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LIVE BLOG: No. 34 Rutgers at No. 16 Oregon State

The Jade Carey show is returning to Corvallis for Oregon State’s second home meet of the season! While Carey will obviously be the main event after her jaw-dropping 39.825 in the all-around last week, both of these teams both have a lot to showcase as they attempt to rise through the ranks of their respective conferences. Both teams put up strong showings last week, and will be hoping to build on their momentum moving into week four. 

Rutgers put up its highest ever home score last week, along with setting a new program high on the beam. After a pair of 194s at the Scarlet Knights’ first two away meets, the goal will be to leave Corvallis with a score close to the 196.375 scored at home last week. Hannah Joyner will be one to watch for Rutgers after setting a program record of her own last week in the all-around. Rutgers currently sits last in conference rankings, but if it continues to perform like last week, there’s no reason why it can’t raise a few places and cement itself as a major regionals contender. 

Speaking of program records in the all-around, Carey’s performance last week matched her career high, casually tying her own program record set last year. It has been a bit of a slow start for both Carey and Oregon State as a year, but if last week is anything to look at, both are back in top form. A top three spot in the all-around will probably be out of reach for Oregon State this week, barring mistakes from other teams, but consistency (and hit bars) is all that’s needed to keep the Beavers near the top. 

Let’s get Knight to business!

Rotation 1: Oregon State Vault, Rutgers Bars

Oregon State wore these stunning warm-up leos to celebrate the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion theme of tonight’s meet.

Alright we are currently sans livestream… I guess I will fill in the live scores as we wait!

Garcia (OSU) VT: 9.825

Bertola (Rutgers) UB: 8.7

Young (OSU) VT: 9.75

Lorente-Garcia (Rutgers) UB: 9.625

Letzsch (OSU) VT: 9.825

I guess some things of note for this meet are that Jade Carey is being rested on floor and Madi Dagen is being rested on bars.

Adams (Rutgers) UB: Fall for 8.75.

Gonzales (OSU) VT: 9.85

Aird (Rutgers) UB: Blind to piked jeager, pretty. Toe on to bail, a bit short of handstand. Very piked double layout, big step back. 9.725

Dagen (OSU) VT: Yurchenko 1.5. A bit underrotated with a step backwards and to the side. Nice form in the air. 9.825

Stream here:

Joyner (Rutgers) UB: Arch on first handstand. Blind to jeager, nice. Bail is pretty good, gets to handstand. Great final handstand. Wonky double layout with a step back. 9.75

Carey (OSU) VT: Yurchenko double full, her normal soft legs in the air and form on the table, medium hop back. 9.9

Balser (Rutgers) UB: Nice cast, tiny arch. Very nice jeager. Leg separation in her Pak, bit over on the cast half. Double layout is very nice in the air, archy with a small hop forward. 9.85

After 1: Oregon State 49.225, Rutgers 47.700

Well… by the looks of it I missed out on the worst of Rutgers’ bars, but a score in the 47s will dash all hopes of putting up the type of score Rutgers was looking for. The exactly two Oregon State vaults I saw were pretty good, though it wasn’t either gymnast’s best. At the very least, these Oregon State pride leos are very pretty.

Rotation 2: Oregon State Bars, Rutgers Vault

Jones (Rutgers) VT: Starting off with a Yurchenko full, not much distance but a fair amount of height, lands out of the lines with a small hop. 9.75

Beeman (OSU) UB: Blind to Jeager, crazy legs on the catch. Flexed feet on the Pak. Stalder to double tuck, small hop back. 9.8

Lorente-Garcia (Rutgers) VT: Another Yurchenko full, waits very late to twist, kind of scary to be wholly honest, not much amplitude. Very labored in the air. 9.675

Weaver (OSU) UB: Blind full to Geinger, keeps her legs together. Short of handstand on her bail. Giant full to double tuck, another small hop back. 9.85

Pagliaro (Rutgers) VT: Third full, much better form in the air but still not much distance. Small hop back. 9.75

Caso (OSU) UB: Starts on the low bar with a Maloney to Pak, a bit of leg separation in both, Van Leeuwen with some crazy legs. Stalder to double tuck, medium sized step back. 9.825

Joyner (Rutgers) VT: Yurchenko full, once again very little distance and a pike down, smaller hop back. 9.7

McMillan (OSU) UB: Maloney to Bail, right to handstand. Gets the final handstand. Double layout, a bit piked in the air and a small step back. 9.85

Aird (Rutgers) VT: Yurchenko full, the smallest amount more amplitude, large hop-slide combo on the landing. 9.7

Briones (OSU) UB: Short on the blind, nice jeager. Very archy Pak salto. Double layout is very deep with a large hop forward. Nice start, okay finish. 9.725

Leese (Rutgers) VT: Yurchenko 1.5, very nice form in the air, right down the middle of the area. Small hop forward on the landing. 9.825

Carey (OSU) UB: Maloney to Bhardwaj, leg separation in the first skill, as in the Van Leeuwen. FTDT is nicely stuck, it’s gonna be a big score even if it isn’t reflective of her form. 9.95… lol.

After 2: Oregon State 98.5, Rutgers 96.425

Things continue to be solidly okay in the second rotation. Rutgers put up a lineup of rather flat fulls with mediocre landings, but Leese was a big highlight as usual. Oregon State looked right at home on bars without Dagen. Carey had her usual form mistakes that never get taken, it’s the type of thing that’s frustrating because we can see it clearly from our angle, but the deductions are harder to see from the judge’s perspective.

Rotation 3: Oregon State Beam, Rutgers Floor

Peterson (OSU) BB: Shows off flexibility in her mount. Back handspring to bhs to loso, right to the end of the beam. Wobble on her full turn. Beam music is putting me to sleep. Switch half to straddle, a bit slow. Gainer pike with a small rebound hop. 9.825

Zanella (Rutgers) FX: Starts off with a double tuck, large lunge back, keeps it in bounds. Second pass is a whip to double twist to kneeling, fun connection even if it wasn’t intentional. Switch ring to switch ring half, not terrible by college standards. Front layout to front full, comes up short and does the wobble trying to salvage it. 9.050

Domingo (OSU) BB: Begins with a front aerial to back pike, very solid. Full turn. Switch leap to straddle to split 3/4, good positions in the first two jumps. Gainer full with a large hop back. 9.85

Pagliaro (Rutgers) FX: Double pike, someone was standing in front of the camera on the landing but she certainly stayed up. Front layout to front full, gets close to the line on that. Switch half to wolf full to wolf full, not great split position on the switch half. Final pass is a Rudi, nicely controlled. 9.775

Letzsch (OSU) BB: Front aerial to back tuck, a bit slower in connection compared to Domingo. Split leap to split ring to beat jump, nice positions on all three. Wobble on the full turn. Very short routines. Front aerial full dismount with a hop forward. 9.85

Wood (Rutgers) FX: Starts off with a Rudi to loso, good amplitude. Her floor music sounds like YouTube basic royalty free music, I love. Split full to split full to tuck jump full, sure. The commentators are dancing. Front 2/1, very nice and well controlled. 9.85

Gonzales (OSU) BB: Front aerial to back tuck, connection speed between Domingo and Letzsch. Full turn. Cat leap to side aerial, small arm adjustment. Switch half, another tiny arm adjustment. Front aerial full with a stagger step back. 9.875

Aird (Rutgers) FX: First pass is a double pike, amazing control, basically stuck cold. She is SERVING. Switch half to split full, a bit of wonky rotation. Front layout to front full, nice and clean. Finishes up with a double tuck, underrotated with low chest and a step forward. It was going so well. 9.8

Dagen (OSU) BB: Back handspring to loso, big check at the hips. Switch to switch half, short of full split on the latter. Overturns her full turn a little bit. Pike jump. Roundoff to back 3/2, college stick. She took out her side aerial apparently. 9.775

Joyner (Rutgers) FX: Double pike to start, keeps the front foot planted nicely. Switch full, well around. Comes back with a front full to front layout, really has to whip around the second salto but nice landing. Switch side to Popa, overrotates the first leap. Back 3/2 to front tuck, a bit short and isn’t able to save the layout, having to tuck it. 9.725

Carey (OSU) BB: Full turn. Front aerial to back handspring to loso, a solid two second pause between the first and second skills. Switch to switch half, very nice connection. Oh she’s done, gainer full off of the side, stuck. 9.975

Leese (Rutgers) FX: Full in to start out, low chest and a hop forward. Switch half to Popa to Shushunova, fully rotates all of her jumps. Fun fact I sat next to her family at a Rutgers home meet, they’re very cool people! Second pass is a front tuck through to double tuck, keeps the front foot planted. 9.8

After 3: Oregon State 147.875 , Rutgers 145.375

The sword clink noises at the beginning of the Rutgers floor routines were the highlight of the rotation for me. Besides Dagen, Oregon State put up a generally wobble free lineup. There were a surprising amount of front to back series, and most of them weren’t even that questionable. Carey was obviously amazing. Ella Aird wasn’t Rutgers’ highest scoring routine, but her presentation and amplitude really stood out to me positively.

Rotation 4: Oregon State Floor, Rutgers Beam

Jade Carey is good on floor, y’all. What she is not is competing tonight in preparation for OSU’s meet against UCLA later this weekend.

Battavio (Rutgers) BB: Let’s get this thing done! Starts off with a back handspring to loso, small foot adjustment. Split jump to attempted split jump full, it was like… almost almost around. Side aerial is a bit crooked but no wobble. Full turn. Beat jump. Front tuck full dismount with a hop forward. 9.725

Peterson (OSU) FX: Starts off with a back 3/2 to front 1/1, really dances out of what was truly a mediocre landing. Switch side half, Simone Biles 2021 adjacent music. Switch side to Popa is okay, pretty jumpy, Comes back with a double tuck, it was fine. 9.875

Pagliaro (Rutgers) BB: Switch to switch half to beat jump, okay positions but no wobbles. Back handspring to loso, very solid, nice extension. Full turn. More fun beam music from Rutgers. Front gainer full of the side. 9.775.

Garcia (OSU) FX: First pass is a double tuck, good control on the landing. Nice leaps, out of control though, it is what it is. Comes back with a back 3/2 to front layout, good enough form in the air, keeps the landing mostly under control. 9.8

Aird (Rutgers) BB: Full turn to start out. Back handspring to loso is solid, nice form in the air on that. Switch half to split is a struggle, neither really hit full split and a large wobble on the latter. Another front gainer full off the side, underrotated with a few steps back. 9.075

Bird (OSU) FX: All of this music is blending together for me just a little bit. First time in the lineup this year. Front layout to Rudi to straddle, crazy legs in the Rudi. She’s rolling around on the floor in a mildly choreographic way. Switch half to Popa, meh. Final pass is a back 5/2, pretty clean. 9.825

Ortiz (Rutgers) BB: They’re taking a while with Aird’s score, looks like a judges conference is going on. Looks like one judge gave her a 9.6 start value. Looking back, did she have a front skill on the beam? Who knows. Starts off with a full turn. Back handspring to bhs to loso, very nice. Split to split ring with a bend at the hips. Nice height on her gainer full, stuck. Nice routine after a long wait. 9.8

Miller (OSU) FX: Starts off with a double pike, small front foot adjustment. Switch side to Popa, almost around kind of. Rather jarring music. Back 3/2 to front layout, controlled nicely. Double tuck, this music sure is a lot. 9.9, bleh.

Joyner (Rutgers) BB: Full turn, great control. Back handspring to loso, nice control there. Switch to switch half, good positions on both of those, no wobbles. Roundoff to back 2/1 dismount, hop forward. Very, very, good until the dismount. 9.775

Letzsch (OSU) FX: Starts off with a back 3/2 to front full, nicely controlled, great twisting form in the air. Switch ring half to sissone is really pretty. Backspin choreo! Final pass is a double tuck, great control. This routine singlehandedly kept me from falling asleep. 9.95

Zanella (Rutgers) BB: Split leap to split ring, really good ring position but a small wobble. Back handspring to bhs to loso, large hip bend. Side aerial to tuck 3/2, big step to the side. 9.7

Melchert (OSU) FX: In for Dagen. Front layout to Rudi, mildly goes flying. Bring back Italian restarunt floor music singlehandedly. Nice leap series. Ends with a double tuck. 9.85… nope.

FINAL: Oregon State 197.275, Rutgers 194.15

So here’s how things look. Oregon State will feel very reassured bringing in a season high resting Carey and Dagen on floor in particular, but this meet does kind of cement that OSU is (besides floor of course) a passable team with the addition of Jade Carey. Rutgers did an okay job after a rough bars rotation, but was unable to break 49 on any events. Good night.

VT: Jade Carey (OSU) 9.9
UB: Jade Carey (OSU) 9.925
BB: Jade Carey (OSU) 9.975
FX: Lauren Letzsch (OSU) 9.95
AA: Hannah Joyner (Rutgers) 38.95

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Live blog by Ian LeWarn

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  1. Can’t think that I’m the only one who is sick and tired of the over scores for Jade. She is a sweet girl with a lot of power. Butttttttt put her routines up against Trinity On vault and floor, Mailie on beam and bars, suni on everything. Her 10’s just don’t hold up. That floor is just walking from element to element. Where this comes home to haunt is nationals where she gets appropriate scores and is out of the running. Maybe if the correct scores are given during the season the weak areas would be addressed and fixed. Again it isn’t personal about Jade but the constant “perfection “ is a joke and has gone on long enough. Really time for judging review

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