2017 Nastia Liukin Cup Series: Week 4 Qualifiers

By Elizabeth Grimsley
Week four of the Nastia Liukin Cup series is over with four new qualifiers that will compete for the title March 3 in Newark, N.J. Competitors at the Fiesta Bowl, Circle of Stars and Metroplex Challenge competed for a chance to advance.
Fiesta Bowl Invitational

  • Senior: Cassie Stevens
    • Arizona Sunrays
    • 38.775
    • 2016 J.O. Nationals: 2nd AA, FX, 3rd VT, BB, 8th BB
    • 2016 Nastia Cup qualifier
    • 2015 J.O. Nationals: 7th AA, 2nd BB, 6th VT
    • 2015 Nastia Cup qualifier
    • Committed to college? Auburn

Circle of Stars Gymnastics Invitational

  • Junior: Skylar Killough-Wilhelm
    • Boost Gymnastics
    • 37.225
    • 2015 J.O. Nationals: 8th UB
    • Committed to college? Uncommitted
  • Senior: Makarri Doggette
    • Buckeye Gymnastics
    • 38.750
    • Four-time Nastia Cup qualifier
    • 2016 Nastia Cup: 8th AA
    • 2015 J.O. Nationals: 1st BB, 2nd AA, 3rd VT, 4th FX
    • 2014 Nastia Cup: 5th AA
    • 2013 J.O. Nationals: 2nd FX, 4th VT
    • 2012 Secret Classic: 1st VT, 3rd UB, 5th AA, BB, FX
    • Committed to college? Alabama

Metroplex Challenge

  • Senior: Shaylah Scott
    • WOGA
    • 39.125
    • 2016 J.O. Nationals: 1st AA, VT, 2nd BB, 4th FX
    • 2015 J.O. Nationals: 2nd VT, 5th AA, BB
    • 2015 Nastia Cup qualifier: 1st VT, 8th BB, 5th FX, 2nd AA
    • Committed to college? Illinois

Next weekend, gymnasts competing at five different competitions will vie for a spot at the Cup with four junior positions and four senior spot up for grabs. Stay tuned for more updates on the series or check out all the qualifiers thus far on our Events page.

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