Can’t-Miss Skills Done in NCAA Gymnastics

While we all love NCAA gymnastics for it’s gorgeous execution and attention to detail, watching the same skills over and over … and over, can sometimes get tedious. Today we take a look at some of the more unusual and difficult skills that will be on center stage in 2018. While some are in the form of a particularly unusual skill, others are more common but done in an unusual combination.


Rachael Flam – Stanford – Omelianchik

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Ariana Robinson – California – Piked llg

Morgan Lane – North Carolina – Yurchenko full-on pike

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Alex McMurtry – Florida – Double-twisting Yurchenko


Peng Peng Lee – UCLA – Bhardwaj

Madison Copiak – Washington – Church to overshoot

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Alma Kuc – California – L grip giant to piked jaeger

Ruby Harrold – LSU – Zucchold

Brehanna Showers – Oklahoma – Full-twisting tkatchev (Shushanova)

Maddi Leydin – Arizona – Markelov


Brianna Tsang – Penn State – Beam – Back handspring full to layout full dismount

Alyssa Baumann – Florida – Beam – Onodi, back handspring, layout stepout

Jillian Winstanley – George Washington – Front aerial to front toss

Ashley Szafranski – Arizona State – Rufolva

Rachel Dickson – Georgia – Front aerial to switch leap to straddle quarter


Kyana George – California – Punch front to front handspring to Rudi

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Kennedy Baker – Florida – Dos Santos

Bridget Hodan – Illinois – Illusion turn to illusion turn

Nia Dennis – UCLA – Front handspring to front layout step out through to tucked double back

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Article by the editors at NCAA Gym News


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