Nastia Liukin Cup Series: Week 5

This year’s Nastia Liukin Cup Series will be comprised of 20 meets, each of which will qualify one senior gymnast (aged 16 or older) and one junior (15 or younger) to the 14th Nastia Liukin Cup in Louisville, Kentucky on Feb. 24.

This week’s meets included the Long Beach Open and the Buckeye Classic.

Long Beach Open 

Winner (senior division): Camie Winger

Winner (junior division): Adelle Speck

Utah signee Camie Winger defeated Oklahoma commit Kelsey Slade to qualify to her first NLC. The five-star recruit had a brilliant day, notching a career high 39.100 in the all-around and posting a big 9.850 on bars for a college-ready routine.

Slade also had a superb day, only struggling ever so slightly with landings on floor. UCLA commit Macy McGowan finished third with a career high all-around score of 38.725.

Alabama signee Chloe LaCoursiere was also in the run after posting a huge 9.900 on bars and solid scores on vault and floor, but inconsistencies on beam prevented her from maximizing her potential.

Adelle Speck, in the class of 2025, notched the junior qualification despite struggling with her front entry vault. Her best score came on floor, one of her best events. There, Speck is known for training very difficult skills, including a front full twist to double front.

Camie Winger

Scores: VT: 9.750 | UB: 9.850 | BB: 9.725 | FX: 9.775 | AA: 39.100

Videos: UB | BB | FX

  • Club: Bold Gymnastics
  • College: Utah
  • High School Graduation Year: 2023
  • CGN Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Notable Results: 2019 national all around bronze medalist and 2021 floor co-silver medalist
  • Previous NLC Appearances: N/A

Adelle Speck

VT: 8.975 | UB: 9.550 | BB: 9.275 | FX: 9.575 | AA: 37.375

  • Club: Brown’s
  • High School Graduation Year: 2025
  • Notable Results: 2022 Nevada state bronze medalist on floor and fourth place finisher in the all around
  • Previous NLC Appearances: N/A

Buckeye Classic 

Winner (senior division): Jahzara Swaby-Ranger

Winner (junior division): Imani White

Michigan commit Jahzara Swaby-Ranger tied her career high in the all-around to qualify to her first NLC. The four-star recruit is an exciting gymnast to watch and will light up the competition with her difficult skills, including a Yurchenko 1.5 on vault, a double tuck dismount off beam and a double layout on floor. Her gymnastics reminds us of Michigan star Gabby Wilson.

Swaby-Ranger narrowly defeated Penn State commit Allison Kaempfer, who stuck her Yurchenko 1.5 on vault and showed off beautiful lines on bars and beam. Florida signee Anya Pilgrim was just behind with big scores on vault and bars too.

Oklahoma signee Hannah Scheible was also in the mix after scoring a career high 9.900 on bars and sticking her difficult front handspring front pike half vault. However, problems on floor prevented her from challenging for the top spot.

Imani White qualified to her second consecutive NLC as a junior. She impressed especially on bars, where she posted a career high 9.800 for a difficult routine. Although she didn’t have her best day on beam, White is capable of a 9.900 on this event.

Jahzara Swaby-Ranger

Scores: VT: 9.650 | UB: 9.475 | BB: 9.825 | FX: 9.725 | AA: 38.675


  • Club: American Twisters
  • College: Michigan
  • High School Graduation Year: 2024
  • CGN Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Notable Results: 2022 Region 8 all around champion
  • Previous NLC Appearances: N/A

Imani White

VT: 9.550 | UB: 9.800 | BB: 9.250 | FX: 9.525 | AA: 38.125


  • Club: Brandy Johnson’s
  • High School Graduation Year: 2026
  • Notable Results: 2021 Region 8 all around champion and 2022 Florida state all around champion
  • Previous NLC Appearances: 2022 (junior, 19th)

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Article by Talitha Ilacqua

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