LIVE BLOG: Oregon State Orange & Black Intrasquad

Quick hits from the Oregon State intrasquad on Dec. 15. Thanks to Oregon State and Robert Martinez for tweeting tidbits.


Savanna Force kicked things off with a Yurchenko full, had to pike it down.

Destinee Davis next. Big Yurchenko layout.

Sabrina Gill with a Yurchenko full, just a hop to the side.

Mary Jacobsen with the Beavers’ first 10.0 vault tonight, a Kaz full. (This per Oregon State and Robert Martinez’s tweets. This was almost certainly a Tsuk full or simply a Kaz, as a Kaz full would be a vault with two twists.)

Shireen Khamedoost tried to stick the Yurchenko full and had to hop.

Kaitlyn Yanish with a powerful Yurchenko full, has to take a big hop back.

Dani Dessaints does a Yurchenko half tonight. Big power and a step. Expect her to add the Yurchenko 1.5 at some point.


Colette Yamaoka leads off with a toe-on, nice shaposh to overshoot. Ends with a giant full to double tuck, just a hop on the landing.

Isis Lowery next, shaposh to pak, big double layout and a hop to the side.

Davis off on a piked Jaeger. Ends with a giant full to double tuck. Some form, leg separation throughout.

Alyssa Minyard hop to bit Jaeger, overshoot. Double layout with just a step to the side.

Mariana Coloussi-Pelaez caught her Jaeger close, overshoot. High double layout.

Khamedoost with a Maloney overshoot routine, nice lines, nearly stuck high double layout.

Jacobsen starts with a strong first handstand, big Tkatchev to overshoot. Blind to stuck double front.

Gill with a Maloney to pak, some leg sep. Double layout to finish.


Lena Greene falls on her mount. Bhs loso with another fall, not how you want to kick off beam, even in an intrasquad. Side somi, and a gainer full off the side.

Jacobsen with a front toss, bhs loso. Front full dismount, no problems.

Force opens with a front aerial to beat jump. Solid bhs loso. Gainer full off the side.

Davis, front aerial to back tuck. Switch leap half. Tucked gainer full off the end.

Gill with a front aerial to bhs. Switch leap half. Sticks her gainer full off the side.

Yanish with a solid bhs loso, split jump to straddle 3/4. Front handspring stepout! Gainer full off the side.

Dessaints bhs loso with a wobble. Switch leap to double stag, piked front toss. Bhs gainer full off the side.

Maela Lazaro opens with a bhs loso, leg up for balance. Switch leap, straddle 3/4. Side aerial to layout full to dismount.

Minyard with a switch leap to straddle. Front aerial, bhs. Cat leap to switch side, side aerial to full dismount, solid throughout.

Jaime Law bhs loso. Switch side. Falls on her side aerial. Gainer full off the side.

McKenna Singley bhs loso. Front toss. Side scale, showing off flexibility. Cartwheel gainer full dismount.

Lexie Gonzales starts with a front toss. Front aerial to bhs. Switch leap to split 3/4. Side aerial to layout full dismount.

Good to see that the Beavers have so much depth on beam! They put up 12 routines, with only two major mistakes. Impressive.


Davis opens with a big double pike. Front lay front full, ends with a double tuck.

Jacobsen starts with a double pike. Has some Irish dancing in her routine! Back 1.5 to front layout. Ends with a rudi. Excited to see this routine!

Lazaro opens with a double pike. Double back, and barani to front full to close.

Gill with a double pike. Combo pass is a back 1.5 to front layout, double tuck to end. Showing off her choreography.

Force opens with a full-in! First E pass we’ve seen, just a step forward. Fhs front layout front full. Double tuck dismount is low, and she falls.

Lowery with a double pike. Fhs rudi second pass. She does the worm! Front layout front full, low.

Yanish anchors with a big double lay! That’s two E passes. Fhs front full front lay. Ends with a double pike.

That’s it from Gill Coliseum!

Article by Emily Minehart

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