The Dismount: Week Eight

We say every week is a wild one, expecting the following slate to “settle down” and get back to what we think of as normal. This one was no different. From untimely injuries to wacky scoring and splat fests, there was a lot going on all over the country. We didn’t expect you to catch it all, so below you’ll find scores, event winners and more from every meet this weekend, as well as recaps from the top matchups.

No. 29 West Virginia at No. 1 Oklahoma
Full Results OU: 198.025 WVU: 195.750
VT: Dowell, Koshinski, Nichols, Webb 9.950 UB: Nichols 9.950 BB: Nichols 9.975 FX: Nichols 9.950 AA: Nichols 39.825

The Sooners were back to their normal selves and scored their fourth score above 198 of the season. They did so while still testing depth and changing up the order of lineups on multiple event. Freshman Anastasia Webb was back on vault with her Omelianchik, junior Nicole Lehrmann competed on floor and thus in the all around for the first time of her collegiate career, and senior Natalie Brown was in the beam lineup for only the second time this season. After a rocky beam rotation last week, the Sooners put up a huge 49.600 on the event Friday, counting nothing below a 9.875, including an almost-perfect set from sophomore Maggie Nichols. Nichols continued to show why she’s one of most dominant forces of NCAA gymnastics by winning or tying for every individual title. The Mountaineers scored their highest road score of the season despite starting off rough on the uneven bars. There, they did not count anything above a 9.750 but were later able to gain momentum, scoring road season highs on vault, beam and floor. Junior Kirah Koshinski contributed to getting the team out its hole after bars with her stuck Yurchenko one and a half that earned a 9.950 and a share of the event title. Senior Zaakira Muhammad was the sole all arounder for West Virginia and finished fourth behind three Sooners with a score of 38.450.

No. 2 LSU at No. 15 Georgia
Full Results LSU: 197.575 UGA: 196.725
VT: Finnegan, Hambrick 9.900 UB: Edney, Finnegan, Oakley, Priessman 9.900 BB: Finnegan, Oakley 9.950 FX: Dickson, Priessman, Vega 9.950 AA: Finnegan 39.675
  • LSU took down Georgia in Athens’ Stegeman Coliseum for the first time since 1983.

For the first time since 1983 Georgia was defeated at home by LSU, but the loss didn’t stop the Gymdogs from celebrating career highs and a season trend of growing consistency. Georgia struggled in its first two rotations, with the highest score on vault being Sydney Snead’s 9.850 after four scores in the 9.700s. Bars saw similar struggles–Lauren Johnson and Emily Schild made some costly mistakes that were forced to count when bars anchor Rachel Dickson fell. In spite of the adversity the Gymdogs came back stronger than ever on beam and floor, the latter notching a team score that beat LSU’s performance on the event. Vivi Babalis, Dickson and Sabrina Vega lead the way for the team, all with scores above 9.900. On the other side, LSU entered the meet coming of its best weekend of the season where it scored two 198s, including the nations highest score in 2018. The Tigers hoped to break that barrier again, but trouble with landings ultimately stopped them. One of the biggest shocks of the night came from Myia Hambrick on her signature event. The No. 1 gymnast on floor, Hambrick had her first miss in seven weeks when she landed out of bounds on one of her passes. But Lexie Priessman picked up the slack, having the meet of her life, scoring above a 9.900 on all her events and earning a share of the bars and floor titles.

No. 8 Oregon State at No. 3 UCLA
Full Results UCLA: 198.075 OSU: 196.525
VT: Ross, Hall 9.875 UB: Ross 9.975 BB: Lee, Ohashi 9.975 FX: Ohashi 10.000 AA: Ross 39.700
  • Anna Glenn (UCLA) made her collegiate bars debut.
  • UCLA’s Madison Kocian made her season floor debut.
  • OSU’s Dani Dessaints was yet again out of lineups to rest a sore knee. She did not even travel to LA.

After one rotation, it looked like this was going to be a close matchup between the Bruins and the Beavers, with the Beavers holding a .025 edge after the Bruins’ vault lineup failed to find its landings. The Bruins started to pull away on bars, though, while the Beavers had a good-not-great vault rotation in which the team also had some landing struggles. By far the highlight of the meet was the Bruins on floor, where no gymnast scored below a 9.9. The rotation was highlighted by Katelyn Ohashi who anchored with a 10, as well as Nia Dennis, who changed her first floor pass from a double arabian that was giving her trouble to a solidly landed piked full-in, and scored a 9.975. The Bruins also rebounded on beam from a fall by Brielle Nguyen in the lead off position to tie a program record total. Every other routine scored a 9.875 or better, and Peng-Peng Lee and Ohashi notched 9.975s. The Beavers had their share of floor highlights as well, notably from Isis Lowery and Kaitlyn Yanish, who both scored 9.900. The Beavers ended the meet on beam with a nervy performance, sealing the deal for the Bruins, who hit the 198.000 mark for the first time this season.

No. 4 Utah at No. 21 California
Full Results Cal: 197.500 Utah: 197.450
VT: Lee, Tessen, Williams 9.900 UB: Kuc, Schank, Williams 9.925 BB: Lee, Williams 9.900 FX: Williams 9.975 AA: Williams 39.700
  • Cal’s bars total was its highest in program history and floor was its second-highest.
  • The win was Cal’s first dual meet win over Utah in program history and second overall.
  • Finally, Cal’s team total and Toni-Ann William’s AA total tied program records.
  • Utah’s Mykayla Skinner competed only bars and beam, resting a tweaked ankle suffered last week at UCLA.

The Golden Bears upset the Utes in what was a thrilling Pac-12 matchup. Cal started off on an average note, marking a fall in the very first vault of the competition. But things picked up significantly in rotation two where the team dropped a low score of 9.875 and set a program record for its efforts. The Utes, lacking Mykayla Skinner on her two signature events, came up just short despite having a very good performance. The team dropped its only fall of the day, Kari Lee’s bars, and went over 49.300 on every event. Missy Reinstadtler went 39.500 in the all around to tie for second place with Cal’s Kyana George, behind Williams, who tied her own program record of 39.700. Tied going into the final routine, it was a matchup between Skinner and Williams to see who would give their team the edge. Even though Utah had a lower score to drop, Williams stole the show by scoring a 9.975 to clinch the meet for the Bears.

No. 11 Arkansas at No. 5 Florida
Full Results UF: 197.725 Ark.: 196.875
VT: McMurtry, Slocum 9.950 UB: Gowey, McMurtry 9.925 BB: Gowey, McMurtry 9.950 FX: Boren 9.950 AA: Boren 39.525
  • Kennedy Baker (UF) tore her Achilles and is out for the remainder of the season.
  • Amanda Wellick (Ark) returned to the all around for the first time since the 2017 season.

Florida has been setting records at home all season. It bested Oklahoma to hold the nation’s highest score until last week, Alex McMurtry achieved a Gym Slam and has notched near-perfect scores since, and the Gators team of freshman is setting standards for classes to come. UF was hoping to do the same tonight and was on its way to scoring huge. McMurtry took home a share of three event titles, including a “perfect” score on her Yurchenko full. Sophomore Rachel Gowey is proving to have a breakout year as she equals her career best on balance beam while junior Alicia Boren proved what a crucial all around member of the team she is with another title win. The Gators hot streak ended on floor where it was forced to count an out of bounds pass, including a rough showing from McMurtry. Florida was hoping senior Kennedy Baker would stop the bleeding, but Baker went down with an injury that she later confirmed was a torn Achilles. While Florida won the meet with a great score, Arkansas also recorded a season best road score and came back from a weak showing last week. The Razorbacks scored above 49.000 on each event, helped by redshirt senior Amanda Wellick returning to the all around for the first time since before her Achilles injury last year.

Elevate the Stage with No. 6 Michigan, No. 10 Denver, No. 37 Utah State and No. 38 Bowling Green
Full Results DU: 196.575 UM: 196.575 USU: 195.325 BGSU: 194.750
VT: Zaziski 9.925 UB: Glynn, Karr, Zaziski 9.900 BB: Brown, Schou 9.900 FX: DeHarde 9.925 AA: Zaziski 39.575
  • Emma McLean (UM) did not compete floor—an event she is typically a staple on.
  • Lynnzee Brown (DU) returned on bars.
  • Maggie O’Hara (UM) and McKinley Pavicic (USU) made their collegiate debuts.

In classic Elevate series fashion, this meet was a wild ride. Favorite Michigan struggled early on vault with landing and form errors, and though scores were drastically low in some cases, they were not absurd. There was some judging confusion early, however; several of Michigan’s vault scores were changed, as was Utah State’s rotation one beam score. Meanwhile, Denver led off with a strong bar rotation, highlighted by excellent single bar release amplitude throughout the lineup that landed the Pioneers well ahead of the other three teams to start. Michigan, in fourth after one, slowly closed the gap event by event and managed to tie Pioneers who led throughout, with a solid five-up floor rotation. Utah State put up a strong meet, throwing big difficulty and looking clean throughout. Bowling Green was hampered by some sloppy form and counting a Yurchenko layout vault, a 9.7 start value. The Falcons are an exciting beam team, though, featuring routines packed with originality. Julia Beyer’s standing layout stepout to layout full dismount is a highlight. Notably, Lynnzee Brown returned to the bar lineup for Denver after missing a few weeks with an ankle injury, and the Pioneers put up six routines on every event for the first time this season. Lauren Farley was still absent for Michigan, and Emma McLean was also missing from the floor lineup where she usually anchors. She also only vaulted a Yurchenko full, rather than her usual one and a half and was pulled from the beam lineup. Overall, all four teams will be pleased with these away scores going into RQS rankings on Monday. No team had a stellar meet, but these were solid road performances, especially with stars missing from their best events for Denver and Michigan.

No. 7 Alabama at No. 16 Auburn
Full Results Ala.: 197.300 AU: 195.400
VT: Guerrero 9.950 UB: Winston 9.925 BB: Graber, Guerrero, Winston 9.900 FX: Day, Guerrero, Winston 9.925 AA: Winston 39.550

The first rotation of this historied rivalry was looking to set the pace for the remainder of the meet. The Tigers and the Tide left nothing on the floor as they stuck landing after landing and garnered career high performances. Auburn kicked it off on vault where junior Taylor Krippner notched a career high 9.900 with a stuck Yurchenko full and freshman Drew Watson followed with her own career best 9.900. Wynter Childers was back in the lineup for Alabama, replacing Mackenzie Brannan on the uneven bars after an Achilles injury ended her season earlier this week. The second and third rotations saw some adversity for the teams, particularly for the Tigers. After a hot vault rotation, the team struggled on bars. Watson held the only score above a 9.775 while the team was forced to cound Gracie Day’s fall after Abby Milliet came off as well. Samantha Cerio was back in the lineup after being out the past few weeks due to an appendectomy, but couldn’t hold it together to notch her typical 9.900. During the third rotation, both teams had major errors that gave the other a chance to sneak in. But they never took it—Auburn counted a fall on beam and Alabama saw multiple out of bounds passes. However, Nickie Guerrero and Kiana Winston’s consistency helped the Tide soar past Auburn and notch its season best score for the win.

No. 20 Missouri at No. 9 Kentucky
Full Results UK: 197.100 Miz: 195.125
VT: Hyland, Stuart 9.875 UB: Korth 9.925 BB: Hyland 9.875 FX: Hyland 9.925 AA: Hyland 39.575
  • Kentucky recorded its second-highest score in program history.
  • Megan Monfredi (UK) made her collegiate debut on floor. 

The past few weeks have shown Kentucky’s vulnerable side where the Wildcats struggled with consistency and reaching the records it broke earlier in the season. On Friday, Kentucky regained its composure to put up its second-highest score in program history with a 197.100. Freshman Megan Monfredi stepped in as the lead-off on floor where she scored a 9.800; the scores built from there for Kentucky’s best event of the night. Alex Hyland and Sidney Dukes scored big with 9.900s and Hyland won the event with a 9.925. Hyland had a historic night herself. She continues to contribute in the all around and received a 39.575, becoming only the third Kentucky gymnast to hit that mark or higher. Mizzou put up a good performance but fell by almost two points as they failed to score higher than a team total of 49 on three of the four events.

No. 22 Stanford at No. 10 Washington
Full Results UW: 196.475 Stanford: 195.450
VT: Flam 9.925 UB: Bryant, Price 9.900 BB: Roberson 9.925 FX: Bryant, Burleson 9.875 AA: Price 39.425

The Huskies have been on a hot streak the last few weeks and easily won this meet against the Cardinal. They started off slow on vault, which ended up being the only event they did not score above a 49 on but quickly picked up the pace on uneven bars. They were stellar in the third rotation on balance beam, where seniors Hailey Burleson and Joslyn Goings earned 9.900s, and sophomore Evanni Roberson topped it off with a 9.925. This is starting to sound like a broken record, but Stanford once again faced difficulties on uneven bars and had to count a fall despite continuing to put six gymnasts up. The Cardinal picked it up on vault and tied its top score of the year on the event (49.225), but it was unable to even come close to challenging Washington for the win after some more difficulties on floor and beam—although it did not count a fall on these events. Senior Elizabeth Price won yet another all around title with a score of 39.425 and tied for the bar title as well with teammate Kyla Bryant.

No. 13 Boise State at No. 18 BYU
Full Results BYU: 196.225 BSU: 196.175
VT: Zhong 9.850 UB: Hortman Evans 9.900 BB: Remme 9.925 FX: Greenlief 9.950 AA: Remme 39.450

For the first time in 20 matchups, BYU defeated Boise State by just half a tenth in a hotly contested meet. After the first rotation, the Broncos led by just a tenth after 9.825s from Sandra Collantes, Shani Remme and Gabriella Bouza, the last of whom had her collegiate bars debut. The Cougars stayed close, though, with career-highs from Angel Zhong and Abbey Miner at 9.850 and 9.800, respectively. Boise State lost it in the second rotation, though, scoring significantly lower than they’re used to on vault and having to count a 9.725 from Courtney McGregor. Meanwhile, BYU surged forward on bars, with both Zhong and Shannon Hortman Evans earning career highs of 9.775 and 9.900. Rotation three brought some problems for the Cougars, as they were forced to count Abby Boden’s 9.500 after a fall from Hannah Miller. The Broncos took the lead again after floor despite a fall from Abby Webb, with Collantes leading the way with a 9.900. But it was the final rotation that sealed the deal for the Cougars, as they put up a huge 49.325 on floor led by Kyleigh Greenlief, who scored a new career-high of 9.950. Boise State, meanwhile, had its own beam struggles, though Remme came through to win the event title with a 9.925. As BYU continues to improve as the year goes on, the MRGC championship looks less like a certainty and more like an exciting showdown between a number of top 20 programs.

No. 39 Pittsburgh at No. 14 Nebraska
Full Results Neb.: 196.425 Pitt: 193.600
VT: Schweihofer 9.900 UB: Crouse 9.925 BB: Crouse 9.825 FX: Schweihofer 9.950 AA: Crouse 39.550
  • Kynsee Roby (Neb) made her vault debut

Nebraska easily won this meet, but neither team had the performance it was looking for. The Huskers usually score in the high 196s at home and were probably hoping for their first 197 of the year. But ounting a 9.4 on bars after Kynsee Roby fell in the leadoff held down the team total. Roby also fell in the leadoff on beam. Sienna Crouse and Megan Schweihofer carried the team. Crouse tied her career-high all around total, and Schweihofer set a new career high. Pittsburgh struggled throughout this meet. The Panthers counted a fall on beam, but the real problems came on vault, where they had to count an 8.775 because Sophie Bochenek scored an 8.1 in the leadoff. Many routines that regularly score in the 9.8s were held in the 9.7s, which also depressed Pittsburgh’s total. The Panthers will be looking to bounce back at home next weekend.

No. 71 Arizona at No. 17 Arizona State
Full Results ASU: 196.725 Ariz.: 195.025
VT: Kuhm 9.900 UB: Leonard-Baker 9.875 BB: Callis 9.900 FX: Leonard-Baker 9.950 AA: Leonard-Baker 39.475
No. 19 Minnesota, No. 41 Michigan State and No. 78 UW-Stout at No. 25 Iowa State
Full Results ISU: 195.775 Minn.: 194.425 MSU: 191.775 UW-S: 185.550
VT: Ramler, Sievers 9.875 UB: Green 9.925 BB: Ramler, Young 9.900 FX: Paz 9.875 AA: Young 39.350
No. 20 Missouri and No. 50 UIC at No. 28 Illinois
Full Results Miz: 196.625 Ill: 195.400 UIC: 194.100
VT: Tucker 9.850 UB: Howell, Miller 9.900 BB: Ward 9.925 FX: Roe, Turner 9.900 AA: Tucker 39.325
No. 22 George Washington at No. 31 Penn State
Full Results GWU: 196.475 PSU: 196.150
VT: Tsang 9.900 UB: Bridgens, Garcia 9.925 BB: Pfeiler 9.925 FX: Drouin-Allaire, Tsang 9.950 AA: Tsang 39.600
No. 24 Central Michigan and No. 26 Ohio State at No. 38 Bowling Green
Full Results tOSU: 196.125 BGSU: 195.400 CMU: 195.375
VT: East 9.900 UB: Kaplan, Mattern, Porter 9.900 BB: Mitchell 9.950 FX: East 9.900 AA: East 39.300
No. 62 Illinois State and No. 25 Iowa State at No. 52 Lindenwood
Full Results ISU: 196.450 LU: 195.175 Illinois St.: 193.050
VT: Sievers 9.900 UB: Henry 9.850 BB: Young 9.900 FX: Ledesma 9.900 AA: Young 39.400
No. 57 William & Mary at No. 27 N.C. State
Full Results NCSU: 195.725 W&M: 193.325
VT: Grantham 9.850 UB: Fillard 9.825 BB: Grantham 9.875 FX: A. Phillips 9.900 AA: Grantham 39.175
No. 44 Eastern Michigan at No. 30 Kent State
Full Results EMU: 194.875 KSU: 193.925
VT: Schwartz 9.875 UB: Timko 9.900 BB: Stypinski 9.925 FX: Stypinski 9.975 AA: Stypinski 39.550
  • EMU defeated KSU for the first time in 20 years.
Pink Invitational with No. 32 Maryland, No. 65 Southern Connecticut, and No. 60 West Chester
Full Results UMD: 195.150 WCU: 193.300 SCSU: 190.725
VT: Barber, Burgess 9.800 UB: Barber, LeBlanc 9.900 BB: Thomas 9.800 FX: Farina 9.925 AA: Barber 38.625
No. 36 Iowa at No. 34 Southern Utah
Full Results SUU: 195.850 Iowa: 195.775
VT: McBride, McBride 9.850 UB: Yee 9.850 BB: Chow, Youd 9.900 FX: Snyder 9.900 AA: Jorgensen 39.300
No. 35 New Hampshire and No. 48 Temple at No. 55 Air Force
Full Results UNH: 195.225 AFA: 194.475 Temple: 193.375
VT: Diggan, Gipson 9.800 UB: Mulligan 9.900 BB: Lauter, Mulligan 9.875 FX: Davis 9.850 AA: Edwards 38.275
No. 40 Ball State at No. 42 Northern Illinois
Full Results NIU: 195.375 Ball St.: 195.200
VT: Lamberti 9.825 UB: Potts 9.950 BB: Lamberti, Richardson 9.800 FX: Martucci 9.925 AA: Potts 39.300
No. 43 UC Davis at No. 46 San Jose State
Full Results UC-D: 194.525 SJSU: 193.450
VT: Pascoe-Long 9.825 UB: Won 9.850 BB: Brown 9.875 FX: Brown, Pascoe-Long 9.900 AA: Brown, Heber 39.025
No. 47 Towson, No. 44 Western Michigan and No. 73 Ursinus at No. 49 Rutgers
Full Results RU: 194.800 Towson: 194.450 WMU: 192.650 Ursinus: 188.125
VT: Baker 9.850 UB: Shank 9.900 BB: Shank 9.925 FX: Underwood 9.900 AA: Huang 38.600
  • Makenzie Shank (RU) tied Rutgers’ program record on beam.
No. 51 Bridgeport, No. 61 SEMO and No. 74 Centenary at No. 54 Texas Woman’s
Full Results TWU: 194.675 UB: 194.275 SEMO: 193.075 Centenary: 191.825
VT: Jones 9.800 UB: Northrop 9.875 BB: Moredock 9.875 FX: Jones 9.875 AA: Campbell 38.875
No. 53 Sacramento State and No. 68 Alaska at No. 64 Seattle Pacific
Full Results Sac State: 194.075 SPU: 192.825 UAA: 191.950
VT: Burns 9.825 UB: Sampson, Soliwoda 9.800 BB: Roman 9.825 FX: Burns, Juarez 9.850 AA: Soliwoda 39.150
Ivy Classic with No. 58 Cornell, No. 58 Penn and No. 56 Yale at No. 63 Brown
Full Results Yale: 195.025 Cornell: 194.350 Penn: 193.875 Brown: 192.975
VT: Buford 9.800 UB: Wang 9.900 BB: Baldovino, Herczeg 9.825 FX: Buford 9.900 AA: Buford 39.225
No. 61 SEMO at No. 74 Centenary
Full Results Centenary: 191.175 SEMO: 191.050
VT: Brawner 9.775 UB: Brawner 9.800 BB: Jones 9.800 FX: Jordan 9.800 AA: Smith 38.400
No. 66 Brockport and No. 82 Rhode Island at No. 69 Ithaca
Full Results Ithaca: 189.575 Brockport St.: 183.800 RIC: 174.925
VT: Mager, Nichols 9.725 UB: Ryden 9.550 BB: Balcerak 9.700 FX: Nichols 9.700 AA: Murphy 34.800
No. 67 UW-La Crosse at No. 70 UW-Whitewater
Full Results UW-LC: 192.125 UW-W: 190.975
VT: Barmore 9.775 UB: Kachinsky 9.700 BB: Blixt 9.625 FX: Hutton 9.750 AA: Wiekamp 38.225
No. 76 Winona State at No. 81 Gustavus Adolphus
Full Results WSU: 183.825 GA:182.200
VT: Currin 9.475 UB: Vasina 9.625 BB: Johnston 9.700 FX: Malo 9.500 AA: Malo 36.950
No. 81 Gustavus Adolphus at No. 77 Hamline
Full Results Hamline: 184.775 GA: 179.525
VT: Huch 9.475 UB: Bradford 9.275 BB: Ingram, Webb 9.350 FX: Vorderbruggen 9.700 AA: Malo 36.100
No. 79 UW-Oshkosh at No. 80 UW-Eau Claire
Full Results UW-EC: 185.950 UW-O: 184.675
VT: Benes 9.525 UB: Lewis 9.550 BB: Scholtens 9.525 FX: Bjorge, Moorehouse 9.600 AA: Erickson 36.900

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