LIVE BLOG: No. 11 Michigan at No. 16 Minnesota

Michigan fought to the end at home last week, but ended up losing to Michigan State by a decent margin. The Wolverines avoided counting falls on bars and beam, but some big checks on the latter event ultimately held them back. A bright spot, as it has been all season, was its program record-tying floor rotation and Gabby Wilson’s 10.0 that anchored it; she’ll rival Gopher star Mya Hooten for yet another title on that event today. Speaking of the Gophers, last week they had a program record-tying performance of their own from freshman Jordyn Lyden with a huge 9.975 on bars. The Gophers also earned a top-five program beam score en route to breaking 197 for the first time this season, scoring just a tenth lower than Michigan and doing it on the road at Penn State. That bodes well for the Gophers back home in Maturi Pavilion tonight.

ROTATION 1: Minnesota VT, Michigan UB

Jencks (Minnesota) VT: yfull, decent distance but chest way down and sizable hop back. 9.650

Vore (Michigan) UB: Toe to Tkachev, little bit of feet, good bail, angle is not great for handstands, DLO step forward with one foot. 9.825

Nguyen (Minnesota) VT: Good height as well, takes a step and looks like it’s outside of the line. 9.775

Wilson (Michigan) UB: Piked Jaeger caught a bit close, some feet on the bail, stuck DLO with some arm swings. 9.775

Pearl (Minnesota) VT: bouncy yfull and steps to the side, definitely outside the line. 9.725

Zabrowski (Michigan) UB: Jaeger caught close, Pak legs slightly separated, DLO step forward slight lack of control there. 9.775

Moraw (Minnesota) VT: Stuck full has to wave arms but holds it. 9.900

Morrison (Michigan) UB: Gienger caught, bail, holds stick on DLO. 9.900

Gerdes (Minnesota) VT: Some legs in the air and arm circles but holds the stick on y1.5. 9.900

Bauman (Michigan) UB: Better handstand angles now, hits the first Jaeger to bail no issues, toe point lovely throughout, double front tiny hop back. 9.950

Hooten (Minnesota) VT: Chest down on y1.5, hop forward. 9.875

Brooks (Michigan) UB: Jaeger piked caught a little closer than usual, handstands the usual crispness, FTDLO tiny hop back. 9.900

Johnson (Minnesota) VT exh: yfull hop back and to the side. 9.575

Lipetz (Michigan) UB exh: First time seeing her this season. Feet flexed on Tkatchev but big air, Pak leg separation, last handstand a bit short, archy DLO stumbles back and has to put her hand down. 9.200

Olshefski (Minnesota) VT exh: yfull is tidy, step to the side. 9.650

AFTER 1: Minnesota 49.175, Michigan 49.350

Both teams had some good score building to start out, with Minnesota’s two vault sticks serving as highlights. Michigan didn’t have a fall in the six and turned in a solid rotation otherwise as well.

ROTATION 2: Minnesota UB, Michigan VT

Guggino (Michigan) VT: y1.5 step to the side. 9.825

Jencks (Minnesota) UB: first handstand looked good, Tkatchev flexed feet, DLO holds stick. 9.500

Mulligan (Michigan) VT: she does the full this week, flares it out and small hop at the end after some legs in the air. 9.775

Nguyen (Minnesota) UB: Nice lines, jaeger to bail feet, DLO really high but squats and can’t hold it, needs to stumble forward. 9.700

Morrison (Michigan) VT: Y1.5 small step to the side. 9.900

Sirjord (Minnesota) UB: Nice toe point on Jaeger to bail, double back. 9.775

Wilson (Michigan) VT: hop to the side on y1.5 but decent control, holds that for some time. 9.875

Lyden (Minnesota) UB: Maloney some leg separation to bail, last handstand bit short, DLO leg sep as well and tiny hop back.

Brooks (Michigan) VT: Best height on a vault of the day, chest up and just a small hop forward. 9.900

Gerdes (Minnesota) UB: Gorgeous first handstand to Maloney, bail, full-in step back. 9.900

Jordan (Michigan) VT: yfull big step to the left outside the lines. 9.725

Hooten (Minnesota) UB: perfect first handstand, jaeger big height holds the toe point, holds full-in chest down just a little. Big score incoming. 9.950

Swartzmiller (Minnesota) UB exh: Jaeger caught close, giant full to double back small step. 9.625

Assadourian (Minnesota) UB exh: Tkatchev flexed, Pak legs way apart and handstand out of it can’t quite hold, legs come apart there too but stays on the bars, almost goes over on last handstand, stuck double back, bit labored overall but great to see her looking to crack top six. 

AFTER 2: Minnesota 98.375, Michigan 98.625

Neither teams finding tons of sticks tonight, but no major errors overall in any counting routine. 

ROTATION 3: Minnesota BB, Michigan FX

Both teams now gearing up for arguably their best events.

Koch (Minnesota) BB: controlled full turn, floaty BHS LOSO legs slightly bent but on, on split quarter leg goes up but saves, scale better back 1.5 and small step.

Bauman (Michigan) FX: Double front her usual decent control, switch half wolf full wolf full, back 1.5 to front lay same, good leadoff. 9.850

Pearl (Minnesota) BB: BHS LOSO no hesitation, nice 180 position on leaps, aerial, very fluid routine, holds gainer full with a small hop in place. 9.800

Muligan (Michigan) FX: Front tuck through to double back shuffles but stays in bounds, switch side half to straddle, double pike, chest low again and step. 9.750

Moraw (Minnesota) BB: BHS LOSO small bobble with leg coming up, side aerial easy, straddles with a break in between, gainer full off the side small step. Solid day for her. 9.800

Guggino (Michigan) FX: Front through double pike pretty low. Rudi better chest position, lunges out. 9.875

Gerdes (Minnesota) BB: front aerial easy, BHS LOSO slight check to the side. Nice stag jump. BHS to gainer full, small step but controlled. 9.800

Brooks (Michigan) FX: Full-in controlled step, tour jete half split full. Front through double back, controlled lunge, beautiful routine. 9.925

Sirjord (Minnesota) BB: BHS LOSO not a great angle for beam all the sudden, what happened? Second leap sizable check, gainer back full chest down but looks like she holds the stick. 9.825

Wilson (Michigan) FX: Full-in open as usual, step a bit less controlled maybe, Rudi a slide there as well. 9.900

Horak (Minnesota) BB: Series looked good, pike jump no hesitation, BHS decent check again. 9.800

Vore (Michigan) FX: In the anchor position this week. Double pike step back. Great positions on straddle leaps, back 1.5 front full not tons of amplitude but gets them around. 9.775

Olshefski (Minnesota) exhibitions beam and falls on her series. 

AFTER 3: Minnesota 147.950, Michigan 147.400

Some pretty moments but an overall nervy rotation for Minnesota while Michigan extends the lead a bit more. 

ROTATION 4: Minnesota FX, Michigan BB

Mulligan (Michigan) BB: Beat to front aerial BHS, beat jump straddle half, avoids the fall this week. Side aerial big check. BHS tuck one and a half, big step. 9.650

Jencks (Minnesota) FX: Missed first pass but looks like she got the landing, back 1.5 to front lay controlled step forward. Front Rudi step back lack of control but dances out of it. 9.775

Guggino (Michigan) BB: Full turn, BHS LOSO no hesitation. Straddle straddle half. Side somi there’s a check. One and a half, step forward. 9.850

Pearl (Minnesota) FX: Back 1.5 front lay not tons of amplitude but dances out. Straddles are 180 with toe point, well executed. Big double pike with a slide. 9.900

Wilson (Michigan) BB: BHS LOSO, floaty but bit tentative at the end, stays on. Standing switch combo is solid maybe a bit under on the second jump, full turn, double tuck chest down and holds stick. 9.950 wow!

Johnson (Minnesota) FX: front full to front half well controlled, double back stuck in place then controlled lunge. Love that routine. 9.900

Vore (Michigan) BB: BHS LOSO slightly off stays on, front toss another check, big first straddle second leap bit under 180, stuck back 1.5. 9.775

Gerdes (Minnesota) FX: front tuck through to huge double back step back, double pike small hop in place, really nice to end. 9.925

Bauman (Michigan) BB: BHS LOSO no hesitation, split switch half to beat, side somi, stuck dead on Gainer pike. 9.900

Koch (Minnesota) FX: Front double full, crowd on their feet, back 1.5 front lay dances out. 

Brooks (Michigan) BB: BHS LOSO LOSO, tiny check. Kickover front solid. BHS to double full, tiny hop.

Hooten (Minnesota) FX: Usual big full-in chest down a tiny bit, straddles clean and 180, front full to super floaty front pike, double back perfect control the usual 10.

FINAL: Minnesota 197.175, Michigan 197.375

Minnesota breaking 197 for the second week in a row, good upward trajectory. Michigan had a clean performance overall and got the win, good for the Wolverines especially considering last week.

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Live blog by Katherine Weaver

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