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LIVE BLOG: No. 15 Iowa at No. 10 Ohio State

Undefeated Ohio State returns home after an emphatic victory at Georgia on Monday to open its conference slate in 2023. The Buckeyes look like a team that could score a 197.000 pretty soon. If there’s a problem, it’s beam: Both beam rotations so far this season have been just a little shaky. Fix that, and the Buckeyes are in business. After four full years the judges seem to have finally gotten the message that Claire Gagliardi should get big scores on floor, so expect fireworks at the end of the meet.

Steady and climbing so far in 2023, Iowa could definitely make this meet interesting. Don’t take your eyes off freshman Karina Munoz, who is a phenom and also such a blast to watch. Do keep a close eye on the bars and beam teams: Iowa hasn’t had a strong six-for-six showing on either of these events yet in 2023, but has managed to drop all major drama. Those events are the difference-makers, while the Hawkeye leg events are pretty much good to go.

Rotation 1: Ohio State VT, Iowa UB

Riccardi (OSU): FTY, little scoot forward but great in the air. 9.825

Zuhlke (Iowa): We didn’t get the beginning on stream… Pak, great handstands, blind full double back stuck.

Vetter (OSU): Great FTY, similar-sized hop to Riccardi but hers was backwards. On replay maybe a TINY bit of soft knees, but it’s minimal. 9.775

Castellanos (Iowa): Ray, looks just a little far and falls. Bail solid, shy on a handstand, DLO with a hop back. 8.975

Jennings (OSU): Best body line so far, high and clean, big hop back. 9.8

Rojas (Iowa): They said this was McSweeny but it’s not. Gienger with some leg sep., good bail, FTDB with a hop. 9.8

Hlavach (OSU): Full on pike off, big hop back but that vault is so pretty, by far my favorite full-on vault being done. 9.825

LaPlante (Iowa): Jaeger to overshoot, so much flight and super clean here. Double layout stuck. Really good one. 9.9! Happy with that.

Harris (OSU): One and a half, strong, a little leg separation at the end and a hop forward. 9.85

Kenlin (Iowa): Toe on to Maloney, soft in the backswing with leg separation, to Pak. Blind full double back comes in a little short, deeper squat and hops forward to salute. 9.85

Edwards (OSU): Great FTY as usual, weirdly a bit of leg sep on the table today which is not like her, just a small hop back. 9.85

Munoz (Iowa): Aggressive pike Jaeger, big leg break in the air on her bail but makes the catch, clear hip to double lay with a hop. 9.85

After 1: Iowa 49.200, Ohio State 49.150

Amazing rotation for Iowa: Bars can be a slightly tougher event for the Hawkeyes, and this was a really dominant start. The Buckeyes were fine but not great on vault: Those landings can be quite a bit cleaner.

Rotation 2: Iowa VT, Ohio State UB

Masella (Iowa): Solid FTY, not the highest with some pike down and a large hop back. 9.625

Pritchard (OSU): Toe on to Gienger to overshoot, clean, shy on a handstand, blind full maybe a little late to double back with a hop. 9.8

Zuhlke (Iowa): FHS onto the board to Tsuk tuck full, landed really securely, just a scoot. Awesome! 9.775 boooo

Harris (OSU): Ray is SO HIGH and kind of far, wasn’t sure if she was going to catch that, good bail, blind full double back stuck DEAD. I saw one slightly shy handstand and that was about all. 9.875

LaPlante (Iowa): FTY with a big hop and two steps back. Little bit of pike down too. 9.675

Edwards (OSU): Toe on to Maloney, super straight, to Pak with leg separation. Little bits of foot form throughout, blind full double back with a hop forward. 9.85

Munoz (Iowa): FTY high and clean, different universe to the other FTYs we’ve seen in this rotation in terms of dynamics, medium hop back. 9.825

Vetter (OSU): Full turn to Tkachev, hits her foot on the bar, that’s the second week in a row she’s done that. Great bail, shy on a handstand, FTDB stuck. 9.725

Zivat (Iowa): Tsuk full, piked down a bit with some leg separation late, very small hop. 9.9

Riccardi (OSU): Toe on to Ray, great Pak. late on the half turn on the low bar. Stalder to double tuck drilled. Really really good. 9.95!!

Henderson (Iowa): Gorgeous FTY, tiny tiny hop back. 9.9

Miller (OSU): Toe on to Maloney to bail. Great handstands, double lay and I think that was stuck. 9.925

Hankins in the ex, fingertip catch on her Jaeger and then casts over and falls, DLO short.

After 2: Ohio State 98.550, Iowa 98.275

WOW Ohio State bars. What a rotation, those lineups rocked. Hot and cold for Iowa but the good vaults were great.

This coming rotation should be good. Real strengths for both teams coming up.

Rotation 3: Ohio State BB, Iowa FX

Oliveros (OSU): Her handstand work always makes me smile, full turn, front aerial BHS clean. Switch half to beat, good, side aerial, gainer pike stuck. Great start! 9.8 after a long conference.

Nick (Iowa): Front double full, comes in pretty short and stumbles about three steps to avoid sitting it. Switch ring switch half to straddle is good, Rudi back pike… not sure if that was intentional, hop. 9.8 seems high.

Hankins (OSU): Full turn, BHS LOSO, great. She had to wait a while as the judges conferenced over Oliveros. Kickover front, medium check, switch to split quarter. Double twist dismount stuck. 9.775

Libby (Iowa): Front double full really strong. One and a half front lay well-controlled. Leah Griesser used this music one time. Nice contemporary routine and she’s pulling it off, really nice quality of movement and getting the texture of the movement. Switch ring switch half, iffy splits but great landing. Rudi, lunge just a little awkward. 9.85

Harris (OSU): We’re joining in the middle of a skill, landed well. Switch straddle quarter, not certain about that split, front aerial back tuck good, double full dismount with a hop back. 9.875

Zivat (Iowa): Front through double back great. Rudi LOSO, feels like the LOSO is a little low but landed really well. 9.875

Jennings (OSU): Full turn, BHS to side aerial steady today. Split straddle half, steady but not 100% rotated, cartwheel gainer full stuck. Her best routine of the season. 9.85

Munoz (Iowa): Front through double back, awesome in the air, just a little shuffle on the landing. Nice switch half wolf full, she’s a fantastic dancer. Great control on the double pike. 9.85

Pritchard (OSU): They’re conferencing again… Hitch kick side aerial, check with a step. Nice full turn, BHS LOSO aggressive and clean. Switch to straddle quarter. One and a half twist, hop forward. 9.775

Kenlin (Iowa): Front double full, legs come apart just a little at the end, no big deal. Switch leap to Ferrari, one of very few gymnasts who can get away with that leap. One and a half front lay, a little overpowered, dances out. Great presentation. 9.925

Hodges (OSU): Standing switch to straddle quarter is LOVELY. BHS LOSO nailed. Drilled the gainer layout, so so good. One and a half twist stuck. WOW. 9.925

Henderson (Iowa): Set up really well by Kenlin, could go high. Full in, major overrotation, hopped back at least a yard. Switch side Popa straddle, good, front through double tuck with chest maybe a LITTLE low, hops to lunge fine. 9.875

Warga and Masella are the exhibitions this rotation.

After 3: Ohio State 147.775, Iowa 147.650

Very close after three, but advantage Buckeyes heading to home floor. Both teams have a good luck at a season high here. Beam season high for Ohio State!

Rotation 4: Iowa BB, Ohio State FX

Henderson (Iowa): Full turn, BHS LOSO with slightly soft knees, switch to straddle quarter. Double tuck, small hop back. 9.9! Wow. Huge start.

Gonzalez (OSU): Nailed the double pike, held the stick for a second before lunging. Front lay front full, think she bent her knees late in that skill. Switch side half to straddle… I think. One and a half front lay great. 9.775

Zuhlke (Iowa): Full turn, BHS BHS LOSO, small knee break and a check. Switch split 3/4, not sure about the split. Cartwheel gainer full, hop. 9.8

Vetter (OSU): Nice double back. Chest might have been a little low but lunged out fine and her form is just so good. Tour jete half Popa Popa good, front lay to Rudi, lunge a little long but keeps the front foot down. 9.875

Ebeling (Iowa): BHS LOSO, soft knees and a check, full turn a little unsteady. Split to split ring, didn’t get her head back to complete the ring. Front aerial, check. Gainer pike stuck. 9.725

Harris (OSU): Double pike, overrotated and jumps back a bit. Switch side Popa clean, a little overrotated but nobody ever takes that if the rotation is complete. Front double full to stag is immaculate. Front full front lay STUCK. 9.9

Nick (Iowa): BHS LOSO, full turn, nice and steady. Front aerial, tentative. One and a half twist, semi-unconvincing fake stick. 9.85

Gagliardi (OSU): Front lay to Rudi to double stag, stuck. Switch side to Popa, overrotated, same comment as with Harris. Nailed the double pike. 9.85… lil bit confused.

Rojas (Iowa): BHS LOSO, nice and steady. Check on a full turn, front tuck is DEEP to a beat jump, split to split 3/4 with iffy positions and a check. Gainer full stuck. 9.8

Edwards (OSU): Needs a 9.825 for a 197. Totally nailed the double pike, one and a half front lay so airy. Switch side Popa nice, double tuck looks so easy and another clean landing. 9.975!!!

Kenlin (Iowa): The quality in this meet is just so fun. BHS LOSO, switch to split 3/4, nice and clean so far. Full turn, the Edwards score just came in so it’s LOUD, cartwheel gainer full with a hop back.

Hodges (OSU): Double pike, I think that was just a touch overrotated but if the front foot moved it was smooth. Tour jete half Popa Popa is great, Rudi LOSO travels a little sideways but kept the landing clean.

FINAL: Ohio State 197.225, Iowa 196.900

No. 3 score in program history for the Buckeyes, and an awesome day for Iowa! Such a quality meet and both tems can be even better. Just a blast to watch.

And Ohio State stays undefeated!! What a great start to the season for the Buckeyes.

VT: JerQuavia Henderson, Linda Zivat 9.900
UB: Nicole Riccardi 9.950
BB: Ella Hodges 9.925
FX: Lexi Edwards 9.975
AA: Payton Harris 39.500

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Live blog by Rebecca Scally

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