Chloe Widner does a split leap on beam during her routine

Wishful Lineups: What Certain Team Lineups Should Be in 2023

With intrasquad season in full swing and fantasy gymnastics season right around the corner, we’ve all been doing some serious thinking about how the deepest teams in the country will arrange their lineups. While it’s exciting that season is so near, it also means facing some hard truths about which of our favorite routines might not get regular lineup time this year. If that’s sad for you, we invite you to join us in fantasy world for a little while. In this article, we’re showing off what some of the country’s most competitive lineups might look like if we set the lineups. What we came up with is whimsical, impractical, ridiculous, and a lot of fun. If you hate our lineups or if you have your own equally deluded dream top sixes you want to share, let us know on Twitter or in the comments!

Morgan Hurd
Alex Magee
Riley McCusker
Victoria Nguyen 
Ellie Lazzari 
Leanne Wong

For this infinitely deep lineup, we prioritized all the toe points and did not think about hit percentages. Have you ever seen Alex Magee’s press handstand work on beam? You need to.

Ragan Smith
Meilin Sullivan
Dani Sievers
Audrey Davis
Ava Siegfeldt
Faith Torrez

It should go without saying, but Torrez always goes for the standing full in this scenario. She’s anchoring specifically so that she can try the standing full if all of the others hit. 

Sierra Brooks
Kaylen Morgan
Jacey Vore
Farah Lipetz
Natalie Wojcik
Abby Heiskell

We learned at this weekend’s intrasquad that basically none of Michigan’s freshmen are full routine-fit right now. Because this article is not about reality, we’re choosing to ignore that. We’ve also gone ahead and put Abby Heiskell in the anchor because she’s one of the cleanest bars gymnasts in the entire country and she deserves it.

Josie Angeny
Haley de Jong
Jacquie Moran
Naya Howard
JaFree Scott
Katie Finnegan

These freshmen are freaking pretty on bars. We say let them shine. We’re also not even joking about Katie Finnegan anchoring: She’s been looking pretty immaculate lately.

Brooklyn Rowray
Ali Sonier
Sarah Moraw
Tiarre Sales
Ella Sirjord
Ivy Lu

Um… No need to discuss that anchor pick. We don’t want to talk about it.

This is a very, very different Minnesota team, and while there’s some great beam talent among the underclassmen, we’re finding ourselves longing for a little familiarity.

Margzetta Frazier
Frida Esparza
Emily Lee
Chae Campbell
Emma Malabuyo
Selena Harris

Remember when Frida Esparza did a double double? We do. We remember it every day. We see it in our dreams at night.

Apart from that, this lineup isn’t even too ridiculous. Yes, the order is bizarre, but Jordan Chiles is bound to need a few rest weeks after her elite season. It could happen.

Ava Sorrento
Porsche Trinidad
Claire Dean
Chloe Widner
Anna Roberts
Ira Alexeeva

Look, if Stanford wanted us to be able to make slightly more reasonable lineup guesses, it could have posted more training footage. Since it didn’t do that, who’s to stop us just using our imaginations?

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Article by Claire Billman and Rebecca Scally

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  1. Nicole Wojcik? You want a Lindenwood gymnast in Michigan’s bars lineup? Are we that far down on Natalie at this point?

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