’90s Looks We Love, Part I: 1990-1994

Ah, the ‘90s. Poofy bangs. Giant gold earrings. Equally giant (sometimes tinted) glasses. Big hair, bigger scrunchies. What a decade. Thanks to an amazing Good Samaritan on YouTube (shout out to gymgold07, whoever you are!), we’re going to spend some time taking a walk down a very velvet memory lane. In two parts, we’ll examine our favorite looks in ‘90s college gymnastics.

Today we’ll take a look at 1990-1994, and keep an eye out for part two covering the second half of the decade. You’ll see familiar faces: Suzanne Yoculan, Jenny Hansen, Greg Marsden and Sarah Patterson make many appearances. We also make some divergences to talk about other peak ‘90s things that show up: camcorders, gigantic printers and some amazing graphics. Feel free to open the YouTube links and follow along; you really don’t want to miss the A+ commentary. Gym commentators have been saying, “She does a difficult beam mount, something you don’t usually see these days” and, “You’ll notice floor music in there background; all four events are taking place at once” for a very long time.

Keep in mind that the stylish looks we love now will probably seem equally goofy in 20 years. Maybe giant pink warmup jackets will be back in fashion.

It’s going to be a very #ThrowbackThursday offseason, so check back every week for new throwback posts.


1990 NCAA Championships

Suzanne kicks us off. That hair! Those earrings! The sweater! Hi, 1990.











Sarah is also on the earrings game.
Shannon Miller would be proud of these scrunchies.
Shout out to all the giant glasses in the crowd.


1991 NCAA Championships

KATHY JOHNSON AND ANDREA JOYCE (also why are they standing so close?!)
Bring back the ‘stach, Greg!
Sooooo where can we get one of those warm up jackets?
Meet Sara “D-D” Pollock. Still rockin’ the LSU spirit back in 1991.
“Coming up… ‘Roll Tide’”
If only the white on the Alabama leos had polka dots.
Theme of the meet: holes.
That hair, tho.
And can we talk about this printer?


1992 SEC Championships

“Add’l natural D”.
That is one big ponytail. Also, glad to see these leos making a second appearance.
Warmups with shoulder medallions. The most ‘90s thing to ever exist.
We have no words. Sara “D-D” Pollock said, “Every single girl on our team had to compete in the all around in every competition” just before this shot. Bit of a rough year!


1993 NCAA Championships

Missy Marlowe’s top is peak ‘90s.
If your dad/uncle/father figure didn’t have glasses like this, you’re lying.
Hi again Sarah, can we please see the rest of this top?
YES. This hair is everything.
Hi, Jenny!
Dana Dobransky (Duckworth) rocking the giant fluffy scrunchie.
Shout out to the ‘90s-ist of leos. Thank you, Oregon State!
You knew someone who had one of these giant camcorders.
We see your sweater vest, Greg.
These warmups. You guys.


1994 Super Six

The hair, the graphic, the pastel rainbow warmups. The music underneath is exactly what you remember from educational videos you watched in school.
We highly recommend watching this one. The intro is incredible.
Gym fans have been packing Huntsman for a LONG TIME.
We see you and your long balloons, Ute fans.
Julianne McNamara is here and in a double breasted shirt, talking the Georgia-Alabama rivalry.
OK but the bun surrounded by a giant black (velvet?!) scrunchie? Yes Bev Plocki, yes.
Back spins and scrunchies, hello!
Greg went ‘stach-less in ‘94. We hardly recognize him!
Tradition: Suzanne eats a little of everyone’s pre-meet meal. We did not make that up. But hey, they won a lot, so we guess it worked.
Gold rings on rings on (championship) rings. Also, waiting-for-the-deciding-score tears are not new. Also also, suspenders.
Short hair was IN, and Megan Marsden’s was excellent.

1994 Event Finals

Michelle Tanner, is that you?
This leo looks like it has shoulder pads in motion. Additionally, that tie is amazing.
She’s back, and eating one of those ice cream cups you definitely bought in school cafeterias.
Everything about this Kim Kelly look: the almost-bowl cut hair, the crushed velvet, the neckline hole. Heyo.

What is your favorite ’90s trend that made an appearance? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to check back for part two!

Article by the editors of College Gym News


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