Jaylene Gilstrap performs a switch ring leap.

LIVE BLOG: Pac-12 Championship Session Two

No. 4 Utah | 197.870 NQS | 198.575 season high | Final ranking range 3-6
No. 10 California | 197.220 NQS | 197.900 season high | Final ranking range 8-13
No. 13 Oregon State | 197.040 NQS | 197.375 season high | Final ranking range 12-16
No. 14 Arizona State | 196.880 NQS | 197.800 season high | Final ranking range 12-20

Utah may be a heavy favorite for this year’s Pac-12 title, but that doesn’t mean that today should be stress-free for the Utes. If this team wants a top-4 seed to the regional championships, it will have to hold off both Auburn and LSU.

There’s also an interesting race for the conference all-around title here. Olympians Jade Carey and Grace McCallum have been the conference AA leaders all season, but veterans like Hannah Scharf and Andi Li could contend too.

Score to beat is 196.950 from Session 1. Utah does also have a chance to overtake Michigan for the No. 3 seed.

Rotation 1: Utah VT, Cal UB, Oregon State BB, Arizona State FX

O’Keefe (UU): FTY, flared out with a substantial step back.

DeSouza (Cal): Blind to pike Jaeger to overshoot, clean but not the smoothing, FTDB with leg separation and two steps back. 9.85

Stanhope (UU): One and a half, bits of form throughout and a medium step forward.

White (ASU): Front double full, controlled well. Switch leap, little BHS LOSO for the requirements, switch ring switch ring half. Front full front lay front pike, good routine. 9.875

Bordas (Cal): Soft back in her first cast, series of pirouettes to sort out her direction, Jaeger with flat feet to overshoot. Good save. Blind full double back stuck. 9.725

Burch (UU): One and a half stuck, leg split on the table and usual soft knees but Huntsman crowd loves it. 9.925

McCallum (UU): Half on tucked half off, flexed feet and a medium hop back. 9.875

M. Dagen (OSU): BHS LOSO, switch switch half beat nice and steady. Side aerial back full stuck. 9.9

Williams (Cal): Maloney to Pak, nice and steady, double layout stuck. Pretty routine. 9.925

Carey (OSU): Front aerial BHS LOSO good. Switch switch half, looks off line but gets it under control pretty fast, gainer full stuck.

Li (Cal): Pak good, toe on to van Leeuwen with feet a little crossed. Blind full double back stuck. 9.925

Scharf (ASU): Front through double back, rebound back but stays in bounds. Front full front tuck, that wasn’t intentional, couple little steps. Switch half wolf full. Great double pike.

After 1: Oregon State 49.450, California 49.425, Utah 49.275, Arizona State 48.975

Not a thrilling floor rotation there for the Sun Devils, but lots to love from the other three teams. Great back half from Oregon State delivers the lead for the Beavs, and Utah has some work to do on bars.

Rotation 2: Arizona State VT, Utah UB, California BB, Oregon State FX

Morgan (UU): Maloney to Bhardwaj, leg form and a little heavy on the catch but avoids hitting her feet, blind full double back close to the bar but stuck. 9.9

Clausi (Cal): Kickover front to beat, a little shaky, BHS LOSO super square, full turn awkward. Switch switch has great splits, side aerial tuck back full with a hop forward. 9.9

Crowd is on its feet for something going on with Utah, we’re not sure what. Oh it’s a McCallum 10.

Bird (OSU): Front lay to Rudi to straddle good. Two and a half twist bouncy with visible form. 9.85

McCallum (Utah): Maloney to Pak, flexed feet and leg sep, not sure she’s making the handstands, FTDB with feet but stuck. 10. Oh, ok.

Theodorou (ASU): Half on tucked half off, much cleaner than McCallum’s and little hop. 9.9

Young (OSU): Double pike, overrotated and rebound back. Double tuck also overrotated but keeps the front foot more still. Tour jete half split full solid, good splits, front lay front full pretty good. 9.825

O’Keefe (UU): Maloney to Pak, little leg seps, imprecise on the low bar handstand, double arabian with a step forward. 9.825

Li (Cal): Front aerial to split, BHS LOSO a little off but works through. Full turn, beat to sheep, gainer tuck full with a hop forward. 9.875

Letzch (OSU): Front double full, crazy landing but stays in bounds. Better on the combo pass, nice leaps, little scoot back on the double pike. 9.85

Isa (UU): Archy first handstand, good Ray, bail. Super steady, blind full double layout with a little bounce in place. 9.925

Dagen (OSU): Front double full, a little bouncy, switch half split full. Front lay front full nice and steady. Little overrotation on the double pike but no drama.

Lauzon (Cal): Looked like she got a little stuck on her tictoc. Switch to split, BHS BHS LOSO with a little check. Full turn, check, cat leap side aerial back full stuck.

Carey (OSU): Silivas, definite scoot back. Front lay front full to split, is it weird if that’s my favorite pass? Switch half Popa, double tuck with just a little front foot wiggle. 9.95

After 2: Utah 98.825, Cal 98.800, Oregon State 98.800, Arizona State 98.225

A huge 49.550 on bars gets Utah right back in this. It could get really close! Or it could not. Utah beam coming right up.

Rotation 3: Utah VT, Arizona State UB, Utah BB, California FX

Chavez (OSU): FTY, closed hips but stuck.

Perea (Cal): Double pike, overrotated, long lunge. Switch half Popa wolf full very underrotated. One and a half front lay solid. 9.75

McCallum (Utah): Candle mount, double wolf steady. BHS LOSO, substantial check. Switch to stag. Cat leap side aerial back full stuck. 9.85

Gonzales (OSU): Full on pike off, high and pretty but a serious hop back. 9.825

White (ASU): Van Leeuwen, half turn to bail, very precise handstands. Double layout a little under, step forward.

Dagen (OSU): One and a half, TONS of form and a little hop forward. 9.875 why?

Carey (OSU): DTY, little bit of soft knees and a medium hop back. 9.9

Clausi (Cal): Double pike, overrotated with a hop back. Switch side wolf full beat, one and a half front lay to double stag. Good double tuck. 9.85

Clark (ASU): Blind, little foot flicker, to Jaeger. Pak with leg sep, double lay stuck… ish. 9.85

Isa (Utah): Candle mount, nailed the triple series. Leg up a little on the full turn, not sure how intentional that was, beat to straddle quarter was a tiny bit off but worked through well. BHS gainer full stuck. 9.95

Bordas (Cal): Great double back. One and a half front lay, tiny stumble, probably no big deal, switch to switch ring half. Rudi with a scoot back. 9.875

O’Keefe (UU): Side aerial LOSO great. Switch to split. Full turn, cat leap side aerial back full stuck on her heels. 9.95

Li (Cal): Front double full lovely, front full front lay. The choreography in this one is just so lovely. Switch ring switch half wolf full, this little closing sequence at the end is my favorite. 9.9

Paulson (UU): Side aerial LOSO, moves out of it quickly, switch to split. Full turn, beat side aerial back full nailed. 9.975, in light of what we watched afterwards from Isa and O’Keefe I’m not sure it was the best routine but it was great.

Quinn (Cal): Front lay to Rudi, soft knees but great landing. Switch side Popa to wolf, great double pike. 9.925

After 3: Utah 148.475, Cal 148.200, Oregon State 148.075, Arizona State 147.450

Utah just needs a normal floor rotation now to close the door and defend its Pac-12 title. Cal looked great on floor and Oregon State stepped off the gas, which isn’t likely to change with bars to come for the Beavs. Arizona State needs a 49.525 on beam to stay ahead of UCLA for fourth in the conference.

Rotation 4: Cal VT, Oregon State UB, Arizona State BB, Utah FX

Sadighi (Cal): FTY, medium hop back. 9.825

Paulson (UU): Two and a half twist, overrotated, jump forward. Front lay front full pretty solid. Switch full to sissone good, one and a half front lay. 9.8

Bordas (Cal): FTY, another medium hop. 9.85

Dagen (OSU): Shy on the first handstand, Tkachev with flexed feet. Another iffy handstand, good bail. Toe on to full turn to double back stuck. 9.8

DeSouza (Cal): One and a half, messy on the table with a pace forward. 9.875

Gutierrez (ASU): BHS LOSO a little shaky, Rulfova. Full turn, front walkover, beat switch side. One and a half twist, step back.

Rucker (UU): Half in half out, off balance landing. Switch half split full wolf full is great, front lay front full bouncy. 9.85

Jakubczyk (OSU): Following a fall. Maloney to bail, little bits of form throughout, missed a handstand, blind full loose-legged to double back, hop. 9.8

McCallum (UU): Full in, great landing. Tour jete half Popa solid, a little underrotated. Good Rudi. 9.925

Carey (OSU): Maloney to Bhardwaj, little bits of feet, van Leeuwen. FTDB stuck…..ish. Feet not really together. 9.925

O’Keefe (UU): Double pike, overrotated. Good tour jete full, double wolf turn, one and a half front full with… a little control. It’s enough to deliver the win.

Scharf (ASU): Double wolf, BHS LOSO lovely. Switch to split, tiny adjustment, one and a half twist with a baby step.

Soloski (UU): 9.925 means a 198 for Utah. Double layout, lifts the front foot as she steps back. Switch half split full, front lay front full good. One and a half front lay is solid.

FINAL: Utah 198.000, California 197.425, Oregon State 197.250, Arizona State 196.675

AA Champ: Jade Carey 39.725

VT Champ: Alexia Burch 9.925

UB Champ: Grace McCallum 10.000

BB Champ: Abby Paulson 9.975

FX Champ: Jade Carey, Grace McCallum 9.950

Live Blog by Rebecca Scally

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