The DIIIsmount: Week Eight

Lindenwood regained the top spot this week with a season best performance as USAG standings shifted over to RQS. The Lions registered the second 195+ score of the DII/USAG season, led by senior Kierstin Sokolowski in a season best performance. Bridgeport swapped to the No. 2 spot, while TWU remains ranked third.

The top three Division III teams held their spots this week; Brockport maintained its lead as RQS kicked in, allowing it to drop a difficult week. UW-La Crosse’s season-best week allowed it to hold of Ithaca College in the third spot. The mover of the week was Centenary College, which jumped up to fifth from seventh place after two consecutive season highs on Friday and Sunday respectively. Note that for nationals-qualifying purposes, Division III does not use RQS but instead SAS, which takes four scores, at least one home and one away and no more than one from a DI/DII non-conference meet.

Top DII/DIII Scores of the Weekend
Schyler Jones TWU VT 9.8
Bria Northrop TWU UB 9.875
Alyssa Kelly TWU UB 9.825
Kelli Tereshko Bridgeport UB 9.8
Maritza Futch Bridgeport UB 9.8
Hunter Vincent TWU UB 9.8
Mallory Moredock TWU BB 9.875
Schyler Jones TWU BB 9.85
Maya Reimers Bridgeport BB 9.8
Navia Jordan Centenary BB 9.8
Schyler Jones TWU FX 9.875
Maya Reimers Bridgeport FX 9.85
Navia Jordan Centenary FX 9.85
Kelly Aycock Bridgeport FX 9.8
Erin Alderman TWU FX 9.8
Darian Burns SPU VT 9.825
Itzia San Roman SPU BB 9.825
Darian Burns SPU BB 9.8
Darian Burns SPU FX 9.85
Melanie Wojewoda West Chester UB 9.8
Myranda Marshall West Chester UB 9.8
Jessica Meakim West Chester FX 9.8
Madison Brent West Chester FX 9.8
Kierstin Sokolowski Lindenwood VT 9.825
Ryan Henry Lindenwood UB 9.85
Kierstin Sokolowski Lindenwood UB 9.8
Emily Milliet Lindenwood BB 9.85
Kierstin Sokolowski Lindenwood BB 9.825
Breanna Franklin Lindenwood BB 9.8
Ryan Henry Lindenwood BB 9.8
Aleah Leman Lindenwood FX 9.825

No. 67 UW-La Crosse at No. 70 UW-Whitewater
Full Results UW-LC: 192.125 UW-W: 190.975
VT: Barmore 9.775 UB: Kachinsky 9.700 BB: Blixt 9.625 FX: Hutton, Wilson 9.750 AA: Wiekamp 38.225

The two leaders of the WIAC faced off at Whitewater on Saturday. La Crosse claimed the team title, as well as all five individual titles—though La Crosse’s Lauren Wilson tied with Franchesca Hutton of Whitewater on floor. It also set a season high and its third 190+ of the season. As we head into March, the top DIII teams are beginning to differentiate themselves with the ability to score in the 191 to 192 range. In 2017, only one 193 was scored in DIII, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see multiple teams reach that level this season.

Whitewater set its second-highest score of the season in its only WIAC loss of 2018, and its 47.55 on beam is a top-20 result in program history. It was also senior night in Whitewater, and the team honored its five seniors after the meet. As the reigning WIAC champion, Whitewater will be looking to assert its competitiveness with La Crosse over the coming weeks, so watch the scores these two put up leading into the conference championship.

No. 51 Bridgeport, No. 61 SEMO and No. 74 Centenary at No. 54 Texas Woman’s
Full Results TWU: 194.675 UB: 194.275 SEMO: 193.075 Centenary: 191.825
VT: Jones 9.800 UB: Northrop 9.875 BB: Moredock 9.875 FX: Jones 9.875 AA: Campbell 38.875

Texas Woman’s emerged victorious from another home quad meet. Senior Schyler Jones dropped bars from her usual all around set after a few difficult weeks, and it paid off; she recorded a 9.800+ on each of her other three apparatus. Mallory Moredock had a similarly strong day, and bars champion and 2017 team MVP Bria Northrop added beam for the first time this season—an exciting development after a presumed offseason injury has restricted her to only bars to start the season. The Pioneers scored convincingly even with three sub-9.500 routines on beam; this hint that the team is close to 196 caliber on a hit day might be the most exciting part of the result.

Bridgeport recovered from last weekend’s hiccup to record another mid-194; through the rest of the season it will be interesting to see if the Purple Knights can break into the 195s. In recent years, they’ve been by far the most consistent performers of the top USAG teams but sometimes lack the higher ceiling necessary to compete with a peak TWU or Lindenwood. However, Sunday was promising for the Knights, with four scores over 9.800 and an all around title for Kelsey Campbell. Maya Reimers’ team-leading 9.850 on floor was a stand-out routine, and freshman Kathyrn Doran continues to be a huge asset.

Centenary set a season high for the second time of the weekend at TWU. It’s really difficult to understate how impressive a high 191 is from a team that opened the season in the 170s. This isn’t atypical for the Ladies, who continually have one of the highest talent levels in Division III but can be streaky performers. Putting everything together twice in a weekend is a very promising sign for this team. In particular, junior Navia Jordan continues to stand out, scoring 9.800+ on both of her events at this meet.

No. 62 Illinois State and No. 25 Iowa State at No. 52 Lindenwood
Full Results ISU: 196.450 LU: 195.175 Illinois St.: 193.050
VT: Sievers 9.900 UB: Henry 9.850 BB: Young 9.900 FX: Ledesma 9.900 AA: Young 39.400

Lindenwood impressed on senior day, scoring a season high and registering another Division I win over Illinois State. Emily Milliet led the team to a season high 49.025 on beam that included four 9.800+ scores, and sophomore Ryan Henry won the event title on bars. Lindenwood’s two seniors competed a total of four events on senior day: Kierstin Sokolowski impressed on her usual three, scoring 9.800+ on all of them while Kayla McMullan had a 9.750 on floor. As valuable as these two are, the youth of the Lindenwood squad will be a great asset in the future.

Pink Invitational with No. 32 Maryland, No. 65 Southern Connecticut, and No. 60 West Chester
Full Results UMD: 195.150 WCU: 193.300 SCSU: 190.725
VT: Barber, Burgess 9.800 UB: Barber, LeBlanc 9.900 BB: Thomas 9.800 FX: Farina 9.925 AA: Barber 38.625
No. 79 UW-Oshkosh at No. 80 UW-Eau Claire
Full Results UW-EC: 185.950 UW-O: 184.675
VT: Benes 9.525 UB: Lewis 9.550 BB: Scholtens 9.525 FX: Bjorge, Moorehouse 9.600 AA: Erickson 36.900
No. 76 Winona State at No. 81 Gustavus Adolphus
Full Results WSU: 183.825 GA:182.200
VT: Currin 9.475 UB: Vasina 9.625 BB: Johnston 9.700 FX: Malo 9.500 AA: Malo 36.950
No. 19 Minnesota, No. 41 Michigan State and No. 78 UW-Stout at No. 25 Iowa State
Full Results ISU: 195.775 Minn.: 194.425 MSU: 191.775 UW-S: 185.550
VT: Ramler, Sievers 9.875 UB: Green 9.925 BB: Ramler, Young 9.900 FX: Paz 9.875 AA: Young 39.350
No. 53 Sacramento State and No. 68 Alaska at No. 64 Seattle Pacific
Full Results Sac State: 194.075 SPU: 192.825 UAA: 191.950
VT: Burns 9.825 UB: Sampson, Soliwoda 9.800 BB: Roman 9.825 FX: Burns, Juarez 9.850 AA: Soliwoda, Burns 39.150
  • Burns registered a career high and the sixth-highest program score in the all around.
No. 47 Towson, No. 44 Western Michigan and No. 73 Ursinus at No. 49 Rutgers
Full Results RU: 194.800 Towson: 194.450 WMU: 192.650 Ursinus: 188.125
VT: Baker 9.850 UB: Shank 9.900 BB: Shank 9.925 FX: Underwood 9.900 AA: Huang 38.600
No. 61 SEMO at No. 74 Centenary
Full Results Centenary: 191.175 SEMO: 191.050
VT: Brawner 9.775 UB: Brawner 9.800 BB: Jones 9.800 FX: Jordan 9.800 AA: Smith 38.400
No. 66 Brockport and No. 82 Rhode Island at No. 69 Ithaca
Full Results Ithaca: 189.575 Brockport St.: 183.800 RIC: 174.925
VT: Mager, Nichols 9.725 UB: Ryden 9.550 BB: Balcerak 9.700 FX: Nichols 9.700 AA: Murphy 34.800
No. 81 Gustavus Adolphus at No. 77 Hamline
Full Results Hamline: 184.775 GA: 179.525
VT: Huch 9.475 UB: Bradford 9.275 BB: Ingram, Webb 9.350 FX: Vorderbruggen 9.700 AA: Malo 36.100

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Article by Rebecca Scally

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