19 Things Only Gym Nerds Understand

Us gym nerds, we have some very unique nuances about us. From terminology, to scheduling, to attire, we all have some annoyances and lots of enthusiasm about our sport. We’ve put together some of our favorite traits that you’d full-well understand if you’re a gym nerd.

Blocking off your weekend nights for NCAA gymnastics—your non-gym friends know full-well they’re not going to see you between January and May.

What RQS really means (hint:it’s not random quirky scoring)

How to pronounce Shaposhnikova, Yurchenko and Omelianchik


Obsessing over the SEC Network graphics—we can’t get enough of the handstand graphs, leap protractors and rulers on vault!

Streaming multiple meets on your laptop while also watching other meets on other screens, like on your tablet, phone or pretty much anything else you can get your hands on

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Knowing which meets you want to watch…and planning the spare time and rotation breaks accordingly

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Checking Snapchat and Instagram stories every day of the off season to attempt to catch training updates before they disappear

Constant frustration at time zone failures on meet schedules

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What Yocupets means

The joy and horror of regionals day: so much gym, not enough screens

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Having pinned tabs of RTN, Fantasy Gym, NCAA Gym News, GymCastic, and the Balance Beam Situation open constantly December through April

Taking time off work for multiple gym-cations

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Getting floor music stuck in your head but not being able to remember whose it is

Absentmindedly doing bits of your favorite choreography while waiting in line

Having very passionate opinions about Lycra, velvet, sparkles and rhinestones.

Knowing exactly how to access all the various broadcast platforms despite not having cable yourself.

Knowing every single detail about every gymnast—including routine composition, floor music, club gym stats and favorite event—on your favorite team

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Spending NLI week anxiously monitoring your favorite teams’ social media

Managing multiple fantasy teams because your spreadsheet doesn’t agree with your heart

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