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The Dismount: Week 5

Week 5 was all about the 10, with the weekend’s slate of competitions kicking off with nine perfect marks on Friday night. Followed were a plethora of program records, big scores and rankings shuffling. As we get closer and closer to the switch to NQS, teams are doing what they need to stand out. Catch up on everything you may have missed with superlatives, results and recaps.


Best Hairstyle of the Week

We are living for Amari Celestine’s multi-poof faux-hawk from this week’s meet against Kentucky. Read more about Celestine’s motivation and her reason behind changing up her hairstyle each week in Big 12 editor Savanna Whitten’s recent feature.

Favorite Reunion 


we kissed & made up dont worry.. i apologize for all of those triggered by this #greenscreenvideo #gymnastics #beam #beamcap #GetCrackin #lsu #georgia #uga #makeup #oops

♬ original sound – Abi.M

The last time Josie Angeny met the PMAC beam cap, an equipment malfunction allowed Kentucky to win the meet in the last rotation over LSU. This time in a Georgia leotard, beam went off without a hitch, but not without an entertaining Tik Tok to commemorate the controversy of years past. 

Best Reaction to Getting a 10.0

Friday brought us NINE perfect 10s across all four events, but Aleah Finnegan asking where her mom was almost immediately after scoring her first career 10.0 on floor was too sweet for words.

Best Score of the Week

Don’t you love it when a sport can’t have working scores to  save its life? This season in particular has been on the struggle bus.

Best Shade

Justin Lee’s Iron Bowl Twitter commentary got controversial, but before that his shade of Alabama’s beam music was hilarious and exactly what you want to see from a beat reporter in a rivalry meet.

Best Beam Song

Cornell’s Victoria Demeo used Chicken Fried as her beam music this weekend while hosting Penn. If that doesn’t get you motivated (?) to do beam, we don’t know what does.

Best Dressed Fan

We love it when fans go all out when cheering on their favorite team on the road, and this Iowa State supporter did not disappoint, with a red and yellow cyclones-adorned blazer.


Click and expand the events below to see results from each meet, as well as individual career highs and team program records.

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Around the Gymternet

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