LIVE BLOG: No. 24 Nebraska at No. 28 Maryland

The Terps dropped three spots in the national rankings following their meet against Ohio State for just a 195.800. Bars went smoothly this week but surprisingly beam, a strength for this team, ended up being the weak link for just a 48.525, the lowest beam score for Maryland so far this season. Saturday’s meet will be The Terps’ second-to-last home meet, so be on the lookout to see if the team can put bars and beam together at home and climb its way back up the rankings.

Nebraska is coming off a win against Iowa last week for a 196.500 and will be looking to do the same against Maryland. Watch out for Emma Spence who can put up 9.9+ scores on each event and Csenge Bácskay who scored a career-high on vault last weekend.

Team intros are underway.

Rotation 1: Maryland Vault, Nebraska Bars

Rech – Maryland: Her usual solid opening FTY, small hop back. 9.775

Bácskay – Nebraska: I couldn’t see her first handstand, clean Pak, all the other handstands are good, step back on the double layout.

Weir – Maryland: Small hop on her FTY, some piking down and minor leg separation. 9.750

McCelland – Nebraska: Longer wait for Bácskay’s score. nice handstand, good Jaegar, bail handstand, clean double layout but a little short with a step. 9.725

Kogler – Maryland: Really clean FTY in the air, but didn’t get too much distance. Small hop forwards. 9.825

Jencks – Nebraska: Nice Ray to bail, great handstand positions, double layout with a shuffle. 9.875

Not sure why we still don’t have Bácskay’s score…

LeBlanc – Maryland: Best FTY of the team in terms of amplitude and distance, medium hop back. 9.775

Colombo – Nebraska: Higgins to piked jargar, great, Pak, leg separations, Higgins to half turn, stuck double tuck.

Martin – Maryland: Clean 1.5, small hop forwards. 9.850

Spence – Nebraska: Maloney to Pak to toe-on to Shap half, great handstands, nice handstand position on the blind full directly into a double tuck with a shuffle. 9.9

Rothenbuescher – Maryland: Tsuk full, not the most amplitude but good distance, tiny step. 9.775

Davis – Nebraska: Maloney to bail handstand, a little off direction, stuck double layout. 9.975!

Gilbert – Maryland: Exhbition, Stuck Yurchenko-half, some piking in the air and a little bit of bent knees.

Frost – Nebraska: Exhibition, Floaty Ray into bail, double layout with some knees in the air, step back.

Bredlinger – Maryland: FTY but I wasn’t paying super close attention because Frost was still on bars. 9.575

Simpton – Nebraska: Maloney to Pak, clean, great half turn, hop back on the double layout.

After 1: Maryland 49.000, Nebraska 49.425

Maryland had a fine first rotation, a 49.000 is within The Terps normal scoring range so the they’ll need to really bring it on bars to make up the 0.4 deficit from Nebraska’s season-high bars rotation.

I think Natalie Martin just tripped on a TV cable???

Rotation 2: Maryland Bars, Nebraska Vault

McClelland – Nebraska: FTY, short on the landing and take a medium step.

Brozowski – Maryland: Jaeger, bail handstand a little off direction, clean stuck double layout. 9.825

Sikon – Nebraska: Solid FTY, hops in place. 9.8

Gatzendorfer – Maryland: Maloney to Pak, some leg separations, short on half turn, some bent elbows in the stalder directly into the double tuck. Good stick.

Hall – Nebraska: Yurchenko tuck, I think she was off direction or messed up her steps. She’s not happy about it.

Kondo – Maryland: A little short on first handstand, Jargaer into bail, holds the last cast handstand, double layout with a small hop. 9.825

Bácskay – Nebraska: Yurchenko 1.5 – is short and sits it. 9.275, Hall’s vault will have to count.

Bacheler – Maryland: Blind change into Jaeger, some leg separations in the blind change, bail handstand, good cast handstands, stuck double layout. 9.900 – that’s a bit high for me but I’m super stoked for her since this is just her second competitive routine.

Comin – Nebraska: Yurchenko 1.5, good amplitude and distance, tiny shuffle forwards. 9.9

Rothenbuscher – Maryland: Not too much amplitude on the Jarger, directly to bail, full-in dismount with a small step back.

Spence – Nebraska: Yurchenko 1.5 – slightly short and has to take 2 steps back. 9.725

LeBlanc – Maryland: Clean blind change into Jaeger, good bail handstand, stuck double layout. 9.9

Barth – Nebraska: Exhibition, short on her FTY with some piking down and a big step.

Rech – Maryland: Exhibition,Tkatchev, not the most amplitude, didn’t catch her transition to the low bar, double layout is a bit starfished but gets the stick!

After 2: Maryland 98.300, Nebraska 97.925

Maryland needed a fantastic bars rotation and that’s what it did with a 49.300, beating its previous season high by about 0.4. Nebraska struggled on vault with Hall’s miss and Bácskay sitting her 1.5.

Rotation 3: Maryland Beam, Nebraska Floor

Silberman – Maryland: BHS BHS LOSO, solid, switch leap to straddle quarter, good, 1.5 dismount, tiny step. Good start. 9.775

Jencks – Nebraska: Front LO to Rudi, stumbles on the switch half to wolf jump full, finishes with a double tuck, chest down but good landing.

Hammer – Maryland: Season debut on beam, BHS LOSO, front toss, solid, switch half, sissone to split jump, gainer full off the side with a hop. Solid routine.

Rourke – Nebraska: front tuck into double tuck, chest down a little, good position on the dance series, overrotates the double pike out of bounds and sits it. 8.975

Martin – Maryland: Solid BHS LOSO, side aerial, solid, switch to switch leap, good rhythm, BHS 1.5 dismount with a hop. 9.850

Bácskay – Nebraska: 2.5 to front tuck, some crossed legs, good dance series, double pike, hop back. 9.8

Gatzendorfer – Maryland: Off on the BHS BHS LOSO, switch leap to straddle quarter, switch leap to split jump, gainer pike dismount. 9.000

Comin – Nebraska: Half-in, half-out, a little deep, great positions on the dance series, she’s such a good performer I think she just winked at the judge, 1.5 to layout to finish.

Komoroski – Maryland: One-arm BHS to LOSO, solid, front aerial, solid, switch leap to split jump, 1.5 dismount, almost gets the stick but has a small step back.

McClelland – Nebraska: Front double-full, lunge forwards, good positions on the dance series, Rudi to LOSO, has to gainer the LOSO a little but gets it around, she struggled with that in warmups so it’s nice to see her get that. 9.9

Kogler – Maryland: Switch leap to straddle quarter, BHS BHS LOSO, solid, switch leap to split jump, gainer full with a small hop.

Spence – Nebraska: Front tuck through to double tuck, great landing, wolf double, makes it around, switch ring into switch full, double pike with a lunge back. Great finish. 9.9

Weir – Maryland: Started during Spence’s floor so I’m missing some of it but she hit everything so far. Stuck 1.5 dismount.

Kuenemann – Nebraska: Really scary fall on the double pike to her head. She’s sitting up and talking so I think she’s okay but it was such a scary fall. She’s standing up and walking off.

Frost – Nebraska: Good front double-full, small step over, sits the front tuck through to 2.5, back 1.5 to front pike is short and takes a step back. Everyone in the arena was cheering her on including the whole Maryland team.

After 3: Maryland 49.050, Nebraska 49.250

Nebraska had a good floor rotation highlighted 9.9s from Spence and McClelland. Maryland did a good job containing Gatzendorfer’s fall and put it together on beam for a 49.050.

Rotation 4: Maryland Floor, Nebraska Beam

Sikon – Nebraska: BHS LOSO, cat leap to switch half, leg up wobble, stuck tucked 1.5 dismount. 9.7

Rech – Maryland: Opening front double-full with big lunge, double tuck with a lunge back, good positions on the dance series, 1.5 to layout, great finish! 9.8

Gard – Nebraska: BHS LOSO, some knee form, beat jump to aerial to switch combination is well connected, gainer pike dismount, stuck.

Sirota – Maryland: Double tuck to open, lunge back, sits the front layout to full, finishes with a double pike, good landing. 8.950

Bácskay – Nebraska: BHS BHS LOSO, solid, switch leap to split jump, good, wobble on the full turn, stuck double-full dismount. 9.775

LeBlanc – Maryland: Big front double-full, back 1.5 to layout, doesn’t get too much height in the layout but gets it around, good Rudi to finish. 9.825

Simpton – Nebraska: Off on the BHS BHS LOSO, big hip break on a cartwheel wompwomp, stuck gainer full dismount

Komoroski – Maryland: Rudi to open with a lunge back, switch ring to Ferrari, landing is a little uncontrolled in the Ferrari, back 1.5 to layout, a little whippy.

Spence – Nebraska: Wolf turn, couldn’t see how many she did but it was solid, front aerial to BHS BHS, solid, switch leap to beat jump, good landing on the 1.5 dismount.

Rothenbuescher – Maryland: whip to double tuck, almost holds the stick but slides to the side, lunge back on the double pike. 9.95

McClelland – Nebraska: Double wolf turn, solid, a bit slow on the dance series, tucked back 1.5, solid landing. I missed her acro series oops! 9.875

Martin – Maryland: Full-in, some legs in the air, back 1.5 to layout, almost holds the stick, double tuck with a lunge back. 9.9

Colombo – Nebraska: Exhibition, Front aerial to BHS BHS, slow in the connection between front aerial to BHS, completely misses her feet on the round-off and has a terrifying fall. She’s clutching her wrist. 9.075

Kogler – Maryland: Exhibition, Nice 1.5 to layout, short on the double tuck and takes a hop forward.

Bredlinger – Maryland: Exhibition, double tuck to open, lunge back, stumbles on the dance series, front full to layout, whips the layout.

FINAL: Maryland 196.675, Nebraska 196.125

Maryland’s 196.675 is a season-high with important improvements on bars. Alexa Rothenbuescher’s career-high 9.950 was a great way to finish the meet for them. Nebraska had a great start on bars for a season-high 49.425, but things started to unravel on vault where mistakes kept happening.

VT: Martina Comin (Nebraska), 9.9
UB: Kinsey Davis (Nebraska), 9.975
BB: Sophia McClelland (Nebraska) 9.875
FX: Alexa Rothenbuescher (Maryland) 9.950
AA: Emma Spence (Nebraska) 39.350

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Live blog by Daniel Rothwell

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