20 Fantasy Gymnastics Problems Every Player Has Experienced

At this point, you’ve probably heard about College Fantasy Gymnastics. And, let’s be honestly, a lot of you have probably done a little more than just heard about it. You’ve spent countless hours setting the perfect draft (and checking and rechecking said draft) and maybe even made multiple accounts to ensure you get at least one championship-worthy team from all that effort.


The anticipation leading up to receiving the “drafting is open” email that officially kicks off the season

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Creating detailed spreadsheets to ensure you draft the best team possible—and spending all of the holidays poring over all the stats

Listening to your family complain about how much time you’re spending on your computer working on your draft instead of spending time with the family

Knowing that your draft is set but also knowing you’ll end up making minor rearrangements until the minute before the draft closes

…or working on your draft up until the very last minute before the deadline—43 seconds to spare!

Finding out someone on your draft is hurt or won’t see lineup time… after the draft closes

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Second-guessing all your draft choices and finding out after getting your team that you should have gone with your initial choices

Thinking your draft strategy is really clever but then getting your team and realizing you just overthought everything way too much

Lingering thoughts about your draft choices even after the deadline passes

The pain of forgetting to set your fantasy lineup one week thus, killing your average

The horror of coaches who change lineups, seemingly randomly, at the last minute, often right after fantasy lineups are due for the week

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Teams that don’t put out potential or tentative lineups for the upcoming meet

Forgetting to take hurt gymnasts or ones on byes out of your lineups

Setting a really kickass lineup and then all your best, most consistent gymnasts falling

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Teams that aren’t transparent about injuries (HIPAA who?)

Staying up until the wee hours, waiting for trading to open so you can snag that dark horse gymnast that will take your team to nationals

When someone who’s not in the running for postseason or not even playing has a coveted gymnast on their team

Setting up tweet notifications so you don’t miss the opening and closing of lineups and trades

Keeping a detailed spreadsheet of scores and notes so you can calculate both your actual and potential score and analyze your team

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Missing the postseason by an unbelievable slim margin

Article by the editors at NCAA Gym News

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