LIVE BLOG: No. 14 Missouri and No. 55 Texas Woman’s at No. 47 Lindenwood

It always amazes me how Lindenwood and TWU seem to always have home meet schedules that feature the top teams in the country. This weekend is no exception as Mizzou makes its way to St. Charles. 

Missouri is coming off a loss to LSU in the PMAC in Week 3. Although it appeared as if Missouri had what it took to best their fellow Tigers, a shaky beam rotation was their undoing. Considering that Missouri is considered a strong beam team, this result was somewhat surprising. However, the front part of the lineup does feature some new faces that are just getting their feet wet on the event. Overall the Tigers have been relatively consistent across the season with their best performance coming at home with a 196.975, just missing the coveted 197 mark. Amari Celestine made her return to the lineups last weekend, so this Missouri team is likely going to be in a better place in week 4. 

TWU, won its first home meet of the season last week, coming back in the final rotation to defeat Air Force. Athletes to watch out for include Ruby Goad on beam and floor, Brooke Ferrari on bars and Madeline Gose on three events. The Pioneers have been doing a good job of spreading the love this season, meaning quite a few athletes are getting competitive experience. Another exciting development has been Kyla Podges adding floor to her slate of events for the first time since multiple knee surgeries. 

The home team, Lindenwood, had a season high at the Tennessee Collegiate Classic, a meet where the team also achieved its season high last season. For reference, a 196.175 would put the Lions just three and a half tenths behind Missouri’s performance at LSU. Jaly Jones, Hannah Appleget and Gayla Griswold have been making a splash so far this season, each performing three to four events. 

Hypothetically the major competition here should be between conference foes TWU and Lindenwood while Missouri looks to get a huge road score worthy of adding to its NQS when the time comes. 

I’m coming to you live from I-20, so say a prayer for no technical difficulties!

Rotation 1: Lindenwood VT, Texas Woman’s UB, Missouri BB

We’ve got three video feeds today, so I’ll do my best to bring you all the action.

J. Jones (LU): Y full, just a hop back.

Zarlengo (TWU): Overshoot. Strong double layout with a hop.

Lawrence (Mizz): Side Aerial BHS. Lovely. Front aerial. Nice and smooth. RO back 1.5 dismount. strong lead off.

Kraus (LU): Something is taking forever with the vault judging. Y full. Crunched on the table.

Lazarus (TWU): Overshoot. Tkatchev. Pretty close to the bar with flexed feet. Double layout.

McCrary (Mizz): BHS LOSO. Switch leap, double stag. Not quite the position. Gainer pike with a hop back.

Lopez (LU): A hop back and a pike down on the Y full.

Podges (TWU): Blind, Jaeger. Pak salto. Blind full was archy leading into the double back.

Davis (Mizz): Front toss. Sharp arms. Beat, a replay of a bar routine. Switch leap, BHS to gainer full. Loved that unique combo!

Daniels (LU): Y full with a medium sized hop back. Good layed out position in the air. Some foot form.

Pierce (TWU): Hop to straddle back. Half to Jaeger. Another half turn. Missed the connection into the front tuck half dismount. Likely going to lose some start value.

Sheremeta (Mizz): BHS LOSO. Loved that! Full turn with the leg up. Front aerial split jump. Nice split position. Gainer full off the end. Stuck. So good.

Caffey (LU): Piked down the Y full with a hop back.

Griffith (TWU): Blind, Jaeger. Lose on the bail to HS. FTDT dismount. Nice.

Griswold (LU): Y 1.5, a little back with a deeper landing but managed with just a small step.

Appleget (LU ex): Y full was pretty low and pikey but good exhibition routine.

Hu (Mizz): Lovely mount. Y turn. Front aerial to Liukin. Perfect. Beat to split 3/4. BHS gainer full. Stuck. Good routine for her. The usual.

Strong routine for Ferrari on bars. Pretty big hop back on the double layout because she piked down.

Schreiber (Mizz): BHS LOSO LOSO. A lean to the side. Switch half, split jump. Nice lines. Beat to gainer full, baby hop back.

A made routine for Bickel on bars. I caught the blind full double tuck. Blind was a touch slow leading to her having to land the dismount with her chest down.

Poddig (Mizz ex): BHS LOSO, hips a bit open so had to wobble slightly. Hitch kick, side aerial. Managed well. Beat to straddle half. Good. BHS Gainer full. Missouri showing some good depth here.

Schaffer (Mizz ex): Party in the USA is on! BHS BHS LOSO. Right on. Front Aerial to split jump. Slow on the connection. Switch leap, split jump. RO back 1.5 dismount with a hop forward.

AFTER ONE: Missouri 49.200, Lindenwood 48.750, TWU 48.450

Missouri looked great on beam, especially after last weekend’s flat performance on the event. It was nice seeing some strong depth routines for the Tigers as well. TWU left some tenths out there, but will take the six made routines, an improvement over its meet on Friday. Lindenwood looked strong on vault. No sticks there, but fewer short landings, which was reflected in not counting a score below 9.700.

Rotation 2: Lindenwood UB, Texas Woman’s BB, Missouri FX

Steelie King is warming up on beam for TWU! If she competes, this will be her first meet of 2023.

Woodring (TWU): BHS LOSO. Switch leap, split jump. Back leg a little under position. Wobble on the turn. RO 1.5 to a hop.

Kratzer (Mizz): Double tuck. Right to the lunge. Back 1.5 front layout. Some leg separation in the air. Double pike to finish. Chest slightly down.

Daniels (LU): Tkatchev on bars. Overshoot. Blind full, double tuck. Stuck.

Poddig will be in for Schreiber on floor this week.

Newsome (LU): Blind, Piked Jaeger to overshoot. Managed well. Blind, double front. Short and sits it down.

Podges (TWU): Forward roll mount. BHS LOSO, nice. Switch leap, switch half. Gainer pike dismount. Stuck.

J. Jones (LU): She’s down on the Ray today. Finished the routine with a double layout with a step forward. The Lions will be counting a fall in this rotation.

Gose (TWU): A backward turn with a check. BHS LOSO some knees. Switch leap, switch half. Under position on the half. Side aerial. RO back 1.5 with a hop forward.

Sheremeta (LU): Front double full. Hopped to the side into the lunge. Rudi to LOSO. One of the best I’ve seen. RO 1.5 to front LOSO. Nice set.

Goad (TWU): BHS LOSO. Just a step back to manage. She’s so smooth on this event. Side Aerial. Good. Split 3/4. Side aerial to 1.5 twist. Just a step back.

Moore (Mizz): Double layout. Huge and stuck. Pardon me.. Love her dance this year! So entertaining. Front tuck through to double tuck. Loved it. Score should be huge.

Another fall on bars from Cooper. Extra taps swings into the overshoot. Double layout. Up on her toes to try to save the stick.

Pierce (TWU): Front toss, BHS. Smooth connection there. Switch leap, small check on the jump connection. Front Aerial to beat. Managed there. Stuck punch tuck full.

McCrary (Mizz): Layout to Rudi. Good start. Double pike. Chest down a touch.

A strong double layout from Hannah Moon, just a hop back.

King (TWU): This one’s a fighter! BHS LOSO. A lean and an arm circle to save. Opened up that hip. Fall on the punch front. Good on the back 1.5 dismount.

Celestine (Mizz): FTDT. Some leg form in the air but strong landing. Beautiful split position on the leaps. Back 1.5, front layout. Looking good. Double tuck. Great landing. Mizzou did THAT on floor.

Kraus (LU): Ray to overshoot. Right on this week. Blind full, double tuck. Definitely the best routine I’ve seen from her so far in college.

Schaffer (Mizz ex): Rudi LOSO. Nice amplitude. Switch ring tour jete half. Double tuck. Had to take a step forward because she was slightly under rotated.

Scott (LU ex): Blind full, delchev. Some leg form and head tucked. Overshoot. Short last handstand. Double layout was nice with a hop in place.

AFTER TWO: Missouri 98.525, TWU 96.900, Lindenwood 95.375

Mizzou is on 197 pace right now, which would be an awesome road score! Tiger floor did its usual thing, hitting it out of the park. TWU avoided counting a fall in that rotation, so that’s a positive. Overall, a steady event for the Pioneers. Lindenwood is going to want to forget that event heading into beam.

Rotation 3: Missouri VT, Lindenwood BB, Texas Woman’s FX

Swag surf coming in hot.

(Mizz): Yurchenko full. Soft legs in the air. Hop back.

Podges (TWU): Front lay, front full. Pretty shape on the switch leap. Rudi. Landed a bit staggered.

Griswold (LU): BHS LOSO. Solid. Switch leap, switch half. A bit slow on the connection to the beat jump. RO back 1.5 with a baby step forward. Commentator says she gets bonus for amplitude on the dismount. I could be down.

McCrary (Mizz): Off to the side on her Y full. A little piked in the air.

Ferrari (TWU): Double pike. A bit squatty on the landing. Saved her combo pass by pure will power. Too high on her back 1.5 so the front lay was low. Double tuck. Low chest.

Schreiber (Mizz): Y full. Good chest up on the landing. A scoot back.

Rush (LU): Big wobble on the split half on the side of the beam. BHS LOSO was solid. Switch leap, split 1/4. Back leg a touch low.

Davis (Mizz): Y 1.5 good in the air with a step forward.

Moore (Mizz): Y 1.5 with a scoot back to manage. HUGE as usual.

Muns (TWU): Open double pike with a bigger lunge back. Legs bent on the front lay, front full. Switch side, popa. Good straddle position. Double tuck with a slide back out of bounds.

Celestine (Mizz): Y 1.5 with a step forward. Her normal in the air.

Daniels (LU): BHS LOSO. Strong finish. Switch leap, split jump. Was it supposed to be a ring. Front aerial. Cartwheel, gainer full. Stuck.

Goad (TWU): Double back to start. A little off on the leap landing but covered well. Very good control on the front lay, full landing. So sharp. Rudi. Could have a touch more amplitude.

Kratzer showed a strong Y full in the exhibiton spot.

Kraus (LU): BHS LOSO, a lean. hitch kick, switch half. Tried hard to save it but falls. RO back 1.5 with a uncontrolled hop forward. Luckily, that will be the dropped score.

Pierce (TWU): Front double full. Back on her heels a touch. Back 1.5 to front full. That pass is so hard, but she makes it look easy.

Appleget (LU): Switch leap, switch leap, pike jump. Better extension . BHS LOSO. A little off, saved with a lean to the side. Side Aerial. No amplitude, had to wobble to save. RO back 1.5 dismount. Way to fight.

Woodring (TWU): HUGE double pike with chest right up. Switch side, popa. Cheated a bit with her feet going into the popa. Front full, front tuck. Mistimed the punch severely. Was supposed to be a layout, so that’ll impact her start value. Double tuck. Chest a bit lower.

J. Jones (LU): Side aerial to back tuck off the side. So that’s not a series. Gotta try again. She went for the LOSO that time but couldn’t quite save it. Switch leap, straddle. RO back 1.5 is stuck.

Zarlengo (TWU ex ): LET’S GROOVE TONIGHT. That wolf 1.5 was not close. Double tuck. Nearly missed the four incher. Switch half was nicely extended and around. Back 1.5 to front layout. Her best landing.

Moon (LU): BHS LOSO. A baby correction. Switch leap, split 3/4. A touch slow on the connection. Front aerial to beat. Loved that. Gainer full is stuck. Strong routine from her.

I must’ve missed something because I’m seeing a 9.6 start value being flashed? A judges conference has ensued. It must’ve been the slow leap connection?

Krenzel (LU ex): Front aerial to BHS. A bit slow but keeps it moving. Switch leap, split jump. Back leg a touch low. Dances right out of the turn. Hitch kick, side aerial, split jump. Very slow connection into the split. Cartwheel, lay out full dismount? No C dismount, so definitely won’t start from a 10.0 even if she gets all connection bonus.

AFTER THREE: Missouri 147.525, TWU 145.625, Lindenwood 142.675

I’m not thrilled with vault scoring for Mizzou. If I’m comparing what I saw from Lindenwood earlier, it just leaves me a bit confused if I’m being honest. TWU looked a bit uncertain on landings, leaving its scores lower than expected. It should also be noted that Madeline Gose was rested on floor today (unless I went to sleep on the job and just missed it). Lindenwood was shaky on beam as well but fought for every skill.

Rotation 4: Texas Woman’s VT, Missouri UB, Lindenwood FX 

Zarlengo (TWU): Short on the Y full with a medium hop forward.

Schreiber (Mizz): Overshoot looked nice. Double layout is stuck perfectly. She’s hype.

Appleget (LU): Front full, front lay. Leg separation. Dive roll for funsies. Tour jete full. Around-ish. Bad back leg on the leap.

Muns (TWU): Y full is stuck. Some leg form in the preflight.

Patrick (Mizz): Nice Jaeger move. Good distance from the bar. Double layout with a step forward. Let go early there.

Lazarus (TWU): Y full, a touch high on the table, piked down with a sizable hop back.

Celestine (Mizz): Pak salto was a bit loose. Stalder, front pike half dismount. Bent at the waist to hold onto it.

Caffey (LU): One of the best double pikes I’ve seen her do. Front lay, Rudi. Yes ma’am. Double tuck. Yes. She’s going for it!

Better Y full for the Pioneers. Scoot back. Griffith.

Just caught the Blind to Rudi from Sheremeta on bars. Lovely line and stuck. Her normal.

Gose (TWU): Y full, one of the smaller scoots back. Not great amplitude but technically sound.

Moore (Mizz): Tkatchev to overshoot. The HEIGHT. Right to the handstand. FTDT. OMG. Stuck.

R. Jones (LU): Front double full. Switch half, wolf full. How refreshing to see a full wolf shape. Front lay front full. Not the best control there. Rudi with a hop back.

Woodring (TWU): Lovely height on that full. Some shoulder angle.

Hu (Mizz): Blind full to double tuck with a step, hop back. Loved not seeing that entire routine.

Lopez (LU): Double tuck. A flicker of movement of the front foot. Switch half, wolf 1.5. Around nicely. Front full, front lay. Back 1.5 to front lay. Secure.

Davis (Mizz ex): Toe hand, Ray, overshoot. Loved that. Toe hand, to front pike half dismount. Just a hop. OKAY MIZZOU WITH THE DEPTH.

Hufendiek (Mizz ex): Blind, Jaeger. A bit low on the catch. Overshoot to handstand. Blind full, double tuck. Stuck.

J. Jones (LU): Very high double pike. Talking about how tall she is. Way to be tall and get it done. Front full, front layout. Love the line on that. Switch leap, tour jete full. Back leg low. Back 1.5 front layout, slight legs apart.

Griswold (LU): Double pike in the clouds. Good control. Front full, front lay. Perfect technique on the timing of that pass. Switch half, wolf full. Double tuck. Out of the frame. Nice routine from her. Should score big.

Cooper (LU ex): Double pike is nice and solid. LIONS. I love this routine. Switch leap, wolf 1.5 is not quite around. Front lay, front full. A bit back but managed. Handstand to booty drop. Double tuck. A little low in the amplitude department, but around fine.

Final: Missouri 196.800, TWU 194.350, Lindenwood 191.425

Lindenwood won’t be completely amused with its performance today, but the team fought hard to finish with a good floor rotation after counting misses on bars and beam. TWU is leaving St. Charles with a season high team score. Considering there were some start value discrepancies on a couple routines, that’s extremely impressive. While Missouri didn’t quite reach the 197 mark, the Tigers did achieve its highest road score of the season. Honestly, if this same gymnastics was performed on the SEC gym circuit, 197 would’ve been a given. But that’s neither here nor there. This will be a good stepping stone for the team moving forward.

AA Winner: Jaly Jones (LU), 36.500

VT Winner:  Amari Celestine (Mizz), 9.850

UB Winner: Jocelyn Moore (Mizz) & Sienna Schreiber, 9.900

BB Winner: Addison Lawrence (Mizz), Sienna Schreiber (Mizz) & Alisa Sheremeta (Mizz), 9.850

FX Winner: Amari Celestine (Mizz) & Jocelyn Moore (Mizz), 9.925

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Live Blog by Tavia Smith

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