Cortland NCGA-East Regionals

Potential Lineups: NCGA-East

The NCGA-East was full of broken records in 2022. Brockport remained at the top of the conference all season but fell a little flat at nationals in comparison to the lights-out performance of Oshkosh. Springfield stunned its way into the national championships, with Winter Osborne taking a share of the bar title. We can’t forget Ithaca’s program-best on the year either, a 192.325. Rhode Island’s duo of Kelsey Gates and Olivia Keys smashed individual records all season, each ending the season as NCGA All-Americans. Long story short, 2022 was out of this world, so get ready for even greater heights. It’s worth nothing that although Jensen Todd has graduated from Brockport, we’ll see her again in the 2024 season as part of the Utica University gymnastics team. 

The preseason is starting and 2023 will be here before we know it. That means it’s time for our annual potential lineups analysis! As gymnasts get back into the gym with new goals for the new season, we’re breaking their prospects down and taking a look at what each team’s lineups may look like come January—from who’s expected to contribute, holes that need to be filled and exciting upgrades fans should look out for.

No. 63 Brockport

Brockport ran through the 2022 season in a dominant fashion, going undefeated until nationals. The Eagles will lose a few key players, however, so the team faces new challenges. 

Losses: Lexi Castellaneta (VT, BB, FX), Aliya Conlon, Kelly Devine, Nikki Jackson (VT, UB), Jensen Todd (BB), Dorothy Wernick (BB), Naimah Muhammad (transfer to Fisk)
Gains: Gracie Weaver, Lilly Blowers, Cali Czarcinski


Potential Contributors: Sydney Schumaker (NQS 9.755), Emma Grace Sargent (9.640), Lauren Blair (9.550), Kyra Figurelli (9.510), Laken Sooy (avg 9.500), Natalie Galioto (9.275), Lilly Blowers, Gracie Weaver

How It Looked Before: Sydney Schumaker’s 10.0 start value stole the show, and when Brockport hit, it hit well. 

How It Looks Now: Incoming freshman Weaver brings a clean Yurchenko layout that will score well—even better if she upgrades. With Schumaker, Sargent and Blair returning, the Eagles don’t have a ton of space to fill. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Vault will look good again this coming season and be one of the top-scoring events for Brockport. 


Potential Contributors: Taylor Bushey (NQS 9.680), Gabbi Gare (9.645), Emma Grace Sargent (9.600), Sydney Schumaker (9.560),  Kyra Figurelli (9.330), Rachel Swick (9.245), 

How It Looked Before: Bars was a bit up and down depending on which weeks the lineup hit. Bushey led the way, eventually taking a share of the NCGA bar title. 

How It Looks Now: So long as Brockport puts it’s experience to work this season and can find some much-needed consistency, things are looking good. Each of the four returning top scorers are either knocking on the door of setting another program record or already have. This will be a competitive lineup to make. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up! The experience last season will benefit Brockport; it’ll only look better. 


Potential Contributors: Natalie Galioto (NQS 9.730), Olivia Stinnette (9.430), Sydney Schumaker (9.420), Emmie White (9.375), Maya Pecoraro (avg 9.475), Lilly Blowers, Cali Czarcinski

How It Looked Before: Beam was led by the one-two punch of Castellanetta and Galioto. The event started out slow but hit its stride at the end of January and never slowed down. 

How It Looks Now: Galioto will still lead the way, but some new faces will need to step up to the plate to replace the loss of other heavy-hitters in the top six. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Without Castellanetta, expect beam to trend down some this season. However, Blowers has the skills to make a splash here. 


Potential Contributors: Kyra Figurelli (NQS 9.705), Kirsten Paultre (9.725), Natalie Galioto (9.600), Emmie White (9.525), Laken Sooy (9.175), Maya Pecoraro (avg 9.325), Gracie Weaver, Cali Czarcinski

How It Looked Before: Led by Castellanetta, floor was Brockport’s best event on the season, peaking at a 49.000 team total. 

How It Looks Now: The highest-scoring returner also happens to be the national champion on this event. Expect Figurelli to continue to lead the way with her stellar form. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Too early to tell. Although Brockport has always had a dominating floor program, it’s going to be tough to replace big skills and bigger scores to keep the team’s name at the top. 

Three Big Questions

How will Brockport replace Alexis Castellaneta?

Castellanetta made a name for herself at Brockport, earning both freshman and senior of the year during her tenure. With so few multi-event gymnasts on the roster, filling these shoes will be difficult. 

What does Brockport need to do to win NCGAs?

Brockport fell a point and a half short of claiming another national title in 2022. An uncharacteristically low vault and beam rotation kept it out of the running for that title. Brockport continued to rise as the season went on but couldn’t glue all the pieces together at the perfect time. 

Will anyone come close to Carrie Santore’s records? 

Oooooohhhh, great question. Santore’s records have been standing since 2004, with a 38.675 in the all-around and a 9.925 on floor—which she did twice!—in 2005. It will take quite the performance of a lifetime for anyone to get close to knocking on that door. Only time will tell. 

No. 71 Ithaca College

Ithaca had a strong season that culminated in a program-record-setting performance at NCGA nationals. With only two routines graduating, expect the Bombers to pick up where they left off.

Losses: Amelia Bailey (BB, FX), Olivia Waguespack (Retirement), Elizabeth Blessley, Jordyn Dolan, Bee Iosso, Audrey Scott, Natalie Soloway, Ai-Zhen Tung, Dallas Rachal
Gains: Mary Collier, Coral Cotteleer, Violet Fanara, Corey Foster, Emily Kobusky, Jaida Menteer, Grace Murray, Samantha Nothnagel (Grad transfer) 


Potential Contributors:  Nya Pauldon (NQS 9.570), Jillian Freyman (9.555), Skye Cohen (9.445), Cassidy Gallivan (9.435), Meghan Bell (9.375), Samantha Nothnagel (9.395), Kaylie Goodwin (avg 9.370), Coral Cotteleer, Violet Fanara, Jaida Menteer, Grace Murray

How It Looked Before: The Bombers did nothing but grow on vault in 2022. Their vaults may not have been the most difficult, but they are consistent. 

How It Looks Now: Ithaca is losing a small portion from its vault lineup. With some upgrades to grab valuable tenths, Ithaca can make itself quite competitive and a force to be reckoned with. Don’t overlook transfer Nothnagel. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up! With so many faces returning, plus hopefully some upgrades, the Bombers can only go further up. 


Potential Contributors: Nicole Lonski (NQS 9.470),  Marlena Bailey (9.365), Cameryn Nichols (9.325), Skye Cohen (9.230), Zoe Kyriakopoulos (9.220),Samantha Nothnagel (9.025), Julia O’Sullivan (8.845), Kaylie Goodwin (8.856), Grace Montague (avg 8.975), Mary Collier, Corey Foster, Emily Kobusky, Jaida Menteer

How It Looked Before: Ithaca set a new program record on bars last season, led by Kyriakopoulos with her own program record tie, but it did struggle a few meets later. 

How It Looks Now: Like vault, Ithaca will return the entire bar lineup this season. Some finessing of form and landings will really push this team from good to incredible. And there’s plenty of depth to play with. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? You won’t see the Bombers going down South Hill—this bar team is trending up. 


Potential Contributors: Jillian Freyman (NQS 9.530), Samantha Nothnagel (9.395), Skye Cohen (9.385), Zoe Kyriakopoulos (9.375), Julia O’Sullivan (9.325), , Nya Pauldon (avg 9.000), Kaylie Goodwin (8.992), Coral Cotteleer, Violet Fanara, Corey Foster, Emily Kobusky, Jaida Menteer

How It Looked Before: Beam was a little bit all over the place, with lows eclipsed by staggering highs, before a slow descent back down, but Ithaca did finish the season on a high note. The biggest high was its midseason team record on beam. 

How It Looks Now: With the strongest score graduating with Bailey, Ithaca can look to Freyman to lead the Bombers on beam. Kyriakopoulos isn’t a one trick wonder, she’s an excellent beamer, too. Nothnagel may not bring as much consistency, but she has the high scores that’ll only bring the team higher. Incoming freshman Kobusky is cool as a cucumber on beam and can definitely give the rotation some good energy.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Too early to tell. There are a few things to work out before Ithaca can really wrap it all together to create a beam rotation that’s consistent and hits. 


Potential Contributors: Jilian Freyman (NQS 9.660), Skye Cohen (9.605), Caitlin Pellegrino (9.570),  Meghan Bell (9.390), Cassidy Gallivan (9.210), Nicole Lonski (avg 9.605), Kaylie Goodwin (8.708), Mary Collier, Violet Fanara, Corey Foster, Jaida Menteer, Grace Murray

How It Looked Before: Not only was beam all over the place for the Bombers, floor was too. Things weren’t as drastic, but the team did close the year with a season high and came within two tenths of a new program record. 

How It Looks Now: With such a small group leaving, Ithaca has lots of depth and potential to chase program highs meet after meet. Experience and upgrades will the Bombers’ best friend on floor. Incoming freshman Murray is already putting in work on the floor with a front through to double back. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up! Ithaca can take the experience from last year and turn it into higher scores. 

Three Big Questions

What would it take for Ithaca to win the NCGA-East Regional?

Brockport had a dominant run last year, but the Bombers were only a half point behind second-place Springfield. An atypical beam rotation kept them from landing a bit further up on the podium. Had they scored their 47.950 from nationals, they’d have landed in second. Pair that with some increased consistency on bars and the sheer amount of veterans returning, and the Bombers could give the rest of the NCGA-East something to worry about. 

Can gymnastics bring the Cortaca Jug to the mat?

Known as the “biggest little game in the nation,” the Cortaca Jug is the yearly football matchup between rivals Ithaca and Cortland. Each year, the newly minted winners have their team and score painted on the jug. Now, let’s bring this to gymnastics with what better than a leotard stitched with the date and scores to commemorate the meet. 

Will Ithaca one day debut a mascot leo?

We would obviously love this. More than anything. Preferably the flying squirrel that occasionally makes an appearance at football games. Although we’re hoping that the Bombers one day incorporate the Textor Fish into a design.

No. 74 Ursinus

Ursinus may not have smashed as many records as its NCGA-East counterparts, but it did have an important key: consistency. With the exception of a few meets, Ursinus showed up, Ursinus hit and Ursinus was ready to push further and further. 

Losses: Kaylin Knapsack (VT, BB, FX), Gabrielle Pitt (VT, BB, FX), Abigail Schwerdt (UB, BB)
Gains: Brianna Duffy, Valentina Hurtado, Adrienne Roth, Kylie Ruggiero, Sidney Schreiber


Potential Contributors: Taylor Cusick (NQS 9.565), Alyssa DeLorme (9.425),  Carly Troilo (9.410), Madison Zimmerman (9.340), Ashley Cromer (9.245), Alex Panetta (9.275), Valentina Hurtado, Adrienne Roth, Kylie Ruggiero, Sidney Schreiber

How It Looked Before: After the first few meets of the season, Ursinus started to find its rhythm, wrapping up the season with a team high. 

How It Looks Now: Ursinus is losing some key vaulters, but the team has depth, both from experienced members and new faces. Incoming freshman Hurtado has a lovely front handspring front tuck and Schreiber brings a Yurchenko full that’ll fit in well in the top six. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Too early to tell, but they should pick up where they left off. 


Potential Contributors: Alyssa DeLorme (NQS 9.565), Alex Panetta (9.280), Adison Tanguay (9.160), Megan Matteucci (9.130), Carly Troilo (8.880), Kyleigh Pierce (8.380), Isabelle Scarpetti (8.350), Brianna Duffy, Adrienne Roth, Kylie Ruggiero, Sidney Schreiber

How It Looked Before: Bars was a bit tricky for the Bears last season, they swung into rising consistency but couldn’t quite keep it there.

How It Looks Now: Ursinus isn’t taking a big hit to its bar lineup, thankfully. A little experience, some finessing and upgrades in the offseason will boost this team. Watch for Duffy’s floaty straddled Jaeger, too. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up. With experience on its side, Ursinus should be OK. 


Potential Contributors: Madison Zimmerman (NQS 9.600), Alyssa DeLorme (9.590), Ashley Cromer (8.970), Isabelle Scarpetti (8.775), Lindsey Thornton (avg 9.400), Taylor Cusick (8.925), Kasey Ricci (8.475), Brianna Duffy, Valentina Hurtado, Adrienne Roth, Kylie Ruggiero, Sidney Schreiber

How It Looked Before: With the exception of two meets, Ursinus scored over a 46.525 every time last year. 

How It Looks Now: This is where Ursinus can really shine and find confidence. Yes, the Bears are losing three beamers, but they have Zimmerman and DeLorme to keep this lineup moving along. Expect Scarpetti to start tossing up higher scores as well. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? It might be rocky at first, but last year’s magic should keep Ursinus doing a-OK. 


Potential Contributors: Alyssa DeLorme (NQS 9.520), Taylor Cusick (9.295), Kasey Ricci (9.190), Lindsey Thornton (avg 9.500), Daria Gregory (9.331), Alex Panetta (9.138), Isabelle Scarpetti (9.117), Carly Troilo (8.863), Ashley Cromer (8.613), Megan Matteucci (8.475), Madison Zimmerman (8.3125), Brianna Duffy, Valentina Hurtado, Kylie Ruggiero, Sidney Schreiber

How It Looked Before: Ignoring the one low floor score from last season, Ursinus may as well have been the Golden Bears here with how consistent the team looked. 

How It Looks Now: The Bears are losing their top floor scorer, but one person does not a team make. While Knapsack will absolutely be missed, it isn’t time to worry about this lineup. There’s talent, there’s experience, there’s DeLorme and Cusick. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up! Don’t lose any sleep over the Bears on floor this season. 

Three Big Questions

What would it take to push Ursinus over the edge from good to great? 

Continuing to push the envelope with clean landings, upgrades for those crucial tenths and honing in on the consistency on bars that seems to come so naturally on the other events can really round this team out and push it to be a real threat. 

Which record could we see Alyssa DeLorme break next?

She already broke the record on bars last season, and she could definitely rewrite her name in the books again there. She’s inching closer to the beam record, but Zimmerman is one to watch, too. A little over a tenth and DeLorme will find herself in the history books on floor. And as for the all-around, last year she was just over two tenths shy of tying the record. Grab your popcorn and see how soon it happens. 

What can we expect from incoming freshman Sidney Schreiber?

Schreiber is coming to Ursinus with some incredible and very clean gymnastics under her belt. With a vault high of 9.625 and a floor high of 9.600 in level 10, between her and DeLorme, Ursinus will be an absolute powerhouse in the all-around and on floor. And vault. And bars. And beam. GET EXCITED. 

No. 75 Springfield College

Springfield may not have been quite as competitive with the other teams in the NCGA-East, but it continued to push the envelope and inch closer and closer to being a record-setting team. 

Losses: Alana Calabrese (UB, BB), Kayla Deecher (VT), Leah Jewett (UB, BB), Kaitlyn Lindsay (VT, FX), Sophie Parquet
Gains: Brianna Cassin, Claire Geiger, Sage Kaplan, Julia Reer, Stacy Taylor 


Potential Contributors: MacKenzie MacLeod (NQS 9.545), Anne Kiley ( 9.485), Rae Anna Schutz (9.475), Delaney LaViolette (9.435), Kelly McGuinness (9.305), Maya Belog (avg 9.325), Dominique Chavez (9.150), Stacy Taylor, Sage Kaplan, Brianna Cassin, Julia Reer

How It Looked Before: Springfield looked good on vault last season. Once the Pride found it’s footing, it kept it. 

How It Looks Now: The top five scoring vaulters are returning this season, excellent news for the Pride. Reer has a clean layout Yurchenko that, overtime with an upgrade, will boost the team score even more. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up. Springfield should be able to keep the vault momentum going this season. 


Potential Contributors: Winter Osborne (NQS 9.100), Tori Sipes (9.045), Ayako Maeda (8.570), Anne Kiley (8.869), Callie Morris (avg 8.700), Marissa Zarra (8.200), Sage Kaplan, Brianna Cassin

How It Looked Before: Bars looked a little chaotic for the Pride last year—you never knew just what that rotation was going to look like. 

How It Looks Now: Despite the low NQS, Springfield can hit really well on bars. Osborne took a share of the individual title at nationals with a 9.800, and Spies can go 9.700. Springfield will need to rely on finesse and depth to get it all in working order. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Too early to tell. Things need to click into place before the team can think about improving. 


Potential Contributors: MacKenzie MacLeod (NQS 9.595), Devon Rosier (9.480), Rae Anna Schutz ( 9.470),  Tori Sipes (9.320), Callie Morris (avg 8.900), Maya Belog (8.475), Naya Robinson (8.050), Winter Osborne (7.875), Stacy Taylor, Sage Kaplan, Julia Reer

How It Looked Before: Springfield beam wasn’t a stress fest, which is the best outcome for any team any year. It may have had ups and downs, but things weren’t overall bad. 

How It Looks Now: Springfield is returning some big-time beamers, including MacLeod and Rosier. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Too early to tell. While MacLeod and Rosier can bring it home for Springfield, the team will need to have confidence and consistency. 


Potential Contributors: MacKenzie MacLeod (NQS 9.710), Devon Rosier (9.550), Rae Anna Schutz (9.485), Naya Robinson (9.325), Delaney LaViolette (9.235), Stacy Taylor, Sage Kaplan, Brianna Cassin, Julia Reer

How It Looked Before: Springfield hit floor pretty well last season, one low meet aside, but that hiccup didn’t slow the Pride down. 

How It Looks Now: Like beam, the Pride has some big tumblers coming back this year. Geiger is is working a back two and a half that’ll look nice in this lineup. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up! Springfield will tumble its way right back to where it left off and beyond.

Three Big Questions

What can we expect from Winter Osborne on bars? 

Osborne closed the 2022 season with a share of a national title on bars, tying for the Springfield program record in the process. Coming into the season with that feather in her cap should be a big boost for the bar-worker, with hopefully more big scores for her on the horizon. 

So, MacKenzie MacLeod is Back?! 

She SURE is! MacLeod, the reigning NCGA-East Regional beam and floor champion, will be gracing Springfield with another year of her gymnastics. This is your reminder not to sleep on DIII and to keep your eyes on Springfield’s Instagram each meet this season. 

Could Springfield win the NCGA-East Regional this year?

Springfield was two-and-a-half points behind Brockport this year, but it was the first time the Pride took second at a regional qualifier since 2000. With that fire lit, expect Springfield to be hungry for the next step and a regionals title. The meet in 2022 was just about the strongest showing of the season, but with a little luck and extra tenths, next year will be interesting.


No. 76 Rhode Island College

History had its eye on Rhode Island College last season, with a whole new set of records. The Anchorwomen may not have finished atop the East, but they made a name for themselves and then some. 

Losses: Alison Kleinebreil (VT, BB, FX), Olivia Lowe (UB), Shelby Kumpf, Rosemary Ostner
Gains: Abbey Bunch, Liz Shrewsbury, Morgan Lunn (Transfer)


Potential Contributors: Emma Tucker (NQS 9.465), Olivia Keyes (9.450), Kailey Ferri (9.265), Kelsey Gates (9.190), Sydney Talabac (avg 9.200), Jessica Nugent (9.169), Jolie Carpino (9.156), Hannah King (9.106), Morgan Lunn, Abbey Bunch, Liz Shrewsbury

How It Looked Before: RIC may not have been atop the East but BOY did it look good for the program historically. It came within a few tenths of a new program record in 2022, with Tucker leading the way. 

How It Looks Now: Tucker is returning, and the Anchorwomen are only losing one vaulter for 2023. Some vault upgrades would go a long way. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up! RIC is not going to be starting off the runway this year, rather charging and ready to go. 


Potential Contributors: Olivia Keyes (NQS 9.365), Kelsey Gates (8.815), Emma Tucker (8.770), Kailey Ferri (8.270), Victoria Schlawiech (8.015), Jessica Nugent (7.865), Jolie Carpino (avg 8,216), Morgan Lunn, Liz Shrewsbury

How It Looked Before: Bars never had it too rough last year, but it wasn’t the shining jewel in RIC’s season either. The Anchorwomen did set a program record, though, speaking to just how much this program continues to grow. 

How It Looks Now: Like vault, RIC isn’t taking a big hit here. Instead, the program can look at refining and finessing the details and letting the depth take hold. Transfer Lunn didn’t see any competition time last year with Cortland, but the experience of simply being on a college team could give RIC a solid boost. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Too early to tell. There’s still some work to be done for the Anchorwomen to really soar here. 


Potential Contributors: Olivia Keyes (NQS 9.690), Emma Tucker (9.605), Kailey Ferri (9.290), Jessica Nugent (9.280), Kelsey Gates (9.210), Alison Silva (9.210), Morgan Lunn, Abbey Bunch

How It Looked Before: When RIC hit beam, it hit beam. Led by Keyes, Tucker and Gates all going 9.625 or better during the season, the lineup not only set a team record but an individual one from Tucker as well. 

How It Looks Now: Beam isn’t where the Anchorwomen need to worry for the 2023 season. Some pressure sets and nerve control will set the team up well for more success. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up. The program should keep things steady like last year and find improvement along the way. 


Potential Contributors: Olivia Keyes (NQS 9.790), Kelsey Gates (9.780), Emma Tucker (9.380), Julia Yitts (9.340), Kailey Ferri (9.095), Jessica Nugent (avg 9.017), Abbey Bunch, Liz Shrewsbury, Morgan Lunn

How It Looked Before: Floor is where RIC positively shined in 2022. Gates and Keyes continually bumped up the program record time and time again. Oh, and the team destroyed the former program record on floor by over a point. 

How It Looks Now: Golden. Did you want to know more? Gates and Keyes both notched over a 9.850 last season, and Tucker came awfully close. All the Anchorwomen need to change is nothing. Whatever Gatorade they were drinking last year, keep it on tap for 2023. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Last year was so good that it’s hard to imagine the team trending up as drastically, so it’s likely to trend at least even. No matter, RIC should have another good year. 

Three Big Questions

How high can Kelsey Gates and Olivia Keyes go this season?

Gates is heading into her senior year while Keyes heads into her junior year. With experience squarely under their belts, as well as the lack of competition prior to last year due to the pandemic, this dynamic duo is poised to push the envelope even more. It’s only a matter of time before one of them breaks the 9.9s.

Will Rhode Island break its 2019 vault record this year? 

They came so, so, SO close last year. How close? Maybe two stuck landings away. The RIC program is flourishing, and there’s no reason to think the Anchorwomen won’t continue to do so this year and cross a new vault record off of their bucket list. 

Better yet, will RIC break any of the records it set last year? 

It sure could. Head coach Mesalles Nassi, NCGA-East Coach of the Year for 2022, seems to have a magic touch, and that glow definitely isn’t fading anytime soon. It’s not “if” with the Anchorwomen, it’s “when.” 

No. 77 Cortland State

Cortland may not have had as splashy a season as other teams in the NCGA-East, but don’t count it out for 2023. 

Losses: Samantha Nothnagel (transfer, VT, UB, BB), Kamryn Rodriguez (BB, FX), Morgan Lunn (transfer)
Gains: Rylee Fishkin, Marisa Frascatore, Victoria Justincic, Ava Miranov, Gianna Mirigliano, Makenzie Poe


Potential Contributors: Abby Bang (NQS 9.580), Delaney Brown (9.460), Rianna Adams, Zoe Potamianos (9.170), Lucy de Michele (9.155), Sam Matthis (avg 9.017), Gracie Gallagher (8.400), Rylee Fishkin, Marisa Frascatore, Victoria Justincic, Ava Miranov, Gianna Mirigliano

How It Looked Before: Vault wasn’t Cortland’s highest-scoring event of 2022, but it was the most consistent event for the Red Dragons. 

How It Looks Now: With four of the five top-scoring vaulters coming back, Cortland’s 2023 season looks bright. Incoming freshman Mirigliano brings a solid Yurchenko half that’s pretty clean and can really help the already-solid Cortland vault lineup. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up. Cortland’s in a great place to keep the momentum on this event going. 


Potential Contributors: Rianna Adams (NQS 9.220), Bianca Carr (9.175), Gracie Gallagher (8.095), Glynis Curcione (avg 9.244), Delaney Brown (8.545), Bryanna DeAngelis (8.375), Gabrielle Nadler (7.940), Lucy de Michele, Madison Heffern, Rylee Fishkin, Marisa Frascatore, Ava Miranov, Makenzie Poe

How It Looked Before: Bars was a tough event for the Red Dragons in 2022. While Curcione and Adams both went 9.725 or better—with Adams setting a program record with a 9.875—the remaining Red Dragons didn’t score over 9.325. 

How It Looks Now: With Cortland losing just Nothnagel from the lineup, hopefully the team can add some clean lines, upgrades and sticky feet to really round out the lineup and build its scores. Catch incoming freshman Miranov working double layouts off bars. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Too early to tell. Cortland needs to make some changes to really up the scores this coming season. 


Potential Contributors: Gracie Gallagher (NQS 9.085), Gabrielle Nadler (8.805), Bryanna DeAngelis (8.785), Delaney Brown (8.675), Lucy de Michele (avg 8.763), Christelle Louis (8.675), Zoe Potamianos (8.475), Angelina Bohn (8.325), Rylee Fishkin, Marisa Frascatore, Victoria Justincic, Gianna Mirigliano

How It Looked Before: Cortland didn’t look as strong on beam in 2022 as the team has historically, but the Red Dragons didn’t have too many drastic highs or lows. 

How It Looks Now: The two top beam performers from last season are not returning, but that’s not cause for concern just yet. With the upperclassmen returning, its a good chance to put competition experience to use. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Too early to tell. The event could trend down if the Red Dragons don’t put the pieces together early enough in the season. 


Potential Contributors: Abby Bang (NQS 9.620), Gabrielle Nadler (9.495), Zoe Potamianos (9.490), Bianca Carr (9.260), Rianna Adams (avg 8.867), Paige White (8.600), Rylee Fishkin, Marisa Frascatore, Victoria Justincic, Gianna Mirigliano, Makenzie Poe

How It Looked Before: The Red Dragons showed up on floor last season, although a handful of meets held the team back from keeping those scores consistently high. 

How It Looks Now: Cortland will feel the heat without Rodriguez in the lineup this year, but the remaining members should be able to put together an impressive floor rotation throughout the season. Justincic has previously worked double pikes and Rudis on floor. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Staying even with a touch of trending up. Cortland excels on floor—it must be something in the New York water. 

Three Big Questions

Which event is holding the Red Dragons back?

Bars! It’s the event with the biggest disparity in scoring among individuals and doesn’t quite have the consistency the the Red Dragons need. A bad event or an event with nerves can really kill momentum. Once it gets that sorted, Cortland will be beautifully well-rounded. 

Where will Cortland shine this year? 

Something about the water in New York State makes teams really excel on floor. Cortland regularly throws up high scores on the event in addition to having choreography that keeps your attention. However you watch a Cortland meet, live or with recaps, don’t skip floor. 

Cortland really knows how to vault, huh? 

Cortland may not have the highest vault scores, but it knows how to be consistent week after week on vault. The Red Dragons stayed within approximately a one-point margin for the entirety of the season, and even though vault is a high-scoring event, to stay within that margin is pretty good.

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Article by Tavia Smith and Allison Freeman

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