LIVE BLOG: No. 13 Oregon State, No. 17 Arizona State, No. 43 UC Davis, at No. 55 Sacramento State

Sacramento State wraps up its spectacular home lineup with a quad meet featuring two top-20 opponents on Friday night. Oregon State and Arizona State have performed comparably throughout the season, so it’ll be down to who shows up on the day for the meet win; Oregon State in particular will be prepared for a great performance after narrowly missing the 197 mark at home the last two weeks. Watch for injury status on ASU’s Nichelle Christopherson, who went down with an ankle injury midseason, and OSU’s Dani Dessaints, whose running knee issues have limited her routine appearences but who made her lineup return on bars on senior night last week. UC Davis performed well but not incredibly at both meets this weekend, and will be looking to put a complete meet together and approach the 196 mark again led by Kelley Hebert and Alexis Brown. Sac State broke 195 at home last week, and could absolutely upset the Aggies if it takes advantage of senior night momentum.

After some stream issues, we’re going!

Lauren Rice is suited with silver pom poms in her hair, she’s planning on doing exo bars on her senior night.


SINGLEY – OSU: Great on flic loso with a tiny check, lovely side scale choreo, we’re jumping momentarily to bars, now we’re back, stuck gainer full.

CATOUR – CSUS: Y layout with a big pace back.

MINYARD – OSU: Great leap series, check on front aerial.

CO. SOLIWODA – CSUS: Deep landing on Y full, hop forward.

YANISH – OSU: Wait, cut away. Good front aerial, gainer full up on her toes but holds the stick.

GINN – ASU: Front thru double back is great, a bit bouncy. Front layout front 1/2 is just a bit staggered.


This is cutting between events AGGRESSIVELY, so sorry if we only get fragments.

ITO – UCD: Clear hip to Gienger, short on a handstand, cut away. Back just in time to see her land a double back with a hop to the side.

JUAREZ – CSUS: Front handspring, front pike with a step.

K. SZAFRANSKI – ASU: 3/2 front lay, toes right on the line, has to cross step to stay in and I’m still not sure if she did.

GILL – OSU: Split double stag is beautiful, front aerial – bhs a tiny bit slow but no question on the landing. Little check on her switch 1/2, gainer full and pulls her heels together.

That might be the first full routine I’ve seen all meet.

DAVIS – OSU: Front aerial – back tuck, nailed. Switch to straddle 1/4 is great, orphan wolf jump, full turn is great.

LEONARD-BAKER – ASU: Looks short on Popa. 3/2 front full is great and controlled.

Dagen in exhibition for OSU on beam, hops off after her flic loso. Williams on floor looked great, a bit of leg form but solid landings.

So I’m literally obsessed with this.

ASU 49.15, OSU 49.05, CSUS 48.725, UCD 48.65

Scores a bit stingy for OSU on beam. I didn’t see enough of floor to gauge how they were there. This is a challenging meet to watch, but I’m glad we get to see everyone…


YEKTAPARAST – UCD: Flic loso is great, nice full turn, double full dismount with a step back.

FORCE – OSU: Underrotated front lay front full, stumble back. Interesting that she’s back in the lead, they don’t quite know what to do with the order of this lineup. Big step back on double pike(?)

NG – CSUS: Short on straddle back, blind full to double back is beautiful and stuck.

MACK – OSU: Double pike is strong, switch side Popa, cut away. Front lay front full with a controlled step.

BRENT – CSUS: Straddled Maloney to solid bail, soft feet, full in dismount right on top of the bar with a step back.

JONES – UCD: Front aerial is stunning, gainer full is underrotated with weight forward on landing but just holds the stick

SAMPSON – CSUS: Apparently has a hamstring injury. Blind change to Jaeger to overshoot is so great, half turn double front with a step forward.

JACOBSEN – OSU: Double pike solid! 3/2 front lay, really nice.

ITO – UCD: Switch to straddle 1/4, a little tentative. That’s basically all I saw of that.

SINGLEY – OSU: Something thru double back is great, lovely double pike. Amazing switch 1/2. This routine is just beauty.

CA. SOLIWODA – CSUS: Usually straddled Pak, double layout, ALMOST sticks but has to step forward in the end.

CO. SOLIWODA – CSUS: Half turn, ALMOST goes over but just hangs on to connect to Tkachev, bail a bit short, double layout with a hop back.

LOWERY – OSU: Just saw a good double back.

HEBERT – UCD: I think a bit short on switch through great switch side, dead stick on 3/2 dismount.

Rice in exo on bars, great bail to toe shoot, blind change to Markelov, hecht dismount on LB because her ankle doesn’t work. Glad she got one last routine <3

(Or not… if she redshirts…. hint hint)

BROWN – UCD: Switch to switch, just a bit short. Flic loso and a fall, I think that’s their second counted.

YANISH – OSU: Keeps the front foot down on the double layout! Really nailing these landings, this is finally the routine she’s been so close to doing all year, would have been a ten at home. Today it’s a 9.925 which is plenty.

OSU 98.475, ASU 98.1, CSUS 97.575, UCD 96.375

Really challenging rotation for Davis, putting themselves out of this early. ASU did okay-not-great on vault, Oregon State rocked on floor and gave itself a bit of margin.


AGAH – UCD: 3/2 front pike absolutely nailed!!

SCHMEISS – CSUS: Love her chest cartwheel choreo, very Shawn Johnson. Flic loso with feet, off line and a leg up. Stick on gainer full dismount.

DAVIS – OSU: Huge FTY, doesn’t quite get over her feet and has to hop forward.

GREENE – OSU: Front pike 1/2, I think her pike shape is better than it was when she debuted this, step back.

PRESSWOOD – UCD: Good double back.

BRENNER – CSUS: Amazing scale choreo, front aerial to sit, lovely full turn. Flic loso with a little check. Switch to split 3/4, drops chest, cat leap to gainer full with a step back.

K. SZAFRANSKI – ASU: Full turn with a slight leg split to double back, close to the bar.

A. SZAFRANSKI – ASU: Just saw double layout with some leg sep and a step back.

JONES – UCD: Front full front lay is great. Just noticed Kyla Kessler on the sidelines on crutches :'( Hope she’s okay.

JUAREZ – CSUS: Stuck her dismount cold and there is some serious group hug action now.

LEONARD-BAKER – ASU: Think he had some kind of timing issue in the middle, sticks half in half out landing absolutely dead.

CA. SOLIWODA – CSUS: Nailed straddle leap series, triple series with a little check. Front full dismount, aaaalmost hangs on to dismount but has to take a step.

HEBERT – UCD: Rebounds way back out of double pike, luckily she tumbles over like a third of the diagonal so has plenty of space. Stick or close to it on second pass – I think 3/2 – front lay?

Nichelle Christopherson did an exhibition for the Sun Devils, no dismount today.

CO. SOLIWODA – CSUS: Great flic layout, nice full turn. Kickover front is perfect, flic to gainer full with a stick. Nice one!

BROWN – UCD: Great double pike, lunge just a bit big. Double back with chest the tiniest bit down. She is the absolute master at finessing landings, though. Looks like she’s got some extra padding in the front of her ankles. 3/2 front lay is great. Absolutely love that routine.

OSU 147.725, ASU 146.825, CSUS 146.5, UCD 145.55

Sun Devils held back a bit there by Leonard-Baker’s error, but coming along solidly. Heard that OSU can lock in night session at Pac-12s with a 49.2 on bars.


KHAMEDOOST – OSU: Usual double layout with a bit of leg sep but absolutely drilled.

LEONARD-BAKER – ASU: Flic loso with a check, better leg form than I’ve seen from her, 3/2 flies out of frame.

Another stick for Mariana Colussi-Pelaez!

JOHNSON – DAVIS: Great body position on FTY, big step back.

UDOWICH – ASU: Front aerial – bhs, a little slow but beautiful. Switch to split is a little short, nice full turn. Cat leap to kickover front is great.

BELKOFF – CSUS: 3/2 front layout, a little underrotated with a step back. Also underrotated double back. She jumped into the lineup in the place of Sampson, who was scratched after warmup.

MINYARD – OSU: Cast over to Jaeger to overshoot is beautiful, airy double layout, tried to stick and couldn’t quite with two small steps.

KUHM – OSU: Literally saw nothing.

UCD: Handspring tuck full, great landing, didn’t catch who did it.

BRENNER – CSUS: Music stopped after first pass. Crowd and gymnasts clapping to help her get through. Big lunge on double pike, fouette turns are my life. She’s grinning as she dances through. Double back, great finish. What a way to go out…

SCHMEISS – CSUS: I think that was a front double full! It was great. Switch 1/2 to Popa is great, flic loso to take care of her back acro requirement.

Yamaoka just landed a double layout for Oregon State, I assume in the exo.

A. SZAFRANSKI – OSU: Great switch split, lovely full turn. Rulfova rotated down into the beam as usual, stick on gainer full.

CA. SOLIWODA – CSUS: Double back landed a bit awkwardly, tour jete 1/2 to split 1/1 jump is great. Great Rudi with a step forward. Performance quality is amazing.

CALLIS – ASU: Basically just saw the dismount but it was good.

Kait Szafranski in exo for ASU, crazy in the air on her kickover and momentum is way off when she lands it but holds on. Misses a foot on straddle 3/4 and slides down the side of the beam.

JUAREZ – CSUS: Cut in for the Shushunova to ending pose to immediate tears. Do you get CV for that?

FINAL: OSU 196.85, ASU 195.9, CSUS 195.275, UCD 194.475

Great day for the Hornets on senior night! Not quite a season high, but 195 is the mark of a good day for this team, so it’s a great result. Davis was let down by its beam rotation, but it’s not such a bad thing to get a bad beam day out of the way before conference championships. ASU was solid if just a little imprecise, with errors on a few routines that it usually counts on. OSU had a great day and would have probably broken 197 had judging on its beam rotation not been so bizarrely tight, but it’s a great road score regardless.

Here’s the Rice bars exo:


Vault: Singley, Jacobsen 9.875

Bars: Jacobsen 9.9

Beam: Hebert 9.925

Floor: Brown, Yanish 9.925

AA: Singley 39.4

Liveblog by Rebecca Scally

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