improvement: She will want to work on her landings a bit and on her position in the air on her jumps. Her opening double pike is sky-high, though!
  • Impact on the Team: Skocic seems ready to make the lineup from the beginning of season on this apparatus, too. Her skills are good and so is her presentation style. She could easily go 9.8-plus.

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Article by Talitha Ilacqua

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