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Potential Lineups: Updates

Due to the nature of our Potential Lineups series, things happen after we publish each conference’s analysis. Gymnasts retire, freshmen don’t show up on rosters and unfortunate injuries occur. In an effort to stay as up-to-date as possible, we wanted to post one more article in the series to tie up loose ends before we finally get to the season.

Big 12


  • Moorea Linker announced she has medically retired. 
  • Caitlin Smith announced that she will be joining the Sooners in 2023. She adds more difficulty on floor in an already deep lineup; however, it is rumored she will be having surgery and will not compete this season.
  • Until recently, Olivia Trautman had not been featured in any training clips during fall practices. However, she shared footage of her on bars working double layouts into the pit. Given her previous injury history and the desire to pace her for season, it’s something we will be keeping an eye on.
  • Audrey Davis appears to be training a Yurchenko one and a half. She’s competed the upgrade in the past but normally opts for a solid Yurchenko full. 


  • Jessica Hutchinson is training a Yurchenko one and a half on vault, bringing another much needed 10.0 start value to the Pioneers’ lineup.
  • Mia Hebinck was spotted in a boot during Denver’s homecoming open house.
  • Rosie Casali competed all-around during a Denver intrasquad and unveiled a nearly stuck Yurchenko one and a half.

Iowa State

  • Marina Gonzalez underwent ACL reconstruction surgery. She had been seen training beam and bars prior to the injury.
  • Makayla Maxwell announced she has suffered her second Achilles tear. She was the top returning NQS scorer for the Cyclones on vault.
  • Josie Bergstrom had an unknown surgery in September but recently returned to intrasquad competition on beam and floor.
  • After one appearance on vault in 2022, Guatemalan elite Ana Irene Palacios appears to be making a run for the all-around, showing all four events at recent intrasquads.

West Virginia

  • Chloe Asper competed bars, beam and floor at a recent intrasquad, showing a Markelov on bars.

Big Ten


  • Thankfully for the Illini, Makayla Green was healthy and looked to be in good form at the Halloween intrasquad.
  • Ruthuja Nataraj debuted a new Yurchenko one and a half at the intrasquad.


  • Abigael Vides hasn’t shown up in a leotard or dressed in workout gear in any clips Michigan has posted in recent memory. It’s unclear whether she is injured, has retired or if it’s all just a coincidence.  


  • Gianna Gerdes has a new Yurchenko one and a half that she put up at the Gophers’ intrasquad.
  • Ella Sirjord has been featured on bars and beam.
  • Seria Johnson was featured on bars in the Gophers’ second intrasquad.

Ohio State

  • Zoe Schweitzer has medically retired.
  • In an Instagram takeover, Tory Vetter said she was recovering from injury and expects to compete more this season.

Penn State

  • Grace Harrell is in a boot.
  • Bella Salcedo looks to be adding a Dowell to her crowd-favorite floor set.


  • Rachael Riley should absolutely factor into all four lineups for the Scarlet Knights.


Oregon State

  • Brianna Yamamoto, who didn’t compete during her freshman season, performed a bar routine at the Beavers’ late-October intrasquad.
  • At that same intrasquad, Julia Melchert showed a floor routine. Melchert has only competed exhibition routines in her first two seasons for Oregon State.


  • Freshman Ciena Alipio has been spotted in a wrist and hand cast in the Bruins’ social media posts. The severity of the injury is unknown.


  • Fifth-year Cristal Isa has been using a scooter/crutches and wearing a boot in social media posts from the Utes the last few weeks. No further information about her injury is known at this time. 


  • In a late-October intrasquad, we got plenty of insight about what events the newcomers are training. Emma Schrady vaulted, Emily Innes and Caitlin McWilliams did vault and floor, Olivia Oppegard and Lilly Tubbs showed bars, Thu Nguyen performed on vault and beam and Hadley Roberts went on floor.

From a picture of the team’s bar chart on Instagram, it also appears that McWilliams is a potential contributor there. 



  • The Crimson Tide has kept its preseason training footage close to its vest, but sophomore Corinne Bunagan was spotted on beam at the team’s most recent intrasquad. 


  • Graduate student Bailey Lovett is back in action on bars after sticking to beam and floor in 2022. 
  • Cami Weaver has been spotted on beam after suffering a knee injury on vault during the first meet of the 2022 season. Her fellow redshirt freshman Frankie Price has appeared on vault, beam and floor. 


  • Olivia Greaves has confirmed that she will be out for the 2023 season after a failed ACL repair attempt and subsequent additional surgery. 
  • Olivia Hollingsworth unveiled a new Yurchenko one and a half at an October intrasquad. 
  • Gabby McLaughlin competed all-around at the team’s November intrasquad while Sarah Hubbard made an appearance on beam in addition to vault and floor. 


  • Victoria Nguyen posted a video to Twitter showcasing her work on a Yurchenko one and a half, an upgrade from the Yurchenko full she competed at Georgia. 
  • Fan-favorite Morgan Hurd has posted videos training on all four events. She will undoubtedly make a splash in Florida’s lineups after missing out on the 2022 season. 
  • Freshman Lori Brubach appeared on all four events at the team’s Thanksgiving intrasquad. 


  • Ariel Posen has been seen on crutches with a knee brace in recent Georgia training clips, though specifics about her injury are unknown. 
  • Vanessa Deniz has been seen training bars after not competing on the event in the 2022 season. 


  • Freshman Sam Forman is out for the season with an ACL tear. 


  • Olivia Dunne has mentioned in a Tik Tok that she is nursing a torn labrum while freshman Annie Beard had shoulder surgery in October.  


  • Kyra Burns was seen in a boot. Her injury is currently unknown. 
  • Sophomore Grace Anne Davis, a mainstay in last season’s vault lineup, has been featured on bars in numerous training videos. 
  • Amaya Marshall was seen sporting a boot and scooter at the team’s December Black and Gold intrasquad. 


North Carolina

  • The vault potential of the Tar Heels likely will not be shown in the beginning of the season. Gwen Fink has not been featured doing her Yurchenko one and a half on vault yet this preseason, only a full. Lali Dekanoidze is still coming back from injury and has only been seen doing a Yurchenko full so far. Paige Prejean seems to be coming back from an injury as well and has been seen only vaulting into the pit so far.


  • Jenna Weitz has been training her Yurchenko one and a half on vault after competing a full last season. If all of the 10.0 start value vaults Towson is training materialize in competition, the Tigers will have five in the lineup.


  • Kennedy Duke will be joining the Panthers in time for the 2023 season and has the potential to break into the top six on all four events. Her strong vault and confident beam set will particularly be an asset.


  • Caitlin Gray was originally on the roster for her fifth year and has since been removed. Gray was the second-highest scoring returner on bars for the Owls, and her lineup spot will now be up for grabs between the newcomers and veteran depth pieces.


  • Freshman Tristin Lynn Green was taken off of the LIU roster. She was a likely contributor on multiple events for the Sharks this season.



  • Gabrielle Jorden was removed from the roster. 
  • Jordan Streete will be returning from an Achilles tear to compete in her final season. 
  • Nicole Javinett, noted beam specialist, was seen in a boot in mid-November. 
  • Madelyn Viles recently had knee surgery. 


  • Ali Karpousis and Carly Kulevich were removed from the team roster and will be serving as student managers for the 2023 season. 

Southern Connecticut

  • Molly Froman, Morgan Romeis and Madi Tansowny were removed from the roster. 


  • Meredith Donovan is back training beam in the Yale intrasquad. 



  • Olivia Stratmann, a promising all-around contender entering her freshman campaign, has suffered a season-ending foot injury. 


  • Jordan Jones, who has been returning from a season-ending knee injury, was seen performing on bars, beam and floor at the team’s November intrasquad. This is a good sign of things to come for the Redhawks. 
  • Lily Pierson, projected to contribute on vault and bars, was removed from the SEMO roster. 
  • Lindsay Ockler was notably missing from the November intrasquad lineups. This is nothing to be too alarmed about yet, but keep an eye out for future updates. Ockler is one of the top contributors on three events for the Redhawks. 

Texas Woman’s

  • Sierra Muns has been seen performing both a Yurchenko one and a half and a full at recent intrasquads. While the 10.0 vault is landable on competition height, the leg form seems to get lost some in the preflight.
  • TWU’s Thanksgiving intrasquad did not feature routines from Steelie King, who has been training all four events this preseason. She is one of the top returners on vault, bars and beam. Keep an eye out for the Holiday Spectacular at the beginning of December. 



  • Nikky Aiello has rejoined the team as a senior after stepping away her junior year. 
  • Maddie Baker was removed from the roster and will be the student assistant coach this season. Elizabeth Broderick, Kerry Gallagher and Peyton Valdez were removed from the roster as well. 


  • Angelina Bohn, Lucy De Michele, Gracie Gallagher, Madison Heffern and Sam Matthes were all removed from the Cortland roster. 
  • Bryanna DeAngelis was also removed from the Cortland roster and is now listed as the volunteer assistant coach. 
  • 2022 Brockport alumna, Nicole Jackson, will be an assistant coach at Cortland. 


  • Jillian Freyman, a key player on vault, beam and floor for Ithaca who notched the second-highest score on each of those events for the Bombers last season, is in an arm sling. 



  • Jenna Jones, Abi Rose, Kailyn Westbrook and Bridgette Allen were all unexpectedly removed from the roster. Jones competed vault and bars and Rose on bars and floor during the 2022 season. Allen and Westbrook missed competitive action last season. 



  • Jordynn Cromartie was seen in a boot in late November. 
  • Kiara Richmon and Zanna Brewer also have unknown injuries—potentially back-related. 

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