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LIVE BLOG: Auburn Regional Final

It all comes down to this. Four will become two in Auburn this evening, with the top two teams from each of Thursday’s round two sessions going head to head for two tickets to nationals.

I’m live from in Auburn Arena for tonight’s action.

Follow along with scores and video! (ESPN+)

Shoutout to @tenpointohstart for creating these helpful individual qualifying scenarios charts. I definitely needed it laid out like this to make sense of things.

Denver putting up five on bars. And that’s the Pios’ last rotation. Oooop.

Teams about to march out.

Rotation One: Kentucky VT / Auburn UB / Denver BB / Florida FX

Procasky (Kentucky): Full, small hop back 9.800

Sabados (Auburn): Caught release, DLO a little pikey, stick. 9.850

Ruiz (Denver): Slight check on side aerial to split leap, sticks piked gainer dismount 9.825

Skaggs (Florida): Good first pass, back 1.5 to front lay her usual. 9.900

Angeny (Kentucky): stuck full, good air on it. 9.850

Nixon (Kentucky): full, small hop back 9.850

Groth (Auburn): Good first handstand, big Tkatchev, Pak, arches a little on last handstand, tiny hop on double back. 9.750

Mabanta (Denver): big air on series, confident dance, good split positions, stuck back 1.5. 9.875

Baumann (Florida): Double pike controlled landing. Big cheers from the section so must have been strong for the rest. 9.900

Magnelli (Kentucky): Pikey full, good landing. 9.900

Stevens (Auburn): Perfect last handstand, little pikey on first part of DLO, sticks it though. 9.850

Patterson (Kentucky): Handspring front pike half, tiny hop back. 9.875

Iwai (Denver): Good 180 leaps, triple series no hesitation, sticks back full. Denver didn’t come to play with the landings. 9.900

Brusch (Auburn): floaty Maloney, bail controlled, huge DLO and tiny step back. 9.850

Wong (Florida): Usual triple full, back half to front full controlled, double pike strong to end. 9.950

Worley (Kentucky): Some legs in the air on her 1.5 but strong landing, small step. 9.900

Schlottman (Denver): She came off but stuck her landing to end. 9.200

Gobourne (Auburn): flexed feet on Tkatchev but caught well, gets back up to the high bar with a nice landing, stuck landing. DEAFENING noise for the home team. 9.900

Reed (Florida): She’s gonna make this crowd eat it. DLO controlled lunge. Middle pass okay, 9.900

Lee (Auburn): Oop hit her feet on Maloney, Pak to Van Leeuwen perfectly connected. stuck dismount to end. Uncharacteristic mistake. 9.725

Hutchinson (Denver): She has to come in clutch. Front toss to BHS good, super extended leap positions, beautiful stuck full. She did. 9.900

Thomas (Florida): Just gorgeous DLO controlled landing, 1.5 to front full nearly flawless as well. Rivals night 1’s routine and should score up there. Oh yeah I was right, another 10.000. Would love to know the last time someone got two 10s on the same event at the same regional.

Mundell (Denver): Small hop on back full, hit routine. Did what she had to do up until the end. 9.850

Blakely (Florida): Usual double arabian, is another 10 coming her way as well after getting it here at the teams’ last dual? VERY cowboyed double tuck. back 1.5 to front lay controlled. 9.850

AFTER ONE: 1. Florida 49.650 2. Kentucky 39.375 3. Denver 49.325 4. Auburn 49.200

Well, well, well. The home team at the bottom of the standings. Suni’s feet hitting meant the Tigers had to count a 9.700 routine, a fate Denver avoided by getting hits from Hutchinson and Mundell. Florida was Florida on floor, showing out with another huge total. It is only the beginning.

Rotation Two: Florida VT / Kentucky UB / Auburn BB / Denver FX

Iwai (Denver): Back 1.5 to front lay to stag, 9.850

Hollingsworth (Auburn): BHS LOSO perfect, 9.850

Davis (Kentucky): Jaeger pretty close but catches it, bail fine, short last handstand, big distance on DLO, small step back. 9.775

Skaggs (Florida): Small step back on full. 9.875

Brusch (Auburn): BHS LOSO, tiny hesitation, she is so confident, sticks dismount 9.875

Ruiz (Denver): 9.850

Schoenherr (Florida): Good 1.5, some legs in the air, small hop forward 9.875

Procasky (Kentucky): Beautiful floaty Maloney. nearly sticks double back, steps foward a tad. 9.800

Wong (Florida): not Adrian and Owen flashing tens at the Gators section!! Oh lord it worked. 10.000

Nixon (Kentucky): Short on the last handstand, small hop on dismount, 9.850

Stevens (Auburn): No hesitation on BHS LOSO, back 1.5 stuck

Reed (Florida): Stuck 1.5, legs separated at the end. 9.950.

Luksik (Kentucky): 9.900

Thomas (Florida): Stuck 1.5. Better. 10.000 okay! Triple gym slam, that’s getting tens on all three events. Twice.

Angeny (Kentucky): 9.850

Mabanta (Denver): 9.900

Worley (Kentucky): Chest slightly down and hop on landing. 9.850

Groth (Auburn): BHS LOSO no hesitation, front aerial stuck and looks super happy. Chest down on dismount, stuck. 9.950

Mundell (Denver): Rudi controlled lunge. 9.850

McLaughlin (Auburn): Confident BHS LOSO not one check, side aerial perfect, switch half extended, tiny step back on gainer pike. Pretty. 9.900

Hutchinson (Denver): Lovely front double full, back 1.5 to front lay small step, gorgeous leaps, 9.950

Lee (Auburn): Wolf full, front aerial BHS LOSO perfect, switch leap to switch half, very little to take thus far, stuck full to end. Judges should be happy w that. 10.000! Wonder if I’ll get tired of seeing that number/hearing the related noise today.

Brown (Denver): Not going.

AFTER TWO: 1. Florida 99.350 2. Auburn 98.825 3. Denver 98.700 4. Kentucky 98.625

Two 10.000s for the Gators set them further apart from the pack. Auburn made up lost ground on beam, helped not in small part by Suni getting her groove back. Denver and Kentucky remain competitive.

Rotation Three: Denver VT / Florida UB / Kentucky BB / Auburn FX

Iwai (Denver): Minimal block but sticks landing on full. 9.800

Blakely (Florida): Maloney, Pak nice shape, good last handstand, cowboyed AF double back nearly stuck. 9.900

Luksik (Kentucky): Gorgeous Onodi, step back on the gainer pike. 9.800

Brusch (Auburn): front full through to double tuck controlled lunge, double pike the same. 9.850

Ruiz (Denver): Big hop back on the full. 9.750

McCusker (Florida): Usual good handstand, tiny step back on the double back. 9.850

Haigis (Kentucky): BHS LOSO tiny hesitation, 180 on switch leap, small hesitation on aerial. Slide forward on back full.

Watson (Auburn): Chest up on the double tuck, slide back. Strong reaction. 9.825

Casali (Denver): Some legs in the air, step back on the full. 9.825

Schoenherr (Florida): Bail good, slightly short last handstand, dismount deep but stuck. 9.900

Magnelli (Kentucky): Triple series slight check. Mostly confident for the rest and stick Gainer pike to end. 9.900

Stevens (Auburn): Back 1.5 to front lay, cowboyed double tuck, controlled enough. 9.750

Hutchinson (Denver): Stuck full! 9.900

Skaggs (Florida): Good Pak, beautiful extension, pikey DLO stuck. 9.950

Patterson (Kentucky): Big air on BHS LOSO series. Ends with stuck Gainer pike. 9.800

Groth (Auburn): First pass controlled landing, back 1.5 to front lay, strong Rudi to end. 9.900

Mundell (Denver): Deep landing on 1.5 stuck. 9.900

Thomas (Florida): Good air on Maloney to Pak, handstands look good, if this is another 10.000….stuck the DLO. IDK. 9.950.

Worley (Kentucky): Straddle half a little short of 180, back 1.5 deep chest down but stuck. 9.950

Lee (Auburn): DLO very controlled, back 1.5 to front full, leaps her usual. 9.950.

Mabanta (Denver): Ow, landed the full on her knees. 9.200

Wong (Florida): Van Leeuwen usual air and extension, stuck dismount. 9.975

Angeny (Kentucky): Will be interesting for her to go with Lee on floor. Triple series slight hesitation. Front aerial good, Beat to straddle half great extended position, tuck full tiny tiny step. 9.900

Gobourne (Auburn): Thrilled to finally see this in person. Obvi the whole crowd puts on their crowns with her. Double tuck, back 1.5 to front lay strong, double pike controlled lunge. Great (potential) last home routine. Boos, it’s a 9.975.

AFTER 3: 1. Florida 149.025 2. Auburn 148.100 3. Kentucky 147.925 4. Denver 147.875

Florida further closed the gap with that one. Kentucky got more stuck landings on beam, but it has a little to go to catch up with Auburn, who will take that home floor scoring. Denver is doing a serviceable job, but this last rotation with just five routines could be a heartbreaker.

Rotation Four: Auburn VT / Denver UB / Florida BB / Kentucky FX

Groth (Auburn): Nearly stuck full but tiny hop. 9.800

Ruiz (Denver): slightly off on first handstand, better last one, pikey DLO in the second half but stuck. 9.850

Skaggs (Florida): switch to split jump, she carbon copies her routines, BHS LOSO very nice, straddle half, sticks back full. 9.925

Procasky (Kentucky): front 1.5 controlled, good last passes, no major errors.

Hubbard (Auburn): stuck 1.5 with knees, 9.850

Casali (Denver): 9.825

Blakely (Florida): BHS LOSO nearly flawless, 9.900,

Patterson (Kentucky): back 1.5 to front lay, stumbles out of last pass and sits it down :/ 9.025

Stevens (Auburn): ohhh my, knees but a nearly stuck 1.5. 9.900

Hebnick (Denver): Jaeger good, catches release to high bar very close, DLO small hop. 9.925

Baumann (Florida): perfect series, switch to split nice positions, front aerial, sticks back full. 9.950

Magnelli (Kentucky): front rudi to back LOSO controlled step, good last pass.

Gobourne (Auburn): 1.5 has to cross her leg and step forward. 9.850.

Hutchinson (Denver): pretty lines, small step back on landing. 9.800

Wong (Florida): leap series perfect extension, BHS LOSO confident, front aerial, very little to take, stuck back full chest slightly low. 9.950

Haigis (Kentucky): Rudi to BHS, controlled slide on double pike,

Watson (Auburn): Bent knees, stuck, 9.975. Getting it with these.

Mundell (Denver): Excellent handstands, 9.950

Thomas (Florida): BHS LOSO lovely, back full stuck. Needs a 9.95 to tie the individual PR for Florida. 9.950!

Davis (Kentucky): Double pike chest up controlled slide, 9.950 wow!

Lee (Auburn): Small hop back on Lopez but great air. 9.875

Auburn will finish with a 197.775. Denver a 197.225.

Clapper (Florida): Triple series small check, switch to split nice positions, sticks the full. 9.775 will at least tie the team program record for UF. 9.950 oh man.

Worley (Kentucky): usual steady as a rock on the full-in. All eyes on her now. double back also controlled. She is almost certainly headed to Fort Worth in the AA. 9.975

AFTER 4: 1. Florida 198.750 (lol) 2. Auburn 197.775 3. Kentucky 197.500 4. Denver 197.225

SO with that. Florida and Auburn will head to nationals as teams. The individuals, per the above graphic, will be:

AA: Raena Worley (Kentucky)

VT: Elexis Edwards (Ohio State)

UB: Cally Nixon (Kentucky)

BB: Abbie Thompson (Denver)

FX: Hailey Davis (Kentucky)

Live blog by Katherine Weaver

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