Breaking Down the Freshmen’s 10.0 Vaults

One of the questions coming into a new season is always how many viable 10.0 vaults a team is going to be able to put into its lineup. Aside from upgrading existing vaults, the main way to increase the number of 10.0 starts is with the addition of incoming freshmen. We took a look at these newcomers who boast big vaults, as well as a few other notables either because they’ve been seen training or could potentially upgrade to a 10.0 vault.

In addition to those listed, many of the incoming retired elites (such as Bailie Key and Jazmyn Foberg) had Yurchenko double twists during their careers. However, most have not competed them for a significant period of time and therefore are not listed here as likely vaults for them as freshmen in NCAA—at least to start.


Lexi GraberYurchenko one and a half

Alabama gains an extremely solid Yurchenko one and a half from Graber in addition to several other 10.0 vaults already in its lineup.

Kylie DicksonYurchenko double

Dickson’s Yurchenko double is also very solid but perhaps has a few too many deductions in the form of knees and feet to slide into a lineup without some work first.


Payton BellowsYurchenko one and a half

Bellows’ high and clean Yurchenko one and a half will be a welcome addition to the Wildcats’ vault lineup, which last year had no 10.0 SVs.

Arizona State

Cairo Leonard-BakerYurchenko one and a half

Much the same as Bellows above, Leonard-Baker’s Yurchenko one and a half comes into a lineup that last year struggled to post six viable vaults. While no recent video exists, she scored well in J.O. this year and should be expected to be a big contributor to the Sun Devil’s lineup.


Drew WatsonYurchenko one and a half

Watson brings a high-scoring Yurchenko one and a half to Auburn’s lineup, to add to that of Gracie Day. Watson has scored a 10.0 on this vault in J.O. as recently as this past year. (Note that this vault starts from a 10.1 in the J.O. code.)


Lynnzee BrownYurchenko one and a half

Brown brings a powerful Yurchenko one and a half and will pack an impressive one-two punch when combined with Maddie Karr’s next year.

Iowa State

Sophia Steinmeyer – Yurchenko one and a half

Steinmeyer has a solid and fairly consistent Yurchenko one and a half that will join ​Meaghan Sievers’ front handspring pike half as the second 10.0 start in the Cyclone’s vault lineup.


Lauren FarleyOmelianchik

Farley has scored as high as a 9.9 on this vault in J.O. but has had a few issues with consistency as it can lack block and height, resulting in a low landing. With a little more consistency on the post flight, this should make a strong addition to Michigan’s vault lineup.

Sydney TownsendYurchenko one and a half

Townsend is an exception to the “they were elite, and we’re unsure what vault they’ll do in college” rule, as she vaulted a solid Yurchenko one and a half as a Canadian elite. She has competed this vault as recently as February this year at Elite Canada  and seems that it wouldn’t take much for her to get it back if she ever lost it.

Michigan State

Anne MaximTsukahara half

Vault lineups can get rather repetitive, and we all appreciate a change from the usual Yurchenko variations. Maxim’s Tsuk has a little leg separation on the entry (as most vaults of this style do) but is otherwise clean and will be a welcome addition to Michigan State’s lineup.


Lexy RamlerYurchenko one and a half

Another exception to the elite rule Ramler successfully competed her Yurchenko one and a half this year at J.O. nationals and it is expected that it will slide right in to fill the vault slot left by the graduation of Bailey Abernathy. Her vault is generally in the one-tenth-or-less deduction range on her landing with occasional small issues with her knees and feet during flight.

New Hampshire

Lauren Diggan – Yurchenko one and a half

Diggan has a solid Yurchenko one and a half that she competed successfully this season in JO and should make an excellent addition to a New Hampshire lineup that had no 10.0 SVs last year. Also notable is the fact she she competed a double twisting Yurchenko in JO in November of 2015.

Penn State

Lauren BridgensYurchenko one and a half

Bridgens’ solid and consistent Yurchenko one and a half should be expected to join Brianna Tsang’s in the lineup on a regular basis and is likely to score well for the Nittany Lions’.


Rachael FlamOmelianchik

We can’t get enough of Flam’s Omelianchik. It didn’t score below a 9.9 in J.O. all year, and it’s reasonable to expect the high scoring trend to continue into NCAA. The only thing that might hold it back is the stingy scoring Stanford tends to face (*cough* Ebee’s bars *cough*)

Other Notable Newbies

Taylor Lawson – Stanford

  • Competes: Yurchenko full
  • Training: Unknown. However, Lawson’s Yurchenko full has clean form in the air, as well as easy landings. This definitely has the potential to upgrade, either this year or in the near future.

Ona Loper – Minnesota

Hayley Brechwald – Pitt

Kendal Poston – UCLA

Article by Emily Howell-Forbes

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