’90s Looks We Love: Part II (1995-1999)

We’re back with more Throwback Thursday ’90s looks! If you missed 1990-1994, get caught up here. Check out all of our throwback posts, and expect one every Thursday during the off season! Let’s jump right into the velvet wonderland.


1995 SEC Championships

Hair hair hair.
Jenny Hansen’s warmup is very swimsuit. Also, please look at the giant white T-shirt. Just look at it.
Florida went full crushed velvet hello.
Presented without comment.
I’m sorry, I can’t see you through the sea of poofy white scrunchies. Where are we?
Retro O-Dome
We NEED to see the rest of this Auburn warm up leo.
LSU went full GLAM.
Kentucky’s Leah Little rocking some giant sparkly shoulder adornments and the ‘90s classic: big buttons down the front.
OH AND THE KENTUCKY LEO. SEC, thank you for all of these.
Ummm Florida? Did anyone tell you these warm ups evoke prison? No? OK.
Ah, Alabama has evolved from the candy stripes of yesteryear. Now we have swirls! Also, PLEASE peep D-D in the background in a Tiger jacket. Full. Glam.
We see those poofy bangs.
Unclear why we’re putting an SEC ring on a baby’s chest!
Sarah’s earrings are as big as the team’s scrunchies.

1995 Super Six

Paint the Town!
A GYMNASTICS TAILGATE! We see you, Georgia fans.
Andrea in the house.
Old school face tattoo time.
If you’ve been following our throwback coverage, you know how we feel about holes.
Oh these kaleidoscope Oregon State warmups. YES PLEASE.
Hi Utah. The pink. The faux high cut. The insane sparkles. YES.
Agina Simpkins’ mom Patricia Johnson is rocking these earrings.
That gold, though.
Suzanne, always repping the G. This is a look of disappointment after a rough beam rotation. Hmmmm.
GEORGIA FAN. We’re getting a whole segment on the Georgia/Alabama rivalry and it is gold.
Another angle for your viewing pleasure. After all that Georgia/Alabama talk, Utah won.


1996 Big Ten Championships

There’s a weird shadow intro happening and the word SPORTS appears occasionally, so that’s where we’re at.
SHOULDER FEATHER…zigzags? Hi, Iowa.
Uhhh, PSU? Are those leopard spots? But you’re the lions…never mind.
Giant T-shirt as waist cover up. Very creative.
Just because the Midwest is snowy doesn’t mean we need snow-colored floors!
Did Illinois and Penn State design their leos together?
Minnesota is in a purpley color, and it’s so ‘90s in crushed velvet with a keyhole back.
Classic chalk bucket shot.
The mini skirt with tights. The big shirt. The scarf. YES.
You know you also tied your warmup jacket around your waist. Don’t lie.

1996 Pac 10 Championships

Seven rotations and three byes heaven help us.
Stanford is going to a luau after the meet.
Oregon State took a page out of the Utah leo design book.

The OG Homma flairs, by Homma herself.

It’s so mid-’90s it hurts. Thank you, Washington.
Tie dye sleeves.
Oh the glasses.


1997 Super Six 

[Side note: Every gym fan should watch this Super Six at some point. There is amazing gymnastics, a plethora of beam-tastrophies and some real head coach interview gems. An A+ meet all around.]

Please, whatever you do, watch this intro.
Can you BELIEVE we’re going to senior prom? Mom, how do I put his boutonniere on?
Dan is going to prom, and Georgia is going to the Supreme Court.
Oh, ASU. Oh, the ubiquitous flame leo.
Heather Brink showing off Nebraska’s version of the flame.
Uh oh two falls on beam.
Check out those shoulder pads.
Bangs altitude on point.
Brain cannot process.
Sarah Patterson has watched a Super Six from the stands, too, guys. In a lime green suit, no less. Just saying.
Michigan going the full velvet with embroidered name route. Tre ‘90s.


1998 Pac 10 Championships

We’ve reached the era of leaving two wisps of hair floating around your face intentionally.
We found your new favorite Yurchenko timer.
Red, white and blue just seem like tough school colors to handle.
This is a different look for UCLA, but at least we can trust them to always go backless.
Here’s a closeup… It’s paisley?!
The numbers are part of the leos. Interesting choice.
Miss Val in all white. The giant T-shirt. The…leis?


1999 Big 12 Championships

Raise your hand if you did your hair like this for a competition at least once. Everyone? OK, us too.
The Evolution of Kathy Johnson Clarke
Can we take a minute to talk about this leo? Just wait until you see the warm up jackets.
YEP. Those ARE shooting Ns all over the jacket. Also, the coaches have N ties. Can they be more extra?
Pls watch the assistant coach’s celebration.
Excuse us while we pause for a weather update?
Miss Val obviously didn’t clue in Oklahoma on how to not wear a sports bra.
Sweet, naïve baby.

1999 Super Six

Only Georgia could manage to get a Nike logo on a leo.
Leo strategy: blind judges with shininess.
Can UCLA start selling these again?
UCLA, please bring real gold back to your leos.
Miss you.
Dave, there’s room for more buttons on there. What kind of parent are you?
Dan, your outfit is amazing. Never change.
Does Miss Val regret her fashion choices or at least tailoring choices at this point?
When you literally leave everything on the floor after your routine.
We leave you with this.

Article by Emily Minehart and Elizabeth Grimsley

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