2022 Conference Awards Announced

2022 Conference Awards

Conferences will be added as awards are announced.

Big Ten

Gymnast of the Year: Sierra Brooks, Michigan
Freshman of the Year: Skyla Schulte, Michigan State
Coach of the Year: Mike Rowe, Michigan State

Big 12

Gymnast of the Year: Jessica Hutchinson, Denver
Newcomer of the Year: Jordan Bowers, Oklahoma
Specialist of the Year: Carly Woodard, Oklahoma
Coach of the Year: KJ Kindler, Oklahoma


Gymnast of the Year: Lindsay Chia, Yale
Freshman of the Year: Sydney Beers, Cornell and Sherry Wang, Yale
Performance of the Year: Mei Li Costa, Brown
Woman of the Year: Jessica Meakim, West Chester
Coach of the Year: Andy Leis, Yale
Assistant Coach of the Year: Morgan Ross, Yale


Gymnast of the Year: Deja Chambliss, George Washington
Freshman of the Year: Hallie Copperwheat, Pittsburgh
Specialist of the Year: Mara Titarsolej, LIU
Coach of the Year: Jay Ramirez, Towson
Assistant Coach of the Year: Amelia Hundley and Marie Denick, North Carolina
Scholar Athlete of the Year: Elizabeth Culton, North Carolina, and Julianna Roland, Temple
Senior Gymnast of the Year: Ariana Castrence, Temple


Gymnast of the Year: Hannah DeMers
Freshman of the Year: Ella Chemotti, Eastern Michigan
Specialist of the Year: Suki Pfister, Ball State
Coach of the Year: Christine MacDonald
Senior Gymnast of the Year: Sierra DeMarinis, Central Michigan and Tara Kofmehl, Northern Illinois


Gymnast of the Year: Angelica Labat, Illinois State
Newcomer of the Year: Alana Laster, Illinois State
Coach of the Year: Bob Conkling, Illinois State
Assistant Coach of the Year: Kristen Harold, Texas Woman’s University
MIC Woman of the Year: Isabel Goyco, Texas Woman’s University
Senior Athlete of the Year: Anna Kaziska, SEMO
Sylvia Keiter Memorial Award: Makenzie Marciniak, SEMO


Gymnast of the Year: Kyla Kessler, UC Davis
Freshman of the Year: Genevieve Sabado, Air Force Women’s University
Head Coach of the Year: Joanne Bowers, San Jose State University
Assistant Coach of the Year: James Williams, San Jose State University 


Gymnast of the Year: Sadie Miner-Van Tassell, BYU
Freshman of the Year: Brie Clark, Utah State
Vault Specialist of the Year: Sadie Miner-Van Tassell, BYU
Bars Specialist of the Year: Emily Muhlenhaupt, Boise State
Beam Specialist of the Year: Elease Rollins, BYU
Floor Specialist of the Year: Brie Clark, Utah State
Coach of the Year: Guard Young, BYU
Assistant Coach of the Year: Ivan Alexov, Boise State


Gymnast of the Year: Alexis Castellaneta, Brockport
Newcomer of the Year: Olivia Keyes, Rhode Island
Coach of the Year: Monica Mesalles Nassi, Rhode Island

Pac 12

Gymnast of the Year: Jade Carey, Oregon State
Freshman of the Year: Jade Carey, Oregon State
Specialist of the Year: Maile O’Keefe, Utah
Scholar Athlete of the Year: Madison Brunette, Stanford
Coach of the Year: Tanya Chaplin, Oregon State


Gymnast of the Year: Trinity Thomas, Florida
Freshman of the Year: Sunisa Lee, Auburn
Specialist of the Year: Derrian Gobourne, Auburn and Sienna Schreiber, Missouri
Scholar Athlete of the Year: Bailey Lovett, Arkansas
Coach of the Year: Shannon Welker, Missouri


Gymnast of the Year: Emily Buffington, UW-Oshkosh
Newcomer of the Year: Rachel Chesley, UW-La Crosse
Coach of the Year: Lauren Karnitz, UW-Oshkosh

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Article by Kalley Leer

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