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The USAG Dismount: Week 4

SEMO didn’t let Lindenwood have the last word, matching the season high USAG team total of 196.175, a new program record. That was enough to catapult the Redhawks to the top of the rankings this week, though. The clumping at the top is beginning with the typical culprits–Air Force, Texas Woman’s and Lindenwood–all vying for their shot at the top. While Bridgeport is still sitting lower in the rankings for now, don’t overlook its second 191 of the season, thus far. Once the Purple Knights drop their 184 come NQS, all bets are off. 


Look Mom, No Hands! 

Cornell’s Mikayla Burton shines with an unusual beam series: front aerial to side aerial. A breath of fresh air among the usual back handspring series, it’s always a blast to see gymnastics that isn’t expected. 

Stick, Stick, Stick

Three vaults in a row, West Chester’s Caitlyn Allen has stuck her tucked Yurchenko full. Tic, tac, toe! What’s the stick crown for a fourth? We hope it’s a grand cape or at least a scepter with a Golden Ram. 

Unstoppable Award

After a somewhat shaky performance on Friday at SEMO, TWU bounced back on Sunday with a season high total. This weekend also featured testing out new depth routines and the return of Steelie King, who missed the first few meets due to injury. While the meets were not mistake free, the fight of the Pioneers was evident as the team worked for every tenth possible. 

Top Meet of the Week


Why Should You (Re)Watch? SEMO was on fire from start to finish, with several athletes marking new career highs. This team gets better and better each meet, and its a bonus that more of their meets are being featured on ESPN+ this year. Lydia Webb put on a show in the all around, while SEMO’s pair of uneven bars national champions did what they do best. Kami Zarlengo had her event debut on vault and floor in Sierra Muns’ absence. Alix Pierce came to play, showing confidence and poise throughout the competition. 

Are These Teams Trending Up or Down?: SEMO is definitely on the rise. TWU seemed to have a bit of an off day, counting several uncharacteristic mistakes and having several lineup changes from a week ago. It’s still a bit “to be determined” on the Pioneers’ status. Check back in next week. 

Underrated Meet of the Week

LIU at Cornell

Why Should You (Re)Watch? The Sharks logged their best road score of the program in Ithaca. The Big Red isn’t to be counted out though, as they posted a season high. That aside, both Cornell and Long Island have routines stacked with gymnastics you don’t just anywhere. See Burton’s acro series above and Ilka Juk’s backhandspring full on beam. 

Are These Teams Trending Up or Down?: Both Long Island and Cornell continue to scorch through the season, improving week over week. It’s safe to say these teams are trending up. 

Editors’ Choice Meet of the Week

Bridgeport, Southern Connecticut and Rhode Island at Brown

Why Should You (Re)Watch? This quad has a little bit of everything: Ivy gymnastics, one of the best floor teams in the NCGA-East, a team of knights that’s ready to sword fight everyone to remind them just who they are, and flock of owls so deep with talent that eighteen different gymnasts competed. 

Are These Teams Trending Up or Down?: Bridgeport is on the way up, with its second week of a 191 or better, and Brown continues to prove that last seasons high scores was no fluke. Rhode Island was met with a few hiccups, but the Anchorwomen trend up. But those three are on the up and up. Southern Connecticut had a few struggles on bars and beam, too many to say that the Owls are trending up just now. 

Overall Standings

3Air Force193.692
4Texas Woman’s193.510
7West Chester191.985
11Southern Connecticut188.181

Top Scores

Lindsay OcklerSEMOBars9.925
Jolie MillerSEMOBars9.900
Madison GreeneSEMOFloor9.875
Gayla GriswoldLindenwoodFloor9.875
Janelle LopezSEMOBars9.875
Lindsey MoffittSEMOFloor9.875
Nyah ReaderSEMOBeam9.875
Ruby GoadTexas Woman’s Floor9.850
Maddie GriffithTexas Woman’s Vault9.850
Taylor IngleSEMOBeam9.850
Kiah JohnsonWest ChesterVault9.850
Alix PierceTexas Woman’s Floor9.850
Alix PierceTexas Woman’s Floor9.850
Nyah ReaderSEMOFloor9.850
Lydia WebbSEMOBars9.850
Lydia WebbSEMOFloor9.850
Daisy WoodringTexas Woman’s Floor9.850
Julia BedellBrownFloor9.825
Velandra BrochiAir ForceFloor9.825
Amy ForetCentenaryFloor9.825
Madison GreeneSEMOFloor9.825
Gayla GriswoldLindenwoodVault9.825
Nicole JavinettBridgeportBeam9.825
McKenna KissingerWest ChesterFloor9.825
Lily McFarlandWest ChesterBeam9.825
Lindsay OcklerSEMOBars9.825
Alix PierceTexas Woman’sBeam9.825
Nyah ReaderSEMOBeam9.825
Emily SixTexas Woman’s Beam9.825
Regina WaltonCornellBeam9.825
Daisy WoodringTexas Woman’s Vault9.825
Hannah BarryBridgeportBeam9.800
Julia BedellBrownVault9.800
Sydney BeersCornellBeam9.800
Sydney BeersCornellFloor9.800
Joanna ChambersBridgeportVault9.800
Madison GreeneSEMOVault9.800
Maddie GriffithTexas Woman’sBars9.800
Olivia ImbarlinaBridgeportBeam9.800
Jordan JonesSEMOFloor9.800
Sydney LopezLindenwoodFloor9.800
Lindsay OcklerSEMOVault9.800
Jolie MillerSEMOBars9.800
Lydia WebbSEMOVault9.800
Sarah WilsonYaleBars9.800
Hanna ZebdiSouthern ConnecticutFloor9.800


Click and expand the events below to see results from each meet, as well as individual career highs and team program records.

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Article by Allison Freeman and Tavia Smith

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