2022 Outlook: Holes, Locks and Borderline Routines for Top Teams

As a precursor to our potential lineups series, which we’ll be starting later this fall, we wanted to give a brief look at what teams (including those that didn’t compete in 2021) are losing and gaining for 2022, as well as an overview of how those returners contributed on each event last season and a short analysis about notable holes. 

No. 1 Michigan

Gains: Ashley Lane, Abigael Vides, Jacey Vore

Losses: Anna Dayton (retirement), Lauren Farley, Anne Maxim

Returning Routines

Vault: Sierra Brooks (12 appearances/12 opportunities), Naomi Morrison (12/12), Abby Heiskell (12/12), Gabby Wilson (12/12), Natalie Wojcik (12/12), Reyna Guggino (6/12), Abby Brenner (4/12), Nicoletta Koulos (2/12)

Bars: Sierra Brooks (12/12), Abby Heiskell (12/12), Natalie Wojcik (12/12), Gabby Wilson (11/12), Nicoletta Koulos (9/12), Abby Brenner (5/12), Carly Bauman (5/12), Maddie Mariani (3/12), Naomi Morrison (2/12)

Beam: Sierra Brooks (12/12), Gabby Wilson (12/12), Carly Bauman (11/12), Natalie Wojcik (12/12), Abby Heiskell (9/12), Maddie Mariani (4/12), Nicoletta Koulos (1/12)

Floor: Sierra Brooks (12/12), Nicoletta Koulos (12/12), Gabby Wilson (12/12), Natalie Wojcik (11/12), Carly Bauman (7/12),  Abby Brenner (5/12), Naomi Morrison (5/12),  Reyna Guggino (4/12), Abby Heiskell (4/12)

The reigning national champions are losing a total of one routine from 2021, Lauren Farley’s beam set. She was consistent and reliable, so it’s not a small loss. However, freshman Jacey Vore, who is coming back from a February Achilles injury, is a stellar all arounder and 5-star recruit. She’s especially excellent on beam and bars. Classmate Abigael Vides is similarly strong on all four and should challenge for bars, beam and floor spots. Even if Vore isn’t healthy enough for leg events in 2022, her presence on this squad will fill the beam hole. She and Vides will challenge Nicoletta Koulos, Abby Brenner, Carly Bauman, Maddie Mariani and Naomi Morrison for the last two bar spots. If her Achilles is up to it, Vore’s Yurhcenko 1.5 means the Wolverines will have one extra 10.0 start in the wings; competition for that lineup will be brutal. There are no holes on this squad, and coach Bev Plocki will be able to play with lineups and have strong backups if anyone is injured. 

No. 2 Oklahoma

Gains: Jordan Bowers, Caitlin Kirkpatrick, Moorea Linker, Danielle Sievers, Madison Snook, Amy Wier

Losses: Jordan Draper, Evy Schoepfer, Anastasia Webb

Returning Routines

Vault: Katherine Levasseur (16 appearances/16 opportunities), Allie Stern (16/16), Audrey Davis (14/16), Olivia Trautman (8/16), Emma LaPinta (6/16), Quinn Smith (2/16), Audrey Lynn (1/16), Ragan Smith (1/16)

Bars: Katherine Levasseur (16/16), Audrey Davis (14/16), Ragan Smith (14/16), Karrie Thomas (14/16), Olivia Trautman (10/16), Vanessa Deniz (1/16)

Beam: Audrey Davis (14/16), Jenna Dunn (14/16), Karrie Thomas (12/16), Ragan Smith (11/16), Carly Woodard (9/16), Olivia Trautman (5/16), Vanessa Deniz (4/16), Katherine Levasseur (1/16)

Floor: Emma LaPinta (15/16), Bell Johnson (13/16), Vanessa Deniz (7/16), Ragan Smith (5/16), Olivia Trautman (4/16), Karrie Thomas (3/16), Carly Woodard (1/16)

Losing 2021 NCAA all around champion Anastasia Webb will be one of the biggest challenges facing Oklahoma this season, but the Sooners have a solid crop of returners and a large freshman class that will add immediate depth. Senior Olivia Trautman provided a boost when she returned on all four events at regionals last season, and she’ll look to continue delivering big scores in 2022. Her powerful tumbling will be especially important, as OU loses three of six floor routines from its postseason lineup, including NCAA co-champion Webb. The Sooners lose eight routines overall, far more than other top teams, but don’t expect a rebuilding year. Former elite Jordan Bowers headlines an incoming class that includes level 10 standouts Danielle Sievers and Moorea Linker, both strong all arounders with 10.0 starts on vault. All three gymnasts will likely contribute on multiple events, and each has the potential to immediately fill the holes left by the senior class. Oklahoma may not be getting the same level of buzz as other programs right now, but that doesn’t mean it should be counted out as a title contender either.

No. 3 Utah

Gains: Kara Eaker, Grace McCallum, Amelie Morgan, Sage Thompson

Losses: Emilie LeBlanc

Returning Routines

Vault: Alexia Burch (14 appearances/14 opportunities), Cristal Isa (14/14), Maile O’Keefe (14/14), Jaedyn Rucker (14/14), Lucy Stanhope (14/14), Cammy Hall (13/14), Alani Sabado (1/14)

Bars: Cristal Isa (14/14), Maile O’Keefe (14/14), Abby Paulson (14/14), Alani Sabado (14/14), Alexia Burch (12/14), Jaedyn Rucker (1/14), Lucy Stanhope (1/14)

Beam: Alexia Burch (14/14), Cristal Isa (14/14), Maile O’Keefe (14/14), Abby Paulson (14/14), Adrienne Randall (14/14), Lucy Stanhope (10/14), Jaylene Gilstrap (1/14)

Floor: Abby Paulson (14/14), Jaedyn Rucker (14/14), Sydney Soloski (14/14), Maile O’Keefe (12/14), Lucy Stanhope (12/14), Cristal Isa (7/14), Adrienne Randall (6/14), Jaylene Gilstrap (5/14)

Heading into the 2022 season, Utah’s lineups may be in the best condition of any of the major title contenders. Only one routine from the Utes’ NCAA third-place team departs, and they are bringing in one of the most talented freshman classes with Olympic silver medalist Grace McCallum, Olympic bronze medalist Amelie Morgan, Olympic alternate Kara Eaker and highly anticipated level 10 Sage Thompson joining the cast for next season. Utah looks to have both the depth and star quality to make a title run in 2022.

No. 4 Florida

Gains: Sloane Blakely, Brianna Edwards, Morgan Hurd, Riley McCusker, Leanne Wong

Losses: Jazmyn Foberg

Returning Routines

Vault: Megan Skaggs (13 appearances/13 opportunities), Ellie Lazzarri (12/13), Nya Reed (12/13), Savannah Schoenherr (12/13), Payton Richards (9/13), Trinity Thomas (8/13), Alyssa Baumann (5/13), Halley Taylor (1/13)

Bars: Megan Skaggs (13/13), Savannah Schoenherr (12/13) Gabby Gallentine (11/13), Trinity Thomas (11/13), Ellie Lazzarri (10/13), Payton Richards (9/13), Alyssa Baumann (5/13), Leah Clapper (5/13), 

Beam: Alyssa Baumann (13/13), Ellie Lazzarri (13/13), Payton Richards (13/13), Leah Clapper (11/13), Megan Skaggs (11/13), Trinity Thomas (8/13), Sydney Johnson-Scharpf (4/13), Savannah Schoenherr (4/13), Halley Taylor (1/13)

Floor: Nya Reed (12/13), Alyssa Baumann (11/13), Payton Richards (11/13), Megan Skaggs (11/13), Ellie Lazzarri (10/13), Trinity Thomas (8/13), Leah Clapper (7/13), Sydney Johnson-Scharpf (6/13), Halley Taylor (3/13)

There’s no question that this is a stacked Florida team. From the stellar freshman class to fifth-year standouts Megan Skaggs and Alyssa Baumann, the Gators should have a wealth of both talent and experience to draw from. The freshmen add much-needed depth on vault and bars with their routines being all the more welcome given late-season injuries the Gators experienced in 2021.

No. 5 Alabama

Gains: Corrine Bunagan, Audrey Evans, Lilly Hudson, Jordyn Paradise 

Losses: Sarah Duhe (Penn State), Jensie Givens (retirement), Alonza Klopfer

Returning Routines

Vault: Luisa Blanco (12 appearances/12 opportunities), Shallon Olsen (12/12), Shania Adams (11/12), Kaylee Quinn (11/12), Lexi Graber (10/12), Mati Waligora (10/12), Emily Gaskins (5/12), Sania Mitchell (1/12)

Bars: Shania Adams (12/12), Makarri Doggette (12/12), Luisa Blanco (11/12), Cam Machado (11/12), Mati Waligora (9/12), Lexi Graber (6/12), Emily Gaskins (4/12) 

Beam: Shania Adams (11/12), Luisa Blanco (11/12), Makarri Doggette (11/12), Lexi Graber (8/12), Mati Waligora (7/12), Emily Gaskins (6/12), Shallon Olsen (4/12), Cam Machado (2/12)

Floor: Emily Gaskins (12/12), Shania Adams (10/12), Luisa Blanco (9/12), Shallon Olsen (9/12), Lexi Graber (8/12), Sania Mitchell (7/12), Griffin James (6/12), Makarri Doggette (2/12)

Alabama certainly has the talent with top all arounders Luisa Blanco and Lexi Graber in the lineups and a year of collegiate experience from Mati Waligora, Cam Machado and Shania Adams. However, the team will have to fill its leadoff spot on beam that was occupied by Alonza Klopfer the past couple of seasons. 

No. 6 LSU

Gains: Aleah Finnegan, Kaytlyn Johnson, Tori Tatum 

Losses: Olivia Gunter, Caitlin Smith (retired)

Returning Routines

Vault: Elena Arenas (12 appearances/12 opportunities), Haleigh Bryant (12/12), Alyona Shchennikova (12/12), Sarah Edwards (11/12), Kiya Johnson (11/12), Chase Brock (7/12), Sami Durante (6/12), Kamryn Ryan (1/12)

Bars: Haleigh Bryant (12/12), Olivia Dunne (12/12), Sami Durante (12/12), Kiya Johnson (12/12), Alyona Shchennikova (12/12), Chase Brock (8/12), Bridget Dean (4/12)

Beam: Bridget Dean (12/12), Christina Desiderio (11/12), Sami Durante (11/12), Reagan Campbell (10/12), Kiya Johnson (10/12), Haleigh Bryant (9/12), Alyona Shchennikova (6/12), Elena Arenas (3/12)

Floor: Haleigh Bryant (12/12), Sarah Edwards (11/12), Christina Desiderio (10/12), Alyona Shchennikova (10/12), Sierra Ballard (9/12), Bridget Dean (7/12), Kiya Johnson (7/12), Elena Arenas (3/12), Reagan Campbell (3/12)

LSU is adding an outstanding trio of freshmen to its ranks, not to mention retaining all of the routines from its 2021 lineups. The Tigers were ranked second on vault and floor and are poised to lead the pack again (especially if Kai Rivers is back at full strength). Bars and beam were inconsistent by comparison, but the added depth from the freshmen and a fully healthy Olivia Dunne should help.    

No. 7 California

Gains: Ella Cesario, Jordan Kane, Mya Lauzon, Abigail Scanlon, Madelyn Williams

Losses: Alma Kuc , Victoria Salem

Returning Routines

Vault: Milan Clausi (12 appearances/12 opportunities), Nevaeh DeSouza (12/12), Kyana George (12/12), Nina Schank (12/12), Andi Li (10/12), Maya Bordas (7/12), Natalie Sadighi (6/12), Abi Solari (1/12)

Bars: Maya Bordas (12/12), Nevaeh DeSouza (12/12), Andi Li (12/12), Nina Schank (12/12), Emi Watterson (8/12), Kyana George (5/12), Maya Green (4/12)

Beam: Maya Bordas (12/12), Milan Clausi (12/12), Nevaeh DeSouza (12/12), Kyana George (12/12), Andi Li (12/12), Emi Watterson (11/12), Nina Schank (1/12)

Floor: Nevaeh DeSouza (12/12), Maya Bordas (11/12), Milan Clausi (11/12), Kyana George (11/12), Grace Quinn (11/12), Andi Li (7/12), Nina Schank (5/12), Maya Green (3/12), Abi Solari (1/12)

California’s situation heading into 2022 is very similar to Pac-12 counterpart Utah, only losing one routine from its NCAA championship seventh-place lineups. The Golden Bears’ freshman class isn’t quite as star-studded, but it still brings in plenty of talent that may just help them fix the vault issues that held them back in 2021.

No. 8 Minnesota

Gains: Alissa Fuelling, Marissa Jencks, Lauren Pearl, Olivia Reed, Haley Tyson

Losses: Mary Korlin-Downs, Lexi Montgomery

Returning Routines

Vault: Ona Loper (13 appearances/13 opportunities), Maddie Quarles (13/13), Lexy Ramler (13/13), Mya Hooten (12/13), Gianna Gerdes (11/13), Kate Grotenhuis (9/13), Halle Remlinger (4/13), Emily Koch (2/13), Maya Albertin (1/13)

Bars: Mya Hooten (13/13), Ona Loper (13/13), Lexy Ramler (13/13), Tiarre Sales (13/13), Hannah Willmarth (13/13), Halle Remlinger (4/13)

Beam: Ona Loper (13/13), Lexy Ramler (13/13), Tiarre Sales (10/13), Abbie Nylin (7/13), Ali Sonier (6/13),  Emily Koch (5/13)

Floor: Mya Hooten (13/13), Emily Koch (13/13), Ona Loper (13/13), Lexy Ramler (13/13), Mallory Leneave (11/13), Abbie Nylin (7/13), Tiarre Sales (3/13), Erin Fortman (2/13), Halle Remlinger (2/13), Ali Sonier (2/13), Hannah Willmarth (1/13)

That Lexy Ramler, Ona Loper and Hannah Willmarth coming back for their COVID years is a godsend for the Gophers. Without them, lineups would look very shaky at first glance, but with all three back, Minnesota really only has big questions on beam. Haley Tyson, a 4-star recruit, is the highlight of the incoming class. She’s a strong all arounder with an excellent Yurchenko 1.5 that will boost the vault lineup; she should appear on all four events from the start, taking some pressure off early lineup routines from 2021.

No. 9 Arizona State

Gains: Mallory Marcheli, Alexandra Theodorou

Losses: Cairo Leonard-Baker, Maya Williams

Returning Routines

Vault: Jada Mangahas (13 appearances/13 opportunities), Hannah Scharf (13/13), Anaya Smith (13/13), Emily White (11/13), Cassi Barbanente (8/13), Juliette Boyer (3/13), Gracie Reeves (3/13), Jordyn Jaslow (2/13)

Bars: Juliette Boyer (13/13), Sarah Clark (13/13), Hannah Scharf (13/13), Emily White (13/13), Gracie Reeves (9/13), Cassi Barbanente (4/13)

Beam: Sarah Clark (13/13), Gracie Reeves (13/13), Hannah Scharf (13/13), Megan Thompson (13/13), Emily White (12/13), Jasmine Gutierrez (7/13), Jada Mangahas (4/13), Juliette Boyer (2/13)

Floor: Sarah Clark (13/13), Jada Mangahas (13/13), Hannah Scharf (13/13), Juliette Boyer (11/13), Gracie Reeves (7/13), Jasmine Gutierrez (5/13), Megan Thompson (3/13), Emily White (2/13)

Although the Sun Devils are losing one of the program’s most successful gymnasts, they are fortunate to be losing only three postseason routines and adding two freshmen capable of stepping up right away. Vault difficulty was the issue for Arizona State last season, having to stick nearly every vault to stay competitive with opponents’ higher start values. Freshman Alexandra Theodorou’s Yurchenko half-on front tuck half will be a big help in that department.

No. 10 Denver

Gains: Mia Hebinck, Momo Iwai, Emma Brown (LIU)

Losses: Natalie Morton (left team), Alexis Vasquez (left team)

Returning Routines

Vault: Lynnzee Brown (13 appearances/13 opportunities), Jessica Hutchinson (11/12), Alexandria Ruiz (11/12), Emily Glynn (10/12), Rylie Mundell (8/12), Rosie Casali (7/12), Mia Sundstrom (5/12), Abbie Thompson (3/12)

Bars: Lynnzee Brown (13/13), Alexandria Ruiz (12/12), Emily Glynn (11/12), Jessica Hutchinson (10/12), Rosie Casali (9/12), Rylie Mundell (8/12), Abbie Thompson (5/12), Mia Sundstrom (3/12)

Beam: Lynnzee Brown (13/13), Alexandria Ruiz (12/12), Abbie Thompson (11/12), Jessica Hutchinson (8/12), Isabel Mabanta (8/12), Callie Schlottman (5/12)

Floor: Alexandria Ruiz (12/12), Lynnzee Brown (11/13), Jessica Hutchinson (11/12), Abbie Thompson (11/12), Rosie Casali (10/12), Emily Glynn (9/12), Rylie Mundell (5/12), Isabel Mabanta (3/12), Amoree Lockhart (1/12)

Denver fans cheered when all three members of the 2021 senior class announced they would be returning for a fifth year. Last season, they led the Pioneers to the Big 12 title, ending Oklahoma’s nine-year reign. Lynnzee Brown was a standout in that meet and went on to compete as an individual at the NCAA championships. In 2022, Denver will aim to qualify as a team, which will be a realistic goal with the team only losing one postseason routine. Alexis Vasquez’s beam score won’t be easy to replace, but with experienced lineups and two incoming freshmen, expect the Pioneers to keep trending up.

No. 11 Kentucky 

Gains: Jillian Procasky, Annie Riegert, Lila Smith, Mackenzie Wilson

Losses: Madison Averett, Mackenzie Harman, Megan Monfredi, Gianna Ortiz (left team), Allison Snyder, Ella Warren

Returning Routines

Vault: Raena Worley (12 appearances/12 opportunities), Josie Angeny (11/11), Bailey Bunn (11/11), Isabella Magnelli (11/11), Cally Nixon (11/11), Arianna Patterson (10/11)

Bars: Josie Angeny (11/11), Hailey Davis (11/11), Shealyn Luksik (11/11), Cally Nixon (11/11), Raena Worley (11/11), Bailey Bunn (9/11), Kassidy Howell (1/11)

Beam: Josie Angeny (11/11), Isabella Magnelli (11/11), Raena Worley (11/11), Bailey Bunn (10/12), Cally Nixon (7/11), Anna Haigis (6/11), Arianna Patterson (3/11), Kaitlin Deguzman (2/11)

Floor: Josie Angeny (11/11), Bailey Bunn (11/11), Anna Haigis (11/11), Raena Worley (11/11), Makenna Clarke (8/11), Hailey Davis (6/11), Kaitlin Deguzman (3/11)

Kentucky really hit its stride in the second half of the 2021 season and—given that the Wildcats aren’t losing a single routine from last year—could make a similar run for nationals in 2022. However, it remains to be seen what effect the departure of assistant coach Chuck Dickerson will have on vault and floor.  

No. 12 UCLA

Gains: Jordan Chiles, Mia Erdoes, Alexis Jeffrey, Emily Lee, Emma Malabuyo, Katie McNamara (Washington), Brooklyn Moors, Ana Padurariu

Losses: Nia Dennis, Savannah Kooyman, Nicki Shapiro, Lilia Waller

Returning Routines

Vault: Chae Campbell (11 appearances/11 opportunities), Margzetta Frazier (11/11), Kendal Poston (11/11), Pauline Trartz (11/11), Sekai Wright (6/11), Emma Andres (1/11)

Bars: Frida Esparza (11/11), Margzetta Frazier (11/11), Chae Campbell (10/11), Sara Ulias (9/11), Norah Flatley (3/11), Kalyany Steele (2/11), Sara Taubman (2/11), Pauline Tratz (2/11)

Beam: Chae Campbell (11/11), Margzetta Frazier (11/11), Kendal Poston (11/11), Samantha Sakti (10/11), Frida Esparza (9/11), Norah Flatley (2/11)

Floor: Emma Andres (11/11), Margzetta Frazier (11/11), Chae Campbell (10/11), Pauline Tratz (10/11), Sekai Wright (10/11), Paige Hogan (1/11), Samantha Sakti (1/11), Sara Taubman (1/11), Sara Ulias (1/11)

After finishing the season ranked outside the top 10 for the first time since 2015, UCLA is not only returning a majority of its lineups but is also reloading with one of the best freshman classes in the country. Jordan Chiles and a healthy Emily Lee should be able to boost the vault difficulty that the Bruins lacked in 2021, while the duo of Canadian elites Brooklyn Moors and Ana Padurariu look like they could be the solution to the beam consistency issues that plagued UCLA the last couple of seasons. Olympic alternate Emma Malabuyo and Washington transfer Katie McNamara are also potential all arounders that will give UCLA plenty of depth across the board.

No. 13 Arkansas

Gains: Kalyxta Gamiao, Maddie Jones, Frankie Price, Mackenzie Sedlacek, Leah Smith, Cami Weaver

Losses: Sophia Carter, Katarina Derrick (retired)

Returning Routines

Vault: Kennedy Hambrick (12 appearances/12 opportunities), Jordan Olszewski (11/11), Sarah Shaffer (11/11), Amanda Elswick (10/11), Abby Johnston (10/11), Savannah Pennese (10/11), Madison Hickey (2/11)

Bars: Kennedy Hambrick (12/12), Maggie O’Hara (12/12), Sarah Shaffer (11/11), Kiara Gianfagna (10/11), Bailey Lovett (8/11), Jensen Scalzo (8/11), Gillian Rutz (5/11)

Beam: Kennedy Hambrick (12/12), Maggie O’Hara (11/11), Sarah Shaffer (10/11),Bailey Lovett (9/11), Kiara Gianfagna (8/11), Amanda Elswick (5/11), Gillian Rutz (1/11)

Floor: Kennedy Hambrick (12/12), Madison Hickey (11/11), Abby Johnston (11/11), Sarah Shaffer (10/11), Bailey Lovett (9/11), Savannah Pennese (3/11)

In her second year at the helm, head coach Jordyn Wieber took the Razorbacks to their second-highest finish in nearly a decade. With one of the strongest recruiting classes in the country, Wieber should have no problem filling the gaps left by Sophia Carter on beam and floor. Arkansas will also look to its powerhouse freshmen to bolster its scores on vault: Leah Smith, Mackenzie Sedlacek and Frankie Price all made multiple appearances on the 2021 Top 100 level 10 vault scores.

No. 14 Missouri

Gains: Amari Celestine, Grace Anne Davis, Victoria Gatzendorfer, Alonna Kratzer, Jocelyn Moore, Alyssa Ojeda

Losses: Kambrie Brandt (left team), Chelsey Christensen, Lauren Clevenger, Gabrielle Gottula, Macy Orosco (left team)

Returning Routines

Vault: Amaya Marshall (11 appearances/11 opportunities), Sienna Schreiber (11/11), Hannah McCrary (10/11), Hollyn Patrick (8/11), Jena Swanson (6/11), Adalayna Hufendiek (5/11), Sydney Schaffer (4/11)

Bars: Amaya Marshall (11/11), Hollyn Patrick (11/11), Sienna Schreiber (10/11), Alisa Sheremeta (10/11), Adalayna Hufendiek (9/11), Jena Swanson (4/11), Kalise Newson (1/11)

Beam: Sydney Schaffer (12/12), Hannah McCrary (11/11), Sienna Schreiber (11/11), Alisa Sheremeta (10/11), Amaya Marshall (9/11), Hollyn Patrick (1/11)

Floor: Hannah McCrary (12/12), Amaya Marshall (11/11), Sienna Schreiber (11/11), Alisa Sheremeta (10/11), Jena Swanson (6/11), Sydney Schaffer (4/11)

Don’t sleep on Missouri! This is an outstanding freshman class that should have an immediate impact on the Tigers’ lineups, particularly on vault where the team struggled in 2021. Five-star recruit Amari Celestine is poised to be an absolute star in college. She along with a healthy Helen Hu could help the Tigers reach new heights in 2022.   

No. 15 N.C. State

Gains: Peyton Childs, Macy Jennings, Gabrielle Kistner (Bridgeport), Lucy Lehman, Hailey Merchant, Lauren Rutherford, Brooke Smead

Losses: Katie Cox, Alliah Harrison (removed from roster), Lauren Kent, Kasey Nelson, Victoria Prati

Returning Routines

Vault: Madison Benson (13 appearances/13 opportunities), Carina Jordan (13/13), Chloe Negrete (13/13), Emily Shepard (13/13), Gabrielle Diaz (6/13), Olivia Hunter (6/13), Grace Hunter (2/13), Haley Zarett (1/13)

Bars: Carina Jordan (13/13), Emily Shepard (13/13), Meredith Robinson (10/13), Gabrielle Diaz (7/13), Madison Benson (1/13), Alexis Sheppard (1/13)

Beam: Kailin Foland (13/13), Chloe Negrete (13/13), Emily Shepard (13/13), Nicole Webb (13/13), Gabrielle Diaz (1/13), Carina Jordan (1/13)

Floor: Carina Jordan (13/13), Chloe Negrete (13/13), Emily Shepard (13/13), Katie Cox (12/13), Madison Benson (9/13), Nicole Webb (7/13)

N.C. State is in good shape heading into 2022, losing seven routines from its final regionals lineups but returning the majority of the big routines from 2021. Its freshman class of six, including 3-star recruits Hailey Merchant and Lauren Rutherford, as well as graduate transfer Gabrielle Kister, should be more than enough to make up for the lost routines. The Wolfpack had a record-breaking season in 2021, so expect that to carry over to 2022.

No. 16 Ohio State

Gains: Stephanie Berger, Kaitlyn Grimes, Jenna Hlavach, Madeline Pike, Tory Vetter

Losses: Brooke Chesney, Morgan Lowe, Kali Schierl, Jenna Swartzentruber

Returning Routines

Vault: Elexis Edwards (10 appearances/11 opportunities), Sydney Jennings (10/11), Colby Miller (10/11), Claire Gagliardi (9/11), Nicole Riccardi (8/11)

Bars: Colby Miller (11/11), Emma Pritchard (11/11), Elexis Edwards (10/11), Alexis Hankins (10/11), Zoe Schweitzer (9/11), Raina Malas (3/11), Nicole Riccardi (1/11)

Beam: Ella Hodges (11/11), Colby Miller (11/11), Emma Pritchard (11/11), Alexis Hankins (10/11), Zoe Schweitzer (10/11), Sydney Jennings (3/11), Hannah Oliveros (2/11)

Floor: Claire Gagliardi (11/11), Alexis Hankins (10/11), Elexis Edwards (9/11), Emma Pritchard (9/11), Ella Hodges (7/11), JoJo Warga (7/11), Savannah Gonzalez (3/11), Raina Malas (2/11)

The Buckeyes are going to feel this class’s loss most on vault and beam, but Jenna Swartzentruber’s absence will leave a big hole on bars as well. Thankfully, if Hannah Oliveros is back from her Achilles injury, she should return to the beam lineup. Tory Vetter highlights the freshmen, coming in as the champion on every event (except beam, where she finished second) and in the all around in the state of Ohio from the Senior C group. She’s a two-time Nastia Liukin Cup competitor and should step into lineups on all four.

No. 17 Iowa

Gains: Alex Bradford, Alexa Ebeling, Kamryn Martinez, Erika Penamante, Marissa Rojas, Linda Zivat (MSU), Allison Zuhlke (Towson)

Losses: Erin Castle, Emma Hartzler

Returning Routines

Vault: Alex Greenwald (11 appearances/11 opportunities), JerQuavia Henderson (11,11), Bridget Killian (11/11), Lauren Guerin (10/11), Clair Kaji (10/11), Carina Tolan (6/11), Mackenzie Vance (5/11), Kendal Laplante (2/11)

Bars: Clair Kaji (11/11), Adeline Kenlin (11/11), JerQuavia Henderson (10/11), Alex Greenwald (9/11), Allyson Steffensmeier (9/11), Ellie Rogers (7/11), Carina Tolan (2/11)

Beam: Clair Kaji (11/11), Bridget Killian (11/11), Aubrey Nick (11/11), Adeline Kenlin (10/11), JerQuavia Henderson (9/11), Mackenzie Vance (5/11), Allie Gilchrist (3/11)

Floor: Alex Greenwald (11/11), Lauren Guerin (11/11), JerQuavia Henderson (11/11), Clair Kaji (11/11), Bridget Killian (10/11), Adeline Kenlin (3/11), Allie Gilchrist (1/11), Carina Tolan (1/11)

Iowa is not losing much from its successful 2021 squad. Erin Castle could jump in when needed on vault, beam and floor, but she wasn’t consistently in any lineup. Towson transfer Allison Zuhlke is an excellent bars and beam worker and will be a welcome addition to both lineups, which never quite fully settled on a best six. Michigan State transfer Linda Zivat will be a huge boon on vault and floor, assuming she is healthy. Adeline Kenlin should also contribute more on floor in 2022 after finding her stride near the end of 2021, making that lineup very competitive. Of the freshmen, Erika Penamante, who wasn’t with the team at its annual retreat this week, is strongest on bars and beam but capable on all four. With nearly all of its routines returning and some excellent newcomers, Iowa is in a good place to improve on all four pieces (yes, even floor) in 2022.

No. 18 Georgia

Gains: Sarah Cohen, Maeve Hahn, Riley Milbrandt

Losses: Sterlyn Austin, Marissa Oakley

Returning Routines

Vault: Rachel Baumann (9 appearances/ 9 opportunities), Megan Roberts (9/9), Abbey Ward (9/9), Haley De Jong (8/9), Amanda Cashman (5/9), Rachel Lukacs (5/9), Soraya Hawthorne (4/9), Mikayla Magee (3/9), Victoria Nguyen (2/9) 

Bars: Megan Roberts (9/9), Haley De Jong (8/9), Victoria Nguyen (8/9), Emily Schild (8/9), Amanda Cashman (7/9), Katie Finnegan (3/9), Rachel Baumann (2/9), Abbey Ward (2/9)

Beam: Rachel Baumann (9/9), Haley De Jong (9/9), Mikayla Magee (7/9), Soraya Hawthorne (5/9), Victoria Nguyen (5/9), Emily Schild (5/9), Katie Finnegan (4/9), Alyssa Perez-Lugones (2/9), Rachel Lukacs (1/9), Megan Roberts (1/9)

Floor: Rachel Baumann (9/9), Soraya Hawthorne (9/9), Alyssa Perez-Lugones (7/9), Megan Roberts (7/9), Amanda Cashman (6/9), Haley De Jong (4/9), Rachel Lukacs (2/9), Mikayla Magee (2/9), Victoria Nguyen (1/9)

Plagued by injuries, Georgia struggled with depth and consistency on all four events last season. Prospects should be greatly improved simply by the return of Rachael Lukacs, Victoria Nguyen, Mikayla Magee, Katie Finnegan and Nhyla Bryant, all of whom were limited by injuries. The Gymdogs are losing key routines on bars and beam from Marissa Oakley and will look to the freshmen to help fill those holes. 

No. 19 BYU

Gains: Kaitlyn Lam, Rebecca Leach, Mina Margraf, Olivia Matern, Eliza Millar, Heidi Schooley, Jazlyn Wood

Losses: Abbey Miner Alder, Avery Bennett, Jordan Matthews, Abby Stainton, Angel Zhong

Returning Routines

Vault: Allix Mason (12 appearances/13 opportunities), Haley Pitou (11/13), Rachel Bain (8/13), Lexi Griffith (5/13), Sadie Miner (2/13)

Bars: Abby Beeston (12/13), Anyssa Alvarado (11/13), Helody Cyrenne (10/13), Haley Pitou (10/13), Lindsey Hunter (5/13)

Beam: Lexi Mather (13/13), Elease Rollins (12/13), Sophia McClelland (10/13), Helody Cyrenne (9/13), Allix Mason (4/13)

Floor: Rachel Bain (13/13), Brittney Vitkauskas (13/13), Adeline Rieder (2/13), Sadie Miner (2/13)

BYU has some big holes to fill with its graduating class. Abbey Miner Alder was a steady three-eventer and casual all arounder with consistent high scores. Abby Stainton was also a consistent three-eventer as well. Avery Bennett and Angel Zhong consistently competed two events, and Jordan Matthews was a steady floor contributor. The Cougars are returning four to five routines on every event, though some of them were spot performers. Sadie Miner was injured early in the season, so having her back will be an asset for BYU. Floor is in the weakest spot, though many of the freshmen could slot in there, and BYU never seems to have issues with depth. It’ll be more a question of who rather than how.

No. 20 Illinois

Gains: Olivia Bowsman, Kadyn Fitzgibbon, Makayla Green, Katharine Klugman, Ruthuja Nataraj, Mia Scott, Kiera Wai

Losses: Nicole Biondi, Kasey Meeks, Kylie Noonan, Tessa Phillips, Jaylen Spence

Returning Routines

Vault: Abby Mueller (10 appearances/11 opportunities), Mia Townes (10/11), Olivia O’Donnell (8/11), Mia Takekawa (8/11), Lexi Powe (7/11), Julia Waight (7/11), Arayah Simons (6/11)

Bars: Kaitlyn Ewald (11/11), Olivia O’Donnell (11/11), Rachel Borden (10/11), Mia Takekawa (9/11), Arayah Simons (5/11), Amelia Knight (3/11)

Beam: Shaylah Scott (11/11), Mia Takekawa (11/11), Mia Townes (10/11), Rachel Borden (10/11), Mallory Mizuki (6/11), Abby Mueller (2/11), Amelia Knight (1/11)

Floor: Abby Mueller (11/11), Shaylah Scott (11/11), Mia Townes (10/11), Kaitlyn Ewald (8/11), Amelia Knight (5/11), Arayah Simons (2/11)

The Illini are losing many reliable routines from 2021; Nicole Biondi and Kylie Noonan provided a number of consistent sets. Assuming she is healthy following a mid-season Achilles tear, Arayah Simons should resume to being a key contributor, which will be especially important on floor where Biondi and Noonan were critical. Illinois was stronger on vault in 2021 than in many recent seasons, but it was still a weakness and a lineup the team never fully solidified. Ruthuja Nataraj’s big Yurchenko full should help. Katharine Klugman is a strong beamer and should help ease the pain of losing Biondi and Noonan there. Makayla Green made headlines as the surprise second place finisher in the Senior E division at level 10 nationals in 2021; she also tied for second on bars and beam and was third on floor, plus she has a big Yurchenko full and should slot easily into an all around role. Overall, the Illini will have plenty of usable routines on every event but will be looking for an emerging star.

No. 21 Iowa State

Gains: Josie Bergstrom, Meghan Carter, Madeline Crosse, Omer Danenberg, Marina González, Hannah Loyim, Emma Ricks, Sydney Saturnino, Rachel Wilke

Losses: Natalia Ros Vaquer

Returning Routines

Vault: Kelsey Boychuk (11 appearances/11 opportunities), Addy De Jesus (11/11), Makayla Maxwell (11/11), Sophia Steinmeyer (11/11), Phoebe Turner (11/11), Emilie Hong (9/11), Kaia Parker (2/11)

Bars: Addy De Jesus (11/11), Madelyn Langkamp (11/11), Makayla Maxwell (11/11), Jade Vella-Wright (11/11), Loganne Basuel (10/11), Natalie Horowitz (10/11), Laura Cooke (2/11), 

Beam: Kelsey Boychuk (11/11), Addy De Jesus (11/11), Meixi Semple (11/11), Sophia Steinmeyer (11/11), Phoebe Turner (7/11), Natalie Horowitz (5/11), Ariana Orrego (4/11), Makayla Maxwell (3/11), Kaia Parker (2/11), Ana Palacios (1/11)

Floor: Maddie Diab (11/11), Addy De Jesus (10/11), Sophia Steinmeyer (10/11), Andrea Maldonado (9/11), Kelsey Boychuk (8/11), Madelyn Langkamp (6/11), Phoebe Turner (6/11), Laura Cooke (2/11), Ariana Orrego (2/11), Kaia Parker (2/11), Alondra Maldonado (1/11)

With two of three seniors returning in 2022, Iowa State will lose zero routines. Addy De Jesus emerged as an all around star for the Cyclones last season, and the team scored consistently well, topping 197 for the first time since 2006. A controversial regionals draw kept Iowa State out of the top 20, but it is undoubtedly a team on the rise. Nine freshmen, including Spanish Olympian Marina González, will improve depth for lineups on every event.

No. 22 Oregon State

Gains: Natalie Briones, Jade Carey, Karlie Chavez, Kailtin Garcia, Phoebe Jakubczyk, Lauren Letzsch, Mina Popvic, Brianna Yamamoto

Losses: Lacy Dagen, Savannah Force, Lexie Gonzalez, Lena Greene, Niya Mack

Returning Routines

Vault: Madi Dagen (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Sydney Gonzalez (10/10), Kristina Peterson (10/10), Kaitlyn Yanish (10/10), Kayla Bird (9/10), Jane Poniewaz (3/10), Ariana Young (1/10)

Bars: Kayla Bird (10/10), Madi Dagen (9/10), Kaitlyn Hoiland (9/10), Ariana Young (8/10), Kristina Peterson (6/10), Jenna Domingo (4/10), Jane Poniewaz (4/10), Kaitlyn Yanish (3/10)

Beam: Madi Dagen (10/10), Sydney Gonzalez (10/10), Kristina Peterson (9/10), Jenna Domingo (8/10), Ariana Young (8/10), Kayla Bird (5/10), Jane Poniewaz (2/10)

Floor: Kayla Bird (10/10), Kristina Peterson (10/10), Kaitlyn Yanish (10/10), Madi Dagen (9/10), Sydney Gonzalez (2/10)

Despite a rocky, injury-filled start to the 2021 season, Oregon State was able to get things together by season’s end to earn itself a trip to regionals and a finish in the top 25. Depth was an issue for the Beavers last season, but with an eight-member freshman class Oregon State will hopefully have seven to eight competitive routines to put up on every event. Relying on newcomers is always iffy, but with Olympic gold medalist Jade Carey finally joining the team, the Beavers will at least have one star to compliment its veterans.

No. 23 Southern Utah

Gains: Maddie Amundson, Ellie Cacciola, Taylor Gull, Summer Horsley, Isabella Neff, Katie Ours, Maddie Tyau, Jocelyn Wittwer

Losses: Mikaela DeFilippo, Molly Jozwiakowski, Alyssa LaDieu 

Returning Routines

Vault: Morgan Alfaro (12 appearances/12 opportunities), Stephanie Tervort (12/12), Caitlin Kho (11/12), Karley McClain (11/12), Rachel Smith (11/12), Celine Barney (3/12), Brianna Alcantar (1/12), Hailey Vultaggio (1/12)

Bars: Mayson Bentley (12/12), Aubri Schwartze (12/12), Nikki Thomas (12/12), Shylen Murakami (10/12), Hannah Nipp (9/12), Karley McClain (8/12), Caitlin Kho (5/12), Aly Coutu (1/12)

Beam: Karley McClain (12/12), Shylen Murakami (11/12), Rachel Smith (11/12), Emma Wissman (11/12), Hannah Nipp (9/12), Aubri Schwartze (9/12), Ruby Hernandez (5/12), Hailey Vultaggio (2/12), Nikki Thomas (1/12)

Floor: Aubri Schwartze (12/12), Karley McClain (11/12), Rachel Smith (10/12), Hannah Nipp (8/12), Kayla Horton (7/12), Hailey Vultaggio (6/12), Stephanie Tervort (3/12), Emma Wissman (2/12), Emma Ingrassia (1/12), Caitlin Kho (1/12)

Most of Southern Utah’s core lineups remain intact thanks to seniors utilizing their COVID year. Molly Jozwiakowski is the only major loss for the Thunderbirds, who will miss her presence on vault and floor. Southern Utah is bringing in a large class, so it shouldn’t have problems replacing those routines and building off 2021’s successes. Ellie Cacciola stands out, especially on vault where she scored a career high 9.900 at her state meet this year with a Yurchenko full. A healthy Maddie Tyau could bolster the bars and beam lineups, too; the Thunderbirds would love a steady beamer. 

No. 24 Boise State

Gains: Emma Loyim, Elaina McGovern, Blake Pascal, Alyssa Vulaj

Losses: Tatum Bruden, Gabriela Cavinta

Returning Routines

Vault: Emily Lopez (10 appearances/11 opportunities), Hope Masiado (11/11), Maddi Nilson (11/11), Samantha Smith (11/11), Courtney Blackson (10/11), Tessa Otuafi (4/11)

Bars: Emily Lopez (11/11), Maddi Nilson (11/11), Courtney Blackson (10/11), Emily Muhlenhaupt (10/11), Talia Little (8/11), Hope Masiado (2/11)

Beam: Erin Elkabchi (11/11), Emily Lopez (11/11),  Hope Masiado (11/11), Adriana Popp (11/11), Emily Muhlenhaupt (10/11), Talia Little (1/11)

Floor:  Hope Masiado (11/11), Maddi Nilson (11/11), Samantha Smith (11/11), Adriana Popp (10/11), Courtney Blackson (9/11), Erin Elkabchi (8/11), Erin Morden (1/11), Tessa Otuafi (1/11)

Gabriela Cavinta’s and Tatum Bruden’s departure leaves a hole in every lineup but floor. Alexis Stokes was absent from lineups last season, so having her back will be a plus for the Broncos, as will Emily Muhlenhaupt and Maddi Nilson coming back for their COVID years. With four solid incoming freshmen, Boise State should have no problem fielding strong lineups. Emma Loyim and Alyssa Vulaj stand out as strong all arounders, though any of the four have the potential to contribute.

No. 25 Utah State

Gains: Molly Arnold, Trinity Brown, Gabrielle Clark, Amari Evans, Danika Kirstine, Kielyn McCright, Brooke Wilson

Losses: Lara Burhans (Arizona), Autumn DeHarde, Taylor Dittmar, Hadley Hamar (removed from roster), Tori Loomis (Michigan State), Mikaela Meyer, Leighton Varnadore, Logan Varnadore

Returning Routines

Vault: Rebecca Wells (11 appearances/11 opportunities), Grace Rojas (10/11), Brianna Brooks (7/11), Angel Stuart (1/11)

Bars: Grace Rojas (11/11), Brianna Brooks (10/11), Maia Fishwick (10/11), Jessica Gutierrez (10/11), Eve Jackson (10/11), Lexi Aragon (1/11), Rebecca Wells (1/11)

Beam: Rebecca Wells (11/11), Carley Bayles (10/11), Brianna Brooks (10/11), Lexi Aragon (1/11), Mikelle Ballard (1/11), Eve Jackson (1/11)

Floor: Ariel Toomey (11/11), Rebecca Wells (11/11), Eve Jackson (9/11), Jessica Gutierrez (5/11), Maia Fishwick (2/11)

Utah State is losing many of its key competitors from 2021. The two transfers won’t be a big deal for the Aggies, but the graduating seniors leave big holes to be filled. Autumn DeHarde was a consistent three eventer and a top scorer on beam and floor, Mikaela Meyer held the team’s top vault NQS, Taylor Dittmar was a consistent, reliable beam competitor, Leighton Varnadore was a consistent all arounder and her twin sister Logan was a regular on vault. Sofi Sullivan’s return after opting out of the 2021 season will be much anticipated and needed for this team. Luckily, Utah State brings in a large class that should be able to help fill the holes. The group is highlighted by 3-star recruit Gabrielle Clark, who is known for competing a Biles on floor in level 10.

No. 26 Central Michigan

Gains: Avah Anthes, Alexis Garcia, Grace Gorham, Lia Kmeciak, Ariana Light, Quinn Skrupa

Losses: Nora Fettinger, Kennedy Johnson, Sydney Williams

Returning Routines

Vault: Elizabeth Cesarone (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Sierra DeMarinis (10/10), Hannah DeMers (10/10), Katie Kowalski (10/10) 

Bars: Sierra DeMarinis (10/10), Hannah DeMers (10/10), Adriana Bustelo (9/10), Audriana Hammond (8/10), Ashley Veglucci (7/10), Savana Kotas (5/10), Brenna Hauser (2/10)

Beam: Sierra DeMarinis (10/10), Morgan Tong (10/10), Hannah DeMers (8/10), Ashley Veglucci (8/10), Amber Mueller (7/10), Adriana Bustelo (6/10), Savana Kotas (3/10), Taylor Pitchell (2/10), Mayleigh Vanderbeek (2/10), Audriana Hammond (1/10), Katie Kowalski (1/10)

Floor: Sierra DeMarinis (10/10), Taylor Pitchell (10/10), Ashley Veglucci (10/10), Hannah DeMers (8/10), Adriana Bustelo (3/10), Elizabeth Buttle (2/10)

Central Michigan finished the 2021 season with the highest ranking in the MAC, and it has plenty of potential to improve in 2022. The Chippewas lost just five routines from their fourth-place finish at the Athens regional, and they will continue to be led by standouts Sierra DeMarinis and Hannah DeMers, along with beam specialist Morgan Tong. Canadian elite Quinn Skrupa and five other fantastic freshmen will be joining the Chippewas this season and along with the team’s veterans should have no problem filling the gaps left by the 2021 senior class.

No. 27 Arizona

Gains: Lara Burhans (Utah State), Alysen Fears, Elizabeth LaRusso, Emily Mueller

Losses: Payton Bellows, Kennedi Davis (Washington), Laura Leigh Horton

Returning Routines

Vault: Malia Hargrove (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Caroline Herry (10/10), Danielle Nosek (10/10), Jessica Castles (9/10), Zaza Brovedani (4/10), Libby Orman (2/10), Halli Mayberry (1/10)

Bars: Malie Hargrove (10/10), Mackinzie Kane (10/10), Sirena Linton (10/10), Bailey McCabe (10/10), Elena Deets (9/10), Taylor Raskin (8/10), Zaza Brovedani (2/10), Jessica Castles (1/10)

Beam: Jessica Castles (10/10), Caroline Herry (10/10), Avery Stauffacher (10/10), Mackenzie Barile (9/10), Sirena Linton (9/10), Elena Deets (7/10), Malia Hargrove (4/10), Zaza Brovedani (2/10)

Floor: Jessica Castles (10/10), Malia Hargrove (10/10), Danielle Nosek (10/10), Elena Deets (9/10), Libby Orman (9/10), Mackenzie Barile (2/10)

With only three upperclassmen contributing routines last season, the Wildcats return a bulk of their routines and the experience to go along with it. With a smaller freshman class there are still going to be questions in terms of depth, particularly on vault and floor, but Arizona should be able to build upon the success of its 2021 season with most of its roster still intact.

No. 28 West Virginia

Gains: Brooke Alban, Brynn Freehling, Heidi Hartje, Anna Leigh, Laura Soltis

Losses: McKenna Linnen, Michelle Waldron, Kayla Yancey (medical retirement)

Returning Routines

Vault: Kiana Lewis (12 appearances/12 opportunities), Abbie Pierson (12/12), Kianna Yancey (12/12), Rachel Hornung (7/12), Emily Holmes-Hackerd (5/12), Ellen Collins (2/12), 

Bars: Esperanza Abarca (12/12), Kendra Combs (12/12), Rachel Hornung (12/12), Kianna Yancey (12/12), Emily Holmes-Hackerd (8/12), Nicole Norris (6/12), Kiana Lewis (2/12)

Beam: Emily Holmes-Hackerd (12/12), Rachel Hornung (12/12), Abbie Pierson (12/12), Chloe Asper (9/12), Esperanza Abarca (6/12),  Kendra Combs (6/12), Kiana Lewis (4/12), Agatha Handono (2/12), Kianna Yancey (2/12)

Floor: Kendra Combs (12/12), Emily Holmes-Hackerd (12/12), Abbie Pierson (12/12), Kianna Yancey (11/12), Kiana Lewis (9/12), Rachel Hornung (6/12), Chloe Asper (1/12)

The Mountaineers lose just a handful of routines after winning their play-in meet at regionals last season. The team’s floor rotation should continue to be a highlight, with all top scorers returning and newcomer Anna Leigh adding some difficult tumbling. An offseason retirement will test West Virginia’s depth on vault and bars, but an experienced core has what it takes to lead the program to new heights in 2022.

No. 29 Towson

Gains: Mia Davis, Clara Hong, Lauren Keener, Stephanie Macasu, Felicia Poblete, Elise Tisler

Losses: Kyla Gamble, Simona Kerekes (removed from roster), Tess Zientek, Allison Zuhlke (Iowa)

Returning Routines

Vault: Lauren Bolen (14 appearances/14 opportunities), Nikki Borkowski (14/14), Camille Vitoff (14/14), Jenna Weitz (14/14), Amy Stewart (10/14), Emerson Hurst (2/14), Cassidy Stuart (1/14)

Bars: Amy Stewart (14/14), Camille Vitoff (14/14), Lauren Bolen (12/14), Sarah Girot (9/14), Grace Vaillancourt (8/14), 

Beam: Lauren Bolen (14/14), Emerson Hurst (14/14), Jenna Weitz (14/14), Camille Vitoff (11/14), Cassidy Stuart (11/14), Sarah Girot (3/14), Grace Vaillancourt (2/14)

Floor: Lauren Bolen (14/14), Nikki Borkowski (14/14), Amy Stewart (14/14), Jenna Weitz (14/14), Paige Casper (12/14), Camille Vitoff (7/14), Grace Vaillancourt (4/14), Emerson Hurst (3/14), Sarah Girot (1/14) 

Last season was record breaking for Towson, as the team made regionals for the first time in 21 years. It loses only four routines from its regionals lineup, so expectations should be similar going into 2022. The Tigers bring in another large freshman class, headlined by Clara Hong, who should make an immediate impact in multiple lineups and especially on bars.

No. 30 Maryland

Gains: Lindsay Bacheler, Tasha Brozowski, Athlyn Drage, Josephine Kogler, Sierra Kondo, Rhea LeBlanc

Losses: Collea Burgess, Randi Morris, Sabriyya Rouse

Returning Routines

Vault: Audrey Barber (12 appearances/12 opportunities), Samantha Gilbert (12/12), Reese McClure (12/12), Alexsis Rubio (12/12), Emma Silberman (7/12), Sanya Glauber (4/12), Aleka Tsiknias (1/12)

Bars: Audrey Barber (12/12), Sophia Leblanc (12/12), Olivia Weir (10/12), Sanya Glauber (8/12), Aleka Tsiknias (8/12), Emma Silberman (7/12), Tayler Osterhout (6/12), Alexsis Rubio (5/12), Elizabeth Debarberie (4/12)

Beam: Audrey Barber (12/12), Reese McClure (12/12), Olivia Weir (12/12), Emma Silberman (7/12), Sophia Leblanc (6/12), Alexsis Rubio (1/12)

Floor: Audrey Barber (12/12), Reese McClure (11/12), Aleka Tsiknias (8/12), Alexsis Rubio (7/12), Emma Silberman (7/12), Sophia Leblanc (4/12)

The Terps’ season was torpedoed by injury; regaining Emma Silberman will instantly boost bars and floor especially, with both events ending the season lacking six confident routines. Sabriyya Rouse and Collea Burgess together contributed five important sets and leave behind holes on vault, beam and floor. Thankfully, Audrey Barber opted to return for her COVID year, which will ease the burden on the freshmen this season. Lindsay Bacheler, a 4-star recruit, headlines the incoming class. She has a massive front handspring pike half that is stickable and should anchor vault from day one. She’ll be an asset in the all around and has the potential to be a breakout star. Beam will continue to be a consistency question and a spot where someone will need to step up. 

No. 31 Kent State

Gains: Alyssa Guns, Dakota Lee, Cheyenne Pratola, Brynne Tsipis, Grace Wehry

Losses: Jade Brown, Sydney Chapman, Abby Fletcher, Nasha Manitkul-Davis, Toshi Richard

Returning Routines

Vault: Rachel Decavitch (12 appearances/12 opportunities), Cami Klein (12/12), Olivia Amodei (10/12), Karlie Franz (9/12), Kennedy Weinpert (5/12), Kyndall Gilbert (3/12), Kendra Lindway (1/12)

Bars: Olivia Amodei (12/12), Rachel Decavitch (12/12), Madison Iannuzzo (11/12), Sarah Haxton (10/12), Madison Trott (8/12), Karlie Franz (7/12)

Beam: Sarah Haxton (12/12), Samantha Henry (12/12), Cami Klein (12/12), Rachel Decavitch (10/12), Riley Danielson (9/12)

Floor: Rachel Decavitch (12/12), Olivia Amodei (9/12), Kennedy Weinpert (8/12), Karlie Franz (6/12)

The Golden Flashes had a strong 2021 season with their highest finish as a team since 2014. Still, Kent State will feel the loss of its stellar senior class, particularly on floor. There should be plenty of opportunities for veterans like Olivia Amodei and Rachel Decavitch, as well as newcomers like Alyssa Guns, to step into a pivotal role for this team.

No. 32 Eastern Michigan

Gains: Gianna Antonio, Cassie Bergin, Jade Blankenship, Ella Chemotti, Alana Fisher, Emma Lewis

Losses: Courtney Bezold, Brianna Price, Jada Rondeau

Returning Routines

Vault: Hadyn Crossen (12 appearances/12 opportunities), Cali Harden (12/12), Carly Kosanovich (12/12), Molly Parris (12/12), Karalyn Roberts (12/12), Raisa Boris (3/12), Anna Grace McCullough (3/12)

Bars: Raisa Boris (12/12), Haydn Crossen (12/12), Molly Parris (12/12), Karalyn Roberts (12/12)

Beam: Mickayla Stuckey (12/12), Haydn Crossen (10/12), Caitlin Satler (9/12), Molly Parris (8/12), Shannon Gregory (7/12), Raisa Boris (3/12),

Floor: Raisa Boris (12/12), Shannon Gregory (12/12), Karalyn Roberts (12/12), Carly Kosanovich (10/12), Haydn Crossen (6/12), Caitlin Satler (6/12), Anna Grace McCullough (3/12)

The Eagles finished their 2021 season as MAC champions but still failed to advance to the second day of regionals. While Eastern Michigan is losing a few key routines this season, particularly on bars, there is plenty of talent waiting in the wings, such as junior Hadyn Crossen and incoming freshman Gianno Antonio. The Eagles will look to improve upon their national finish, as well as take home another MAC title in 2022. And with a little work on consistency and filling in some holes on bars, they have a great chance of doing just that. 

No. 33 Penn State

Gains: Nikki Beckwith, Sarah Duhe (transfer from Alabama), Anastasia Frank, Grace Harrell, Jessica Johanson, Bella Salcedo, Elina Vihrova, Olivia Yarussi

Losses: Erynne Allen, Ava Verdeflor

Returning Routines

Vault: Melissa Astarita (12 appearances/12 opportunities), Cassidy Rushlow (12/12), Alissa Bonsall (11/11), Natalie Cross (11/11), Maddie Johnston (11/11), Amy Bladon (10/11), Donna Howell (8/11), Maggie Ayers (4/11)

Bars: Alissa Bonsall (12/12), Cassidy Rushlow (12/12), Natalie Cross (11/11), Maddie Johnston (11/11), Bella Romagnano (9/11), Maggie Ayers (2/11)

Beam: Cassidy Rushlow (12/12), Natalie Cross (11/11), Maddie Johnston (11/11), Bella Romagnano (10/11), Melissa Astarita (5/11), Maggie Ayers (4/11), Amy Bladon (3/11)

Floor: Cassidy Rushlow (12/12), Amy Bladon (11/11), Alissa Bonsall (11/11), Natalie Cross (11/11), Maggie Ayers (8/11), Maddie Johnston (3/11)

Lauren Bridgens’ return after her Achilles injury last year will instantly boost the Nittany Lions who missed her scores and leadership in 2021. Alissa Bonsall’s return for a COVID year will also bolster lineups. Erynne Allen and Ava Verdeflor leave behind a hole on bars, beam and floor. Freshman Jessica Johanson competes a clean Yurchenko 1.5 that will challenge for a late lineup spot and may push an early lineup full out, and Bella Salcedo’s Omelianchik should do the same. Nikki Beckwith could step into Verdeflor’s bars spot. Latvian international elite Elina Vihrova took second on beam at the Szombathely Challenge Cup in 2020 and was a beam finalist at both 2020 and 2021 Euros. She’ll be a huge asset to a team that historically struggles on that event. Floor will be a question mark for Penn State going into 2022.

No. 34 Western Michigan

Gains: Halle Faulkner, Molly Freeman, Rylee Gallmeyer, Donna Kathryn Roy, Ally Schaupp, Abby Singh, Gigi Singh, Cassandra St. Clair, Margo Van Linden

Losses: Emily Carless (medical retirement), Stacie Harrison, Alexis Olivier, Sarah Shirley

Returning Routines

Vault: Carissa Ludwig (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Sarah Moravansky (10/10), Payton Murphy (10/10), Stacie Harrison (9/10), Josephine Thomas (9/10), Ronni Binstock (8/10), Dani Petrousek (4/10)

Bars: Sarah Moravansky (10/10), Payton Murphy (10/10), Dani Petrousek (9/10), Stacie Harrison (8/10), Ronni Binstock (7/10), Charlotte Tishkoff (5/10), Carissa Ludwig (1/10)

Beam: Ronni Binstock (10/10), Sarah Moravansky (10/10), Payton Murphy (10/10), Josephine Thomas (10/10), Charlotte Tishkoff (9/10), Dani Petrousek (8/10), Arianna Mamelka (3/10)

Floor: Ronni Binstock (10/10), Carissa Ludwig (10/10), Sarah Moravansky (10/10), Payton Murphy (10/10), Dani Petrousek (10/10), Stacie Harrison (9/10), Josephine Thomas (1/10), Charlotte Tishkoff (1/10)

Western Michigan will enter 2022 looking much like it did in 2021. Most of its lineups have remained relatively intact, and heavy-hitters Sarah Moravansky and Payton Murphy are expected to continue to lead the Broncos on all four events. The biggest difference for this team is the addition of eight freshmen, adding a level of depth that felt lacking for much of last year. With the experience of its veterans and so much fresh talent, Western Michigan will look to once again qualify to at least the first day of regionals, if not win its play-in round. 

No. 35 Auburn 

Gains: Ananda Brown, Sophia Groth, Sara Hubbard, Sunisa Lee, Caroline Leonard

Losses: Meredith Sylvia, Sabrina Cheney (left team), Elise Panzer (left team)

Returning Routines

Vault: Derrian Gobourne (9 appearances/ 9 opportunities), Adeline Sabados (9/9), Piper Smith (9/9), Drew Watson (9/9), Payton Smith (7/9), Cassie Stevens (6/9), Olivia Hollingsworth (5/9)

Bars: Derrian Gobourne (9/9), Adeline Sabados (9/9), Piper Smith (9/9), Anna Sumner (9/9), Aria Brusch (7/9), Cassie Stevens (7/9), Olivia Hollingsworth (2/9), Gabby McLaughlin (1/9), Drew Watson (1/9)

Beam: Gabby McLaughlin (9/9), Drew Watson (8/9), Cassie Stevens (7/9), Derrian Gobourne (5/9), Olivia Hollingsworth (5/9), Morgan Leigh Oldham (4/9), Piper Smith (4/9), Aria Brusch (3/9)

Floor: Derrian Gobourne (9/9), Drew Watson (9/9), Olivia Hollingsworth (7/9), Morgan Leigh Oldham (7/9), Cassie Stevens (7/9), Adeline Sabados (6/9), Aria Brusch (3/9), Gabby McLaughlin (3/9), Piper Smith (1/9) 

Having the Olympic all around champion and bars bronze medalist is sure to give Auburn a significant bump in 2022. Bars was the tigers weakest event and Sunisa Lee adds tremendous value there. Vault will likely remain the Tigers weakest with a lack of consistent 10.0 start values. A healthy Aria Brusch, Cassie Stevans and Drew Watson should also help the program make a push for nationals.

No. 36 Temple

Gains: Jewel Clark, Maddy Dorunda, Anna Hill, Summer Ruskey, Sydney Seibert, Hannah Stallings, Sarah Stallings, Danae Williams

Losses: Delaney Garin, Lorianna Leynes (medical retirement), Taylor Newland (medical retirement), Jordyn Oster

Returning Routines

Vault: Julianna Roland (12 appearances/12 opportunities), Ariana Castrence (12/12), Tori Edwards (11/12), Renee Schugman (11/12), Madison Brooks (7/12), Caitlin Gray (7/12), Faith Leary (4/12), Mackenzie Aresta (1/12), Lanie Hyman (1/12), Mia Rose Thackston (1/12) 

Bars: Tori Edwards (12/12), Cyrena Whalen (12/12), Ariana Castrence (11/12), Nichole Smith (9/12), Madison Brooks (7/12), Caitlin Gray (7/12), Julianna Roland (2/12), Renee Schugman (1/12)

Beam: Ariana Castrence (12/12), Brooke Donabedian (12/12), Julianna Roland (12/12), Renee Schugman (12/12), Cyrena Whalen (2/12)

Floor: Brooke Donabedian (12/12), Faith Leary (12/12), Julianna Roland (12/12), Tori Edwards (11/12), Renee Schugman (11/12), Ariana Castrence (6/12)

Temple had another record-breaking season in 2021 and is in good shape to continue that trajectory into 2022. It only loses five routines from its EAGL championship lineup and brings in another large freshman class. The star newcomers are expected to be twins Hannah and Sarah Stallings, who have the potential to help the Owls on every event, especially bars, which was Temple’s weakest event in 2021.

No. 37 Ball State

Gains: Cailene Afalla, Erica Cooper, Ariana Gilley, Grace Sumner

Losses: Claudia Goyco, Arden Hudson, Bri Slonim

Returning Routines

Vault: Stefanie Schweikert (10/10), Victoria Henry (9/10), Marissa Nychyk (9/10), Suki Pfister (5/10), Sandra Elsadek (3/10), Alivia Osterndorf (3/10), Hannah Ruthberg (2/10)

Bars: Grace Evans (10/10), Marissa Nychyk (10/10), Hannah Ruthberg (10/10), Megan Teter (10/10), Victoria Henry (9/10), Kelly Sulek (1/10)

Beam: Marissa Nychyk (10/10), Alivia Ostendorf (10/10), Hannah Ruthberg (10/10), Taylor Waldo (9/10), Suki Pfister (3/10), Lauren Volpe (2/10), Sandra Elsadek (1/10)

Floor: Marissa Nychyk (10/10), Alivia Ostendorf (10/10), Hannah Ruthberg (10/10), Megan Teter (9/10), Sandra Elsadek (6/10), Victoria Henry (5/10), Taylor Waldo (5/10)

Ball State got off to a great start in 2021, besting nearly every other team in its conference at least once. Unfortunately, due to issues with consistency and depth, that momentum began to peeter out near the end of the season and the Cardinals failed to advance to regionals. Still, several athletes got the chance to compete on multiple events, providing valuable experience for the coming season. The veterans of this team, along with some depth added by the four newcomers, should give the Cardinals hope to improve upon their rank both in the conference and nationally. 

No. 38 New Hampshire

Gains: Alyssa Beaulieu, Gracy Mowers, Summer Simpkins

Losses: Claire Hampford, Olivia Queri (med retirement), Hannah Roderick

Returning Routines

Vault: Robyn Kelley (8 appearances/8 opportunities), Kylie Gorgenyi (7/8), Jenna DeVincenzo (6/8), Lauren Diggan (6/8), Maya Macdonald (5/8), Gianna Graver (4/8), Larissa Biette (3/8), Mariella Miele (3/8), Sierra Bauman (2/8)

Bars: Hailey Lui (8/8), Kylie Gorgenyi (7/8), Kenadi Brown (6/8), Kylie Kratchwell (6/8), Jenna DeVincenzo (5/8), Lauren Diggan (5/8), Robyn Kelley (3/8), Sierra Bauman (1/8)

Beam: Hannah Baddick (8/8), Jenna Devincenzo (8/8), Robyn Kelley (8/8), Hailey Lui (8/8), Alyssa Worthington (7/8), Kylie Gorgenyi (6/8), Gianna Graver (2/8), Mariella Miele (1/8), 

Floor: Jenna DeVincenzo (8/8), Robyn Kelley (8/8), Hailey Lui (8/8), Sierra Bauman (7/8), Kylie Gorgenyi (6/8), Maya Macdonald (5/8), Alexandra Cucich (3/8), Kenadi Brown (2/8), Mariella Miele (2/8)

Arguably one of the teams most affected by COVID restrictions in 2021 was New Hampshire, which was on track to qualify to regionals before having its season cut short prematurely before the conference championship. The Wildcats will be hungry for redemption in 2022 and are in a good position to do that, only losing the three routines from Claire Hampford. New Hampshire brings in a relatively small freshman class, but between the newcomers and the returners, it should have no problem filling the holes. In particular, Gracy Mowers brings a yurchenko 1.5, which will bolster what was New Hampshire’s weakest event in 2021.

No. 39 Nebraska

Gains: Genesis Gibson, Ayzhia Hall, Katie Kuenemann, Halle Rourke, Emma Simpton, Emma Spence, Savanah Warren

Losses: Sarah Hargrove (left team), Chloe Lorange (left team), Danielle Press (left team), Megan Verceles-Carr

Returning Routines

Vault: Anika Dujakovich (11/11), Makayla Curtis (10/10), Kylie Piringer (10/10), Kaitlyn Higgins (6/10), Kinsey Davis (5/10), Martina Comin (5/10)

Bars: Kynsee Roby (11/11), Kinsey Davis (10/11), Clara Colombo (10/10), Kylie Piringer (10/10), Kathryn Thaler (10/10)

Beam: Kaitlyn Higgins (11/11), Kynsee Roby (11/11), Makayla Curtis (10/10), Kinsey Davis (7/10), Clara Colombo (2/10), Joanne De Jesus-Cortes (1/10)

Floor: Kylie Piringer (11/11), Kathryn Thaler (11/11), Makayla Curtis (10/10), Kaitlyn Higgins (10/10), Anika Dujakovich (9/10), Martina Comin (3/10), Kynsee Roby (2/10)

Nebraska is going to be messy again in 2022, but this year will at least have more depth. Losing steady all arounder Chloe Lorange is a big blow. Anika Dujakovich and Makayla Curits coming back for fifth years is a boon. All of vault, beam and floor will need bolstering. Martina Comin’s return from an Achilles injury should put her back on vault and floor, meaning finding two to three consistent beam routines is top priority for head coach Heather Brink. Ayzhia Hall has some great beam numbers from level 10 and should factor in. Emma Simpton, a 3-star recruit, is likely to see time on beam, and she has strong lines on bars that will help her challenge a returner for a spot in that lineup. Canadian elite and 4-star Emma Spence should see time on all four pieces. The added depth will push Katilyn Higgins on vault and Kylie Piringer on bars to be borderline for the top six.

No. 40 Rutgers

Gains: Elia Aird, Brayden Battavio, Isabelle Hughes, Maya Jones, Hannah Kang, Hailey Kim, Jacqueline Manifold, Anna Pagliaro, Mya Pringle, Anna Yeakel

Losses: Sophia Atienza, Emily Drauss, Toni Williams

Returning Routines

Vault: Belle Huang (11 appearances/11 opportunities), Hannah Joyner (10/11), Avery Balser (10/10), Calah Newman (10/10), Jenna Ferguson (9/10), Emily Leese (8/10), Stephanie Zannella (2/10), Jaidyn Raby (1/10), Kieran Ross (1/10)

Bars: Belle Huang (10/11), Hannah Joyner (10/11), Avery Balser (10/10), Abigail Karolewski (9/10), Calah Newman (8/10), Kiera Doherty-Herwitz (2/10), Jordyn Zieden-Weber (2/10), Myra Daniels (1/10)

Beam: Belle Huang (11/11), Hannah Joyner (11/11), Stephanie Zannella (10/10), Kiera Doherty-Herwitz (9/10), Jenna Ferguson (8/10), Calah Newman (8/10)

Floor: Belle Huang (11/11), Hannah Joyner (10/11), Avery Balser (10/10), Calah Newman (10/10), Emily Wood (10/10), Stephanie Zannella (8/10), Myra Daniels (2/10), Emily Leese (1/10)

Rutgers’ massive roster will be even bigger in 2022, and depth will also increase with Jordyn Duffield’s return from injury. Bell Huang is a leader for the Scarlet Knights, and her return for a COVID year is a boon. The 3-star duo of Elia Aird and Jacqueline Manifold are poised to make lineups from the start. Aird is a capable all arounder, and Manifold is particularly strong on vault and beam. Overall, the Scarlet Knights won’t have any big holes in 2022; the key will be finding six consistent and reliable routines on each piece.

No. 41 North Carolina

Gains: Jenna Cashman, Lali Dekanoidze, Julia Knower, Bella Miller, Isabelle Schaefer, Jayati Sridhar

Losses: Lily Dean

Returning Routines

Vault: Drew Aldridge (9 appearances/9 opportunities), Hallie Thompson (9/9), Brianna Greenlow (8/9), Emery Summey (8/9), Sophie Silverstein (7/9), Elizabeth Culton (6/9), Jamie Shearer (3/9), Shailyn St. Brice (2/9), Julianna Weil (2/9)

Bars: Elizabeth Culton (9/9), Kate Greene (9/9), Brianna Greenlow (9/9), Hallie Thompson (8/9), Jamie Shearer (7/9), Emery Summey (7/9), Hannah Nam (3/9), Sophie Silverstein (2/9)

Beam: Elizabeth Culton (9/9), Brianna Greenlow (9/9), Jamie Shearer (9/9), Emery Summey (9/9), Hallie Thompson (9/9), Hannah Nam (7/9), Drew Aldridge (1/9), Kate Greene (1/9)

Floor: Elizabeth Culton (9/9), Brianna Greenlow (9/9), Julianna Weil (9/9), Kate Greene (8/9), Shailyn St. Brice (8/9), Hannah Nam (7/9)

It was a new era of North Carolina gymnastics in 2021, with longtime head coach Derek Galvin retiring at the end of the 2020 season and major improvements made to bars and beam—the Tar Heels’ weakest events in recent years. While the team ultimately missed out on regionals, the 2021 season was overall a success. The 2022 season should be even better, as the Tar Heels lose only one routine from the 2021 season and gain the 13th best freshman class in the country, headlined by 5-star recruit Lali Dekanoidze, who is expected to be North Carolina’s next big thing. The Tar Heels should have no problem making up for the lost routine and replacing some of the lower scoring ones, particularly in the vault and floor lineup.

No. 42 Washington

Gains: Ashley Blum, Kennedi Davis (Arizona), Tira Kuitunen, Deiah-Marie Moody, Lana Navarro, Meaghan Ruttan (rejoined team)

Losses: Talia Brovedani, Katie McNamara (UCLA), Allie Smith

Returning Routines

Vault: Amara Cunningham (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Geneva Thompson (10/10), Isa Weiss (8/10), Skylar Killough-Wilhelm (7/10), Lauren Thomas (5/10)

Bars: Morgan Bowles (10/10), Skylar Killough-Wilhelm (10/10), Geneva Thompson (10/10), Lauren Thomas (8/10), Gabi Wickman (8/10)

Beam: Lauren Thomas (10/10), Skylar Killough-Wilhelm (9/10), Morgan Bowles (8/10), Cathy Eksteen (8/10), Geneva Thompson (8/10), Taylor Russon (2/10)

Floor: Amara Cunningham (10/10), Geneva Thompson (10/10), Skylar Killough-Wilhelm (6/10), Gabi Wickman (5/10), Isa Weiss (4/10)

With only four or five returning routines on each event, Washington is going to have to rely heavily on freshmen to succeed in 2022. Geneva Thompson’s return and the late-summer addition of transfer Kennedi Davis are huge bonuses for the Huskies, but with an entirely new coaching staff to adjust to and the unpredictability that comes with newcomers, Washington may be stuck in the bottom half of the Pac-12 for another season—but returning to regionals should be a realistic if not easy goal.

No. 43 Illinois State

Gains: Julia Heiner, Alana Laster, Jaye Mack, Mya Robinson, Sara Wabi

Losses: Christin Bandy (left team, Mississippi State), Triniti Barron, Savannah Remkus, Cameron Topp

Returning Routines

Vault: Angelica Labat (12 appearances/12 opportunities), Charlise Doctor (10/10), Jazmine Neely (10/10), Isabelle Fox (9/10), J’Chelle Heard (9/10), Sofia Iribarren (1/10)

Bars: Angelica Labat (11/11), Charlise Doctor (10/10), Sofia Iribarren (10/10), Isabella Decroo (9/10), Isabelle Fox (9/10), J’Chelle Heard (7/10), Jazmine Neely (1/10), Kaylee Sugimoto (1/10)

Beam: Angelica Labat (11/11), Isabelle Fox (9/10), Sofia Iribarren (7/10), Madison Kipp (7/10), Mia Quigg (7/10), Charlise Doctor (5/10), J’Chelle Heard (1/10)

Floor: Angelia Labat (10/11), Isabelle Fox (9/10), Mia Quigg (9/10), Isabella Decroo (6/10), Sofia Iribarren (6/10), Charlise Doctor (1/10), Jazmine Neely (1/10)

Illinois State did not lose many competitive routines going into 2022. Consistent high scores from Savannah Remkus on beam and Cameron Topp on floor will have to be replaced, but otherwise expect Illinois State to pick up right where it left off at the end of last season. The raw talent of the incoming class will add extra depth to the Redbird’s lineups to continue to improve on its 2021 success. 

No. 44 Lindenwood

Gains: Hannah Appleget, Trinity Caffey, Kaylee Cooper, Payton Gatzlaff, Michelle Reed, Carley Scott

Losses: Kyndall Baze, Claire Bonacorsi, Jordan Boogerd, Aleah Leman, Courtney Mitchell, Aleah Turon

Returning Routines

Vault: Gayla Griswold (11 appearance/11 opportunities), Sydney Lopez (10/11), Hannah Moon (1/11)

Bars: Riley Daniels (11/11), Savannah Newsome (11/11), Hannah Moon (10/11), Nicole Wojcik (9/11), Sydney Lopez (2/11)

Beam: Gayla Griswold (11/11), Hadley Roberts (11/11), Madison Rush (11/11), Hannah Moon (8/11), Riley Daniels (5/11), Nicole Wojcik (5/11), Nicole Baars (2/11), Jenna Eagles (1/11), Savannah Newsome (1/11)

Floor: Nicole Baars (11/11), Gayla Griswold (11/11), Sydney Lopez (11/11), Hadley Roberts (11/11), Hannah Moon (7/11)

Lindenwood’s 2021 graduates were strong on vault, so it’s not surprising that there are few returning options on that event. Luckily, Lindenwood is not starving for newcomers that can help fill their absence. Returners got a good amount of competitive experience on the other events last season, which will help increase consistency in 2022.

No. 45 Northern Illinois

Gains: Alana Anderson, Jenna Blair, Emma Brkljacic, Emmalise Nock, Isabelle Sissi, Ellery Werner

Losses: Catherine Biddle, Lauren Gomes, Mia Lord, Zoie Schroeder

Returning Routines

Vault: Morgan Hooper (11 appearances/11 opportunities), Tara Kofmehl (11/11), Gabby Welch (11/11), Olivia Lynd (7/11), Kendall George (4/11)

Bars: Natalie Hamp (11/11), Morgan Hooper (11/11), Tara Kofmehl (11/11), Brookelyn Sears (11/11), Gabby Welch (6/11), Alyssa Al-Ashari (5/11)

Beam: Tara Kofmehl (11/11), Morgan Hooper (9/11), Alyssa Al-Ashari (6/11), Olivia Lynd (6/11), Kendall George (4/11)

Floor: Nicolette DiPrisco (11/11), Tara Kofmehl (11/11), Kelsey Martz (10/11), Gabby Welch (10/11), Morgan Hooper (7/11), Kendall George (4/11), Olivia Lynd (1/11), Liana Roman (1/11)

Northern Illinois had a bit of a rocky season in 2021 and will have to contend with losing several strong routines from Lauren Gomes, Mia Lord and Zoie Schroeder for the upcoming season. Still, veterans like seniors Morgan Hooper and Tara Kofmehl, along with redshirt senior Gabby Welch, will be ready to step up on their respective events. The addition of six freshmen should also give the Huskies some much-needed depth to pull from as the season goes on.

No. 46 George Washington

Gains: Libby Garfoot (Penn), Rachel Katz, Gabriela Lopez, Madison Steskal, Marlee York, Sarah Zois

Losses: Hannah Cohen, Cydney Crasa, Rachel Kaplan, Katya Karpova, Olivia Norman, Chloe Vitoff, Anna Warhol

Returning Routines

Vault: Hannah Munnelly (5 appearances/5 opportunities), Kendall Whitman (5/5), Deja Chambliss (4/5), Katherine Shek (4/5), Nora Houseman (2/5)

Bars: Deja Chambliss (5/5), Hannah Munnelly (5/5), Olivia Raymond (5/5), Olivia Zona (5/5), Anneliese Silverman (3/5)

Beam: Anneliese Silverman (5/5), Kendall Whitman (5/5), Olivia Zona (5/5), Deja Chambliss (4/5), Katherine Shek (4/5) 

Floor: Kendall Whitman (5/5), Olivia Zona (5/5), Deja Chambliss (2/5), Payton Lynch (2/5)

Unlike seemingly most teams in the NCAA in 2022, George Washington is not bringing any of its seven seniors back for a COVID year, so there will be more pressure on the newcomers to put up competitive routines right away. Still, the Colonials are only losing seven routines from their EAGL championship lineup, so it’s not as bad as it could be. The biggest hole is on floor, where half of the routines from the conference championship are gone, so if the Colonials want to stay in regionals contention, that will be the main area where the freshmen will need to contribute.

No. 47 SEMO

Gains: Madison Greene, Janelle Lopez, Lindsay Ockler, Nyah Reader

Losses: Gabrielle Adams, Alana Fischer, Michael Sanders, Dahlia Solorzano-Caruso (Bowling Green)

Returning Routines

Vault: Lydia Test (8 appearances/11 opportunities), Anna Kaziska (7/12), Makenzie Marciniak (7/11), Molly Maxwell (6/11), Ashley Albrecht (4/11), Mallory Desch (1/11)

Bars: Jolie Miller (12/12), Lindsey Bates (11/11), Lindsey Moffit (9/11), Ashley Albrecht (5/11), Molly Maxwell (5/11), Makenzie Marciniak (3/11)

Beam: Anna Kaziska (12/12), Jolie Miller (11/11), Anna Speller (11/11), Molly Maxwell (8/11), Lydia Test (4/11)

Floor: Molly Maxwell (11/11), Anna Kaziska (10/12), Lindsey Moffit (7/11), Jordan Jones (6/11), Lydia Webb (6/11), Mallory Desch (4/11), Lindsey Bates (3/11), Ashley Albrecht (2/11), 

Dahlia Solorzano-Caruso was a strong all around performer and the reigning USAG national champion for SEMO, so it would be an understatement to say the Redhawks will feel the impact of her transfer. The event where SEMO will require the most rebuilding is vault, but the powerful incoming class will help make up the difference. The upcoming season might have some bumps at the beginning as the Redhawks try to figure out what lineups work best, but expect the reigning USAG champions to fight for another national title in 2022. 

No. 48 Texas Woman’s 

Gains: Emerson Adams, AnnaKate Bickel, Delaney Bruns, Lainey Hunt, Sierra Muns, Emily Six

Losses: Bridgette Peterson, Paige Stuyniski

Returning Routines

Vault: Madeline Gose (11 appearances/11 opportunities), Mara Johnson (11/11), Daisy Woodring (11/11), Steelie King (9/11), Maddie Griffith (8/11), Domi Bonzagni (7/11), Lexi Leake (3/11), Alix Pierce (3/11), Isabel Goyco (1/11)

Bars: Maddie Griffith (11/11), Mara Johnson (11/11), Steelie King (11/11), Domi Bonzagni (10/11), Isabel Goyco (10/11), Lexi Leake (3/11), Alix Pierce (2/11), Daisy Woodring (1/11)

Beam: Madeline Gose (11/11), Alix Pierce (11/11), Domi Bonzagni (10/11), Daisy Woodring (10/11), Isabel Goyco (8/11), Mackenzie Balderas (4/11), Steelie King (3/11), Mackenzie Kunzman (1/11), Kyla Podges (1/11)

Floor: Domi Bonzagni (11/11), Madeline Gose (11/11), Mara Johnson (11/11), Isabel Goyco (10/11), Alix Pierce (7/11), Daisy Woodring (7/11), Mackenzie Balderas (4/11), Lexi Leake (1/11)

TWU enters 2022 maintaining the core of its lineups on all events, including the reigning USAG national champions on vault and floor. The newcomers will provide the additional depth the Pioneers were lacking in 2021. The majority of the returning routines are from athletes that have a plethora of competition experience, so consistency should improve this season as well. With superstar Madeline Gose just a sophomore this season, the future is bright.

No. 49 Pittsburgh

Gains: Anahit Assadourian, Kaleigh Cleveland, Hallie Copperwheat, Jordyn Ewing, Hannah Ford, Kendall Foy, Nancy Kiner, Molly Rickey, Sidney Washington

Losses: Jordan Ceccarini, Katrina Coca

Returning Routines

Vault: Emily Liszewski (11 appearances/11 opportunities), Olivia Miller (11/11), Lauren Beckwith (8/11), Ciara Ward (7/11), Katie Chamberlain (5/11), Nay’yarrah Winder (1/11)

Bars: Lauren Beckwith (11/11),Trinity Macy (11/11), Olivia Miller (11/11), Caitlyn Kline (8/11), Katie Chamberlain (7/11), Faith Lerro (1/11)

Beam: Lauren Beckwith (11/11), Trinity Macy (10/11), Katie Chamberlain (8/11), Kiley Robatin (8/11), Olivia Miller (7/11), Christina Weiss (2/11) 

Floor: Lauren Beckwith (11/11), Olivia Miller (11/11), Emily Liszewski (10/11), Trinity Macy (10/11), Kiley Robatin (5/11), Ciara Ward (4/11) 

Pittsburgh’s main problem in 2021 was a lack of depth, especially on bars where it struggled even to put up five routines at several meets. Thankfully for Pitt, depth shouldn’t be a problem in 2022, as the Panthers bring in a huge freshman class of nine who should make a huge impact on the lineups right away. Bars is the area that’s going to need the most work, but several of the freshmen, especially Jordyn Ewing, Hallie Copperwheat and Sidney Washington, are strong there. 

No. 50 Bowling Green

Gains: Kaylie Bokey, Alexis Bornhorn, Emily Castiglia, Kennady Kreinbrink, Baylie Lawrence, Brooke McNamara, Katrina Mendez-Abolnik, Dahlia Solorzano-Caruso (SEMO), Natalie Stauch, Kathryn Weilbacher

Losses: Alexandra Fochler, Jasmine Jones, Elena Lawson, Samantha Marion

Returning Routines

Vault: Taylor Jensen (10 appearances/10 opportunities), Paige Bachner (9/10), Katelyn Goldstrom (9/10), Olivia Williams (5/10), Kayla Chan (3/10), Sarina Ross (2/10), Kylie Yacamelli (1/10)

Bars: Taylor Jensen, (10/10), Paige Bachner (9/10), Katelyn Goldstrom (9/10), Lily Harsch (8/10), Tess Muir (6/10)

Beam: Taylor Jensen (10/10), Paige Bachner (9/10), Olivia Williams (7/10), Megan Decious (4/10), Sarina Ross (3/10)

Floor: Megan Decious (10/10), Taylor Jensen (10/10), Kayla Chan (6/10), Olivia Williams (6/10), Katelyn Goldstrom (5/10)

Depth and consistency were Bowling Green’s biggest struggles in 2021. The team had plenty of talent and high-scoring potential, but it was never able to show all of that potential in the same meet. Still, with a highly anticipated freshman class of nine and SEMO transfer Dahlia Solorzano-Caruso, the Falcons should definitely be able to work on the issues that held them back in 2021. All arounder Taylor Jensen and three-event specialist Paige Bachner are expected to continue to make a major impact on this team and should help the Falcons realize much more of their potential this season. 

No. 51 San Jose State

Gains: Michaela Gentry, Trinity Johnson, Sophia Konieczny, Katherine Weyhmiller

Losses: N/A 

Returning Routines

Vault: Cameron Kelperis (5 appearances/5 opportunities), Madison Kirsch (4/5), Jaudai Lopes (4/5), Lauren MacPherson (4/5), Antonia Marquez (4/5), Carli Orcutt (2/5), Tia Gin (1/5), 

Bars: Jaudai Lopes (5/5), Lauren MacPherson (5/5), Emma Milne (5/5), Jada Mazury (4/5), Mercedez Sanchez (4/5), Alexa Solomon (4/5), Tia Gin (2/5), Carli Orcutt (1/5)

Beam: Lauren MacPherson (5/5), Mercedez Sanchez (5/5), Jasmine Henley (4/5), Cameron Kelperis (4/5), Jada Mazury (4/5), Emma Milne (3/5), Tia Gin (2/5), Carli Orcutt (2/5), Jaudai Lopes (1/5)

Floor: Jasmine Henley (5/5), Cameron Kelperis (5/5), Lauren MacPherson (5/5), Antonia Marquez (5/5), Carli Orcutt (5/5), Jada Mazury (3/5), Tia Gin (2/5)

San Jose State was another team greatly impacted by COVID protocols, only competing five times in 2021. However, the team hasn’t lost any routines from last season and gained four strong newcomers. It can only go up from here. 

No. 52 Stanford

Gains: Ira Alexeeva, Anapaula Gutierrez, Jimena Gutierrez, Brenna Neault, Katya Sander

Losses: Rachael Flam, Grace Garcia

Returning Routines

Vault: Kyla Bryant (4 appearances/5 opportunities), Sandra Jessen (4/5), Chloe Widner (4/5), Amanda Zeng (4/5), Madison Brunette (3/5), Morgan Hoang (2/5), Jade Chrobok (1/5)

Bars: Kyla Bryant (5/5), Amanda Zeng (5/5), Madison Brunette (4/5), Chloe Widner (4/5), Evelyn Micco (1/5), Adela Stonecipher (1/5)

Beam: Morgan Hoang (5/5), Sandra Jessen (5/5), Chloe Widner (5/5), Kyla Bryant (4/5), Sze En Tan (2/5)

Floor: Sandra Jessen (5/5), Chloe Widner (5/5), Amanda Zeng (5/5), Kyla Bryant (4/5), Morgan Hoang (4/5), Madison Brunette (3/5)

The 2021 season shouldn’t be used as a barometer for how Stanford will do in 2022, as it was a miracle it competed at all with the training restrictions put in place for its county during the pandemic and having numerous gymnasts opt out of the season. So, ignore its 2021 results. The Cardinal is bringing back the core of its 2020 lineups, so even without factoring newcomers into the equation, expect Stanford to make a major jump in the rankings. Thankfully, it also brings in a slew of international elites that should help it make a push at getting back into the top half of the Pac-12 conference.

No. 53 Air Force

Gains: Sayge Berger, Velandra Brochi, Sarah Brown, Gabi Hartley, Ashley Hay, Alexa Kabat, Maddie Kinsey, Ayla McKean, Gabriella Meccia, Cassidy O’Neill, Genevieve Sabado Baez, Tessa Volpe, Leilani Zander

Losses: Cam Barber, Brooke Bruder, Chloe Camello, Tyler Davis, Jessica Kirkpatrick, Lauren Miller, Heidi Sand

Returning Routines

Vault: Grace Bardes (12 appearances/12 opportunities), Daija Stevenson (12/13), Natalie Meyer (8/12), Pixie Brock (5/12), Grace Nelson (3/12)

Bars: Grace Bardes (13/13), Daija Stevenson (11/12), Pixie Brock (5/12), Ainsley Prins (2/12), Elizabeth Shearns (2/12)

Beam: Briona Carswell (12/12), Cameo Stapleton (12/12), Pixie Brock (11/12), Daija Stevenson (11/12), Valerie Smith (10/12), Elizabeth Shearns (1/12)

Floor: Pixie Brock (12/13), Natalie Meyer (12/12), Cameo Stapleton (12/12), Daija Stevenson (12/13), Grace Bardes (3/12)

Air Force enters 2022 losing consistent performers on all events. The departure of the 2021 class will be felt most on vault and bars, but there are plenty of strong newcomers to fill those holes in the lineups. It is worth noting that Air Force tends to rely heavily on juniors and seniors, though, so keep a close eye on how the large freshman class fits in. 

No. 54 LIU

Gains: Madysen Bradley, Karsyn Foster, Megan Goodyear, Ilka Juk, Kira Sanchez

Losses: Emma Brown (Denver)

Returning Routines

Vault: Lauren Miller (8 appearances/8 opportunities), Alyssa Van Allen (8/8), Alana Ricketts (7/8), Katy Koopman (6/8), Amanda Loo (6/8), Riley Goldberg (3/8), Jah’Liyah Bedminster (2/8), Reagan Jones (2/8), Nika Takagi (2/8)

Bars: Alisson Lapp (8/8), Ella Castellanos (7/8), Katy Koopman (6/8), Nika Takagi (5/8), Charli Cohen (4/8), Izzy Hilliard (4/8), Mara Titarsolej (3/8), Jah’Liyah Bedminster (2/8)

Beam: Taylor Doten (8/8), Alisson Lapp (8/8), Lauren Miller (8/8), Alyssa Van Allen (8/8), Alana Ricketts (7/8), Ella Barrington (6/8), Katy Koopman (6/8), Nika Takagi (3/8), Ella Castellanos (1/8), Mara Titarsolej (1/8), 

Floor: Alisson Lapp (8/8), Lauren Miller (8/8), Reagan Jones (7/8), Katy Koopman (6/8), Amanda Loo (6/8), Ella Barrington (5/8), Charli Cohen (5/8), Mara Titarsolej (2/8), Riley Goldberg (1/8)

Most of LIU’s struggles in 2021 were due to circumstances outside of its control, including a month-long COVID shutdown, multiple injuries and some eligibility issues. But its inaugural season still had some bright spots as it ended the season with a 49-plus on floor at the EAGL championship. Not having those issues will already make the Sharks more competitive, especially on vault and bars where they struggled with depth. In addition, Hungarian elite and 3-star recruit Ilka Juk should make an immediate impact on the lineups, especially beam.

No. 55 Centenary

Gains: Chloe Armentor, Emma Lavelle, Carissa Martinez, Mylia Vidtor

Losses: Jerrica Harris, Jenny Jackson, Sierra Ponder

Returning Routines

Vault: Kendall Huff (8 appearances/8 opportunities), Leilani Johnson (8/8), Kendall Sanders (8/8), Lauryn Stiff (7/8), Isabel Plaza (4/8), Xian Baumgartner (3/8), Courtney Tripp (3/8)

Bars: Xian Baumgartner (8/8), Kendall Sanders (8/8), Kendall Knaps (7/8), Lauryn Stiff (7/8), Kendall Huff (1/8), Taylor Ann Wilson (1/8)

Beam: Kendall Sanders (8/8), Kennedy Stephens (8/8), Xian Baumgartner (7/8), Rylie Molina (5/8), Kendall Knaps (4/8), Rose Deshler (2/8), Courtney Tripp (2/8)

Floor: Kendall Sanders (8/8), Kendall Huff (7/8), Leilani Johnson (6/8), Lauryn Stiff (6/8), Rose Deshler (2/8), Kendall Knaps (2/8), Xian Baumgartner (1/8)

Although the core of the vault lineup is returning in 2022, Centenary will feel the loss of its seniors on bars this season. Consistency will be the name of the game, and luckily a majority of the team’s returning roster got some competitive experience last season. Centenary has key returners in all arounder Kendall Sanders and surprise USAG bar national champion Taylor Ann Wilson. However, it will look to the freshmen and returners who saw little action in 2021 to step up and fill the remaining holes. 

No. 56 Michigan State

Gains: Lauren Hsu, Genevieve Lebster, Katie Sawyer, Skyla Schulte, Gabrielle Stephen

Losses: Ashley Beatty, Tristan Brown, Chloe Bellmore (medical retirement), Madison McHale (left team), Jenna Wicker (left team), Linda Zivat (transfer to Iowa)

Returning Routines

Vault: Baleigh Garcia (2/2), Naomi German (2/2), Ashley Hofelich (2/2), Lea Mitchell (2/2), Nyah Smith (2/2), Alyssa Wideman (2/2)

Bars: Baleigh Garcia (2/2), Delanie Harkness (2/2), Jori Jackard (2/2), Lea Mitchell (2/2), Nyah Smith (2/2), Sydney Ewing (1/2), Sydney Hayashi (1/2)

Beam: Baleigh Garcia (2/2), Lea Mitchell (2/2), Nyah Smith (2/2), Alyssa Wideman (2/2), Delanie Harnkess (1/2), Jori Jackard (1/2)

Floor: Sydney Ewing (2/2), Baleigh Garcia (2/2), Delanie Harkness (2/2), Ashley Hofelich (2/2), Lea Mitchell (2/2), Nyah Smith (2/2)

Take everything about Michigan State with a grain of salt since the Spartans competed only twice in 2021. That said, with Lea Mitchell returning for her COVID year there are three strong returning all arounders in Baleigh Garcia, Mitchell and Nyah Smith. The Spartans could put up full lineups on each event in 2022 using only gymnasts who competed that event in 2021. They likely won’t, though, since freshman Skyla Schulte is a stellar all arounder in her own right; she was the Senior E champion at level 10 nationals and didn’t lose an all around competition in all of 2020 or 2021. Her presence will put pressure on some borderline routines (Sydney Ewing on floor, Alyssa Wiedeman on vault) since she’s all but a lock on all four.

No. 57 William & Mary

Gains: Catherine Bare, Avery Bernier, Caroline Blatchford, Sophie Chandler, Anne Marie Kuebler, Sarah Kuper, Katelyn Nels, Sarah Wozniak

Losses: Mary Graceyn Gordon, Hailey Haycox, Katie Waldman, Lauren Winkler

Returning Routines

Vault: Chloe Campbell (3 appearances/3 opportunities), Grace Costello (3/3), Emma Wiley (3/3)

Bars: Grace Costello (3/3), Amanda Jackson (3/3), Emma Wiley (3/3), Keaghan Schafer (2/3), Caileigh Gulotta (1/3), 

Beam: Chloe Campbell (3/3), Abby Carpenter (3/3), Emma Wiley (3/3), Grace Costello (2/3), Keaghan Schafer (1/3), 

Floor: Chloe Campbell (3/3), Abby Carpenter (3/3), Keaghan Schafer (3/3), Grace Costello (2/3), Amanda Jackson (1/3)

William & Mary had a short season with just three meets. It’ll be looking to build out its vault lineup as it only has three vaulters returning but a strong set of gymnasts to lean on for remaining events. Grace Costello will be a strong returning all arounder after losing Mary Graceyn Gordon and Katie Waldman. William & Mary will continue to rebuild after losing nearly half its lineup after 2020. The Tribe will continue to look to Chloe Campbell to lead on vault, bars and floor while Emma Wiley looks to help on vault, bars and beam.


Gains: Paola Barahona, Hayley Perkins, Maylen Pulliam 

Losses: Tere Alonso, Alexandria Britz, Joanna Chambers (Bridgport), Louisa Maria Knapp, Hope Nelson, Winter Osborne

Alaska’s program has been hanging on by a thread for multiple seasons now, and all competitions are a win for these athletes and coaches. However, it has been quite a while since the team has seen any action. The 2020 graduating class featured some of the most entertaining routines with Sophia Hyderally scoring program highs on floor. There’s a lot of question marks on the future of this program and the success it will have in 2022.


Gains: Asta-Sollilja Farrell, Charlotte Introcaso, Lauren Kramer, Ali Lowe, Lauren McKeown, Paige Richter, Lara Swords, McKenna Weiner, Angela Xing, Julia Bedell, Maya Davis, Addie Liebhardt, Taylor Schulze, Sophia Sokolowsky

Losses: Rose Domonoske, Emma Hansen, Caroline Warren, Lauren McKeown (redshirt)

Having been out of competition since the spring of 2020, Brown will be adding 14 routines but missing Lauren McKeown, who plans to take a redshirt year. The team will look to senior Alyssa Gardner, who took a gap year in 2021, for her strong performances on vault, bars and floor.


Gains: Cali Brady, Eva Phair, Alexandra Quiana, Melanie Stone, Caitlyn Walsh, Regina Walton, Adabelle Wright, Rachel Zun, Sydney Beers, Sky Knox, Savannah Kokaly, Laura MacKenzie, Kate Michelini, Maddie Sakalosky, Anthea Spirko, Maddie Wolf

Losses: Jessica Aman, Emily Carr, Claire Haklik, Isabel Herczeg, Amy Shen, Madison Smith, Olivia Tometich

Cornell doesn’t look to lose too many routines and has remained relatively healthy, but it will need to rely on upperclassmen to guide the freshmen and sophomores that will see 16 newcomers join the roster. Luckily, the senior class provides a strong lineup, including Miranda Lund in the all around, but will look to the juniors, including Victoria Demeo, to build out its routines for bars and beam.


Gains: Sophia Restaino (rejoined team), Kiersten Belkoff, Rose Debarberie (rejoined team), Connie Hsu, Ana Kenefick, Sara Kenefick, Kristen Kuhn, Campbell Marr, Emma Davies, Isabella Garrett, Marigold Garrett, Zara Gazdak, Isabel Song, Olivia VanHorn

Losses: Allison Frommer, Rose Hoffman, Jordyn Mannino, Darcy Matsuda, Darby Nelson, Ava Caravela (became team manager)

Despite not having seen competition since early 2020, Penn’s roster grew by 14 and has only lost six routines. Rose Debarberie, a rising sophomore, and Sophia Restaino, a rising senior, are rejoining the team and can provide veteran experience to the new classes. Penn will look to rising seniors Edie Noor Graber to lead the team with experience on vault and floor and Sydner Kraez to contribute in the all around. Rebekah Lashley is another strong all arounder that Penn can rely on to fill out the lineups while the team gains experience.

Sacramento State 

Gains: Madison Farris, Grace Gilman, Ruby Mach, Taija Wells

Losses: Jordyn Brent, Raine Gordon, Mariah York

Sacramento State has not competed since 2020, and this program tends to be quieter on social media when it comes to training update and general news, which leaves a lot of questions about this 2022 team. However, the program will have to replace 2021 graduate Jordyn Brent’s performances, which is not an easy task. Brent had the highest NQS on vault, bars, floor and in the all around for Sacramento State in 2020.

UC Davis

Gains: Keanna Abraham, Isabella King, Athena Koehler, Valerie Mostajo Emily Pires, Megan Ray, Izabella Trejo

Losses: Kelley Hebert, Alyssa Ito, Gabby Landess

Emma Otsu is one of the most talented recruits in UC Davis program history. Her collegiate debut was delayed with the university opting out of the 2021 season due to COVID. Otsu brings a dynamic Omelianchik vault that scored perfect in level 10 and will surely be a highlight for the Aggies. Vault will certainly be improved from 2020 with two new expected 10.0 start values from Ostu and classmate Kaitlyn Lyle. The story of the season for UC Davis will be youth, but expect the team to have some of its best performances to date.


Gains: Alexa Berezowitz, Emma Mangiacapre, Sherry Wang, Sarah Wilson, Oren Aviad, Emma David, Nadia Drutau, Claire Qu

Losses: Jacey Baldovino, Charlotte Cooperman, Alyssa Firth, Isabelle Lee, Rowan Palmer, Cassie Clement (medical retirement)

Yale hasn’t seen competition since spring of 2020. There’s an even balance of gains and losses within the roster, but the incoming freshmen and rising sophomores will look to the upperclassman for leadership and experience as they enter the 2022 season. With the sudden and somber passing of head coach Barbara Tonry earlier this summer, assistant coach Andrew Leis has stepped in as the interim head of the program. The program can look to senior Lindsay Chia, an Ivy League beam champion, to lead the team. 


Gains: Joanna Chambers (transfer from Alaska), Cassidy Dillon, Catherine Aucoin, Olivia Imbarlina, Gaby Jorden, Savannah Lindley, Meagan Moredock, Kiana Session, Alyssa Wiggins

Losses: Regan Dillon, Molly Grau, Gabrielle Kistner (transfer), Amanda Wygonik

Bridgeport, like many other teams, hasn’t seen competition since the spring of 2020. Kathryn Doran, Nicole Javinett, and Alexis Richardson will be staying on with Bridport after opting to take a covid year, so the team will be able to look to their large senior class for experience as they return to the floor this year. Doran will look to lead the Purple Knights on bars and beam as Javinett continues to contribute on beam and Jordan Streete continues to contribute in the vault line up. They’ll look to fill the all around gap from transfer Kistner.


Gains: Delaney Fields (SPU), Ava Boyd (Bridgeport), Audrey Arnold (Bridgeport), Breyana Daniels, Shannon Farrell, Jayci Jordan, Emily Kahl (Bridgeport), Kamryn Leinheiser (Bridgeport), Charlie Lister (Bridgeport), Kiara Richmon, Sydney Smith (Bridgeport), Hannah Zebdi (Bridgeport), Libby Allen, Elena Bailey, Erica Beyer, Alexa Bracher, Brooke Burkhart,  Emelia Diaz, Brianna Dorr, Alexandra England, Makenna Fay, Molly Froman, Talia Kraus, Brianna Marriott, Alexa Melanson, Sarah Moussa, Shreya Munshi, Sara Ortiz, Ciana Rios, Morgan Romeis, Paige Scott, Madison Tansowny, Sidney Wilson, Megan Workman

Losses: Emily Balasco, Morgan Gatewood, Keara Loughlin, Jordan Peloquin, Natalie McCormack (transfer), Shannon Farrell (transfer)

SCSU brings in 35 newcomers from the last time they competed in the spring of 2020. However, several are transfers that bring competition experience including Fields and Boyd. The incoming freshman class of 22 individuals will have their work cut out for them, but SCSU has a deep roster to prepare for the upcoming season, giving them plenty of options for the best line up. 

West Chester

Gains: Hyla Betts, Caroline Cascadden, Kiley Fred, Lily McFarland, Maggie Storz, Madison Whitaker, Lauren Wicker, Caitlyn Allen, Shannon Carroll, Jordan Coleman, Natalie Marshall, Kristina Rodriguez, Bridget Sullivan, Korryn Wingertsahn

Losses: Kelley Lubking, Jessica Meakim, Yoli Nodarse, Alaina Steinberg, Melanie Wojewoda

Out of action since the spring of 2020, West Chester lost six routines but has added 14 individuals to their roster. The team can look to rising senior Annie Bailey to continue to add to the vault and floor line up, as well as Ashley Duke to contribute on vault, bars, and beam, as Rose Fanara continues to post strong scores on floor. The newcomers can look to the experienced upperclassman to guide the team into the upcoming season.

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