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The USAG Dismount: Week 3

The USAG hit an upswing this week. Bridgeport hit its first 191 since 2020. Lindenwood surpassed the 196 threshold en route to a second place finish behind only program record-breaking Ball State. Yale got a season high of its own on the road. Texas Woman’s captured its first home victory of the year, with both Air Force and Centenary putting on strong performances as well. The shuffling of ranking positions has begun and likely won’t stop anytime soon. 


Meet Day but Make It Vibes and Aesthetics

Bridgeport, always on top of the social media game when it comes to sharing training videos, upgrades, and making sure to save them so you can go back and watch over and over has added another layer to social media: meet day aesthetics, with a focus on meet day battle glamour

Social Media Coverage of the Week

SEMO and Lindenwood competed at the Tennessee Classic. With no video coverage, SEMO stepped up its Twitter game, posting lineups, snippets from every routine, and scores. 

Now That’s What You Call a Handstand

The elusive vertical handstand on bars. This is your A+ of cast handstands, the crème de la crème, the “ohh, that’s what it’s supposed to look like.” 

Top Meet of the Week

Air Force, Centenary and UW-Eau Claire at Texas Woman’s

Why Should You (Re)Watch? Texas Woman’s came back in the final rotation to take the victory at home, with Alix Pierce’s fun floor routine capturing the crowd’s attention. Air Force vault and floor came to play. Centenary posted a 48.600 on beam in the first rotation. 

Are These Teams Trending Up or Down? Overall, all four teams seem to be on the rise. Three of the four teams posted season high totals, while Air Force was bogged down by a slow start on bars. There’s no sign that the Falcons’ struggles will be long-term ones, though. 

Underrated Meet of the Week

Bridgeport, Cornell, LIU at Temple

Why Should You (Re)Watch? Welcome to an EAGL and GEC showdown, with an excellent variety of gymnastics across each team. Read: You’re not going to get the same Yurchenko vaults and back handspring layout step-out beam series over and over again. If you wanted compulsory routines, you’d watch your cousin’s club meet or pull up a YouTube video from the 1996 Olympics. While these teams may not be fitting for a place on the podium at nationals, there’s something exciting and infectious about teams that actually look like they’re having fun competing, and not just going through the motions. 

Are These Teams Trending Up or Down? Not the score Temple would’ve wanted this meet, especially after opening the season nearly half a point higher, so Temple is wavering, but first it will need to fix the downward trajectory on bars. Fellow EAGL team LIU finds itself in the same downward trajectory on the same event, plagued by an uncharacteristically fall-plagued bar lineup this weekend. Vault and beam did them no favors either. The foil to the EAGL? The GEC teams shined. Bridgeport continues to trend up on all four events and scored four and a half points better than its season high. Cornell added an extra point and a half onto its team score, trending up on everything, with beam holding steady. 

Editors’ Choice Meet of the Week

Tennessee Collegiate Classic

Why Should You (Re)Watch? This is a trick question because there was actually no video coverage of this competition. However, this meet was full of season highs and program records. Ball State broke three program records, Lindenwood surpassed the 196 mark and Aaliyah Reed-Hammon became the first Fisk gymnast to score a 9.925 on any event. Highlight videos can be found on Instagram and Twitter. 

Are These Teams Trending Up or Down? Based on scores alone, it’s tempting to say everyone is moving up. However, this meet is known for being on the higher scoring side, so it’s too soon to tell what these performances mean in the bigger picture. 

Overall Standings

2Air Force193.938
4Texas Woman’s 193.292
7West Chester191.519
10Southern Connecticut187.917

Top Scores

Alix PierceTexas Woman’s Floor9.900
Madison GreeneSEMOVault9.875
Gayla GriswoldLindenwoodFloor9.875
Jaly JonesLindenwoodBars9.875
Hannah MoonLindenwoodBars9.875
Hannah ApplegetLindenwoodFloor9.850
Trinity CaffeyLindenwoodVault9.850
Trinity Caffey LindenwoodFloor9.850
Briona CarswellAir ForceBeam9.850
Madeline GoseTexas Woman’sBeam9.850
Madison GreeneSEMOFloor9.850
Taylor IngleSEMOBeam9.850
Reagan JonesLindenwoodFloor9.850
Raegan WalkerYaleBars9.850
Julia BedellBrownFloor9.825
Abby ContelloBrownVault9.825
Ruby GoadTexas Woman’s Beam9.825
Kylee GreeneAir ForceFloor9.825
Gayla GriswoldLindenwoodBeam9.825
McKenna KissingerWest ChesterFloor9.825
Janelle Lopez SEMOVault9.825
Janelle LopezSEMOBars9.825
Sydney LopezLindenwoodFloor9.825
Nyah ReaderSEMOBeam9.825
Nyah ReaderSEMOFloor9.825
Raegan WalkerYaleBeam9.825
Daisy WoodringTexas Woman’s Floor9.825
Hannah ApplegetLindenwoodBeam9.800
Amber BollAir ForceBeam9.800
Velandra BrochiAir ForceFloor9.800
Abby ContelloBrownBars9.800
Kaylee CooperLindenwoodBars9.800
Riley DanielsLindenwoodBars9.800
Gayla GriswoldLindenwoodVault9.800
Jaly JonesLindenwoodBeam9.800
Jaly JonesLindenwoodFloor9.800
Jordan JonesSEMOFloor9.800
Carissa MartinezCentenaryBeam9.800
Riley MeeksYaleBeam9.800
Jolie MillerSEMOBars9.800
Ciana RiosSCSUBars9.800
Hannah StrausYaleFloor9.800
Lydia WebbSEMOVault9.800
Lydia WebbSEMOFloor9.800
Daisy WoodringTexas Woman’s Vault9.800
Angela XingBrownBeam9.800


Click and expand the events below to see results from each meet, as well as individual career highs and team program records.

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Article by Allison Freeman and Tavia Smith

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