Live Blog: Sprouts Farmers Market Collegiate Quad Session Two with No. 1 Oklahoma, No. 2 Utah, No. 5 LSU, and No. 12 UCLA

The marquee session of the Sprouts Farmers Market Collegiate Quad is upon us! We’ve got a possible nationals preview as a quartet of teams with title aspirations are about to square off just outside of Salt Lake City. The two-time defending NCAA champion Sooners started the season with the best score of last weekend to pick up where they left off—on top—while the Utes and Tigers enter with momentum as well with Week 1 wins.

This meet is overloaded with starpower, as all four programs are deep with athletes who can challenge for event titles and perfect 10s. LSU’s Haleigh Bryant opens as the all-around favorite after posting the highest score of opening weekend, but Oklahoma’s Faith Torrez and Jordan Bowers were less than a tenth behind. Don’t forget that fellow Sooners Audrey Davis and Katherine LeVasseur, along with Bruin Selena Harris, were within three tenths of the top spot, too.

We’ve also got plenty of standout event specialists who’ve been incredible all arounders at times to keep an eye on as well. Grace McCallum sat out vault last week but is always a factor when she competes all four, as well as teammate and reigning NCAA all-around champion Maile O’Keefe who also sat out vault but earned the 2024 season’s first perfect 10 of the year on beam. The Tigers’ Kiya Johnson was a leg cramp away from competing as an all arounder last week; we’ve got our fingers crossed to see her on four today. Same goes for her teammate Aleah Finnegan who only competed beam to start her season. Bruin Chae Campbell also earned a perfect mark to start her season, with a 9.95 for her stuck Yurchenko full on vault.

Follow along with video (ABC) and scores!

Rotation 1: Oklahoma Vault, Utah Bars, LSU Beam, UCLA Floor

Davis (OU): Y1.5. Usual leg separation off the table, small shuffle back. 9.850

Smith (Utah): Starts off with a hit handstand to Pak, toe on to Shaposh half, clips her feet on the low bars, front pike half dismount is stuck. 9.750

Malabuyo (UCLA): Mounts with a double tuck, great height and stuck cold, no need for a lunge, RO 1.5 front layout, lots of distance, switch ring to switch half, easy, a bit over on the closing double pike, lunges back. 9.750

Sheible (OU): FHS pike half. great height, spots the landing but slides back. 9.925

Sabado (Utah): Giant half to Jaeger to overshoot, caught both close but worked through, dismounts double layout, hop back. 9.750

Lee (UCLA): Opens with a double tuck, bounds back, front foot slides with, second pass front layout front full, short on the twist into a big step forward, clean leap series, double pike is landed well to close. 9.700

LeVasseur (OU): Y1.5. Her usual straight lines, small step forward. 9.900

Zirbes (Utah): Perfect opening handstand, Ray caught a bit close, pretty Pak, dismounts FTDT, short and falls forward, hands down. 9.150

Hits from Jeffrey and Ballard on beam for LSU, with a miss from Beard.

Moors (UCLA): Front double full front tuck, tiny bit under to a lunge back, floaty RO LOSO, switch leap to switch half to wolf full, no problems, closes with a Rudi, short and hops to the side into choreo. 9.900

Bowers (OU): Y1.5. A bit under and off to the side, takes a step beyond the white lines. 9.725

Bryant (LSU): Front aerial BHS, good connection, switch leap split side, full turn, working through well, nice front tuck, split jump, dismounts Rudi, stuck. 9.900

Wells (OU): Y1.5. Awesome amplitude, nice distance too, just a step forward. 9.875

Kiya Johnson (LSU): Opens with a smooth full turn, BHS LOSO, misses her back foot entirely but only a wobble, great save, but botches her leap series, switch leap to nothing, front toss, switch leap to switch leap, dismounts RO double full, sticks it. 9.375

McCallum (Utah): Maloney to Pak, small flex of her feet, Shaposh half is beautiful, dismounts FTDT, tiny foot movement. 9.850

Torrez (OU): Y1.5. Big, step forward. 9.900

Harris (UCLA): Giant double layout, tour jete half to straddle full, bouncy in a good way, short on her double tuck, steps forward, dismounts RO 1.5 layout half to jump, clean. 9.825

Finnegan (LSU): BHS BHS LOSO, sturdy and stellar, switch leap to split jump, tiny arm wave, full turn, solid front aerial, sticks the gainer full dismount. 9.925

O’Keefe (Utah): Opens with a hit handstand, Maloney to Pak, fluid, nice half pirouette, dismount double Arabian, small hop back. 9.875

Reed (UCLA): Easy double layout to start, tour jete half to wolf full, cleanly rotated, finishes up with a front layout to Rudi, nice landing. 9.900

Campbell (UCLA): Full-in, a bit under and lunges forward, tour jete half to straddle full, so precise, front layout front full, problem-free landing, closing double tuck is great. 9.825

After 1: Oklahoma 49.450, UCLA 49.200, Utah 49.050, LSU 48.750

A few nervy rotations to open, from everyone but the two-time defending NCAA champions, that is. The Sooners did what they needed to on vault, even without sticks, to take a considerable lead to open. The Utes and Bruins gave away tenths with short landings, but still managed to get above the 49 mark to stay within reach. UCLA, however, would’ve loved to have a better score from one of its better events. LSU having to count a miss to start was not ideal and dug itself into a hole. But, the Tigers’ best three events remain to be able to try and claw back into this thing.

Rotation 2: UCLA Vault, Oklahoma Bars, Utah Beam, LSU Floor

Lee (UCLA): Yfull. Good block and form, near stick, tiny foot movement. 9.900

Sievers (OU): Maloney to Pak, pretty toes, nice half pirouette, dismounts FTDT, step back. 9.875

Morgan (Utah): RO BHS mount, lovely, BHS BHS LOSO, solid as ever, switch leap to split jump, good extension, full turn, dismounts front full off the side, shuffles back. 9.825

Anastasi (UCLA): Yfull. Bent arms on the block, step back. 9.800

LeVasseur (Utah): Toe on, Tkatchev, bail, great form throughout everything, works the final handstand, giant full to double tuck, step back. 9.850

Dunne (LSU): Mounts with a front tuck to double tuck, small slide back with the front foot in the lunge, switch leap to switch ring half, needed to get deeper into the ring position, Y turn, closes with a double pike, chest down but better lunge. 9.850

Rosen (UCLA): Y1.5. Good distance, small hop forward. 9.850

Torrez (OU): Good Ray, toe on to Pak, within range on the half pirouette but short of final handstand, gets the stick on the double layout. 9.850

Gilstrap (Utah): Front roll and choreo to mount, wolf turn, BHS back pike, small lean but fights, switch leap to ring jump, secure, dismounts BHS gainer full, holds for the stick. 9.700

Campbell (UCLA): Yfull. Booming per usual, tiny tiny slide. 9.900

Smith (OU): Great Ray to Pak, hits her handstands, dismounts double layout, hop forward. 9.900

McCallum (Utah): Triple wolf turn, smooth, side aerial LOSO, check to the side but stays on, cat leap to switch leap, no issues, Sissone, tucked gainer full to a stick. 9.800

Finnegan (LSU): Opens with double Arabian to stag jump, beautiful, switch ring to tour jete half, excellent, nails the RO 2.5 front tuck. 9.975

Harris (UCLA): Y1.5. Nice block and form, stuck cold! 9.950

Davis (OU): Mounts to the high bar, giant half to piked Jaeger, sky high, floaty Pak, dismounts giant half to double front half, usual cowboy in the tuck but holds for the stick. 9.975

Bryant (LSU): Double front is a bit under, steps back, nice height in her leaps, hits the standing LOSO, front layout to Rudi, easy control. 9.900

Reed (UCLA): Y1.5. Phenomenal distance, bounding hop forward. 9.775

Bowers (OU): Hits her starting handstand, giant half to piked Jaeger, Pak, all caught well, dismounts FTDT, steps forward. 9.850

O’Keefe (Utah): Clean through her leap mount sequence, side aerial LOSO, and she’s off for the first time in a long time, remounts, full turn, works her choreo well, dismounts BHS gainer full and sticks. 9.150

Rotation Totals: UCLA 49.400, Oklahoma 49.450, Utah 49.125, LSU 49.525

After 2: Oklahoma 98.900, UCLA 98.600, LSU 98.275, Utah 98.175

We’ve got ourselves a meet! UCLA put together one of its best vault rotations in a long time to keep pace with the Sooners, who gave away tenths on dismount landings on bars. However, Oklahoma has no weakness and the Bruins still have bars and beam to go, meaning this is still the Sooners’ to lose. LSU did exactly what it had to do on floor, maximizing scores on its best event. To keep climbing back, it must hit vault in the same way. The Utes will be disappointed with that beam score. Although it still got above 49.0, the Red Rocks usually aim to score around the 49.5 mark on their renowned event. With that now behind them, they’re playing catch-up.

Rotation 3: LSU Vault, UCLA Bars, Oklahoma Beam, Utah Floor

KJ Johnson (LSU): Yfull. Big amplitude and stuck. 9.925

Campbell (UCLA): Good Maloney to bail, dismounts giant half to double front, drops it down for the stick. 9.900

Davis (OU): Gets underway with her low beam choreo, full turn, BHS LOSO, solid, front aerial, quickly into more low beam work, beat jump to ring jump, tiny check, dismounts RO double full, bends for the stick and holds. 9.875

Drayton (LSU): Y1.5. A bit crunched on the block finishes the twist late and lunges forward. 9.825

Malabuyo (UCLA): Great first handstand, Maloney to Pak, good positions, wonky feet on the half pirouette, dismounts FTDT, hop back. 9.775

Paulson (Utah): Mounts with a front tuck to RO 2.5, leaps forward but stays in bounds, front layout front full, cross step, switch leap full to split leap, dismounts RO 1.5 front layout, no problems. 9.875

Finnegan (LSU): Omelianchik. Great height, steps forward. 9.800

Rosen (UCLA): Starts with Maloney to Pak, excellent half pirouette, works the final handstand, dismount double layout, flexed feet but sticks. 9.900

Bowers (OU): Low beam work to start, full turn, BHS LOSO, chest forward a bit, split leap to switch half, dismounts RO double full, holds the stick. 9.950

Schoenherr (LSU): Planned Y1.5. Bad shoulder angle on the table, just does a full, pikes it way down and steps back. 9.700

Lee (UCLA): Maloney to Pak again, catches close but works out of it, Shaposh half is nice, dismounts double layout, hop forward. 9.675

Kiya Johnson (LSU): Ydouble. Leg separation off the table and a bit under-rotated, steps forward. 9.775

Rucker (Utah): Mounts with a FTDT, chest down, tour jete half to straddle jump down to the floor, covered a bit of shortness in the completion of the leap, RO 1.5 front layout, easy step forward. 9.850

LeVasseur (OU): Smooth full turn, BHS LOSO, secure, switch leap to split side, back leg a bit low in the first leap, cat leap front aerial, soft knees, dismounts BHS gainer full, stuck. 9.900

Bryant (LSU): FHS pike half. Usual big air, slides back. 9.900

McCallum (Utah): Good full-in to begin, cleanly through her leaps, good height, front layout to Rudi, slides back in the lunge. 9.875

Smith (OU): BHS LOSO, off to her left and falls, front aerial, great, straddle half to back swingdown, fluid, full turn, dismounts BHS gainer full, stuck. 9.375

O’Keefe (Utah): Mounts with a double pike, opens too early and leaves it way short, stumbles forward but doesn’t put her hands or knees down, front layout front full, slides to the side, switch leap to switch ring half is gorgeous, RO 1.5 front full is nicely controlled.

Rotation Totals: LSU 49.225, UCLA 49.250, Oklahoma 49.500, Utah 49.350

After 3: Oklahoma 148.400, UCLA 147.850, Utah 147.575, LSU 147.500

Remember when I said Oklahoma has no weakness? The Sooners had a blip at the end with the Smith fall, but otherwise had no issues with the event that’s giving everyone else issues for a giant total and extending their lead. The Bruins have away from crucial landing tenths on bars (an unfortunate pattern this afternoon), but are still right there if Oklahoma has any floor issues. The Red Rocks were solid on floor and retook third from LSU, who couldn’t find their landings on vault.

Rotation 4: Utah Vault, LSU Bars, UCLA Beam, Oklahoma Floor

Winger (Utah): Y1.5. Comes in a tad short but holds for the stick! 9.950

Jeffrey (LSU): Gets underway with a hit handstand, Maloney to bail, dismounts FTDT, drops it in for the stick. 9.900

Davis (OU): Front double full, a little low, but controls the landing, good extension in the leaps, RO 1.5 front full, bounces out of it into choreo. 9.900

Zirbes (Utah): Y1.5. Nearly identical to Winger but ultimately takes a tiny step back. 9.850

Tatum (LSU): Ray to Pak, good half pirouette, dismounts FTDT, holds the stick. 9.850

Hawthorne (OU): Mounts with a double pike, a lot of power, slides back but still inbounds, off balance throughout her leaps, steps to control, closes with a front layout front half to leap. 9.825

Glynn (Utah): Y1.5. Good form but off to the side, I believe she stepped off the mat. 9.725

Kiya Johnson (LSU): Maloney to bail, precise, nails the last handstand, toe on, sticks the double layout. 9.950

Smith (OU): Mounts with a double tuck, easy, doesn’t grab her legs, RO 1.5 front layout, gets the landing, switch side wolf full, ends with a double pike. 9.900

McCallum (Utah): Yfull. Great form and stuck. 9.875

Harris (UCLA): Low on the beam to start, BHS LOSO BHS, great, switch leap to Sisson to full turn, great height in the switch leap too, not afraid to go for it, front toss, dismounts RO 1.5, fights for the stick and gets it. 9.950

Bars 10.0 for McClain (LSU).

LeVasseur (OU): Hits her full-in, switch side half to straddle down to the floor, lovely, closes with a RO 1.5 front half to straddle jump, well controlled. 9.875

Malabuyo (UCLA): BHS LOSO, nails it, front aerial to beat jump, nice leaps and ring jump, BHS fainer full and hops back. 9.875

Rucker (Utah): Y1.5. Awesome form as usual, comes in short and steps back. 9.800

Torrez (OU): Mounts with a massive double layout, great landing, tour jete half to wolf full, no issues, front tuck to double tuck, kicks out early and nails the landing. 9.925

Bryant (LSU): Giant half to Jaeger, good bail, hits the last handstand, giant half to double front half, stuck. 9.925

Bowers (OU): A huge score could put the Sooners over 198, front double full front tuck, problem-free, gigantic double pike, small slide back in the lunge, switch leap switch half wolf full, excellent. 9.875

Rotation Totals: Utah 49.400, LSU 49.650, UCLA 197.100, Oklahoma 49.475

Final: Oklahoma 197.900, LSU 197.150, UCLA 197.100, Utah 196.975

As expected, the Sooners come out on top, but we had a fight for second place! The Tigers clawed back from a rough opening beam rotation with two massive totals on bars and floor, while the Bruins overperformed on vault to make things interesting. The Utes will be upset about a fourth-place finish in a defacto home meet, but a near-197 with plenty of room to grow isn’t too shabby.

Event Winners:

All Around: Harris (UCLA), 39.650

Vault: Harris (UCLA), Winger (Utah), 9.950

Bars: McClain (LSU), 10.000

Beam: Bowers (OU), Harris (UCLA), 9.950

Floor: Finnegan (LSU), 9.975

Live blog by Brandis Heffner

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