March 15 Power Rankings

The postseason is here! So at this point, we’re doing the power rankings mainly for fun because rankings are all but set and pretty accurate to boot. However, that still doesn’t mean we agree with everything. So this week Casey and Elizabeth rank the top 15 teams by holidays. Which team is like Christmas morning and which is Flag Day?

As always, Let us know who you have in your top 16 and which holiday — major or minor — you think it resembles in the comments or on Twitter. And if you’re a traditionalist, you can check out the official rankings on Road to Nationals.
Oklahoma – Valentine’s Day
Heart eye emojis everywhere. OU is having an excellent year and have almost locked in their No. 1 ranking going into postseason. ​
Florida – Black Friday
The goal of Black Friday is to get the best deal at all costs, even if it means fighting an 80 year old grandma for a deal on a toaster. I feel that Florida will do anything to win again, and Bridget Sloan will fight you for it.
LSU – Mardi Gras
I mean, clearly.
Alabama – Halloween
We haven’t seen a full strength Bama yet this season. Their lineups have been different every week. We don’t know if we are going to get a treat from a 9.975 Kiana Winston, or tricked with a last minute freshman replacement.
Utah – Easter
Like an easter egg Utah has been easily broken this season… literally. Kari Lee torn achilles and now beam saviour Maddy Stover has an injured shoulder. They need that beam routine.
Auburn – Diwali
Auburn is still relatively new to the big girl session of SECs just like Diwali was a new thing to Michael Scott in The Office (we had to).
Michigan – Oktoberfest
This holiday applies more to the judges over the weekend than Michigan itself, but girl, if Nicole Artz still got a 9.45 for that beam routine, you were hitting up Oktoberfest a little too hard.
Georgia – Groundhog Day
If Brandie Jay leads off and misses her acro series we get six more weeks of beam falls.
UCLA – Fourth of July
Fireworks are bright, and flashy, and catch your eye, and probably would get you another attempt at your series on beam at UCLA.
Denver – New Year’s Day
New Year, New DU. Denver is like that new year’s resolution you made…  but it stuck. They have turned a new leaf this year and everything is just clicking. Plus, if the disco ball at times square was a floor routine it would be Nina McGee.
California – St. Patrick’s Day
Cal has climbed it’s way up the rankings with some hard work, great coaches, and a little luck of the Irish.
Nebraska – Flag Day
We never know what to believe with Nebraska. Are we going to get a 197 team or one with only seven competing gymnasts? Which is the real thing? Is Flag Day even real? What even is it?
Arkansas – Hanukkah
Hanukkah is just as important as Christmas, but sometimes those that celebrate Good Old Saint Nick forget about the stars and the menorahs and the dreadles. With so many other great teams in the SEC, Arkansas is often forgotten as well.
Oregon State – Arbor Day
Beavers. That’s all we got.
Boise State – Christmas
Boise State this season is that nice little surprise you get on Christmas morning. You might not have been expecting it, but you like it nonetheless. I mean, have you seem Krystine Jacobsen’s bars?
Stanford – April Fools Day
Like a bad April Fools joke you think that Stanford is in the top 15… but then you realize that they had a bye last week and are now ranked 19th.

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