Western Michigan at Ball State


Full Results Western Michigan: 194.300 Ball State: 194.225
VT: Bri Slonim


UB: Grace Evans 


BB: Arden Hudson, Marissa Nychuk, Charlotte Tishkoff, Payton Murphy


FX: Payton Murphy


AA: Payton Murphy



Current Rankings: No. 29 Western Michigan at No. 36 Ball State  

Why You Should Make Time to Tune in: Western Michigan made a statement with their double meet weekend scoring 196-plus in both competitions. Ball state was not far behind scoring just under half a tenth less in their dual meet last week. This competition could be back and forth as both teams will strive to perform better than last week. All season long these programs have been setting and breaking records, so it should be a good matchup between the two. 

Need More Proof? Payton Murphy was a superstar in the all around last week for Western Michigan totaling a 39.375, which set a new program record. Cardinal Arden Hudson has a stunning beam set that set a program high for Ball State as well. Beam is a must watch rotation for both schools.

The event is finished.


Feb 28 2021


Eastern Time
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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