Iowa State awaits rewards following tri-meet at Denver

Bubble Watch: March 20

Conference championship week is here! Although the regionals field is almost completely decided, there are still many storylines to follow with regard to rankings. Let’s get right into it with a bracket projection!

Regionals Projection: Teams

Ann ArborBerkeleyFayettevilleGainesville
1. Oklahoma2. California3. LSU4. Florida
8. Denver7. Alabama6. Kentucky5. Utah
10. Michigan9. Michigan State12. Arkansas11. UCLA
16. Ohio State15. Minnesota14. Auburn13. Missouri
17. Oregon State20. Stanford19. N.C. State18. Georgia
23. Kent State21. Arizona State22. Arizona25. Towson
24. Penn State27. Washington26. Nebraska28. Maryland
31. Illinois30. Boise State32. Southern Utah29. Clemson
35. Ball State33. San Jose State33. BYU36. Iowa State

There were two hosting conflicts to resolve this week, but luckily they were simple to project, with Arkansas switching with UCLA and Michigan switching with Michigan State. As always, teams in bold are assigned to the region in question due to being located within 400 miles of the host, and BYU was assigned to Fayetteville because it does not compete on Sundays. We arranged the remainder of the teams in the bracket using loose geographical criteria while trying to keep no more than four conference members in a particular location and also attempting to keep the playing field as even as possible; this is our best guess for what the committee might do, but it is in no way set in stone.

Locked In: The Seeds

We typically only cover teams on the bubble for regionals qualification in this article, but since it is the last week before the bracket is finalized, we’ll break down some scenarios for teams that are locked into regionals as well. As always, scores in bold indicate performances that can no longer be dropped from the NQS calculation, crossed out scores are the current season high, and we’ll calculate the team’s projected ranking (against the current standings) if it matches or exceeds its season high this weekend. In some cases, we’ll also provide the score a team needs to reach a certain goal, which can be anything from locking in the No. 1 overall seed to securing a place in the regionals field. We’ll start with the current top 21, which has either locked in a seed or will be fighting for one this weekend.

No. 1 Oklahoma

Current NQS198.475
Highest three road scores198.375, 198.350, 198.325
Other NQS scores198.775, 198.675, 198.650*
NQS with season high this weekend198.500
Highest possible ranking1
Lowest possible ranking1
Meets remaining1 home

Oklahoma has already clinched the No. 1 overall seed for the postseason.

No. 2 California

Current NQS198.180
Highest three road scores198.550, 198.400, 197.950
Other NQS scores198.500, 198.100, 197.950*
NQS with season high this weekend198.300
Highest possible ranking2
Lowest possible ranking3
Meets remaining1 road

Cal dipped below the 198 threshold on Sunday for the first time in a month. But, that was after scoring a 198.500 on Friday, so it’s nothing too concerning. The Golden Bears can technically clinch the No. 2 overall seed this weekend no matter what LSU scores, but it would take matching the 198.550 season high (and program record) to do so.

No. 3 LSU

Current NQS198.125
Highest three road scores198.425, 197.950, 197.625*
Other NQS scores198.475, 198.325, 198.300
NQS with season high this weekend198.295
Highest possible ranking2
Lowest possible ranking3
Meets remaining1 road

LSU is locked in to being either the No. 2 or No. 3 overall seed in the bracket, and it needs to score at least a 197.925 to have a chance of passing Cal.

No. 4 Florida

Current NQS197.905
Highest three road scores198.225, 197.925, 197.700*
Other NQS scores198.150, 197.900, 197.850
NQS with season high this weekend198.010
Highest possible ranking4
Lowest possible ranking6
Meets remaining1 road

No. 5 Utah

Current NQS197.840
Highest three road scores197.875, 197.775, 197.725*
Other NQS scores198.300, 198.075, 197.750
NQS with season high this weekend197.955
Highest possible ranking4
Lowest possible ranking7
Meets remaining1 road

No. 6 Kentucky

Current NQS197.810
Highest three road scores197.925, 197.800, 197.600*
Other NQS scores198.100, 197.950, 197.775
NQS with season high this weekend197.910
Highest possible ranking4
Lowest possible ranking8
Meets remaining1 road

The fight for the final top regional seed will be one to watch this weekend, with Florida, Utah, and Kentucky all able to achieve the feat. Florida can clinch the spot with a 197.975, a mark that it has surpassed on the road only once so far this season. The Gators can also guarantee a ranking of at least No. 5 with a 197.750. Utah, meanwhile, would need a 198.075 to have a chance to pass Florida for No. 4 and can guarantee a higher ranking than Kentucky with a 198.100. The Wildcats should aim for at least a 197.925 at SECs, as that would prevent Alabama and Denver from passing them.

No. 7 Alabama

Current NQS197.760
Highest three road scores198.025, 197.675, 197.575
Other NQS scores198.075, 198.000, 197.525*
NQS with season high this weekend197.870
Highest possible ranking5
Lowest possible ranking9
Meets remaining1 road

No. 8 Denver

Current NQS197.700
Highest three road scores197.750, 197.625, 197.350*
Other NQS scores198.025, 198.000, 197.775
NQS with season high this weekend197.835
Highest possible ranking6
Lowest possible ranking10
Meets remaining1 road

No. 9 Michigan State

Current NQS197.615
Highest three road scores198.050, 197.475, 197.275
Other NQS scores198.150, 197.725, 197.550*
NQS with season high this weekend197.735
Highest possible ranking8
Lowest possible ranking10
Meets remaining1 home

Alabama, Denver, and Michigan State could all end up as either the second or third highest seed in a regional, so they’ll all be aiming for that second tier. Alabama has the most direct path to accomplishing this goal, as a 197.800 would prevent a surging UCLA from passing. For Denver, 197.925 would assure a finish in the top eight overall seeds. Michigan State cannot control its own destiny in this regard, but if the higher-ranked teams falter, the Spartans would need at least a 198.000 to have a chance of passing Denver.

No. 10 Michigan

Current NQS197.545
Highest three road scores197.650, 197.500, 197.400*
Other NQS scores197.725, 197.625, 197.550
NQS with season high this weekend197.610
Highest possible ranking10
Lowest possible ranking12
Meets remaining1 road

Michigan is locked into being the third highest seed at the Ann Arbor regional.

No. 11 UCLA

Current NQS197.520
Highest three road scores197.425, 197.175, 197.100*
Other NQS scores198.550, 198.075, 197.825
NQS with season high this weekend197.810
Highest possible ranking6
Lowest possible ranking12
Meets remaining1 road

UCLA has a wide range of possible rankings after this weekend, owing to the large gap between its season high (198.550) and the score it can still drop from its NQS calculation (197.100). The Bruins will need to be close to that season high if they want to have a chance at finishing No. 6, as a 198.325 would be required to pass Alabama’s current NQS. However, UCLA’s best road score of the season is only 197.425, so it feels unlikely that we will see the kind of numbers required to rise into the top eight.

No. 12 Arkansas

Current NQS197.445
Highest three road scores197.650, 197.525, 197.375
Other NQS scores198.100, 197.400, 197.275*
NQS with season high this weekend197.610
Highest possible ranking10
Lowest possible ranking14
Meets remaining1 road

No. 13 Missouri

Current NQS197.420
Highest three road scores197.600, 197.475, 197.400
Other NQS scores197.525, 197.375, 197.325*
NQS with season high this weekend197.475
Highest possible ranking12
Lowest possible ranking14
Meets remaining1 road

No. 14 Auburn

Current NQS197.315
Highest three road scores197.575, 197.100, 197.050*
Other NQS scores197.725, 197.425, 197.425
NQS with season high this weekend197.450
Highest possible ranking12
Lowest possible ranking15
Meets remaining1 road

Arkansas, Missouri, and Auburn have all locked in a top 16 ranking and seeded position in the bracket, but whether they end up as the third or fourth seeded team in their assigned regional is yet to be seen. Arkansas has the most room for improvement, with only a 197.450 needed to guarantee staying ahead of Missouri and Auburn and a minimum of a 197.675 needed to move up in the rankings. For Missouri, a 197.500 would be enough to both have a chance at passing Arkansas and prevent Auburn from passing it. Auburn would need a 197.600 to have a chance at moving up in the rankings, a score it has yet to achieve on the road this season. However, only a 197.275 is needed to block Minnesota from passing.

No. 15 Minnesota

Current NQS197.190
Highest three road scores197.525, 197.400, 196.950
Other NQS scores197.725, 197.175, 196.900*
NQS with season high this weekend197.355
Highest possible ranking14
Lowest possible ranking18
Meets remaining1 road

No. 16 Ohio State

Current NQS197.100
Highest three road scores197.125, 197.125, 197.000*
Other NQS scores197.350, 197.150, 197.100
NQS with season high this weekend197.170
Highest possible ranking16
Lowest possible ranking21
Meets remaining1 road

Minnesota and Ohio State are both in a bit of a precarious position. They are currently seeded, but six other teams are capable of knocking them out of position this weekend. Ohio State, in particular, is vulnerable and cannot improve its ranking this week. It needs a 197.150 to keep N.C. State from passing it but will just be hoping for the other teams to have subpar performances in order to hold onto its seeded position. Minnesota is in a slightly better position, and with a 197.550, it can move ahead of Auburn. The Gophers haven’t quite reached that mark on the road this season, but if they fall short, they still have an opportunity to block Oregon State, Georgia, and Stanford from passing.

No. 17 Oregon State

Current NQS197.085
Highest three road scores197.075, 196.950, 196.775*
Other NQS scores197.575, 197.400, 197.225
NQS with season high this weekend197.245
Highest possible ranking15
Lowest possible ranking22
Meets remaining1 road

No. 18 Georgia

Current NQS197.030
Highest three road scores197.450, 196.975, 196.350*
Other NQS scores197.550, 197.300, 197.075
NQS with season high this weekend197.270
Highest possible ranking15
Lowest possible ranking22
Meets remaining1 road

No. 19 North Carolina State

Current NQS196.960
Highest three road scores196.850, 196.825, 196.750*
Other NQS scores197.575, 197.375, 197.000
NQS with season high this weekend197.125
Highest possible ranking16
Lowest possible ranking24
Meets remaining1 road

No. 20 Stanford

Current NQS196.930
Highest three road scores197.675, 196.625, 196.600*
Other NQS scores197.975, 196.875, 196.875
NQS with season high this weekend197.205
Highest possible ranking15
Lowest possible ranking25
Meets remaining1 road

No. 21 Arizona State

Current NQS196.920
Highest three road scores196.975, 196.850, 196.700*
Other NQS scores197.600, 197.250, 196.825
NQS with season high this weekend197.100
Highest possible ranking16
Lowest possible ranking25
Meets remaining1 road

The goal for these teams is to move into a seeded position. Georgia is in the best position of this group and can fully control its own destiny this week. Matching its current road high of 197.450 would be enough to lock in a No. 15 ranking. For Oregon State and Stanford, a 197.225 and a 197.825, respectively, would be enough to guarantee passing Ohio State. However, that is not enough to prevent being passed by lower ranked teams. It will have to hope that Georgia in particular has a rough outing this weekend. N.C. State would need to surpass its current road high by over six tenths to even have a chance at catching Ohio State. Arizona State would need to match its season high to tie Ohio State, but if the Buckeyes record a counting score, the best ASU can do is No. 17.

Locked In: Avoiding the Play-In Round

This middle group of teams is locked into a regionals position but cannot break into the top 16 (with the exception of Kent State). The main goal should be to earn a high enough ranking to avoid day one of regionals.

No. 22 Arizona

Current NQS196.885
Highest three road scores196.950, 196.875, 196.850*
Other NQS scores197.000, 196.900, 196.850
NQS with season high this weekend196.915
Highest possible ranking22
Lowest possible ranking29
Meets remaining1 road

Arizona’s scores are very tightly clustered, so it is unable to move up this week. Matching its season high would prevent Penn State, Maryland, and Ball State from passing, but it is still very vulnerable to teams with more upside overtaking it in the rankings.

No. 23 Kent State

Current NQS196.860
Highest three road scores197.725, 196.950, 196.125*
Other NQS scores197.200, 197.100, 196.925
NQS with season high this weekend197.180
Highest possible ranking16
Lowest possible ranking30
Meets remaining1 road

Kent State is the lowest ranked team that still has a shot at a seeded spot at regionals. The Golden Flashes can guarantee passing Ohio State with a 197.700, a score they’ve only surpassed once this season, at the Tennessee Collegiate Classic in January. However, they would still be vulnerable to being passed by other teams and therefore relegated back to geographical seeding.

No. 24 Penn State

Current NQS196.825
Highest three road scores197.000, 196.875, 196.650*
Other NQS scores197.025, 196.825, 196.775
NQS with season high this weekend196.900
Highest possible ranking22
Lowest possible ranking30
Meets remaining1 road

No. 25 Towson

Current NQS196.800
Highest three road scores196.775, 196.600, 196.575
Other NQS scores197.500, 197.425, 196.625*
NQS with season high this weekend196.975
Highest possible ranking19
Lowest possible ranking32
Meets remaining1 home

No. 26 Nebraska

Current NQS196.755
Highest three road scores197.375, 196.500, 196.125*
Other NQS scores197.150, 197.125, 196.875
NQS with season high this weekend197.005
Highest possible ranking19
Lowest possible ranking33
Meets remaining1 road

No. 27 Washington

Current NQS196.735
Highest three road scores197.200, 196.950, 196.500
Other NQS scores197.175, 196.550, 196.500*
NQS with season high this weekend196.875
Highest possible ranking23
Lowest possible ranking33
Meets remaining1 road

No. 28 Maryland

Current NQS196.725
Highest three road scores197.300, 197.050, 196.725
Other NQS scores196.725, 196.675, 196.450*
NQS with season high this weekend196.895
Highest possible ranking22
Lowest possible ranking33
Meets remaining1 road

Penn State, Towson, Nebraska, Washington, and Maryland currently occupy the final five spots before the play-in round, and with only a tenth of a point separating them in NQS and plenty of lower-ranked teams on their heels, these positions are very precarious going into conference championships. Nebraska has the most upside of the group and can guarantee a higher finish than the others with a 197.250; it only needs 196.825 to guarantee a top 28 ranking. Towson can keep itself outside of the play-in round (assuming there are no geography-related shenanigans) with a 197.100, while for Penn State that number is 197.100. Washington and Maryland could score season highs and still compete in first round depending on the performances of lower-ranked teams.

No. 29 Clemson

Current NQS196.690
Highest three road scores196.825, 196.550, 196.375
Other NQS scores197.600, 197.350, 196.350*
NQS with season high this weekend196.940
Highest possible ranking20
Lowest possible ranking33
Meets remaining1 road

No. 30 Boise State

Current NQS196.655
Highest three road scores197.025, 196.800, 196.250*
Other NQS scores196.825, 196.750, 196.650
NQS with season high this weekend196.810
Highest possible ranking25
Lowest possible ranking34
Meets remaining1 road

No. 31 Illinois

Current NQS196.630
Highest three road scores196.850, 196.550, 196.400*
Other NQS scores197.275, 196.850, 196.500
NQS with season high this weekend196.805
Highest possible ranking25
Lowest possible ranking34
Meets remaining1 road

No. 32 Southern Utah

Current NQS196.585
Highest three road scores196.800, 196.525, 196.250*
Other NQS scores197.125, 196.850, 196.500
NQS with season high this weekend196.760
Highest possible ranking26
Lowest possible ranking35
Meets remaining1 road

Clemson, Boise State, Illinois, and Southern Utah are all currently slotted to participate in the play-in round but are capable of rising enough in the rankings to earn a first-round bye. For Clemson, a 197.375 at the ACC championship would be enough to guarantee a top 28 finish, though that is over half a point higher than its season high road score. None of the other three teams control their destiny in this regard, so they’ll have to perform as best as possible and hope it’s enough.

No. T-33 San Jose State

Current NQS196.555
Highest three road scores196.675, 196.650, 196.600
Other NQS scores196.575, 196.500, 196.450*
NQS with season high this weekend196.600
Highest possible ranking32
Lowest possible ranking35
Meets remaining1 road

No. T-33 BYU

Current NQS196.555
Highest three road scores197.000, 196.750, 196.600
Other NQS scores196.500, 196.475, 196.450*
NQS with season high this weekend196.665
Highest possible ranking30
Lowest possible ranking35
Meets remaining1 road

San Jose State and BYU are both guaranteed to be in the play-in round. San Jose State in particular has very little spread in its scores, so a rankings improvement is unlikely.

No. 35 Ball State

Current NQS196.520
Highest three road scores198.025, 197.425, 196.100
Other NQS scores196.600, 196.400, 196.075*
NQS with season high this weekend196.910
Highest possible ranking22
Lowest possible ranking35
Meets remaining1 home

Much like Kent State, Ball State has an extremely high season high from January that allows it to have major upside. There’s plenty of opportunity for Ball State to move up in the rankings and out of the play-in round depending on how it fares this weekend, but the Cardinals can’t move down, so they are locked into regionals regardless.

Bubble Watch

The bubble is small this year, with three teams left in contention for the final spot in the regionals field.

No. 36 Iowa State

Current NQS196.325
Highest three road scores196.700, 196.150, 195.950*
Other NQS scores196.900, 196.650, 196.175
NQS with season high this weekend196.515
Highest possible ranking36
Lowest possible ranking38
Meets remaining1 road

Unfortunately, the Cyclones cannot move up this week, but they are in control of their own destiny. A 196.700 would guarantee a spot in the regionals field, as it would be enough to prevent both Iowa and George Washington being able to pass them. Short of that, a 196.250 would guarantee at least staying ahead of Iowa.

No. 37 Iowa

Current NQS196.305
Highest three road scores196.525, 196.450, 196.300
Other NQS scores196.400, 196.225, 196.150*
NQS with season high this weekend196.380
Highest possible ranking36
Lowest possible ranking38
Meets remaining1 road

Iowa once again barely recorded a season high in order to keep itself in the regionals conversation, but it’s still sorely lacking upside. A 196.275 would give the Hawkeyes a chance to catch their in-state rivals, but Iowa State is in control and can block them from passing without even having to score all that high this weekend. With the lowest maximum possible NQS of the three bubble teams, Iowa needs to put up its best performance of the season while hoping the other two teams falter.

No. 38 George Washington

Current NQS196.145
Highest three road scores197.200, 195.675, 195.575*
Other NQS scores196.625, 196.600, 196.250
NQS with season high this weekend196.470
Highest possible ranking36
Lowest possible ranking39
Meets remaining1 road

George Washington took advantage of its double meet weekend by recording a new season high by over half a point. The team needs a 196.500 to have a chance of catching Iowa State, a number it surpassed both times out this weekend, but it can’t guarantee it. A 196.775 would be enough to overtake Iowa for the first spot out.

Regionals Projection: Individuals

We’ve simulated the individual qualification as if regionals were to start tomorrow in order to show who’s currently in position to qualify and who is on the outside looking in. Keep in mind that teams participating in the play-in round at regionals are eligible to qualify individuals, so team ranking changes can affect the pool of athletes eligible for this list.

Projected All-Around Qualifiers

GymnastSchoolCurrent NQS
Karina MuñozNo. 37 Iowa39.470
Rebecca WellsNo. 29 Clemson39.405
Raisa BorisNo. 47 Eastern Michigan39.360
Maggie SlifeNo. 54 Air Force39.340
Luciana Alvarado-ReidNo. 39 Central Michigan39.335
Niya RandolphNo. 32 Southern Utah39.335
Zoe MiddletonNo. 35 Ball State39.330
Syd MorrisNo. 61 LIU39.310
Payton MurphyNo. 39 Western Michigan39.310
Kylie GorgenyiNo. 48 New Hampshire39.270
Julia KnowerNo. 46 North Carolina39.265
Lauren MacphersonNo. 33 San Jose State39.255

The first two athletes missing this list are both from Ball State, Victoria Henry and Hannah Ruthberg. Henry is more likely to make a move into qualifying position this week, with a 38.900 still counting toward her NQS that she could replace with a much higher score. A wildcard to watch out for is Kendall Whitman (George Washington), who had her two highest AA scores of the season this past weekend and could move up into qualifying position with a repeat of those performances. Should their teams end up in the play-in round, Skylar Killough-Wilhelm (Washington) and Emma Spence (Nebraska) would likely find themselves qualified as all-arounders.

Projected Vault Qualifiers

GymnastSchoolCurrent NQS
Suki PfisterNo. 35 Ball State9.935
Keanna AbrahamNo. 49 UC Davis9.900
Josie BergstromNo. 36 Iowa State9.885
Emily LeeseNo. 42 Rutgers9.885
Victoria HenryNo. 35 Ball State9.885
Arielle WardNo. 31 Illinois9.880
Megan RayNo. 49 UC Davis9.880
Kiera O’SheaNo. 52 Northern Illinois9.875
Sydney BensonNo. 33 BYU9.875
Sarah ZoisNo. 38 George Washington9.875
Jaye MackNo. 41 Illinois State9.870
Noelle AdamsNo. 36 Iowa State9.870
Lali DekanoidzeNo. 46 North Carolina9.870
Kayla PardueNo. 32 Southern Utah9.865
Kendall WhitmanNo. 38 George Washington9.865
Jaudai LopesNo. 33 San Jose State9.865

The first three out of these rankings are Elizabeth Cesarone (Central Michigan), Molly Arnold (Clemson), and Rachel Katz (George Washington), who all have an NQS of 9.860. Of these three, Arnold is the most likely to move into qualifying position with a season high of 9.975 and a 9.800 still to drop. However, if Clemson earns a first-round bye, she will no longer be in the pool of gymnasts eligible for qualification anyway. Elise Tisler (Towson) and Natalie Martin (Maryland) would be certain qualifiers if their teams wind up in the first round; Martina Comin (Nebraska) would be a potential qualifier with a 9.865 current NQS. Kylie Gorgenyi (9.875 NQS) would be a strong contender for vault qualification if she ends up not qualifying as an all-arounder.

Projected Bars Qualifiers

GymnastSchoolCurrent NQS
Emily LopezNo. 30 Boise State9.930
Ashley SzymanskiNo. 35 Ball State9.910
Mia TakekawaNo. 31 Illinois9.910
Lyden SaltnessNo. 31 Illinois9.895
Isabelle SchaeferNo. 46 North Carolina9.890
Courtney BlacksonNo. 30 Boise State9.885
Anyssa AlvaradoNo. 33 BYU9.885
Lali DekanoidzeNo. 46 North Carolina9.885
Alyssa Al-AshariNo. 52 Northern Illinois9.885
Avery BalserNo. 42 Rutgers9.880
Megan TeterNo. 35 Ball State9.875
Anna BramblettNo. 33 BYU9.875
Jada MazuryNo. 33 San Jose State9.875
Amelia KnightNo. 31 Illinois9.870
Isabella NeffNo. 32 Southern Utah9.870
Brianna BrooksNo. 45 Utah State9.870

There was a seven-way tie for the final three spots in this list, with Kaitlin DeGuzman (Clemson), Hannah Appleget (Lindenwood), Trista Goodman (Southern Utah), and Aubri Schwartze (Southern Utah) all missing out. Blackson is currently injured; if she were to forfeit her place, Goodman would replace her as things currently stand. A wildcard to watch would be Sacramento State’s Kara Houghton, who currently has a 9.860 NQS but has a 9.825 to drop and a season high of 9.975. This list could change drastically if the play-in field changes; Isabella Minervini (Towson), Kinsey Davis (Nebraska), Grace Vaillancourt (Towson), Lilly Tubbs (Washington), and Rhea LeBlanc (Maryland) all have an NQS of at least 9.880. Kylie Gorgenyi would also join this list should she fall out of contention for the all-around qualification.

Projected Beam Qualifiers

GymnastSchoolCurrent NQS
Brynlee AndersenNo. 33 BYU9.915
Mia TakekawaNo. 31 Illinois9.905
Ilka JukNo. 37 Iowa9.900
Adriana PoppNo. 30 Boise State9.895
Ellie CacciolaNo. 32 Southern Utah9.890
Noelle AdamsNo. 36 Iowa State9.885
Ella ChemottiNo. 47 Eastern Michigan9.880
Maya PetersNo. 38 George Washington9.880
Emily LopezNo. 30 Boise State9.875
Elease RollinsNo. 33 BYU9.875
Kielyn McCrightNo. 29 Clemson9.875
Katherine WeyhmillerNo. 33 San Jose State9.870
Josie BergstromNo. 36 Iowa State9.865
Nya KrausNo. 44 Lindenwood9.865
Kennedi McClainNo. 32 Southern Utah9.860
Stephanie ZannellaNo. 42 Rutgers9.855

There was another seven-way tie to break on this event, this time for the final single qualifying spot. Zannella emerged the victor over Emma Loyim (Boise State), Amelia Knight (Illinois), Madison Kipp (Illinois State), Lauren Thomas (Iowa State), Jackie Manifold (Rutgers), and Alyssa Fernandez (Southern Utah). Loyim has the easiest path to increase her NQS since she is still counting a 9.775 and has a season high of 9.925. Should Syd Morris or Lauren Macpherson fall out of the all-around qualification, they would both be sure qualifiers on beam. Maddie Komoroski (Maryland), Taylor Russon (Washington), and Sophia McClelland (Nebraska) would likely join this list if their teams fail to secure the first round bye, with Grace Vaillancourt (Towson), Josephine Kogler (Maryland), Chelsea Hallinan (Washington), Emily Innes (Washington), Deiah Moody (Washington), and Natalie Martin (Maryland) all being in the mix as well.

Projected Floor Qualifiers

GymnastSchoolCurrent NQS
Kendall WhitmanNo. 38 George Washington9.930
Julia BedellNo. 61 Brown9.920
Jada MazuryNo. 33 San Jose State9.915
Brie ClarkNo. 29 Clemson9.915
Courtney BlacksonNo. 30 Boise State9.910
Hallie HornbacherNo. 39 Central Michigan9.910
Mia TownesNo. 31 Illinois9.910
Noelle AdamsNo. 36 Iowa State9.910
Emma LoyimNo. 30 Boise State9.905
Jaye MackNo. 41 Illinois State9.905
Keanna AbrahamNo. 49 UC Davis9.900
Emily LeeseNo. 42 Rutgers9.895
Molly ArnoldNo. 29 Clemson9.895
Brooke DonabedianNo. 54 Temple9.895
Megan RayNo. 49 UC Davis9.895
Cassie St. ClairNo. 39 Western Michigan9.895

We had to break yet another seven-way tie to determine the final five qualifiers this week, with the unlucky losers being Victoria Henry (Ball State) and Emily Erb (Iowa). If Blackson were to withdraw due to injury, Erb would be the next in line to replace her. Watch out for Jordyn Ewing (Pittsburgh), who can make a move into qualifying position if she replaces her 9.850 with her season high of 9.925. Gayla Griswold (Lindenwood) is another to keep an eye on. Payton Murphy (Western Michigan) would be the top qualifier here if she were to lose her all-around qualification spot. Out of the teams currently in position for a first round bye but possibly ending up in the play-in round, Alexa Rothenbuescher (Maryland) and Emily Innes (Washington) are the most likely qualifiers on floor, with Sophia McClelland (Nebraska), Maddie Komoroski (Maryland), Csenge Bácskay (Nebraska), and Elise Tisler (Towson) also in the mix.

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Article by Jenna King, Claire Harmon, Mariah Dawson, and Emma Hammerstrom


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