LIVE BLOG: Big 12 Championship

This is definitely going to be a championship you do not want to miss! This may be one of the more ‘underrated’ championships in a jam packed weekend, but this is certainly not one to count out. Hosted in Norman, with the host, the No.1 Oklahoma Sooners in its final year of being a Big 12 team, going up against two teams in the regional bubble, and one in the top ten.

The Sooners have been dominant this year, holding the no. 1 spot the whole season. The Sooners have a huge season high of 198.775 and come into the postseason with an NQS of 198.475. Every individual in each lineup has the potential to go 9.9 plus every time out, but the lineups have remained relatively consistent throughout the year. Heavily led by four all-arounder, Jordan Bowers, Katherine LeVasseur, Audrey Davis and Faith Torrez, this team has been unstoppable thus far in 2024. 

Coming in at the only other top ten spot, Denver has broken a 198 twice this season, and is coming off a high from their last meet against Michigan where they scored a 197.750. Senior, Jessica Hutchinson has been lights out for the Pioneers, coming in as the leading scorer across all four events. Denver can definitely compete with Oklahoma, especially on bars where they have scored a high of a 49.75 this year. The lowest scoring event for the team has been beam, which is the only event they have scored under a 49 all season. Nonetheless, this is a strong Denver team that can keep pace with Oklahoma if they have another complete meet, which they are completely capable of doing. 

On the regional bubble are no. 33 BYU and no. 36 Iowa State. BYU has been relatively consistent throughout the year, but has only once broken a 197. Floor is BYU’s lowest ranked event coming into this meet, but is one they have the potential to improve on. Getting just a few extra tenths back here , especially being so close to either in or out of regional contention, will be crucial at this competition.. Iowa State is also a team that has to be wary of not only their performance at this competition, but how this score either helps or hurts their chances of being a team that could compete in a play-in for an official regional spot. The highest score of the year for Iowa State came early in the season at 196.900. Since then, the Cyclones have been within the high 195 to mid 196 range, but in order to make themselves a lock for this championship to not be the ending point to their season, they need a big score to be able to count this early 196.9 toward their NQS. 

Rounding out the five teams of this championship is West Virginia, which comes in at no. 51. With the Mountaineers being out of regional contention at this point, this competition is a way to end the season on a high note. West Virginia has had to overcome a lot of obstacles throughout the season, and for the team to have a great last competition of the 2024 season would give them a lot of confidence moving into next year. The Mountaineers have yet to crack a 196 team total, but have the potential to do so in this final competition. 
In between all the other exciting championship meets happening, tune in here at 7 p.m. ET to watch these five teams compete for the Big 12 title!

Rotation 1: OU Vault, BYU Bars, WVU Beam, ISU Floor

Torrez (OU): To start off Big 12s, Yurchenko 1.5 STUCK. Okay, that’s how its going for OU tonight! 9.9.

Mason (BYU): A little loose in the beginning, double layout dismount, pretty big stumble back but a good lead off. 9.725.

Smith (WVU): Standing LOSO LOSO, really nice! Cat leap to switch side, a little short on that side.  Beat jump to pike jump. Ends round off 1.5. 9.725.

Manternach (ISU): Front through to double tuck first pass, double pike second pass, a little chest down but good routine! 9.825.

Wells (OU): Yurchenko 1.5 pretty much stuck a little scoot but WOW. 9.9.

Jorgensen (BYU): Little shy on the handstand, but a big Tkachev, shoot over down to the low bar, dismounts with a double layout stuck! 9.825.

Pierson (WVU): Standing front tuck, a little bobble. Pulls out a really good BHS back pike. Love the difficulty already from this lineup! Beat jump to straddle ½, good. Beat jump. BHS Tuck 1.5 to end step back on landing.

Cooke (ISU): Nice front double full to start off that routine. Ends back 1.5 to front layout. 9.80.

Bowers (OU): Yurchenko 1.5 STUCK. GEEZ. That’s got to be a 10. 10 !!!!!! WOW. ENERGY!

Brown (WVU): BHS BHS LOSO, good. Switch leap, low back leg, split jump, but good connection. Round off double full dismount, stuck!! 9.85.

Wilke (ISU): Back 1.5 to front layout, Switch side ½ to straddle full, double pike to close out that routine, is OOB on that last pass. 9.725.

LeVasseur (OU): Yurchenko 1.5, step forward but great height and distance. 9.9.

Wehry (WVU): Beat jump, BHS LOSO. Brani, really nice. Split jump, straddle ½ beautiful extension. Gainer front full of the end small step back. 9.850.

Hunter-Kempler (BYU): Tkachev to starter, nice height, clear hip to shoot over, double layout dismount step back on the landing. 9.875.

Scheible (OU): Front handspring pike ½ STUCK. This OU team is scary.. in the best way… 9.975.

Parker (ISU): Wolf turn right before a HUGE double tuck first pass. Switch ½ to straddle jump, and a really nice double pike to end. 9.9.

Leigh (WVU) missed the beginning of the routine, but coming in a little shaky front aerial, nice switch half and ends cartwheel Gainer full of the side hop back on that landing. 9.125 (must have fallen in the beginning)

Seigfeldt (OU): Yurchenko 1.5 small hop forward. Okay OU vault! 9.9.

Adams (ISU): Front layout to front ½, nice rise on that. Torjete 1/2 straddle full. HUGE double tuck to close out this rotation. 9.875.

Lane (WVU): Coming in late on the routine, nice BHS LOSO. Switch leap, good. BHS 1.5 hop forward, came in clutch not having to count that fall! 9.725.

Bramblett (BYU): Nice Ray to direct shoot over, dismounts with a huge double layout STUCK; love how her chest was so high on the landing. 9.95 (WOW)

Schell (ISU): Missed the first pass, but in the anchor spot for what is already a great floor rotation for ISU! Ends with a nice back 1.5 to front layout to close out this routine and rotation!

After 1: OU 49.675, BYU 49.375, ISU 49.300, WVU 48.875

Talk about energy. I have chills, what a way to start this meet! No score under a 9.9 for OU on vault, INSANE. Topped by Bowers 10.0 in the third spot this was the OU vault team we knew was in there. BYU had a great opening rotation on bars, only trailing OU by three tenths, and ISU by only .375. WVU didn’t have to count a fall on beam which is huge for keeping the confidence up throughout the meet. AND Denver hasn’t even started! This is going to be good.

Rotation 2: OU bye, Denver bars, BYU beam, WVU floor, ISU vault

Wills (ISU): Yurchenko full, hop back on the landing. 9.8.

Rorich (DEN): In between the bar mount to blind, straddle Jaeger really nice down to shoot over. Dismounts with a really nice STUCK double layout to close out this opening routine for Denver! 9.9.

Mason (BYU): BHS LOSO series to start off for this routine. Cat leap, side aerial, big balance check on that but stays on. Switch leap to split jump, ends with a round off double full dismount, step back on the landing. 9.625.

Lewis (WVU): Opens up this rotation with a front 1.5 to back LOSO. Torjete ½ to split full Huge double tuck to end! 9.875.

Parker (ISU): Yurchenko full, huge distance on that wow. 9.85.

Ulrich (DEN): Maloney up to the high bar to start to immediate Pak, nice connection, STICKS that double layout. 9.875.

Raesly-Patton (BYU): Front aerial, split jump. Switch leap to split jump. BHS LOSO, good. Pretty ring kick! Love! Ends round off 1.5 stuck! Back on track! 9.825.

Adams (ISU) Yurchenko full hop back but clean. 9.775.

Hebinck (DEN): BIG Stalder Ray to immediate Pak, really good. Double layout dismount to end STUCK! 9.9.

Margraf (BYU): coming in late on this, switch leap, split jump. Front full dismount sticks! 9.85.

Lowe (WVU): Nice double tuck for first pass, Torjete 1/2 , split full, good. Back 1.5 to front layout, a little short coming up. Double pike to end, really nice routine for WVU! 9.80.

Bergstrom (ISU): Yurchenko full a medium hop back. 9.8.

Millar-Crossman (BYU): BHS LOSO, really nice. Cat leap, to switch side 1/4, a little shaky. Cartwheel for that side skill requirement. Beat jump, straddle half a little bobble, ends punch front full stuck! 9.825.

Hutchinson (DEN): Maloney to start, such good form, right back down with a Pak. Ends with a big double layout STUCK. 9.9

Hong (ISU): Yurchenko 1.5 small hop to the side and back but first ten start value! 9.775.

Collins (WVU): Punch front 1.5 to LOSO, a little loose on that. Torjete ½ to wolf full, good. Second pass double tuck, close to stepping out but stays in. 9.75.

Rollins: Switch leap, straddle ¼ to start off. Front aerial immediate BHS LOSO really nice flowy connection. Back attitude full turn, love. BHS Gainer full off the side STUCK. 9.9.

Mundell (DEN): Nice tkachev to shoot over, really good. Ends with a double layout, step forward on that dismount but nice clean routine. 9.85.

Schell (ISU): Vault debut!!! Yurchenko full small hop back really nice! 9.775.

Brown (WVU): Front 1.5 to LOSO nice rise on that connection. Front double full, a little under rotated on that. 9.7.

Andersen (BYU): BHS LOSO, really nice. Beat jump, straddle ½ a little off but saves it. Cat leap side aerial. BHS Gainer full off the side, sticks it! 9.85

Iwai (DEN): came in late on this but a STUCK double layout dismount! 9.9.

Pierson (WVU): HUGE double layout to open! So much power, really nice. Switch side to straddle full. Front through to open double tuck. What a close to this rotation!

After 2: BYU 98.625, ISU 98.300, WVU 98.025, OU 49.675, Denver 49.475

Another great rotation for everyone! I love that. Denver came out hot on after a bye and scored only two tenths behind OU’s first rotation. BYU was lights out on beam sticking EVERY LANDING. Wow. ISU put up some good vaults but lacked that polish on the landings, but still had a strong event score. WVU had a great floor rotation, ending with a big routine from fifth year Pierson scoring a 9.9 in what I think is her last floor routine (if so, what a way to end!) Moving into the third, this is still so close, and SO exciting.

Rotation 3: ISU bye, WVU vault, OU bars, Denver beam, BYU floor

Alban (WVU): Really clean Yurchenko full to start with a small hop back. 9.8.

Seivers (OU) : Opens up with a Maloney to the high bar, Pak down, beautiful pirouette on top of the bar, full in dismount stuck! 9.9.

Iwai (BB): LOSO LOSO series, really great. Dismounts cartwheel Gainer full stuck! 9.85

Millar-Crossman (BYU): Opens up with a nice double tuck. Switch side half, straddle full. Second pass front lay, front full, good landing. 9.875.

Muns (WVU): Yurchenko full STUCK, a little messy in the air but wow that landing! 9.8.

Thompson (DEN): Fun mount, side aerial to BHS series, really nice. Switch leap to switch leap, good. Love her presence on the beam, looks really confident. STUCK side aerial to back 1.5 dismount. 9.875.

LeVasseur (OU): Starts with a Tchatev to shoot over, really nice. Blind full perfect on top of the bar to a STUCK open double tuck dismount. 9.9.

McDonnell (WVU): Yurchenko full big hop back on that landing. 9.725.

Matern (BYU): Punch front double full to start, a little loose legs in the twist, but a good landing. Back 1.5 to front layout, good rise on that. Switch ring to hop wolf full. Ends with punch front 1.5, really nice. 9.80.

Hebnick (DEN): coming in late, switch leap to switch side, really nice. Gainer pike off the end small step back. 9.925.

Torrez (OU) : After an uncharacteristic fall last week against Alabama, Torrez starts with a huge Ray, and gets the Pak this time around. Ends with a double layout, small step forward. This looks more like her normal, so good. 9.85.

Lewis (WVU): STUCK Yurchenko full! Really nice height! 9.9.

Dudley (BYU): HUGE double layout Switch side, wolf full. Front full to front layout, good landing. Double tuck to close out a great routine! 9.9.

Ulrich (DEN) BHS LOSO, really nice and controlled. Switch leap to switch side, good. Front aerial, really nice. Ends stuck (ish) BHS 1.5 dismount. 9.85.

Pierson (WVU): Yurchenko full, small hop back. 9.825.

Smith (OU): Huge Ray to start, to immediate Pak ends with a really nice double layout STUCK. 9.95.

B. Mabanta (DEN): Wolf turn to start, good. BHS LOSO, nice. Split leap to switch 1/2 to beat jump, solid. STUCK Gainer pike off the end! 9.95.

Schooley (BYU): Good double pike to start. Switch side, wolf full. Front full to front layout, good landing. Double tuck to close out a great routine! 9.85.

Wehry (WVU): Front pike 1/2 a small hop forward, chest down but nice! Great end for WVU on an event they’ve struggled on this season! 9.8.

Hutchinson (DEN): such nice presence on the beam, switch leap to split jump, great extension. Front pike kick over, really solid. On the toe finish full turn. Cartwheel Gainer full off the side stuck!! Really great wrap up for Denver on beam! 9.9.

Davis (OU): Hop over mount to high bar. Blind to Higgins grip to HUGE piked Jaeger, Pak down to the low, another blind to Higgins to front double half out STUCK. 9.975.

Benson (BYU): Coming in late, front lay to front full, good. Double pike, really nice finish!

Bowers (OU): Hop over the low bar to mount, blind to huge piked Jaeger down to the low bar with a Pak. Ends with a STUCK full in dismount. WOW. What a rotation for the Sooners! Second ten of the night? I wouldn’t be surprised. 10.0! 40 WATCH.

After 3: BYU 147.950, WVU 197.150, OU 99.40, Denver 98.975, ISU 98.30

Two 10s for Bowers in two rotations! Seriously putting her on 40 watch, wow. What a rotation for all these teams! OU set a NCAA record on bars and vault in one night and deservedly so. This was an amazing beam rotation for Denver as well, not having to count a score below 9.85, and looked confident doing it! WVU had one, if not its best, vault rotation of the year moving into a bye before their last rotation of the night. BYU is coming up sneaky and has been putting up great scores in every rotation. Two more full rotations to go and this is nothing short of beyond exciting!!

Rotation 4: BYU vault, ISU bars, OU beam, Denver floor, WVU bye

Mason (BYU): Yurchenko full, really nice landing. 9.825.

Schell (ISU): Blind to straddle Jaeger, shoot over down, good. Ends with a blind full to double tuck. 9.75.

Davis (OU): So excited to watch the beam rotation for the Sooners, truly ART on beam. Starts with a BHS LOSO, really solid, had a little bobble last week but nothing here. Front aerial right to needle kick, beautiful.  Beat jump to Ring jump, perfect. Ends with a STUCK double full dismount. What a way to start this rotation for OU!

Rorich (DEN): Opens with a big front through to double tuck, really good. Switch side to straddle full, straddle full. Second pass double pike, really good opening routine for Denver! 9.9.

Dudley (BYU): Yurchenko full, little rebound on the landing but nice! 9.8.

Wills (ISU) : Maloney up HUGE back swing to a nice Pak down, legs apart on both, double layout dismount small step forward on this. 9.775.

Seigfedlt (OU): Coming off a fall last week, looking to get her confidence back and hit the way she can! Gets through the BHS LOSO this time, really good. Full turn, cat leap to front aerial, good. Beat jump to another ring jump. BHS gainer full off the side, STUCK. What a comeback! 9.95.

Thompson (DEN): Triple twist to start a little wild on the landing, but great. Switch side to straddle full. Second pass layout to front rudi, good. 9.85

Jorgensen (BYU) : Yurchenko full on pike off a little low chest on the landing. 9.775.

Loyim (ISU): Piked Jaeger a little close on that to Pak down, short last handstand ends with small hop on that double layout. 9.7.

Bowers (OU): Eyes are OPEN for 40 watch. The most intense beam choreo, I love. Opens with a BHS LOSO, solid. Split leap to switch half, really good. Ends with the smallest step on the double full dismount! Still and AMAZING routine. 9.925.

Iwai (DEN): Back 1.5 to front layout to stag jump out, good control out of that jump. Torjete full, doesn’t quite get it all the way around. Double tuck second pass, good . Switch half to straddle full to end this routine! 9.925.

Benson (BYU): Yurchenko full, small scoot back, but nice! 9.85.

Cooke (ISU): Maloney peels off the back on that and starts over. Maloney to Pak nice the second time around, double layout dismount, good finish to that routine! 9.2.

Torrez (OU): Side aerial to LOSO, too good. Switch leap to straddle jump, really good. BHS Gainer full stuck off the side! 9.95.

Eaquinto (BYU): Yurchenko full flairs it out small hop back. 9.85.

LeVasseur (OU): BHS LOSO, small balance check but dances out. Switch to straddle ¼, love the extension. Cat lep, front aerial, solid, but a little bent leg coming down. Ends with a BHS, Gainer full off the side STUCK! 9.95.

Thomas (ISU): Straddle Jaeger, Pak down to the low bar and end with a double layout dismount, gets ISU back on track! 9.85.

Rollins (BYU): Yurchenko full on tuck off hop back. 9.775.

Ulrich (DEN): Ulrich (DEN): BIG double layout to start! Switch side, straddle full, straight jump full down to the floor. Back 1.5 front layout second pass, really nice. Ends with a really powerful double pike, great control on the landing. 9.9.

Smith (OU): BHS LOSO, perfect. Front aerial, really nice. My favorite combo ever, straddle ¼ to BHS swing down, really good connection. Ends with a solid BHS Gainer full off the side, stuck! 10 watch for that routine. 10!!!! Third of the night for OU and Smith’s tenth 10 on beam!

Basuel (ISU): Opens with a nice blind to Straddle Jaeger, so nice to shoot over handstand, ends with a STUCK double tuck. 9.825.

Hutchinson (DEN): A BIG front double full to a straight up landing, so good. Switch half to straddle full, great extension. Back 1.5 to front layout, really nice. Last pass front 1.5 to straddle jump, really great routine for Denver! 10 watch for this routine too!

After 4: BYU 197.050, OU 149.175, Denver 148.575, ISU 147.200, WVU 147.150

The 10s keep coming! Ragan Smith’s tenth 10 on beam, and wow. That really was a 10. OU scores a huge 49.775 on beam to enhance their lead, but Denver is right behind them with a big 49.475 on floor! ISU had a mistake in the middle of the lineup, but was able to rally and not have to count a fall on bars. BYU is having a great competition as well, having a solid vault rotation and ending their Big 12 Championship meet with a big 197.050 and giving them a good boost of confidence heading into Regionals! One last rotation to go, and this meet has been huge for all the teams so far!

Rotation 5: BYU bye, WVU bars, ISU beam, OU floor, Denver vault

Brusch (DEN): Yurchenko full, STUCK COLD. WOW. 9.9.

Davis (OU): In her second lead off spot of the day, first pass, beautiful front double full, dances right out. Switch half to wolf full, really good. Second pass, back 1.5 to front full. As always, a great lead off for OU! 9.925.

B. Mabanta (DEN): Yurchenko full, small hop back! 9.825

O’Brochta (ISU): BHS LOSO LOSO, solid. Switch leap to split jump, nice. Side split ½, Gainer pike off the end, STUCK! 9.775.

Johnson (OU): First time up for Johnson today, opens with a front layout to front rudi, good landing, steps right into the corner. Second pass, big double tuck, really good! Switch half to wolf full, really good second routine for Oklahoma. 9.9.

Hargraves (DEN): Yurchenko full STUCK! This vault rotation FIRE. 9.875.

Wilke (ISU): Cat leap to tucked front toss right to back tuck, really nice, unique connection. Switch half, a little under 180, STUCK 1.5 dismount! 9.9.

Pierson (WVU) : Straight body cast, nice Maloney up, blind to straddle back half comes off the bar on that. Remounts toe on front pike ½ off, good finish in that routine, but they will have to count a fall this rotation. 8.375.

Ulrich (DEN): Front handspring pike ½, small hop back on that. 9.875.

Smith (OU): Big open double tuck to start off, good landing. Second pass back 1.5 to front layout right to dance. First three pass of the day for OU and ends with a big double pike, a little step / shuffle to the side, but a good ending to the routine! 9.9.

Mundell (DEN): Yurchenko 1.5 small hop back. This Denver vault coach is so fun. 9.85.

LeVasseur (OU): BIG full in to start the routine! Switch side to Shushunova, good. Second pass back 1.5 to front ½ to jump to close out a great night in the all around for LeVasseur. 9.95.

Hutchinson (DEN): Yurchenko smallest hop forward. What a meet for Denver! I can’t wait to see them throughout the post season! 9.9.

Torrez (OU): HUGE double layout to open. Floor just looks so easy and effortless for Torrez, so good. Kick hop full down to the ground. Torjete ½ to wolf full. Ends with a huge front through to double tuck, HUGE. 10!!!!! HER FIRST EVER!

Bowers (OU):  BIG punch front double full to open front tuck, really nice. Ends this routine with a big double tuck and gets her THIRD 10 OF THE NIGHT.

Final: OU 198.950, Denver 197.975, BYU 197.050, ISU 196.350, WVU 195.125

I cannot believe I am writing that score. The 14th Big 12 Conference title for Oklahoma and OU BREAKS THE HIGHEST SCORE IN NCAA HISTORY. I feel like I want to cry I’m so happy for them. Wow. Five tens for Oklahoma in JUST this meet, and every one was so deserving. This was the most insane meet for OU, but it was correct. This team is flawless and they deserved this moment!

Denver did so well this meet and looks like they are peaking at just the right time for post season. They looked confident and strong, and ready to go into Regionals in a few weeks. BYU was consistent throughout this meet, and like Denver, showed they are much more prepared moving forward. For ISU and WVU, this is the end of their season, but they ended on a strong note with one of their better meets of the season, with momentum to move forward into the 2025 season.

Happy Championship Day! This was so exciting!

Event Winners:

VT: Bowers (OU) 10.0

UB: Bowers (OU) 10.0

BB: Smith (OU) 10.0

FX: Torrez, Bowers (OU) 10.0

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Live blog by Julianna Roland

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  1. This is most likely not ISU’s last meet. They are most likely to be in the Gainesville Regionals’ play-in meet.

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