’00s Looks We Love, Part I: 2000-2004

Aaaand we’re back for another throwback stroll down memory lane. You didn’t think we’d stop after the ’90s, did you?! The first half of the aughts was nearly two decades ago. We know, we know. If you need some context, Billboard’s top song of 2000 was Faith Hill’s “Breathe.” We feel old, too. This was the era of hair glitter, pixie cuts and some very intricate hairstyles. 

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2000 Big Ten Championships

The 2000s was a time for not-half-bad leos…
To some very interesting designs…
It’s the era of over-sized, noisy warm-ups.
The crushed velvet. The minimal orange. The plain-block text. The simple design. It’s so ‘00s it hurts.
Please bask in all of this leotard’s horrendous glory.
Can we talk about that mascot for a second and how terrifying it is?
Alabama SEC championship leo? Is that you??? Oh… It’s just a tank top masquerading as the Crimson Tide leo from 2018.
Can the words on the back of that jacket get any bigger?
We’ll call this one “Boob Armor.”
2000s Bev: head coach of the No. 1 Michigan Wolverines.
We have no words for that shirt.
Why did cornrows on white girls go out of style again?
The awkwardest interaction of the meet.
Man Coach’s haircut tho.
We’ll leave this here.
Bev’s outfit is everything you ever wanted out of life in the 2000s. It’s so painfully amazing. Peep that pocket square.

2000 Super Six

The standard way to hold your march-in flowers. You practiced that as a level 4 before state, right? We did!
We have found an ancestor of Nastia’s polo.
Raise the roof!
Greg’s 2000 look.
Oh. Uh. Yep.
Aw, no tux this year!

Just lurking back here. YIKES.
Mo giving us a clinic in building front tumbling amplitude.
Heather has always been on the bangs game.
Did you know she had an insane Yurchenko 1.5?!
Just bask in it.
Don’t ever tell us again about NCAA endurance issues, please.


2001 Shanico Invitational with Cal State-Fullerton, Seattle Pacific and Washington at Oregon State

All purple everything.
RIP Cal State Fullerton, and RIP dueling side messy buns.
Just what IS the material in the middle, though? Did we cut up Maloney’s 2000 AA leo and split it up?
What are we looking at here, UW? Explain yourselves.
Do you miss tuck double jumps?
Cal State Fullerton going the numbers on the leo route.
Meet hair.
A better look. Check that glitter.
Square necklines for daysss. Hi there SPU!
Camcorder, or weight lifting exercise?
Casual post-meet proposal, like you do.

2001 Super Six

The look of a defending champ.
Sometimes we still find those tiny clear rubber bands lying around.
The Knights Templar, Order of The Crimson Tide
We wouldn’t cross her.
That’s a flashing bike light on his right shoulder. Safety first!
Oh, hi! Still digging this shade of blue, UCLA.
Oh, hi to you, too! Just in case you forgot, this Bruin squad was STACKED.
This is a Utah leo.
Nebraska with the ruched front?
Hi, Rhonda!
Senior the senior will never not amuse us.
It never gets old.
“America Online Keyword”. Sup, Stegeman.
Bring this back please.


2002 Big 12 Championships

Pre-KJ was a wild time, indeed.
Did Dom ever not look fab?
So much hair glitter. We still have flecks on our scalp from OUR gym days.
Nebraska literally wore a leo like this in 2018. Not sure if that’s good or bad.
This meet is gearing up for something amazing apparently.
The hair scrunchies tho.
This is Oklahoma. No, really.
It’s a party now!
Giant sweater vest? Check.
Kids in cheerleading uniforms at a gymnastics meet? Check.
So long, old friend. We will not miss you.
KJ hasn’t aged a day. Still a queen.
Just soak in this image for a bit.

2002 Super Six

SUPERWOMAN! Welcome to the Super Six, Stanford.
Amanda had an early 2000s eyebrow moment.
UCLA pulling an all-white look. Under Armour, we wouldn’t be mad at an updated version of this!
Oops UCLA and Utah match.
Yikes at the injuries and the “knee” graphic placement. Do better.
Step away from the hair gel and glitter.
Let’s talk about Jamie Dantzscher’s geinger for a moment.
Stanford with a tree on the hip. Do this more, please?!
Georgia fans rocking the flag shirts.
And the team has flags on the sleeve. This is the first Super Six after 9/11, after all.
One of those days.
Suzanne, is this a red leather jacket?
Et tu, Alabama? Half of this meet is in the same leo design.
LSU’s first ever title went to Micki Arnstad on floor during event finals. Check out the gold on those sleeves.


2003 SEC Championships

Is that a Louis Vuitton padfolio? Oh, SEC. Bless you.
First year head coach Rhonda Faehn.
Welcome to the SEC, Arkansas!
More transverse full turns, please.
You knew a club team with this leo design.
Burkholder’s hair remains an NCAA legend. Also, peep the very 2000s look in the back, from spaghetti straps to choker necklace and mary janes.
When you’re the new guys in the SEC.
Sparkle city over here.
Oh to be able to hear this conversation.
Now this is a solid white leo. Thank you, Auburn.
Jeana Rice, queen of shoulder extension.

2003 Super Six

It’s 2003, so our opening fluff is set to A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton. We’re reminiscing about earlier this season when UCLA wore iridescent velvet to compete and then changed into sweats that look like hotel staff uniforms.
Georgia has normal temporary tattoos, while Nebraska is showing its spirit with just a whole pile of face glitter.
Nebraska put up the highest score in qualifying, but Georgia is unrivaled in the most bedazzled sweats standings.
Amanda is here, disguised as a Dixie Chick.
Every ‘00s broadcast has to use this waist-up angle to highlight important individuals.
Newly crowned AA champion Richelle Simpson (Nebraska) is here, wearing… is that white shimmer lipstick to go with her white shimmer leotard??


2004 North East Regionals with Georgia, Michigan, Iowa State, Penn State, Missouri and New Hampshire

First, we’d like to ask why regionals was broadcast on TV in 2004 but not 2018?
Remember when Iowa State was No. 9 in the country? We don’t either.
Fun fact: Lorena Johnson coached our Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth in club.
Can we all agree that Georgia always wins the “you could wear this in 2018 and look totally normal” leo game?
SCANDAL! The same leo design as Georgia!
Grab the binoculars! A wild Ray has been spotted in the wild!
Is it bad that some of these leo designs aren’t half bad?
Like, Brown, this is 10 times better than what you wore in 2018!
When your top is shinier than the gymnasts’ leotards…
Hair glitter + low pony = peak ‘90s
Rhode Island!
The multi-braid bun hairstyle. We remember it fondly from our own gymnastics days.
A straddle back not to handstand. So retro.
That is…a celebration…

2004 Super Six

The fluff at the beginning of this meet had some very creative camera angles.
Case in point.
Hello, podium!
Only in his 29th season, what a baby.
Let’s bring in more international gymnasts, thanks!
Miss Val in all her fabulousness.
Let’s wear this color all the time forever. OK, UCLA?
Hi Ashleigh Gnat’s sister! You just won the national AA title, nbd.
The whole gang’s back together.
College. (Also, Casey we’re looking at you. Don’t get shown up.)
Such a ‘90s hairstyle.
ASHLEY MILES! Please come back in disguise and help Alabama return to greatness in 2019. (Also, the special effects here are so amazing.)
How things have changed.
Julie Ballard Clark! We didn’t even recognize you!
Where can we get the anti-aging pills Rhonda obviously uses???
The hot new shoes for 2004.
We don’t hate this leo, Florida. Also, ORLEY SZMUCH! We used to be obsessed.
2004, y’all.
Courtney Bumpers appreciation GIF. Double layout to stuck front tuck? Tying with Ashley Miles? UNC? UNC!
2004 was SUCH a good year, you guys. Back to back hop fulls???
Also this hairstyle.
This…does not look comfortable.
Sarah Patterson rocking the giant flowy pink pants.
Apparently “NCAA sheep jumps” are not a recent phenomenon.
Hey, JBC actually took her heels off to prep the bars. Crazy.
The bars graphics of 2004.
How cute.

Article by the editors of College Gym News

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