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LIVE BLOG: No. 72 Ithaca, No. 73 Springfield at No. 69 Brockport

Don’t let the overall national rankings fool you, these are the top three teams in the NCGA-East. Host Brockport has a 188.013 average, the Bombers bring a 187.363 and the Pride carries a 187.00. The Golden Eagles are your best vault and floor teams, but Springfield brings the heat on bars, and Ithaca brings it home on beam. Today you’ll also see the top vaulter in the East, Brockport’s Kyra Figurelli, and the newly crowned best beam worker from Ithaca, Cameryn Nichols, who broke the school record this past weekend with a 9.850.

Ithaca has been inching closer and closer to toppling Brockport this season, but the Bombers will have heavy lifting to do, as will Springfield, because Brockport goes hard when it’s home at Tuttle. Bars will prove to be Brockport’s biggest hurdle to victory today, or else the door will be open for Ithaca or Springfield to bring an early end to the undefeated season.

So we have three cameras in the mix today: Camera 1, Camera 2, and Camera 3. Usually Brockport does a six rotation tri meet with byes but not sure what the format will be today.

This is the given rotation order, so I think it’ll be without byes:

Brockport – Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor
Ithaca – Bars, Beam, Floor, Vault
Springfield – Beam, Floor, Vault, Bars

Rotation 1: Brockport VT, Ithaca UB, Springfield BB

Sooy (Brockport): Tucked Y full, off to the side.

Nothnagel (Ithaca): Toe to high, some flexed feet there. Shootover, okay. Comes off on hb handstand. Full to double back, just a hop there.

Springfield: BHS loso, check, keeps it on. This angle is TOUGH. Clean jump series, hits the split, comes off though. Beat to side aerial, major balance check. 

Blair (Brockport): FHS front tuck, tiny hop. Yesss.

I’ll fill in names but the sound when they announce names isn’t fab. 

Sargent (Brockport): Great height, tuck 1.5. 

Schutz (Springfield): Bhs loso, very floaty. Small balance check. Good jump series, small check at the end there. Just a step on the dismount. Springfield back on track. 

Figurelli (Brockport): Gorgeous vault, nice form twisting form in the air, just a step.

Montague (Ithaca): Looks like she came off on her tkatchev. Good double tuck.

DiPalo (Springfield): Good acro series. Beautiful front aerial. Looks like a stuck dismount there. 

Eramo(Brockport): Just caught the end of that. Good landing, chest was up. 

Schumaker (Brockport): Y tucked 1.5, hops it forward. Great power on that. 

Belog (Springfield): Switch leap wolf 3/4, good. Lovely side somi. Step on the dismount. 

Nichols (Ithaca): Toe on shaposh, good. She struggled in the warm up there. Shy on the handstands. Toe on, steps it back, keeps it on her feet.  

Bailey (Ithaca): Piked gienger, some form. Bail to hs, slightly archy. Double tuck, small step.

Osborne (Springfield): Front toss to bhs swing down, love it. Fabulous routine so far. Switch to straddle 1/4, good extension. Piked gainer off end, tiniest of steps. 

Goodwin (Ithaca): Shy on that first hs. Piked gienger, form and catches it right on the finger tips. Toe to high. Works through that last hs and full turn to double tuck, chest down but sticks it! 

MacLeod (Springfield): Connected acro, good. Side aerial combo, good, smallest checks. Front full, tiny hop. 

Rosier (Springfield): BHS loso, comes off. Love the fhs/walkover. Leap series, leg comes up. Hop on dismount.

Sullivan (Ithaca): Tkatchev, nice. Some flexy feet there.

After 1: —

Waiting for individual teams to report on scores since we don’t have an official source for that. Brockport had some strong vaults, landings still the biggest issue there. Springfield had a few hiccups on beam, but Ithaca held it together on bars. Some cleaner form and that’ll be solid event for the Bombers.

We’ve temporarily lost the floor camera.

Rotation 2: Brockport UB, Ithaca BB, Springfield FX

There’s still no floor camera at this moment. I will do my utmost here.

Bushey (Brockport): Gienger to over shoot, some form. Good height though. Full turn to double tuck, nice.

Eramo (Brockport): Great form. Excellent full turn there. Double tuck, just a step.

Gare (Brockport): Full to piked gienger, FABULOUS height on that release move. Bail to hs, good! Little shy on that last hs. Full to double tuck, hops.

Swick (Brockport): Blind to straddle jaeger, lovely. Shy on the last hs, double tuck, steps back.

Sargent (Brockport): Good hs. Blind to straddle jaeger good. Hits that next hs. Bail to hs, also great. Shy on that last one. Double lay, nice!

Schumaker (Brockport): Almost doesn’t make that over, handles it nicely. FTDB, solid, takes a step.

Schutz (Springfield): Great opening pass. I can only see two corners. Alright camera is back. Great last pass.

LaViolette (Springfield) : RO 1.5 to front lay, looked good. Back to only seeing two corners of the floor here. Leaps off screen. Love this floor music.

Wygonik (Springfield) : Only saw a double tuck as the last pass but it was SKY high.

Taylor (Springfield) : Excellent leap series. Lost floor again.

Okay floor camera continues to flicker.

MacCleod (Springfield) : Back to full camera. RO 1.5, front tuck, sits it down. Ahhhh. Springfield should be fine, what I caught of floor looked good up to this.

Rosier (Springfield) : THIS CAMERA. Please. Rudi to open it looks look, has a ton of power there. Looks like she just stepped out. Leap series, good. Great double salto pass to end, and with a front full. Lovely.

Pellegrino (Ithaca): Front toss back tuck good. A few balance checks. Step on the dismount.

Murray (Ithaca): Comes off. Steps forward on the dismount.

Kobusky (Ithaca): RO loso, LOVE this. Split jump to tuck 3/4, little soft on the feet in the split but extension looked good. Head release on sheep, good. RO 1.5, just a step back and to the side.

Sullivan (Ithaca): Front toss break to bhs. Switch side, nice. Switch leap to split jump, looked okay! Front full, hop steps it.

Foster (Ithaca): Back tuck back tuck, comes off. Dismount looked good.

Nichols (Ithaca): Switch leap, split jump, beat. Beautiful routine from what I caught.

After 2: —

Well, Ithaca didn’t have as strong a showing on beam as it would like, especially as the best beam team in the East currently. Brockport stared bars in the eyes and said “not today” and had no issues there today. Springfield looked great on floor, based on what we were able to catch.

So, they’ve angled the bar camera at floor and we do not have even a hint of what vault might be.

Rotation 3: Springfield VT, Brockport BB, Ithaca FX

There is no vault camera to be had. I’m so sorry, Springfielders.

Pecoraro (Brockport): Switch leap good, second leap, a little soft on the extension. Bhs back tuck, good. Switch leap to gainer front full. Loooooove that.

Schumaker (Brockport): Cat leap side aerial, good. BHS series but comes off, doesn’t even get feet on in the second one. Waaay off. Good leaps.

Springfield: Lay yurchenko, hops.

White (Brockport): BHS loso, comes off. Golden Eagles counting a fall on beam today. Switch leap series, good. Single loso, good. Switch half, good. Sticks dismount.

Springfield: Tuck y full, hops it, but great amplitude.

Springfield: Piked yurchenko, not a ton of height there.

Galioto (Brockport): BHS loso, no problem. Front toss to split jump, great extension. Switch leap, tuck 3/4 looks good. RO 1.5, hops. Couldn’t tell if that was a very open tuck or rough layout.

Stinnette (Brockport): Wobble on the full turn. Bhs bhs loso, leg comes up but keeps it on. Switch leap split jump, looked fine. Cat leap to side aerial, some flexy feet on that aerial. Tucked gainer full off side, steps.

Czarcinski (Brockport): Brockport needs this to be a hit routine. Bhs loso, small balance check, no problem. Straddle half, nice. Standing loso but leg comes up. Keeps it on. Gainer front full off end, small step.

Cohen (Ithaca): Okay, people standing in the way but the cheers lead me to believe that was a good first pass. Switch ring, gorgeous. FHS front full front lay, looked good.

Murray (Ithaca): Front full front lay, lovely. Double tuck, lands low, but keeps it up.

Goodwin (Ithaca): Double tuck high but steps it out.

Foster (Ithaca): Front lay through to back 2.5, goes out but I LOVE THAT PASS. Great leaps. High double tuck.

Lonski (Ithaca): Love the pink panther floor music. RO 1.5 front lay to open, no problem. Switch leap series nice. Looks like she balked on the last pass and only did a front lay. Can’t tell for sure.

Nichols (Ithaca): Ro 1.5 front lay, nice. Beautiful leaps. Double tuck to end, nice.

After 3: —

Ithaca had a solid floor rotation, with a few precious tenths lost to some OOB passes. Brockport was forced to count a fall on beam. And … we didn’t get much Springfield. But, onto Brockport’s strongest event while Ithaca wraps things up on vault and Springfield hits bars.

Rotation 4: Ithaca VT, Springfield UB, Brockport FX

Just lost the vault camera. I’ll try and snag some shots of vault from Ithaca’s IG.

Morris (Springfield): Free hip to hs, lovely. Toe to high. Bail to hs a little archy. Solid routine overall.

Geiger (Springfield): Comes off on the straddle back. Good last hs. Double tuck, takes a step.

Kiley (Springfield): Archy hs, saves it. Free hip hs, good. Pak looked good. Full turn to double tuck, takes a step.

Osborne (Springfield): Shy on that first hs, blind to jaeger, but can’t catch it. That had some great height, too. Shootover. Toe on front tuck, step.

Sipes (Springfield): Toe shaposh, nice. Bail to hs, little archy. Shy last hs. Double lay, steps forward.

(Springfield): Straddle jaeger, but just brushes it with her finger tips. Full turn to double tuck, stuck.

White (Brockport): Cameras a little glitchy here. High double tuck to open. Front lay a little archy but good.

Swick (Brockport): RO 1.5 to front lay, good. Hands down on the double tuck.

Judges having a floor meeting.

Galioto (Brockport): Double tuck to open. Solid leap series, great extension on the splits. RO 1.5 to front lay with juuuuuuust a toe OOB.

Blair (Brockport): Lovely switch side Popa. Keeps her front lay pass in bounds.

Paultre (Brockport): High double tuck. Nice leap series, wolf jump could be a little sharper. Front full front lay, but hops out of bounds on that.

Figurelli (Brockport): Skyyyyy high full in, lands with chest up. Beautiful leap series, good wolf full. RO 1.5 to front full, excellent.

Final: Brockport 190.925, Springfield 187.025, Ithaca 186.025

Not the strongest meet for any team here today, both Brockport and Ithaca had some troubles staying in bounds, and all teams were forced to count at least one fall today. Nothing major but things that will need to be improved pretty soon as most of these errors are early season mistakes.

Once we get scores, I’ll make sure you know!

VT: Sargent, 9.675

UB: Sargent, 9.675

BB: Belog, Galioto 9.750

FX: Nichols, 9.800

AA: —

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Live Blog by Allison Freeman

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