LIVE BLOG: No. 19 BYU, No. 16 Boise State at No. 8 Washington

Washington follows the trend of mid-week meets with a Thursday night senior meet. It’ll be the last appearance in Alaska Airlines for Hailey Burleson, Joslyn Goings and Zoey Schaefer. The Huskies are joined by two MRGC teams that don’t quite have the scoring ceiling to threaten an upset if Washington has its best day, but expect things to look close early on; Washington usually scores lowest on vault and builds each rotation.

Based on prospective lineups and warm up order, it looks like Joslyn Goings will retain her three events from last week and Zoey Schaefer will add beam in the spot previously occupied by Michaela Nelson. Unsure if any of these changes will hold going into postseason.

Good news, BYU posted a lineup! Bad news, BYU’s first rotation is beam so this helps us zero. But thanks.

BSU looks the tiniest bit shy on some handstands on bars.


RILEY – UW: Y1/2, great in the air, a little sidestep.

PEARSON – BYU: Little bit tentative, some baby checks including on a double stag, nails 3/2 dismount.

MEANS – BSU: Tkachev and immediate fall. Nice through the rest, full turn double back with a step.

ROY – UW: Tsuk 1/2, just a little underrotated with a step back.

COLLANTES – BSU: Blind change to Jaeger a little close but it’s fine, short on bail, double layout with a step back.

HILL – BYU: Super secure, lovely kickover wolf combo, punch front full dismount with a little lean to hold it.

GOINGS – UW: More amplitude than usual on FTY, hop to the side.

HOFFA – UW: FTY, big and stuck, splits her legs at the end

STOCKWELL – BSU: Gienger is great, Pak to switch kip, full in dismount with a baby hop.

COPIAK – UW: Ooh, good FTY without the usual leg sep and a great landing, just a scoot back with one foot.. Best vault of her college career to me.

BURLESON – UW: Imperfect direction and leans to hold it but a stick to start off her senior night.

MCGREGOR – BSU: Maloney to bail is good, full in with the tiniest hop.

MILLER – BYU: Great leap series, gainer full dismount with a hop back. Vault is over now, so hopefully I’ll catch a bit more.

Huge full from Roberson in the exo with a pace back. Hoping to see that back in lineup soon.

REMME – BSU: Great piked Jaeger, double layout near-stuck.

MARSH – BYU: Kickover- BHS is secure and beautiful, lovely full turn, gainer full dismount

BOUZA – UB: A bit low on Tkachev, bail is great, nailing these handstands, huge floaty DLO with a little hop.

BODEN – BYU: Switch to split 1/4 is a little short, stick on a 3/2 dismount.

EVANS – BYU: Flic loso a little off line, tries to work her lean into choreo. Good switch pike jump combo, stick on gainer full dismount (?).

Van Mierlo hit in exhibition for BYU. Muhlenhaupt exoed for BSU, had a fall.


Boise State deservedly in first; it had the best rotation of the three. That’s not of particular concern to the Huskies, who get stronger every rotation from here. BYU nailed beam; there was some finessing of landings but it all worked out.


I slightly missed the rotation starting… but Pearson had a fall for BYU.

MCGREGOR – BSU: Beautiful with a stick on 3/2 dismount.

GOINGS – UW: Awesome straddle back, shy on one handstand, half in half out with a stick!

VAN MIERLO – BYU: Great landing on double pike, team is SO into it. The screaming is actually kind of deafening.

ROBERSON – UW: Hop back on double layout is all I saw there.

ESMERIAN – BSU: BHS – 1-hand BHS – LOSO, amazing. Wolf – split 3/4 hit with a bit of legs, step on 3/2 dismount.

BURLESON – UW: Huge Tkachev, great bail. Right on the handstands today, full turn double back with a hop back.

MEANS – BSU: Nailed flic loso, great full turn.

MINER – BYU: Bit low on double layout but landed securely, hop to lunge. I’m such a sucker for good dive roll choreo, I think that was a 3/2 front lay but it could have been a front full.

COPIAK – UW: Great Church-overshoot combo, a little arch on one handstand on HB, stick on full in dismount.

REMME – BSU: Flic loso is beautiful, great full turn. Switch switch 1/2 great, stick on 3/2 dismount, That was pretty spectacular, someone on the team is just screeching.

RILEY – UW: Toe on to Maloney to bail, didn’t catch in a full handstand but pretended really hard and it was fine. Stick on DLO, that dismount is just uncanny.

EVANS – BYU: Little shuffle back out of her double pike. This routine has a billion different pieces of music and I love it. Front combo pass just a little quick on the step out.

BOUZA – BSU: Switch to straddle 1/4 is just beautiful, her finesse is amazing. Quick full turn, I worry about control a bit on those but it’s fine. Cat leap to front aerial perfect, gainer full with a little shuffle back.

Washington great in exhibition for Washington, hitting positions really well, Gienger is dreamy as always. Just late on the full turn into double back.

GREENLIEF – BYU: This is my favorite, starts out Phantom, beautiful control on the double pike. Landings stellar and her quality of motion is so high.

Amado in exo for BSU, good with a step back on 3/2 dismount. Miller is in for BYU, with a shufle back on her opening double pike.


Close after two, as expected. Boise just set a season high on beam by over two tenths, but with Washington’s strong pieces still to go, it’ll have to work to hang onto the lead. BYU is also holding very close. This rotation should tell us more about likely results.


MINER – BYU: Solid FTY with a step to begin.

ROSE – UW: Jump to split nailed, great Y-switch-split combo. Beautiful cat leap-side aerial, side aerial – tuck back full with a hop.

MCGREGOR – BSU: Great first pass, little loss of control on the front combo pass.

ZHONG – BYU: Strong FTY with a rebound hop in place.

BIR – BSU: Cray amplitude on her straddle leap series, turns into Mona Lisa halfway yessss, double back is a little underrotated with a step forward. Rudi with decent control, just rotates a little into the lunge.

SCHAEFER – UW: Good front aerial, flic loso up on her toes but holds it, 3/2 dismount and I couldn’t see the landing.

VAN MIERLO – BYU: FTY with a little hop in place, beautiful in the air.

COPIAK – UW: Nice full turn, great flic loso. Good switch 1/2 to beat, stick-ish on dismount!

WEBB – BSU: Scoot back out of double pike, stays in bounds. Front lay front Rudi is awesome. Country music, super fun, good double back to close.

GOINGS – UW: Side scale choreo is always the most amazing, triple series with a step back and a hip break.. Beat jump to straddle 1/4 is good, nice full turn, great standing LOSO. Side aerial back full dismount with a hop.

STOCKWELL – BSU: Great control on front 2/1, switch something to wolf 1/1 Shushunova (I think there’s a name for that), I think Rudi to close.

ROBERSON – UW: Switch to straddle 1/4, great full turn. LOSO-LOSO with the tiniest lean check, cartwheel to the highest gainer full and stuck.

REMME – BSU: Oh, this floor music… Hand Clap straight into Tequila. Bit of a scoot on a double pike, great landing on 3/2 front 1/1.

BURLESON – UW: Front aerial – BHS with a little check in the middle, but keeps moving and should get the series. Side aerial – witch is good, straddle straddle 1/4, stick on side aerial back full dismount.

COLLANTES – BSU: Full in doesn’t look too high but she gets it around without any real damage, 3/2 front lay is beautifully controlled. Lunge out of double pike is close to the line but stays in.

BSU 147.8, UW 147.475, BYU 147.3

Just a bit meh there for the Huskies, though I heard there’s an inquiry submitted – maybe on Joslyn Goings’ score. Boise just keeps rolling, making its E passes on floor look routine. Vault is usually its worst event, though, so stay tuned for results there.


NELSON – UW: Good landing on her opening double back, front full front lay beautiful. Her ending pose is my life.

COLLANTES – BSU: FTY, I think a hop back there.

REMME – BSU: Hop back on FTY, great direction.

BODEN – BYU: Chest down on full in dismount but a stick.

MCGREGOR – BSU: Half-tucked 3/2 with a step back.

ROBERSON – UW: One of her better landings on the front 2/1, stellar Rudi-LOSO. Great double back, almost stuck.

ZHONG – BYU: Lovely Jaeger, slight leg sep on archy Pak. Great handstands though, little hop on DLO dismount.

BIR – BSU: Front pike 1/2, beautiful in the air with a step back

STOCKWELL – BSU: Leg sep on block for 3/2 but beautiful in the air with a hop forward.

SCHAEFER – UW: Bit of a scoot out of opening double back. Dance amazing throughout, double pike well controlled.

MEANS – BSU: 1.5, bit of a loss of control with a big cross step back.

PITOU – BYU: Great bail, bit of an arch in a handstand on HB, half in half out with a step back.

HOFFA – UW: Slides her front foot just a little on opening double pike, just a bit

HAWES – BYU: Just caught the DLO there but it’s basically the best being done. Flared throughout and such beautiful form, I love.

WASHINGTON – UW: Flies back out of a double back, step forward on third pass.

EVANS – BYU: Two entire teams are standing in the way, so I didn’t catch it, but by

BURLESON – UW: Great 3/2 through double twist, just a bit too much energy on the 2.5 with a big lunge but it’s fine. Good one, just not quite enough to get the win.


Valuable road result for both visitors, and a season high for the Broncos!  Lots of tears for Washington seniors. It definitely feels like a bit of a missed opportunity for the Huskies, but it’s still a strong number, and it’s good to get a blah day out of the way before regionals.


VAULT: Burleson, Stockwell, Copiak, Van Mierlo 9.875

BARS: Remme 9.925

BEAM: Remme 9.925

FLOOR: Burleson 9.925

AA: Remme 39.575

Live blog by Rebecca Scally

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